Saturday, February 23, 2013

latest purchases

hey guys! this is just a quick update, with the stuff I've recently bought! Really haven't had much time to be active on the blogsphere lately since my job. First off is my ASOS haul, which made a grand total of  $45.77 AUD.

more under the link below!

Got some socks to prepare myself for the colder season in couple of months! I really don't know what happens to my socks (even the long, over-the-knee ones which you'd think would be harder to lose) so I just bought some more of similar ones I already had just to save me the time of looking for socks...(which usually ends in negative results).

ASOS is soo good for minimalistic, chic jewellery at really affordable prices, especially with their in-house brand. The cross cuffs are actually a set, costing only $8.30AUD for both. The other cross cuff was about $6.60AUD.

I didn't mean to get so many cross things haha, I was just on the hunt for some silver jewellery and this is just what ended up in my cart!

 Not really sure why I bought this! This miniature satchel bag was about $21AUD and is too tiny to be practical, but too cute to resist. Do you understand the logic? Haha. And I've always loved horses when I was young so I guess this was suitable?

 Forever New dress $100AUD

Wow, I can actually afford a dress in the 3 digit mark!! haha. I absolutely love this dress, it was almost out of stock by the time my budget allowed for it- and I'm sooo glad I finally got it. I love the way the design is kind of etched into the dress and the photos don't do it justice! I'm totally doing a nice photoshoot with the dress.

Sportsgirl bucket bag, $30AUD. Sportsgirl bracelet/anklet $7AUD.

The bracelet says 'hope' on it and is really lovely when stacked up with other things. I always love buying stuff from the Butterfly Foundation range in Sportsgirl, because the money goes towards the Butterfly Foundation which raises awareness of eating disorders and promotes positive body image. The range is usually found on a little stand at Sportsgirl counters if you are interested in helping out. haul. 'Caroline cropped blouse' in black, cream. $41. Link here puts on a 30% discount for new arrivals, which makes it fun scoping out all the new arrivals everyday!

I used a 50% off your first order voucher. I received 3 items ($44 + $41 + $41 + $10 shipping) and with a discount of $41 applied, this made the total order $94.95. Before you get too excited about using 50% off voucher on all the new arrivals which already have 30% off, does NOT apply that 50% off to the reduced price, but to the original price.

International shipping is $9.95 for orders under $150, but for an American-based store shipping over to Australia this is actually quite a reasonable fee. I saw a bit of a catch on their website though, apparently if you do any international returns you will NOT be refunded the shipping from Tobi to you, plus you will still have to pay shipping from yourself to Tobi. So hopefully you will never have to return anything to Tobi, because it doesn't sound like it's worth the money.

I wore the black top in my last Outfit post, here.

The top was called 'Caroline cropped blouse' and costed $41 (at full price). With first time order discount of 50% this came down to $20.50. I got it in both black and cream.

The link to the top is here. It's sold out currently in black but is still available in cream and purple. Probably my favourite part about the online shopping experience on was seeing all the models' stats so you know how the pieces will look on you (which is pretty important considering their return policy isn't fantastic). So taking into account the fact that you don't really want to return anything, it would be a good idea to check their stats out. It was a relief for myself personally when I saw that the model for this top had pretty much the exact same stats as me, so I could just grab it straight away in her size and not have to worry about how it would look on myself!

The material is great, and looked exactly like the pictures!

Stitching on the lower part of the top was great as well.

Mink Pink 'Ooh la la' top also from $44AUD full priced and $22 after the first-time order discount of 50%.

I do stalk Mink Pink's stock a lot and this is relatively old...had never really paid attention to this as I never really saw it modelled! When the top is laying flat it really doesn't look like much lol, it's so much better when worn!! 

The link is here, but it's sold out on Tobi. However I also found it here on Karmaloop, here on Threadsence, here on Revolve, here on Litboutique and there's more.

(I'm aware that the mirror is atrociously dirty. doesn't look so bad on iphone camera though!)

Also bought some cheap jewellery to build up some arm candy! The yellow wrap bracelet was from Sportsgirl for about $2.10, "Love" bracelet from Sportsgirl $5.xx, Collette multi jewelled bracelet $5.xx!

Sabo Skirt 'lounge tunic top' top $28 (link here)

Sabo Skirt is another place I pretty much stalk daily!! This is another top that I know doesn't look like much, but everything about the top's design is just perfect for myself. I'm always the kind of person who prefers to keep the top half baggy and the bottom half exposed, with my outfits. However baggy tops can look quite unflattering at times, and this top from Sabo Skirt keeps the sleeves long and tight, so the illusion of long, slender arms balances out the wide fit! The other great thing about this design is that unlike with batwing sleeves, you can wear a shoulder bag without the bag awkwardly cutting into the sleeve (or is that just me?)

The material is also super comfortable and soft! the name 'Lounge Tunic' is so appropriate but honestly I've been wearing this everywhere! You can make it less 'homely' by adding some interesting bottoms (here I'm wearing floral shorts by Tallulah) and some accessories (House of Harlow ring, Tree of Life necklace).

Etude House 'sweet recipe' Ice cream nail polish!! I got 'Mint chocochip' and 'Strawberry stars candy'. (Ebay link here) $5.77AUD each

To be honest I'm not even much of a nail polish person, but I got these 90% for the packaging haha. The nail polishes are shaped like upside-down icecream cones! Could NOT resist.

So I am quite behind in the posts I have been so eager to get up on my blog! Currently sitting in my blog drafts are a Giveaway post, a Workwear post, a new Outfit post and I'm still considering making another Taobao, Gmarket and Forever21 using HopShopGo haul again, which I'll later blog about too. I can't exactly bludge at my workplace so the only free time left is when I get home, but that gets eaten up sooo easily with cooking, eating, exercising, housework, and especially this week I've been going out more and helping my new housemates settle in. I love being kept busy...but I love having blogging time too haha!


  1. Yay new haul post! These posts excite me cause I can't wait to see how you style and accessorize them *_* (Hope your job is going good as gold btw!) I always loose my socks, I'm coming to terms that my laundry eats one of either pair each time. Wow I'm surprised at the cuffs, they're so cheap and they don't look tacky or anything, good eye you got there Izzy :3 Wow how cute is that satchel bag, haha I totally understand your logic, I shamelessly hoard cute accessories when I go thrfiting. I imagine you watching Saddle Club during your younger years then hahaehe. The Forever New dress is so stunningly simple, ITS BRILLIANT. I really like the embossing detail on the dress, and it looks so versatile for events and things, it was definitely worth the investment! I love Sportsgirl bags, and I especially love the jewellery. I recently became akin to trying their roll-on fragances at the counter... so I occassionaly break that streak and run my fingers through the Butterfly Foundation range so I don't look too creepy hahah! I'm glad you got two of the cropped blouses from Tobi, you can alternate now! Tbh, I find $10 as a shipping fee incredibly cheap, don't get me started on the days I spend lurking Modcloth but not being able to bring myself to buying cause of the shipping fee ;_; Oh my, is that Mink Pink top a boatneck? Cause I love boatnecks! And nautical stripes are such a lovely piece to work around, and adding a beret makes you feel like a poshy Parisian heh. Oh my bad, I just scrolled down and saw your styling, love the pairing! Your Sabo skirt is a lovely pattern, I like how you paired it with your marbled ring and black top c: How cute is Etude's nailpolish, I'm neither a nailpolish person but like you, I probably would've bought them cause they're too adorable to pass up. Wow you have so many drafted posts coming up, it's incredible how you can commit yourself to blogging so well, your readers will eagerly await them :-)

  2. Totally in love with that dress!! How is that bag from ASOS? I was thinking about getting it before too (but with the birds) but it seemed really small so I didn't get it! With actual pictures...I really want to get it now ! D:

  3. Beautiful Izzy! Wow this white dress
    is so beautiful! Very elegance c;
    Haha, I totally understand this bag
    logic, I'm sucker for cute bags.
    Strangely most of them are übersmall..


  4. You bought so many lovely things! I get what you mean about the horse clutch, it's adorable! :) I love that Forever New dress! So pretty! :) x Laura

  5. Wooow!!! You just bought really cool stuff!!!!!

    KIsses from Me, My fashion and I

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  7. great stuff! especially loving the cropped tops! the black one is amazing & i adore your latest outfit! been loking for cross jewelry as well! might get some cuffs as well!


  8. Love tre brown bag and The black top you used in your recent look!

  9. Great new purchases! I really like that forever new dress, beautiful! And the studded sportsgirl bag :)

    Hope your new job is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. The bag, the dress, skirt and the nail polishes are gorgeous! And they'r enot even that expensive, thanks for the link! And I wish I had your body, you look great in the crop tops.

  11. Amazing purchases darling, love the bag!

    New post:

  12. Lovely new stuff my dear Izzi! All looking great on you! The white dress from Forever New seems sooo lovely! All will look great on you hehe. Love this post. :)

    ★♡ Win $100 from SheInside (^_^) ♡★
    SheInside Valentine Contest and my Firmoo and ROPE Accessories Giveaway Winners

    ❤ ~Chai

  13. love it and following (:

    (check out my blog:

  14. Oh my god you bought the Etude House Sweet Recipe polishes! I've been wanting to buy them since I saw them since they're so cute! Have you tried them yet and how is the quality? And the Forever New dress looks so pretty! I rarely shop there cause the clothes are quite pricy.. Love your purchases!


  15. What a great outfit. You looks so stunning and red lips are perfect for you.

    I checked your blog with the result, I like it. What do you think about following each other. Let me know, I follow back

  16. Wow!! I love everything! Especially the crop top , and the black top you're wearing in the photo :D

  17. I remember eyeing that exact same ASOS handbag - I just thought the horse emblem was so charming ^^
    So many good hauls! That Forever New dress is so pretty!
    And I'm waiting for my pink Etude polish to come in the mail too~

  18. Amazing haul hun! the cuffs are so cool and love the beautifully feminine cream dress, the bag is something I would buy. You look fantastic in the striped cropped top. And how cute is that nail polish!

  19. Haha, this could look like one of my posts I always buy so much too. I love the white dress and the look in your previous post is so hot. Keep it up!


  20. Such amazing buys! I love everything! :)
    Thank you for follow, I am following you back! :)

  21. ehehe i got that similar bag from asos but the black with horse shoe design and a coral one which i recently picked up! totally the perfect sized mini bags :D

    Laura x

  22. Wonderful white dress *omg*
    The nail polish is so cute - I have already seen them on another Blog. Wanna have ^3^

  23. Love all the new haul! I'm esp loving the white Forever New dress. the brocade stitching is so pretty.


  24. You've picked up so many cute things, love this haul! :)

  25. I can't wait to see you model the white dress! The ice cream nail polish from Etude house looks so sweet and magical. I love the way you accessorize with many bracelets and bangles and my mirror is atrociously dirty as well.

  26. great new purchases!! can't wait to see how you combine them :)

  27. i love that caroline cropped blouse! too bad they ran out of size small--i was going to order it! I guess this is my cue that I shouldn't be shopping anymore haha. That white dress from ForeverNew is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your professional photos with it on :) and those accessories are so cool looking. And that striped crop top is awesome. I feel shy to show my tummy! I don't know how to walk around without feeling self conscious showing my midriff xD

  28. Oh sweetie all is really beautiful. But the bracelet cross are really enchanting.


  29. Omg I love EVERYTHING! You look amazing in that cropped blouse!


  30. I love the clutch with the little horse in the center! :D I love anything with horses lol. The sabo skirt is suppperrr cute!! i've never heard of that site, i'll have to check it out b/c of your recommendation. I wish the weather would start getting warmer here in nyc..but nope, still cold as can be like winter over here lol. <33


  31. These are just amazing buys babe! Especially the dress! Can't wait to see you put together an outfit post with that gorgeous dress!

    Fang Ting

  32. Girl, I swear you have the best hauls EVER.
    The cross cuffs and crochet trimmed crop top are just amazing!
    I love the cute ice cream nail polish too :D

    Trendy Teal

  33. I like those crop tops! Really nice buys you got there Izzy ^^

  34. everything is cute! i love your sacthel! <3

  35. You are absolutely gorgeous! (I love your outfit). And did you know you resemblance Hyuna ;). Visit me sometime!

  36. Can you stop being so perfect?

    Thank you kindly.

    <3 Mandy xx

  37. Wow all that for $47 not bad!!

    Ali of

  38. great bag! and all this for that prise!!!

    i am also following, thx for you lovely comment :*

  39. What fantastic buys!
    Very impressive.
    x Kirsty

  40. No way! I love those cuffs! Awesome haul girl

    When Mine Became Ours

  41. There are some very nice items here. I love that satchel with the horse on it. I agree with you that it is so adorable. Sometimes I make purchases like this too. Sometimes it is impossible to resist some items just because they are so cute.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  42. nice buys!

  43. I like everything from this haul! :D
    I'm the same with nail polishes! I only buy them for their packaging :X

    nyuu }

  44. Wow, that Forever New dress is gorgeous!! I love the embossed details and it looks so girly and fun. Can't wait to see you wear it. I haven't shopped at ASOS in so long. I hope they have a discount code soon cause that's when I like to shop there. :) And those ice cream polishes are so cute!! I probably would have bought them just for the packaging too. Make sure you keep the bottles when the polish is gone! :) <3


  45. I love so many things here. My favourite is the white forever new dress. I remember seeing it in the store. I think it came in black? I love the texture of it. Looking forward to seeing you wear it, it really is gorgeous. I also think you look so amazing in the stripe mink pink top. Oh and the little bag with the horse is so sweet. I hope your job is going well. I know what you mean about the free time. I am terribly bored being unemployed but I do know I will be desperately wanting free time once I do get a full time job. I am so scared because it will be such a change. I wish there was some way I could get used to it gradually, like a couple of days a week at first but I know that's not the real world. So I was wondering about your job? is it in law?

  46. omg the lacey top is so cute! you got great stuffs here :)

  47. Really cute post- I genuinely enjoyed reading and looking through the photos :)
    You have a great eye for trends. I especially love the satchel bag and the detailing at the bottom of the cropped tops- so pretty.
    Ruth x

  48. I want to see that bag up close and personal--it looks super cute!
    xo Mary Jo


  49. love this post!
    would you like to follow each other?
    if u like my posts))
    flw me and tell about this!
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  50. Wow I love all the things <3

  51. I really love this wallet. So cute.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  52. I love those cross cuffs! Those will be so fun to style.


  53. loving the cuffs!


  54. Great Post!

    Loving everything you have there :)
    Those cross pieces are so cool and Gosh your bag is so pretty !!



  55. So many pretty new things! I love the tobi tops and how you styled it in your outfit. That sucks that you can't combine the offers :( That white dress is also so beautiful! I like how the statement isn't in a crazy color or pattern but rather in the fabric

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  56. so chic,gorgeous and sexy!

  57. ooo love your haul that striped crop is amazing ive been tryna find off the shoulder long sleeved cropped tops in plain colour >=[ that arent tacky.
    I also love your justification for the cute mini satchel haha im like that too i got this cute mimco bag and its tiny but its so cute >__< lol all i can fit in there is my phone and notes and coins.OMG at the forever new dress its like similar to the one you eyed in topshop a few months ago! And now you have one hehe the baroque design on the dress is so sophisticated and subtle its gonna look amazing on your skin tone and dark hair <3
    We've both been so MIA in the blogging due to our new jobs its so good to be working though rather than studying and actually seeing the income of cash ! I cant wait to come back to sydney again to see you and our random adventures of finding places hahaha we're so bad at directions it doesnt help that our phones tell us wrongly too =[

    OXO Pris

  58. I love this satchel bag and that white dress is too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  59. I LOVE the horse satchel! I'll have it if you don't want it;) hahaha.


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