Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Shopping Tool: Stalk This

(This post is a little different, but I just wanted to share a new really cool online shopping tool I've been introduced to recently. This is not a paid post.)

I don't know about you guys, but I spend a loooot of time online 'window shopping' by opening a billion tabs for all my fave stores to check out new stock and Sale, to see if all those pieces I've been lusting after have gone on sale. I'm just a real chronic multi-tabber, I have to check a whole bunch of stuff simultaneously and it even lags my computer so much lol. And I guess it's harmless when you're on holidays or you're bored out of your wits, but not when you need to study, or be at work! 

When StalkThis contacted me explaining their unique shopping concept, I felt like this was exactly what we needed to improve our productivity levels!

Basically when you find something you love online, StalkThis sends you alerts when it goes on sale via SMS or email.

And instead of having multiple wishlists scattered around the web, you'll have just one to track everything.

(StalkThis also has a video here explaining everything)

Like the "Pin It" Button from Pinterest, StalkThis has a "Stalk" button which you drag onto your Bookmarks bar. When you're online shopping and see an item you like, you can click the 'Stalk' button to add it to your list.

I found this amazingly adorable polka dot dress from Motel Rock's latest Monochrome collection! $60 is still a bit steep right now though (I'm starting work very soon but for now I'm still on a student's budget!) and I want to wait until the price gets a little more budget-friendly. So after dragging the "Stalk" button (you can get it here) over to my Bookmarks bar on Google Chrome, I click on it and this pop-up comes up.

You can choose what kind of price alerts you want! If you want to hear about any price change, you can leave that box ticked. Or if you've made up your mind you only want to pay $xx for the item, you can enter it in that field. Or you can choose to select xx% off!

You can also choose the image on the left, and which category you want to add the item to. You can set that category to private if you wish.

(Currently StalkThis has a generous list of stores you can 'stalk' from here as the 'Stalk' button doesn't work for every store. BUT when you're on a site and click the'stalk' button, you can request it. I requested "" and the next day I got an email saying it could be 'stalked'!)

So now that you have a general idea of how StalkThis works, why don't I show you all the items I've been 'stalking' :) 

(you can view my entire list on my StalkThis profile here)

I made a category for Motel Rocks because I absolutely love this brand. Also check out the first blue and white dress- look familiar? I wore it in a blog post here and a lot of people seemed to like the dress.

If the price ever deterred you from snagging one of your own, StalkThis would've sent you an ALERT to let you know it was on sale at ASOS!

Do you guys also remember this mermaid-esque sequin scalloped skirt I wore in here? StalkThis would've let you know it went on sale to only $39. 

And you guys also know I love these Aussie chain stores Bardot and Forever New! These are the pieces I'm coveting at the moment, and for which I'm waiting patiently for a sales alert from StalkThis :)

NastyGal is another all-time favourite store of mine! Will be grabbing everything as soon as these drop down to a price I like!

I know a lot of people are obsessed with ModCloth but have always found the prices a little too steep. For all you avid ModCloth fans out there, StalkThis would be whoppingly useful to let you know when your fave pieces go on sale.

So anyway I've saved a bunch of gems in my list, and now I can't wait to start receiving alerts when they get down to a price I like! I don't have to waste hours scouring all these different websites to check if all those pieces are still full-priced. I can just go about my everyday business and wait for an email or SMS alert.

You can view my list here if you like the items I picked and want to 'stalk' them too.

What do you guys think of the idea of receiving price-drop alerts for all those pieces you're lusting after? 


  1. I think this is a great idea, and it's nice how quickly they add on new sites! There's always lots I like online but like you've found, you never have to pay full price as it always goes on sale or you can find a coupon code! :)

  2. This is such a good idea! x

  3. This is a pretty neat idea!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  4. This stalking feature is so useful! I definitely stalk certain objects I want and wait until their price lowers. I usually use pinterest, but this is fantastic!

    d a n i e l l e |
    Giveaway: win a shopping spree to FirmooGlasses!

  5. Wow this is exactly what I need (Im also a self confessed chronic tabber). Thanks Izzy!

  6. Very interesting and worth trying out ^^
    Your blog is cute as well so I decided to follow
    Hope you can visit mine and maybe follow back if you like it :)
    << From Brussels, with Love>>

  7. I abuse my tabs to the max too! To the point where my browser (on ipad) shuts down LOL so thanks for sharing this! Definitely going to be of great help to cut down on the amount of tabs, i think :P

  8. Um that is an awesome idea...I always have several items on my wish list that I'm waiting to go on sale.... Thanks for sharing this I'm going to go check it out right now!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  9. Great idea dear! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Actually, I just followed you. I hope you can get back to my blog and follow me, too.

    XX, IamJenniya

  10. beautiful selections!!! maybe we could follow each other via gfc/fb/bloglovin?! It would be a pleasure for me :)

  11. Wow this is a great tool. Definitely would help save some $$$ on my wishlist items. Going to give this a try!

    With ♥, Lisa

  12. Sounds useful! I'll have to check it out!

  13. Ive seen you so many times on lookbook but somehow never checked your blog. Glad i did now, totally love it! :)

  14. I'm a big "multi-tabber" too ha!
    So this notifies you as soon as an item you stalk goes on sale? Because one of the things that annoys me is when I find something really nice which IS on sale, but it would be out of stock in most sizes because the sale isn't a recent one and other people already got their hands on the item first :\ This is a great idea.. maybe next time I can grab some things before they go oos!

  15. This is an AWESOME idea. I love the concept and how easy it is to use. It's great for people like me who rarely buys things at full price! =D

  16. great post!! And thankx for sharing ur looks like a great concept

  17. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love your Motel dress! Such a cool concept too x

  19. Wow, this is great!!! Saves me from checking the site once in a while to check if the item I want is on sale!! Love it, thanks for sharing, life saver!!!!!

  20. Wow this is such a smart innovation o_o I am guilty of window shopping online... especially bookmarking pieces that I'm to hit sale prices. Or being the economic person I am, I just head to the 'Sale' tab on every clothing website HAHA I'm loving the Motel Rocks pieces you're stalking, especially the third gradient dress. Gah, this is so clever! Wow Bardot has the most beautiful textiles at the moment *__* Really loving that geometric, watercolour like splash... I need to stalk those pieces.

  21. It's great! But it would make me mainly grit my teeth at all the cute things that would be incredibly expensive because of the "non-EU" import tax. :/ And there are very few shops that are EU-based. T___T

  22. I very much enjoy the concept. It'll be neat to see them trying hard to push this in a world where immediacy is golden, where someone's tastes may not be the same in a month, let alone a week, if and when the product becomes cheaper. More importantly though, I'm perplexed when it comes to their name though. I would think investors might like something a bit more friendly.. my 2 cents.


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