Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tobi haul #2, ASOS, and so many other things!

Tobi has such an amazing range of unique pieces at really affordable prices. Last time I made an order I received two crochet cropped tops in black and white which I absolutely loved to death (and made two outfit posts for! Here and here), and a Mink Pink striped crop top.

As I had such a positive experience, I decided to make my second Tobi haul a bit bigger. As I had already used up the 50% discount for first-time orders, I just stuck to the 30% discount for new arrivals.
Unfortunately I wasn’t as impressed with the pieces this time around, as I was last time. The pieces in my first haul were great quality and design, and at such bargains too. This time, the quality of the items was of lower standard overall and the prices really did not seem to justify it. I guess in the end there will always be hits and misses! And it's a bummer that I had to pay a little extra for the 'misses'.

Ordered 3 tops, 1 dress and 1 bracelet- total was $123. Including shipping of $9.95 (as I didn't meet the $150 for free shipping), total was $133.

 Lace up top dress $26 small (link)
(wearing the nude slip underneath)
So next time I should really read the description of items properly, as it said the lining does not go to the top of the dress. ie it's lined from the waist down so your underwear won't show through, but at the top where it's lacy it's not lined. Luckily I already own a nude slip (that goes from the top of the bust to above the belly button) to wear underneath this dress. It does the trick perfectly!
It’s also pretty tight around the middle and I had difficulty in zipping it up, but that’s because I have large ribs. It's only tight around my ribcage, and everywhere else is comfortable.

Also the neckline is really high and quite uncomfortable in my opinion. Although it's not right around my neck like a turtleneck, the fact that it's a bit scratchy and tight, makes me wish I hadn't gotten this! However the design of the dress is absolutely beautiful, and I love the lace, the flared design, and the tulle lining underneath the skirt is super pretty.This tulle lining helps create the flared shape as well as add a pretty touch underneath the dress. I can't remember the last time I made contact with tulle, so this dress makes me feel like a princess!


Spiked denim bustier $32 Small (link)

The denim bustier was kind of nerve-racking to put on! The threads are all exposed on the inside, so there is a high risk of snagging onto those threads and accidentally pulling those spikes off. It’s kind of crudely made and it’s not something I would pay more than $20 for. It also sits quite high on the torso, and the 'bust' lining is not quite where a real person's bust would actually be. So I think this piece is strictly for the flat-chested!

Personally I don’t know if I’d be confident wearing an outfit like this out! But I did like the idea of denim on denim, when I was modelling the bustier! The denim bustier has a very Madonna, 80s vibe to it and I guess that’s what drew me to it :)

so much more under the link!

Not your average crop top $21 small (link)
This is another purchase I liked because of a retro vibe! I liked the design on both the front and back. The material contains 2% spandex so it’s actually quite stretchy and soft. 

Crochet and scoop top $34 small (link)
I seem to be very attracted to the crochet options on Tobi! This time the crochet design is on the sleeves. I liked the scoop neck back and the front is pretty much the same, but the scoop is not as low.

Another purchase I kind of regret making! It's a bit too expensive for what it was worth. It's a nice design with the crochet sleeves, but the material is very average. It's just an ok top to me, but I guess if you are absolutely smitten with the design then $34 isn't too much for it.


the 3 tops lying flat! ^

 Rattler cuff $10 (link)
This little accessory was probably the highlight of the haul? I just love the bone detail, it fits perfectly, and doesn't look cheap. It looks rose gold on the website but it really isn't. Still a lovely purchase nonetheless!

So my favourite item out of the entire Tobi haul was probably that bones bracelet. This time round, the clothes weren't of spectacular quality. I wish I had saved myself the $133! I'll probably refrain from making another Tobi order from now on. The first haul was amazing, second was average so for my third round I'd just make sure I really think about my purchases it before checking out.

Now on to my other purchases!

bird printed dress from ASOS (pic taken from my Instagram)

I'm absolutely in love with this dress!! the fit is just so flattering and comfortable. For some reason I find too many cute dresses with cap sleeves, which I don't like because they emphasise large arms. However this one covers the upper arms enough, is perfectly cinched at the waist, and the skater style, combined with the black and white colour scheme make this dress ultra flattering! I can't stop wearing it for casual Fridays at work and for going out as well.

Sportsgirl dress, Sportsgirl belt, Equip necklace, Portmans gold-capped heels  (pic taken from my Instagram)

this was an outfit I wore for work! the dress is so perfect for both casual and corporate.

Etsy Chanel nail polish iphone 5 case ~$12, Benefit Hello Flawless! foundation $55, Dolly Wink eyeshadow from

I got this Chanel nail polish case from Etsy for about $12! A lot of people have asked where this is from, and  it's because it's not available on Ebay (probably restricted from posting anything that uses Chanel's name without being officially endorsed). I don't know why it's still allowed on Etsy though, maybe more lax copyright rules? Anyway Etsy is the place to go for these Chanel cases, a lot of people have been using them! :) just type in 'chanel phone case'.

I also got the Dolly Wink eyeshadow because it's just not practical to lug around my Urban Decay Naked Palette around all the time, as I'm traveling more these days. All the shades are perfect for everyday wear! :) And it's just so compact and light, so it's perfect for my original reason for purchasing this (for travel).

 Forever New necklace reduced to $5, Valleygirl plum gloves $9.95

The picture doesn't do this lovely necklace justice! It was reduced down to $5 after a 50% off the marked price on jewellery sale. I just love how multicoloured all the little diamantes are! and the gloves I bought on a whim whilst on a work trip, I thought they'd be perfect for the upcoming cooler season.

Jay Jays cat galaxy top, Jay Jays fox jumper

I rarely go into Jay Jays, but they had a 30% off sale which was too good to resist! Randomly got this tee for  my little sister as it was only $10.50, and got this jumper for myself at the discounted price of $28.

and last but not least, this is a new bikini I received courtesy of Itsie Bitsie! I actually did my very first bikini shoot with this recently. The bikini has a very fresh, cool summer vibe with the pop of mint, so I paired it with a white floral crown, mint nail polish, and the fresh girly scent of Marc Daisy :) In the actual bikini shoot I wore it a bit differently, and I'll show you how when I post the pictures up!


  1. Love the etsy chanel nail polish hand phone cover! Too bad they don't have it for Samsung S3 :(

    Loving the denim combo as well. Le sigh. You look good in everything babe

    accidental encounters

  2. Love the dress! Look so feminine & perfect for spring/summer! I really love that crop top as well! :O I wanna get it too!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Tobi! So many affordable pieces.

    xo Jo

  4. That white lace dress is so pretty!
    You are so gorgeous and have such a nice figure :)

  5. Really cute outfits Izzi! Love the dresses and the Amour one hehe. Cute bikini set too! Yay! :)

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  6. The spiked denom bustier look is fiercely hot! <3


    Hope you visit to see my adventures on Koh Samui :)

  7. Girrrrrl, when you do a haul, you haul major scores! I just love everything you got <3

    Trendy Teal

  8. U got some really good stuff! Love specially the denim bustier and the white dress!

  9. Amazing purchases, love the denim top!

    New post:

  10. Wow ;-) You bought amazing stuff :D
    Love it <3

  11. ahhh that first dress is so pretty!! i made my first TOBI order recently too..i should've bought that dress! so beautiful~~~

    Laura x

  12. Nude colored undies for the win :P
    You are a great model I think and I
    think the black Asos dress suits
    you the most!


  13. What a great haul all round :) The first dress is lovely and the black tops really suit you - I don't like tops with low backs as I feel really exposed haha. The dress from ASOS is totally something I would get!!

  14. Lovely purchases - the dress from asos and your bone cuff are perfect, such nice pieces!

    Shame the quality wasn't great on most of your tobi order.

    Away From Blue

  15. I love the lace up dress! The denim bustier looks great as well! :D

  16. you did some really good shopping!


  17. omg i looooove the top dress!


  18. pretty dress and omg, you got nice skinny body!

  19. Very cute! I'm sorry your Tobi Order didn't work out. You always have to be careful when shopping online. But you look super cute in all the photos :)

  20. Oh so many lovely items!
    I really like the 1st dress, the denim look and your bikini.
    You look great in those outfits.

  21. awesome! seems you're perfectly ready for the summer. I'm lovin the dress on the first photo and those studded denims!!! sooo rad! i wish i were as thin as you though,,, cos those things wont suit my body type haha.

    xo, Carla

  22. Such a cute phone case! I love the crop top and bracelet you purchased from Tobi.

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

  23. You bought some lovely things! :) I really love the not your average crop top & your asos dress & your etsy iphone case! I can't wait to see that Sportsgirl dress on you! :) The first dress is really lovely but like you said I think it would've been better if they would've lined the top area too! x Laura

  24. Great post!
    I love the bones bracelet and the black crop top has a nice refreshing twist

  25. those denim shorts are so great!! love your black dress as well with that amour belt :)

  26. very cute items!

  27. what a great haul! The dress in the first photo is so gorgeous!

  28. Wow I love the buys! I like the combination for the sportsgirl pieces :)

  29. The lace dress is so pretty and the flared look the tulle creates makes it super cute too!
    The necklace you picked up from Forever New is pretty as well - I absolutely love the Forever New jewelry sales. They are the best!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks !!

    You did an amazing job and I find inspiration of both looks :D

  31. At first glance, I like the white dress with the lace top. It really is quite a shame the didn't line the top. What were they thinking? Too bad I haven't really started sewing yet or I'd offer to line it for you. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  32. At first glance, I like the white dress with the lace top. It really is quite a shame the didn't line the top. What were they thinking? Too bad I haven't really started sewing yet or I'd offer to line it for you. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  33. i really like your style! especially the jewelry and studded items

  34. Wow, I love hte lace dress and the details. So gorgeous, white is my fave color! I'm following back on bloglovin, want to follow each other on facebook as well?


  35. So many cute new pieces! I love the chanel case, it's my fav from your haul :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  36. Lovely stuffs you got there babe! Love the ASOS dress, it's perfect for a casual date! The bikini is so pretty too!

    Fang Ting

  37. I love the outfit in the 3rd picture!

  38. Wow, I absolutely looove your dress! It´s amazing!
    Also adore that cut-out top :)
    xx Laura from

  39. Woah love your haul and these 3 tops look so good on you! :)

    Much love

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