Monday, May 27, 2013

Urban Outfitters, Net a Porter YSL, Forever New ,Voodoo hauls

Net-a-Porter purchase: YSL Arty Ring

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I picked up the 'Arty rose gold plated glass ring' from Net-a-Porter recently, for $237.50. Shipping was $10 so total for the ring was $247.50. I think the most widely coveted and recognisable one is the gold ring with the bright blue, but I thought the bright colour might make it difficult to match with clothes. Instead, I picked up a darker blue stone with a rose gold band- and I happen to love rose gold jewellery :)

Net-a-Porter shipped it out very quickly and I was able to track its progress via DHL, as it was shipped from Hong Kong (which is very close to Australia).

Apparently I'm wearing it the wrong way on my finger here, but doing a Google search I found it worn both ways (with the stone at the base of the finger vs. at the top). Anyway I think it looks great either way because personally to me it looks like it's always facing sideways haha!

I actually thought this was going to be a very, very dark navy blue but it turned out to be a navy blue in real life (when in sunlight). That disappointed me a bit, but it's still a beautiful ring and I cannot for the life of me be bothered to return it (due to my living conditions it's very inconvenient to have to pick up parcels so I had already been waiting weeks to pick it up after it was delivered).

it is also the right size (size 6) and I have worn size 6 in House of Harlow rings. It's kinda loose on my middle finger but does fit best on my index. What's really odd is that in the beginning it fit snugly on my index but after a week of wearing it daily, it seems to be looser? So now it's loose on all  fingers. The gold band is obviously fixed so I'm not sure why. If I get another one I'll go for the size 5 to avoid this problem (and I can wear it on more fingers! :))

It's a really stunning ring in real life, and looks and feels expensive. I know there are tons of YSL arty ring knockoffs floating around (going for $5 on ebay) but without even having bought one, I can assure you the difference would be very noticeable with the intricacy of the gold band and the sheer weight of the genuine one.

I was seriously super nervous getting this ring because it is my first time buying anything from a luxury brand (although it's just a small ring at less than $300). Throughout my life I have always rejected gifts of anything from LV, Gucci, and the likes, much to the bewilderment of my Asian relatives and to the sheer delight of my boyfriend. Anyway I'm already 23 and I've been starting to feel like there's something wrong with me for never having the urge to buy designer goods. If I was absolutely loaded I would be either giving it to family or going on trips around the world, not buying a bunch of bags. So I decided to do a little splurge with this YSL ring as a starter (because I genuinely super love the design, not the brand!) and as lovely as it is, I still feel uneasy about it. Was it really worth $300? I've been wearing the ring everyday since I got it because it is beautiful, but I try not to think about the price lol!

It came beautifully wrapped in this box, which I'll use for keeping all sorts of miscellaneous goodies in it! 

Came with a Net-a-Porter measuring tape as well, which will be handy!

Forever New

Larissa military coat ~$100 (on sale for $130 with further discount)

Now for some things I can totally justify the price for! Warm winter coats are an absolute essential now as the weather gets colder and colder over here in Sydney. Good quality coats here cost at least $100 ranging up to $600, so to get these for $100 and under was a total steal. PLUS I love the design and style so much! It's cinched at the waist and flares out at the bottom, for a really flattering look. The military design with the beautiful gold buttons also makes it look very classy, expensive, and streamlined. I still have not been able to find a better coat so I ended up buying two of these (in different colours). Forever New quality, when compared to most of the stores with the same customer demographics and price range, seriously cannot be beaten!

(PS: seems to be sold out now! :( similar military style coats can be found here (Oasap), here (Oasap) and here (The Iconic))

Urban Outfitters haul

Cat hanger
I freaking love cats, and when I found these hangers I almost died! There's a range of different animals to choose from, but naturally I had to get the cat one. I love how the animals' faces are more on the realistic rather than cute, cartoon side, so that when you put clothes over the hangers it really does look like an animal person! LOL

To make it more realistic you have to get it to wear clothes that have a high neckline otherwise you'll see that gap between the hanger and the neckline. My only gripe is that since the hanger is wooden, it could tear your clothes if you're not careful. but it doesn't matter as I'm not really planning to use this hanger frequently to hang up my most expensive goods, only for the novelty effect :) And this cheap hoodie (it's not even women's, it's from the men's range lol!) will certainly do :)

Cat pillow
More cats :3 I'm not really a stuffed toy person, so I don't really know why I got this, but I super love it! The great thing is that unlike a lot of toys it's actually super comfy to hold in your arms and sleep with, because it's really just a flat pillow lol. I have been sleeping with it every night and we watch Supernatural together (yeah I'm a lonely cat lady, don't judge!)

Fist pen holder
This is just a random novelty product I got to place on my work desk. It is surprisingly very heavy so doubles up as a paperweight I guess lol.

Clouds cup and panda spoon
Another novelty product...I mean do I really need another cup when I already have a few? Well, none of them have panda spoons I guess.

Floral crowns

I thought these floral crowns were just too pretty to pass up!  The pink and white one is actually a headband, which is a plus in my opinion because when you wear it it stays on your head more securely. I wore it in my outfit post here. I got the red rose one because it's different to my other pale ones, so you can wear it with dark jewel tones (great for winter!)

As I mentioned the pink and white one fits on your head really securely because it's a headband. The red rose one is a crown you just place on top of your head. It's a bit more flimsy because the flowers are smaller and the wire is very thin and a bit weak. You tie it together yourself into a knot.

Wood and metal jewellery holder

 I really liked the rustic look of this jewellery holder, it looks like it would fit in perfectly in a cabin-style room with wooden walls (which is not my room).

The only flaw is that the wood stand at the bottom is so light and small, so that when you stack it up with jewellery it has a tendency to topple over. On my table I put stuff behind it to lean on.

Hand holder
This is a multi purpose container that holds some bits and bobs. I don't exactly have a clear system yet with my jewellery stand with mirror, 3 jewellery holders, jewellery boxes and now this one- but I'm sure it will come in handy...

Voodoo Stockings
Now for some ultra practical goodies! I received this wonderful package recently full of a bunch of stockings just in time for winter. Ever since I received them I have been wearing the "200 denier" tights every single day at work! This is because of how cold it is in the morning and when I get home in the evening. It is the thickest in the bunch and actually feels like pants- so super warm!! if there is miraculously a warmer day coming up then I'll probably pull out the "70 denier" or "120 denier" which are lighter! Ever since wearing the "200 denier" ones, there have been absolutely zero holes and snags.

You can get these from David Jones and Myer, and they're around $13 to $25.  They're just so practical and warm, anytime you see me in a pair of tights (and I will be, it's getting so cold now!) they'll definitely be one of these lol.

Thanks heaps, Sweaty Betty PR and Voodoo! <3


  1. Such gorgeous items, love the coat and the little panda, so sweet :)) I hope you have a marvellous new week xx

  2. I want the YSL ring hahaha


  3. what a great choice you have made with the YSL ring! i love it but have been tired of the turquoise or coral version so yours with the dark blue & rose gold is so refreshing and beautiful! have fallen in love with ring all over again :) i think i noticed silver-ey bracelet from Asos in your collection? i also have it :)

  4. oh that YSL ring is sooo beautiful! i would've done the same - chosen a darker colour.
    and that panda spoon thing is so cute :p

  5. Your YSL ring is so pretty! The gold and navy look beautiful together and the detailing on the ring is just gorgeous! I never really have the urge to splurge on luxury products either, and like you I would prefer to use the money to travel. But your ring really is gorgeous! I'd probably be looking at my hand multiple times a day if I was wearing it hehe
    The clouds cup and panda spoon are super adorable by the way :p

  6. Love the YSL ring! It's nice to splurge on little gifts like that now and then :)

    The cat stuff is so fun too - nice purchases :)

    Away From Blue

  7. pretty things!

    dress giveaway on my blog!

  8. I love YSL ring but I never bought it 'cause I think the same as you.. Is it worth 300$? I can buy a super lens for my camera, so no, I do prefer a new lens :P
    The box is awesome, I would order on Net A Porter just to receive it (I'm in love with boxes!)

    Nadia from The Life In A Year

  9. I love everything! Especially the cute panda spoon. :> :>


  10. The cats are adorable and I can't believe that ring is still for sale, it was all the rage a while back. I still love it and I think you did well in buying the darker blue.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

    I love cats too :)

  12. I'm so jealous! I wanted that ring in turquoise forever (because it's my birthstone) but yours looks really nice too. I can understand what you mean about the feeling after you splurge on something. When my mom bought me a LV bag & wallet I felt bad but when I bought my own A Wang bag I felt like I had made the biggest mistake, even though I was lusting over it for months. That feeling soon went though haha & yeh, none of my rings fit any of my fingers anymore either lol :(


  13. I'm so jealous of it all! Especially the YSL!

  14. I LOVE the YSl ring!! Love the colour you picked too!!!


  15. I just love your Urban Outfitters haul ! :) All those sweet & fun little treats.
    YSl ring is also really beautiful, but too shame that's it is starting to feel too big. There's these thin rings available (at least I call them "stoppers") that you could try placing on your finger, after putting on Arty first. Maybe it will stay in any of your fingers then? :) It looks truly beautiful! I could never afford it myself, and I have so many gorgeous non-designer pieces that I love (which cost only up to 30 euros). I don't even use real gold or diamonds as jewelry, actually. :)

    Indie by heart

  16. love the ring! its so gorgeous~ although I dont think I could even splurge $300 on a ring (i already lost my pandora bracelet and that was only $100). I looove the cat related items, esp the clothes hanger! it's so amusing XD I didn't actually realize stockings/tights went up to 200 denier! I think I shall find me a pair of those since its getting cold here in auckland too!

  17. Great post!
    Ahh your ring is soooo pretty. I don't think there's anything wrong with not having the urge to buy designer things. They are definitely not a necessity in life!
    Urban Outfitters is the best. Seriously. I love cats too. Definitely going to be an old granny living with 1434 cats when I'm older. I can feel it.

  18. Cute panda spoon and love that YSL arty ring!!

    xo - Sheila

  19. omg omg omg, such a cool Ring! The blue colour is omg, awmazing *___*
    There are a lot of cute and pretty stuff in your post - the cats are so sweet ^.^
    Can't wait to see you wearing the tights!

  20. I've been lusting over the YSL ring for ages! It looks so gorgeous but way out of my budget :( And I always love browsing online on Urban Outfitters since they always have quirky and cute novelty products.


  21. Ooooh I loove your ring! That panda spoon is adorable! I love pandas! x Laura

  22. Love all your items,especially the YSL ring and the jewelry holder <3

  23. Can you put a link to that coat? It's amazing! It looks like a great investment piece to ask for Christmas.

    1. most definitely is! :) it seems to be sold out on the Forever New website though. I updated the post with a few other links to similar coats!

  24. the panda spooon oh my gosh soo cute!!

  25. Hi dear, this is such a stunning array of pretty pieces, congrats on the ring, so iconic. Love for military coat, its so sophisticated. The floral crowns so pretty and the jewelry is stunning, you have excellent taste.

  26. Your new ring is amazing and what a great choice of color! The deep blue looks royal and sophisticated yet so edgy!


  27. Your hauls are always the best! I can't believe you got the Yves ring, it's such a stunner <3
    Loving that fist pen holder too, haha, how cool!

    Trendy Teal

  28. I just splurged too! But on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I love the YSL ring though! My only difficulty about rings is its hard to find my size.

    Melanie Pangilinan

  29. I really like this haul! There are so many nice things you got :) and I LOVE that cat head hanger! hahaha

  30. I'm absolutely loving that ring! And all of your other purchases as well haha :)
    Fashion, Trends & More

  31. The style is really attracting my attention. Stylish and fashionable! I like leather jackets and especially those leather jackets on, each piece is well designed, very cool.

  32. that ring is really beautiful, it's good to splurge once in a while :)

  33. Great haul! I love that military coat, maybe we can see it soon in a style post? The colour is gorgeous!
    I'm the same, I've never had a desire for designer stuff. When I was younger I couldn't afford the stuff but never had a desire for it anyway. Now I'm working full-time and can afford it I still rarely choose designer stuff as I always look or design rather than the brand label :)

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