Monday, July 29, 2013

Sparkle Electric

  Blazer: c/o Chicwish (link here) (sold out)
Sparkly knit: Sportsgirl
White patterned Shorts: c/o IAnyWear (link here)
Bag: c/o IAnyWear (sold out)
Shoes: c/o Spicy Avenue (link here) (sold out)
Alicia Ring: c/o Alice and Leon (link here)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I certainly am! :) Working on projects and being kept busy with a healthy dose of stress and pressure is where I'm most content. I don't do well during long, quiet periods- is anyone else the same?

On to the outfit though! I always love the fit and style of a decent blazer! It makes any outfit so sleek and polished in an instant. This one from Chicwish adds a corporate and sophisticated touch and comes in such a wonderful shade of electric blue. I wanted to pair it with my sparkly knit from Sportsgirl inside for extra flashiness!

Also loving these two new pieces from IAnyWear- this black bag and these white and black shorts! This bag is the perfect shape for uni or school, for fitting in A4 folders and notebook computers. These shorts are also really versatile and they can go with practically anything! They have a stretchy waistband which makes it more comfy.

I'm also obsessed with these cut-out booties from Spicy Avenue. The cut-out detail is just so interesting, and is really intricate and pretty up close :) I've featured Spicy Avenue before in my previous posts (eg here, and here) and I genuinely recommend their stuff! They have so many wonderful, trendy designs and everything is great quality.

Alicia Ring: c/o Alice and Leon (link here)

I also didn't get to take a photo of this lovely ring from Alice and Leon during the shoot, but I have taken a detail shot indoors to show you the pretty it is close up! The blue is so calming and classy, and the ring is plated in gold too :)

PS. thanks so much for all your positive feedback on my new Youtube channel! I'm reallllly excited about it, especially because I am very late to the scene and have only really started watching Youtube videos now. Video is just such an interesting and interactive new medium to present content- and now that I've discovered it I'll definitely try to make the most of it! :)

If you haven't already, check out the channel and subscribe to Izzi's Daydream if you like! :) I'm already working on an outfits for school/uni/college video which is almost done!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tropical Voyage- and some exciting news!


floral headband: Urban Outfitters
off-shoulder top:
pastel yellow belt: ASOS
Skirt: c/o Style Keepers (link here)

Today's blog post features a fun, kind of tropical look for spring :) This blog post also contains some super duper exciting news! Scroll down to the bottom to see what it is! :D

I'm wearing this gorgeous new skirt from Style Keepers, which has a myriad of lovely fun colours like yellow, blue and pink, and I matched it with a pastel yellow belt from ASOS! For a really summery and boho vibe I paired it with an off-shoulder top from Tobi....and my favourite floral crown! I think that anytime we can catch a warm, sunny day during this winter season, I try to pretend it's actually spring as much as possible, and it's definitely reflected in my outfits :) It's the case at work as well- you'll always catch me in pastel blouses and brightly-coloured jackets!

Also note that this skirt is a rather small make- I'm wearing my usual size 8 but I think it fits more like a 6, and also it's really short on me....but if you are shorter (less than 5'7) then this could be the perfect summer mini for you! :)

"Flower by Pomme Chan" iPhone 5 case: c/o Iconemesis (link here)

I featured this iphone case in a previous blog post (here), and I have been using it ever since I got it in the mail! The floral watercolour design is just so pretty and totally my style! It fit around my iphone 5 so snugly and securely as well. Check out Iconemesis' store for more really lovely iphone case designs- they've got cases for 4, 4S and 5! :)

Sooo the exciting news that I was referring to, is the fact that I finally decided to make a Youtube account! *plays fanfare* I'm sorry if you feel gypped that you scrolled down and found out the news was only this lol. My new channel is called Izzi's Daydream and it's mainly going to feature fashion OOTD videos, haul and product reviews, lifestyle and fitness vlogs, and anything else you guys want! If you have any particular requests please let me know as this Youtube channel is for YOU GUYS! :)

This is the first video that I've uploaded onto my channel. The video is actually a bit awkward because my boyfriend and I were just practicing with the video functions on the camera, and I didn't even plan on uploading anything! Haha but we eventually did, so please excuse my awkward movements (when you see yourself for the first time in a video it's so weird! You notice all these bizarre and awkward things about yourself lol).

We shot this video right after taking the photos. I wanted to try doing a video of my outfit because it's more interesting to see it in motion, and also it just seems more interactive :)

So I hope you guys like my very first video on Youtube!! Please subscribe to my channel Izzi's Daydream if you want to see more. And don't forget to comment- let me know what content you'd like to see! :)

(btw the song playing in my vid is called Sleepless by Flume, one of my favourite artists!!)
please subscribe to my new channel if you want to see more updates! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

dark paradise

Bag: c/o Chaceylove (out of stock)
Monochrome floral dress: c/o Chaceylove (link here)
Cardigan: Cotton On (old)
Cross necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson
Peacock ring: House of Harlow
'Cielo' Boots: NastyGal (link here- my new favourite boots!)

This is probably one of my most favourite outfits recently! I've been all over the monochrome trend lately, so I loved this black and white dress from Chaceylove, but with monochrome outfits I'm always pining for a little splash of colour. I sometimes do a little pop of neon but with this outfit, I wanted to put some colour in my lips :) Dark red vampy-esque lips just transform everything, in my opinion! I loved the dark, gothic vibe it suddenly added to my outfit, although it's very subtle. It just shows that with the monochrome trend you can still get creative and make different looks :)

This dress from Chaceylove is just so elegant and pretty :) I usually don't do high necklines especially combined with sleeveless cuts, but having them together just has this really classy look that is reminiscent of those Asian traditional cheongsams or qipaos. Of course the flared skater cut makes them more modern, which is perfect!

This black satchel bag also from Chaceylove helps modernise the look a little more as well, as do my new chunky platform heels from NastyGal :) I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!

Monday, July 15, 2013 haul and review, Le Bunny Bleu oxford shoes, and other latest purchases haul
It seems I can never get enough of've made yet another haul from them! This time I was a little wiser and waited for a 50% off full-price promo and did a big order so that I could get over $150, and get free shipping.
I say I was 'wiser' this time round, because I discovered from my previous hauls from that the full prices, or even the 30% off prices on new arrivals, are NOT WORTH what you receive. I found that clothes from were a hit or miss, and even when the products were good, the price wasn't really justified for the quality you get.
So basically my review of this time's haul is very positive, but had the 50% promo not been on and I had paid full price, it would be a different story because the products are definitely not worth that much.
I got 8 items altogether (2 items I've forgotten to photograph), and total came to $193. Some of the full prices have changed since my order.
Moving on to the product reviews now! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

chevron cuts

"Zig Zag" chevron print blazer: SaboSkirt (link here)
Pastel purple tee: Forever New
Skort: c/o Sheinside (link here)
Clear box clutch: c/o Choies  (link here)

I know this skort is all over the blogosphere at the moment- don't hate me too much for presenting yet another outfit featuring it? :) Although its originality and uniqueness has been diluted by its huge presence in the fashion world (and I won't lie, from its knock-offs like this one), I still find the angled cut very special and interesting. Even better is that it's a winner in terms of practicality- it looks like a skirt but makes it carefree to sit down in and walk in windy conditions, because it's actually shorts underneath!

I love the chevron patterns on my new Sabo Skirt blazer as well, and even better that they have beautiful digital prints on them! I thought it was a perfect match for the skort, because the hem is sort of cut in the same chevron shape.

I also couldn't help but get my hands on the quintessential clear clutch, from Choies! It's a bit odd to have a fashion item that doesn't have any colour or design to itself- but rather provides another dimension for viewing the things you have behind or inside the clutch, if you know what I mean! I just find this clear box clutch so futuristic and fascinating. The only tough thing is making sure you have pretty things inside all the time- I didn't have time to collate a bunch of beautified travel essentials so for now I just kept my Raybans inside for viewing :)

And how great has the weather in Sydney been lately? The sun has been shining and warm especially in the afternoons- I hope it stays that way! :) Can you even tell it's winter in these photos?

And thank you so much guys for the positive feedback on my last blog post, featuring my answers to FAQs about diet and fitness!! The post got really long and I realised that I did spend a lot of time on it, and I appreciate that some of you actually acknowledged that. I really appreciated as well all the interesting and supportive comments. My hope for the blog post was to be educational about a healthy lifestyle, as well as inspire people to have a positive and loving attitude towards their body, and it makes me so happy knowing that these goals were achieved with some of you guys! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fitness and Diet FAQ Answered

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions from readers from my blog, Instagram, and Facebook about how I keep my figure and all that sort of stuff. I didn't want to keep answering the same questions over and over again on these social media platforms, and I also wanted to inspire the people who haven't asked me questions directly but might find this post useful too- so here is my post dedicated to fitness and diet faqs! :)
I tried to make this post as detailed as possible, I hope it helps!

  • I already did a fitness post in the past (here), where I outlined some workouts I did for the butt and legs, complete with some explanatory Youtube videos.
  • I already have a "FAQ" tab at the top of my blog. That answers another frequently asked question eg 'what camera do you use'.
  • And lastly I am no qualified nutritionist nor trainer or anything! I'm just another person interested in living a healthy lifestyle, and only too excited to spread my (educated, but unqualified) knowledge to my readers :)

Anyway here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions about fitness and diet!

How did you get a thigh gap?

I get this question a lot, like you would not believe!

For those who don't know what a thigh gap is- it's when you stand with your feet together and your thighs don't touch. You can have a little gap at the very top of your thighs or you can have a deeper one going down to your knees. Achieving a thigh gap has become an obsession for some people as well as being considered a 'marker' for how skinny you are.

(more under the link)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Winter Sun

Shaggy knit: SaboSkirt
Coral jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Leopard print shoes:
Horse bag: ASOS

Hey guys! Today I'm showing you another casual outfit, like my previous post. This is my absolute favourite knit. It's from Sabo Skirt and it is soo ridiculously fluffy and soft- I feel like I'm wearing a (fashionably) warm blanket when I'm out! It's also cropped at the front so it doesn't look too daggy, but my favourite part is the 70s-esque wide sleeves :)

I wore it with these coral jeans from Urban Outfitters that I haven't pulled out in ages...they're made of a really soft material as well. I didn't like them that much at first but when it gets so cold, and the weather is so dismal all the time- a pair of soft warm pants in a cute bright coral shade can be the perfect thing :)

I also have a Fitness post in the works! I basically answer the frequently asked questions related to what
exercise I do and food I eat to maintain my figure. I actually took a while writing it up because it got so detailed and long lol. I'm just tying up a few loose ends but it will be up later this week :) I hope it's helpful!

I hope everyone's been well! I've been working on a few projects (won't reveal them just yet! :)) recently which has been very exciting. When the time comes I'll be able to reveal them but I don't think I should say anything when it's all still in the pipelines. Life is short though and I think that we should all make sure that we've given back to others, have done things that we're proud of, and pursued our passions before it's too late.



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