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Fitness and Diet FAQ Answered

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions from readers from my blog, Instagram, and Facebook about how I keep my figure and all that sort of stuff. I didn't want to keep answering the same questions over and over again on these social media platforms, and I also wanted to inspire the people who haven't asked me questions directly but might find this post useful too- so here is my post dedicated to fitness and diet faqs! :)
I tried to make this post as detailed as possible, I hope it helps!

  • I already did a fitness post in the past (here), where I outlined some workouts I did for the butt and legs, complete with some explanatory Youtube videos.
  • I already have a "FAQ" tab at the top of my blog. That answers another frequently asked question eg 'what camera do you use'.
  • And lastly I am no qualified nutritionist nor trainer or anything! I'm just another person interested in living a healthy lifestyle, and only too excited to spread my (educated, but unqualified) knowledge to my readers :)

Anyway here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions about fitness and diet!

How did you get a thigh gap?

I get this question a lot, like you would not believe!

For those who don't know what a thigh gap is- it's when you stand with your feet together and your thighs don't touch. You can have a little gap at the very top of your thighs or you can have a deeper one going down to your knees. Achieving a thigh gap has become an obsession for some people as well as being considered a 'marker' for how skinny you are.

(more under the link)

I have to start with saying that presence or size of a thigh gap is NOT an indication of skinniness (or more importantly, fitness). Thigh gaps are actually very strongly influenced by two factors:
  • width of hips
  • genetics
A thigh gap is possible to achieve, but if not, it could be because of the above factors and you could be a perfectly skinny shape without having a thigh gap.

Factor #1:
Width of hips
Wider hips will = greater gap. Even if you are very skinny, with slim hips you'll have a smaller gap or maybe even none at all.
(source: Tumblr)

Factor #2:
Some people are predisposed to have more fat around the lower part of their body, namely butt and thighs. For myself, I don't have wide hips but I still have a gap mainly because my body fat is concentrated in my upper torso. I am much more predisposed to arms and stomach fat.

I have a friend who is pretty much the same height and if I asked, probably the same weight. However because of the way we are both naturally built, she has thicker thighs than mine and which chafe when she walks, but she has much skinnier arms and shoulders than mine.

Now that you're aware of the two major factors that influence the presence of a thigh gap, there are some things you can do to accentuate an existing one or create one.

Exercises to avoid
You need to make sure the exercises target the inner thighs and not thighs in general. Otherwise that will just lead to more muscle in the thighs.

If you want the gap, you should avoid these exercises: squats (especially with weights), lunges and leg weights.

(But note that toned and strong thighs can also be very attractive. Also squats are great for creating a more toned and firm butt. These are all still great exercises to do regardless.)

Exercises to do
(Please note that I have always naturally had a thigh gap. So these are the exercises I'm recommending not from personal experience, but from research I have gathered over the internet. )

These target the inner thigh and tighten that area:
  • leg lifts
  • leg drops
(see the "Pop Pilates" exercise picture a few scrolls down)

  • And cardio:
  • Running can help you burn overall fat without building muscle in the thighs. For more details see my answer to the next frequently asked question- 'what workouts do you do for your legs?'

(from Blogilates)

What workouts do you do for your legs?

I'm not sure how to answer this question as I don't even exercise that much anymore :( I used to run about 2-4 x a week, for about 5-9km. I am trying to get back into it these days. The winter weather is a huge turnoff but I don't want to make excuses! I have moved away from the treadmill and now run outside, which in my opinion is harder and more effective as you use your own momentum to push yourself.

Whenever I can, maybe once a week these days, I try to run outside. I read recently that endurance running is actually better than short bursts in creating thin and lean legs (as so many people worry that running will cause bulky legs).

I actually never knew this! I suppose it make sense, because my whole life I've always been running long distance rather than short sprints. (in my other fitness blog post I talked about interval running, but that's still only a relatively recent thing for me). And I've never had muscly or thick thighs and I pretty much have no calf muscle whatsoever. So maybe you could say the endurance running has led to slim yet non-muscly legs. I'm not entirely sure though! Correlation is not causation- ie. just because I don't have bulky muscly legs and I've been more of an endurance running most of my life, doesn't necessarily mean that's why my legs look like that.

But there is a strong view that endurance running is the best for slimming down legs (both calves and thighs) without the build up of muscle. Apparently it targets a smaller muscle fibre that has little capacity for growth, rather than the muscle fibre targeted by high resistance or high impact exercises that lead to bulking. It's something I also picked up when the Olympics were on- long-distance runners tend to have quite skinny and lean bodies (not just their legs), compared to sprinters who had large muscly thighs.

So basically if you combine endurance running with the leg exercises above, you can get slim legs with a thigh gap (unless your genetics dictate otherwise).

What do you eat?


I don't think about 'diets'.

I only think about eating healthily. I never think about 'restrictions'. I never think about how many calories I've had today. Instead of deprivation, I think about how can I nourish my body with an abundance of nutrients and none of that processed, supermarket stuff.
This is a complete lifestyle change for me compared to a few years ago...I'm no longer concerned about being xx kg, but rather about my health! :)

With this mindset it's all about positive energy :) it's about treating your body well with the nutrients it needs, exploring all the natural options the earth can give us, and basically loving your body.

Your body needs protein, carbohydrates, and (good) fats to function properly. So to restrict your intake of any of these things unhealthily is just illogical, and is not doing your body any favours.

I eat clean, with as minimal preservatives as possible.
Eating clean is basically about taking in all the essential nutrients and cutting out as many chemicals as possible.

To do this it's simply a matter of going back to nature. Embrace all food that come directly from nature, such as fruit that falls off a tree or produce that comes from the soil.

This means you eat:
  • loads of fruit and vegetables!
  • Lean protein
  • Unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated fats, monosunsaturated fats)
  • Whole grains
I'll go through some good sources of these things soon.

And this means you cut out processed foods containing preservatives and unnecessary chemicals:
  •  Refined breads
  • Junk food
  • Canned foods
  • Any other processed foods!


The supermarket is full of processed foods. Anytime you pick up something in the supermarket READ the ingredients label. The front of the packaging might say something is full of Vitamin X, when reality the amount is minimal compared to all the other junk it contains.
  • Tip: stay away from items that have lots of hard-to-pronounce ingredients.
These are some common terrible nasties in processed foods that you should avoid:
  • Aspartame. Found in diet sodas! This is the reason why diet Coke is NOT the 'better' alternative to regular Coke or soda. To be sugar-free and still taste like the sugared option means they put in artificial sweeteners, which can be even worse. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, and is on an EPA list of potentially dangerous chemicals. it has been show to contribute to neurotoxicity, and has been linked strongly to cancer.
  • MSG. Pretty sure we all know this's used as an artificial food enhancer and is found in most convenience store foods, fast foods and processed foods. It contains glutamate which is an excitoxin and can possibly cause brain damage. 
  • Hydrogenated oils. These are artificially saturated fats, and are actually only one molecule away from being plastic. The body has to use a high amount of enzymes to digest this plastic-like substance because this is a foreign product (plastic was never meant for human ingestion!) As your body has difficulty digesting it they remain in your body longer, which can cause chronic inflammation, heart disease and digestive problems.
    • it is found in fast foods, white bread, peanut butter, icecream and more.

It's very important to start habitually reading the back of food packages, You wouldn't know what you are really putting in your body unless you read the print at the back, because no one will advertise the negatives.

Make yourself informed of everything that you eat.

These are some foods that have a healthy image around them, but aren't really:
  • Some supermarket yoghurt. Some brands have high amounts of sugar, and if advertised as 'low in sugar' then they probably have high levels of artificial sweeteners!
    • stick to all natural yoghurt ones. Generally stay away from flavoured yoghurt.
  • Sushi. Most sushi is pretty much a lot of white rice (unless you get brown rice ones) wrapped around a shred of lettuce and a tiny stick of cucumber and a teeny bit of meat. White rice is made up of refined carbohydrates which cause an insulin rush and cause you to store extra fat. Then when you look at the remainder of the sushi roll, it has very, very little nutritional content.
    • go for brown rice sushi, and opt for salmon as your meat
  • Many cereal brands. A quick look to the ingredients label shows that some brands are choc-block full of preservatives, sodium and sugar content. (For Aussies, here is a great blog post from Wellness Warrior that talks about the unhealthiest cereal choices.)
    • go for oats instead!
  • Franchises and brands you already know and trust, can endorse or bring out a line of bad products too. I love getting salads from Sumo Salad, and I bought a pack of vegetable chips from the front counter on a whim. Basically this is vegetables being shaped into crunchy chips. Since it's just vegetables in a different form and it's from Sumo Salad, that must be good for you right? Nope. I started snacking on them and then read on their ingredients label that they are actually full of sodium and fat. They are nothing like vegetables at all, and are actually closer to potato chips. So disappointing! Just shows that you always need to look a little closer at everything you put in your body!

What you should eat:

  • Carbohydrates: White bread contains refined grains, unlike the other types of bread (such as rye, wholegrain). This means there are simple sugars, which are easily absorbed by the body. This leads to blood sugar spikes which cause the body to store unnecessary fat. (This is also what sweets and soda do to you).
    • swap your white breads for ones with complex carbohydrates that won't do the same thing. If you can, you should stay away from pasta, noodles, white rice, pizza, croissants, which also contain mostly refined grains.
  • Protein: Protein is vital for building and repairing tisuses, and for building muscles and bones.
    • the best sources of protein are from lean meat, and not ones with lots of saturated fat. Go for tuna, lean chicken, salmon, and unsalted nuts.
  • Good fats: I'm pretty sure a lot of people already know this, but there are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. The former is the one we should avoid altogether, and the latter is the one we should actually embrace. Saturated fats are highly linked to cardiovascular disease, and are more likely to contribute to weight gain than unsaturated.
    • good fats can boost brain function and according to studies, actually burn off belly fat! Unsaturated fats are found plenty in avocadoes, fish, nuts

There is actually SO much you can eat, when you turn your mind into thinking 'eat healthy' rather than 'restrict calories'. Try to think about having an abundance of nutrients, and you will see results (plus feel so much better!)

I try to work around my weaknesses.

I have the most massive sweet tooth ever. What doesn't work, both in terms of weight loss and mental health, is one extreme or the other such as cutting it out all together or binging on it. (And they are often combined together in a short space of time).

I pretty much crave chocolate everyday, several times in a day. Luckily, there are ways to get around it. I create a balance by purchasing only the heathiest chocolate (or fake 'chocolate', I'll explain!) available.

If you have an insatiable sweet tooth like me, here are some great ways to work around it:
  • Eating dark chocolate over others. Cacao is actually a 'superfood', believe it or not. Superfoods are those that are much more nutrient-dense than other foods. Cacao is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which help prevent heart disease.
  • Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cacao than other chocolates. For milk and white chocolate, they have lower cacao content and they make up the rest with sugar and milk(and that's why they're sweeter than bitter dark choc!)
  • So although dark chocolate is still going to contain some sugar and fat, it is not as much as the other types of chocolates and plus it has more of the good stuff (cacao).
Here is a pack of some raw organic chocolate from the health store:

It contains 62% raw cacao.
  • Like I said, cacao is very healthy and you can use it to make your brownies, cookies, and even hot chocolate :) Here is my healthy alternative to hot chocolate attempt:
I put in a blender: one banana, 1 tablespoon of cacao powder, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, boiling water, honey. On my second attempt I replaced water with milk, and it was sweeter and yummier! ;)

  • The other great way to get around a sweet tooth, is eating 'carob' chocolate over real chocolate. I nearly died when I discovered carob chocolate for the first time. I saw it in a health food store and I was extremely sceptical to think that there could be a healthy alternative to chocolate that actually tastes like it.
  • It does! (although it leaves a strange aftertaste) But it's close enough! Carob is actually a legume from the carob tree, and is naturally sweet. It is generally lower in fat and sugar than normal chocolate, so it doesn't need extra sweeteners. it also contains 3x more calcium than chocolate and also doesn't contain caffeine nor theobromine (both are nervous system stimulants and diuretics).
And if any of these options is unavailable, or I just don't feel like it, I will every now and then treat myself to a piping hot (and super sweet and calorific) cup of hot chocolate from my favourite place Max Brenner, but not too often! Don't be afraid to give in to your weaknesses every once in a while, because if you have one cheat meal or even day over a long course of healthy eating, it makes no difference :)

What about Asian food?

I'm aware that a lot of my readers have an Asian background! There's an idea going around that Asian food is healthy, but unfortunately in reality it can be really unhealthy.

It depends from household to household, and in general it's very unhealthy at restaurants (and takeaway, of course). At my parents' house, 50-70% of the dishes my mum puts out are vegetables, cooked in minimal vegetable oil. In some other homes however and in a lot of restaurants, dishes are coated in a thick shiny oily sheen, and/or smothered in soy or oyster or some other sauce. Pork is often the most popular meat, which is very fatty compared to something like lean chicken breast.

So if you come from an Asian household, how can you make your parents'/your own cooking a bit more healthy?
  • use as little oil as possible.
  • try to portion control, and make sure there is an abundance of vegetables, and less of the unhealthy stuff. My mum cooks a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, bok choy, peas and corn.
  • minimise any deep-frying. Go for steaming or boiling 
  • choose leaner meats over pork, such as beef, and fish
  • swap white rice for brown. (as already discussed above!)
When you're at an Asian restaurant, opt for:
  • dishes that come with a lot of vegetables (eg vegetable soup over sweet and sour pork.). 
  • healthy side dishes (eg kimchi (essentially fermented cabbage), edamame beans, pickled vegetables, rather than fried egg rolls)
  • alternatives to anything deep-fried, stir-fried, and braised. (Eg instead of deep-fried dumplings, go for steamed or boiled!)
  • dishes with less thick sauces. (eg go for oyster or hoisin sauce).
  • alternatives to noodle-based dishes, because they contain a lot of processed simply carbohydrates. (eg go for vegetable-based dishes, over pad thai, ramen, chow mein, etc)
  • and by all means, do not reach for extra soy sauce! NO!! it's very high in sodium and MSG.
(from Eat Spin Run Repeat. This Asian-style dish is made up of lean chicken breast, broccoli, capsicum and cashews.)

Food served at most restaurants in fact (not just Asian) can be quite unhealthy. When you haven't cooked it yourself you're not really made aware of how much oil is used or how much you really needed on your plate. The above tips can really help minimise your levels of sodium, fats, sugars, and refined carbs in one sitting.

How do you get a flat stomach?

(sorry for the awful quality)
If you see my post above about what I eat, then the answer is the same! Clean eating, no additional chemical junk is the key to a flat stomach.
(Don't ask me how to get abs though! As I haven't got abs lol. but to make them show, you will have to eat clean first).

One key ingredient you should be avoiding when eating clean, is a very significant fat-contributor to the stomach- sodium. Sodium is plentiful in fries, sauce and dressing, cured meats, sodas and junk food.

Clean eating is the first priority for getting a flat stomach. You will never, ever, ever get a flat stomach if you don't eat right. There are two kinds of fat on the stomach- subcutaneous and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the outer, visible fat, and visceral fat is formed within the body. You can spend 24 hours a day doing situps and never see results because those amazing abs will be hidden behind a layer of fat. To get rid of that layer of fat, you NEED to eat clean.

So clean eating is the way to a flat stomach. Note that getting a flat stomach is not the same as getting abs! Once you minimise that layer of stomach fat, you can see any ab definition that you worked to create. I didn't, so I'm not going to offer any anecdotal evidence! Lol but there are loads of videos and diagrams out there with exercises.

Other tips to keep in mind:

I never say I don't have time to exercise. I make time to exercise.
I've never had a gym membership before, and I work full-time, but there is always a location and time frame for me to exercise :) I run outside in the morning before work, and I sometimes also exercise during my lunch break with workmates. When I get home from work, although it is too dark there are many exercises I can also do at home in the living room or my bedroom.

If you lead a very busy lifestyle, it's always possible to slot in at least half an hour in the day for cardio or strength training. There are no excuses! :)

I continually make sure I am surrounded by positive energy.

The reason why I like this clean eating lifestyle so much, is because it's not much about deprivation, it's about loving and caring for your bodyand wanting to fill it with an abundance of nutrients.

For everyone who tries to embark on a healthier lifestyle- there will without a doubt, be times where you did not achieve your goal and let yourself down.

It does NOT mean you are a failure though- everything is a lesson. Think about it this way:
"My body is already beautiful, but I can make it even better."

"My body is ugly because I failed to do __ and I ate too much of __."

To stay positive throughout your journey to a healthier, even more beautiful you, you need to be able to create positive thoughts and energy from within yourself. Changing your own mindset is very difficult sometimes but it's crucial, because your own self is often the biggest hurdle.

Having said that, you can also make sure that the people and resources around you help keep you on track. Stick to friends that support you rather than bring you down. Find a supportive, friendly fitness forum for a community of like-minded people. Join some exercise groups in your area. For myself, I also follow a lot of fitness and health accounts on Instagram. So everytime I scroll through my feed, it's filled with positive affirmations, great fit and toned bodies, and healthy recipes which constantly remind me that this lifestyle can be exciting rather than being restrictive.

Here are some of my favourite motivational quotes I'd like to share:

Well, I know this was a very long post! I made sure my answers to these FAQs were very detailed. In the end though, it's very simple. Eat well, look good, feel good. This picture sums it up:
That's really basically it! Don't get sucked into some fad diet or a cycle of restriction; to look good you don't have to mistreat your body. Looking good and being healthy go hand in hand, so treat yourself well and it will be reflected!

Do you guys have any more questions relating to fitness and diet? If so please let me know in the comments below, and then I can add the answers on to this post :)


  1. Yaaay I've been waiting for this post :P
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  45. This is probably the best fitness and diet post I've seen in a long time! I love how real and honest your opinions are - and you are so right about a thigh gap. It has a lot to do with how we are shaped naturally. I'm definitely going to give those legs routines a try! :)

  46. This was a really great, inspirational & informative post Izzy! I love that you went into so much detail & covered as much as possible. I've been trying to eat healthier & exercise more recently, so this has been good motivation. It's interesting that you mention about type of running vs. body shape, I used to swim a lot & was on the team at school, and it has definitely given me the classic 'swimmers shape' all broad shoulders & a boyish shape, even now after years of not swimming. I love that you mentioned about Aspartame too - my friends Mum got quite ill a few years ago, her hair started falling out in clumps, she was always exhausted, couldn't concentrate on anything, kept forgetting things & it was only after she spoke to a friend about it who mentioned Aspartame that it clicked into place. She stopped drinking diet sodas & eating foods full of it & got better almost right away. It's scary that it's in so many things & that people aren't more aware of how toxic it is!

  47. I just wanted to write that the part about complex carbs is very misleading. The picture you post shows that complex carbohydrates are "BAD" and then in the accompanying bullet point you suggest replacing white bread with complex carbs. The truth is that complex carbohydrates such as beans and yams are much healthier for you than simple carbohydrates like white potatoes. There is plenty of information available to corroborate this claim. I hope this will help people make the correct and informed decisions about their diet. In general, as my anatomy teacher in high school used to say, losing weight isn't rocket science- eat less, work out more (this holds true mainly for American diets, which are often unnecessarily calorie-intensive).

    1. hi Josh, you're right, that picture is wrong and says the complete opposite so I removed it. Thanks for pointing it out! :) the rest of the post I wrote already agrees with what you said.

  48. Can you film a food diary? ( Or do it with pictures on your blog)
    would be awesome and inspiring.

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