Monday, July 15, 2013 haul and review, Le Bunny Bleu oxford shoes, and other latest purchases haul
It seems I can never get enough of've made yet another haul from them! This time I was a little wiser and waited for a 50% off full-price promo and did a big order so that I could get over $150, and get free shipping.
I say I was 'wiser' this time round, because I discovered from my previous hauls from that the full prices, or even the 30% off prices on new arrivals, are NOT WORTH what you receive. I found that clothes from were a hit or miss, and even when the products were good, the price wasn't really justified for the quality you get.
So basically my review of this time's haul is very positive, but had the 50% promo not been on and I had paid full price, it would be a different story because the products are definitely not worth that much.
I got 8 items altogether (2 items I've forgotten to photograph), and total came to $193. Some of the full prices have changed since my order.
Moving on to the product reviews now! :)

(These are the items pictured above)
Price: $23-> $11.50
Size S
Color: neon coral

I really like's selection of crochet tops! This one was another winner and I think I'll keep on buying variations of their crochet tops. (see here, here and here!)

I didn't expect the orange to be so neon and bright to be honest, but I actually quite like it and I think the shade is so flattering for nearly everyone. It just seems to pop so well against both pale and tanned skin! The material is really thin and is perfect for summer, when you want something light and airy and the cropped hem is even more of a bonus. I'm saving this for the summer months!


price: $21 -> $10.50
size: S
color: baby blue and yellow

This is also another really cute summer top! The material is actually really soft and comfortable. The tie-dye pattern is really cute and I had a hard time deciding which colour combo I wanted from the website! 

The sides of the top have wide and deep cuts, which makes it perfect for showing off a cute bright bandeau top. Otherwise it's just the bra showing and it looks quite trashy that way (in my opinion!)


price: $54-> $27
size: S

yes...more summer gear! I know, I know I'm preparing for the wrong season!! Anyway, these are really, really cute shorts and it's got all the right elements that I like in a pair of shorts. It's got the ombre effect, the frayed hems at the bottom, and even studs on the front! 
The only issue for me is that because of the angled cut at the bottom, it is a little 'cheeky' at the back haha.

wearing the Splatterful blazer, Carol trimmed tank top, and dipper shorts!
price: $68 -> $34
Size: S
hmm I have to admit that this blazer was a little disappointing because it was just so darn thin...I was hoping that this one could be my 'winter' item from the haul and not make me feel so guilty! Haha it is a great piece for summer though, especially for layering as it is so sheer.
I just felt disappointed with it mainly because the sheerness and lightness means it wasn't really worth what I paid, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it at full price (almost $70USD!) it's like one of those summer-y boho kimono materials.
price: $48-> $24
size: s
These are ultra cute shorts! They looked exactly like what I expected, and they fit me perfectly. No flaws, and I would totally recommend these! :)
price: $48 -> $24
size: 7
The shorts totally match these wedges! I always get worried about ordering shoes from sites I have never ordered from before, because sizing conversion charts can be so ridiculously inconsistent.
So what I just do, which always seems to work, is ONLY look for European sizing. I know for certain that my EU shoe size is 37, so I only look for that and then order the equivalent size for that product. Sometimes when I look for my Australian size 7, the sizing chart converts it to something completely off which is very confusing, so I only let myself be guided by what my European size is.
Anyway, the shoes fit perfectly, thank goodness! The wedges make them comfy and they seem so versatile with outfits!

Kristen contrast sweater (not pictured)
price: $58-> $29
size: s

This looked like such a super cute cosy and adorable sweater on the model! (side note: I am in love with that model from, she's just so gorgeous haha. I found we have similar stats as well which makes ordering the clothes she models even easier!)
Anyway, so I guess that was part of my reason for getting this sweater because it just looks so good on her haha. The fit in real life is great, although I was surprised at how uncomfortable the material was. The knit material is kind of hard and is cute though lol!
I also uploaded a short video on Instagram, modelling some of the clothes from this haul! 
Featuring the Carol trimmed tank top, dipper shorts, and splatterful blazer!
It's clearer to view it on my Instagram page :)

Victoria's Secret faux snakeskin passport case $24, wishbone necklace from eBay $1

Victoria's Secret faux snakeskin passport case
I bought this passport case on a complete whim, because I was at the airport and came across the only Victoria’s Secret we have in Sydney :( Previous times I’ve been too late to the airport to have a good browse, so I made sure I did this time. I think I just bought this for the sake of buying something from VS haha. At least it wasn’t too expensive and I’ll be saving this for my trip to Japan at the end of this year or beginning of next.

The snakeskin cover is beautiful and very soft! Maybe not worth the $24 (and it was on sale, from about $56!) but it’s just a lovely accessory to have :) I haven’t even checked if my passport fits in it though lol.

Wishbone necklace
This was only $1! it's such a cute, dainty little piece and I bought this on a whim as well. No regrets at all, it's so inexpensive :)

It is a little cheap-looking up close, but no one's going to be able to tell!

Le Bunny Bleu shoes
maybe I fit this brand perfectly because of my rabbit

Mint Stitch Oxfords: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (link here)
How super cute are these lace oxfords from Le Bunny Bleu? My eyes were immediately drawn to the cute contrast design, of bright green against the pink stitching. The shoes are a bit more vibrant in real life, which I think is even better! The little stitching around the sides and back are just too adorable, and give the shoes a little quirky edge.
These shoes are just so fun and cute, and I couldn't help but pairing them up with lots of colours and more neon! I wore them with this floral neon tee from Mink Pink, mint green shorts from Cotton On, and a mint green backpack from Chicwish. I also put my hair up for a more playful look! :)
Le Bunny Bleu has seriously the cutest range of shoes ever, and every pair just has this adorable vintage and quirky charm about them (like this pair!) they’ve got a whole selection of loafers, oxfords, ballet flats, sandals, rain boots and more. Their website says you can do ‘hipster chic’ or ‘romantic vintage’ looks with their shoes, and I’ve found this to be so can create such cute styles!  Le Bunny Bleu even has physical stores set up in New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul and more...and from what I can see in the pictures the store interior looks SUPER duper cute! We definitely need one in Sydney :)
ASOS leggings ~$20?, Nasty Gal 'Cielo' boots $88
Say hello to my new favourite leggings and boots! I totally cannot stop wearing these leggings from ASOS. The bold white stripes make them so unique and sporty, and they just look so cool from the side.
I love these boots from Nasty Gal as well! I've been looking high and low for a pair of black platform matte boots, with the chunky heel- and for some reason it's proven to be so difficult! I'm glad I found these, although they are a little tight at the top which makes walking downstairs a bit hard...
Zu clutch $25

Nike Free Runs ~$80?
I totally recommend investing in a pair of Nike Free Runs! They are just the comfiest thing to wear ever! I feel like I'm walking on air with these on, and I'm so glad I picked these up for such a decent price. I got them from a little outlet store and they were the last ones left in my size. The colour combo is super cute too!

Iconemesis 'Flower' by Pomme Chan iphone 5 case

I'll be featuring this super cute iphone case courtesy of Iconemesis soon on my blog! Watch out for it in a future outfit post! :)


  1. Cute stuff.:)
    Have a great week!

  2. OMG you always buy so much stuff! I'm jealous! Although I'm super picky so even if I tried to buy this much stuff in one hit I'd probably only end up with a quarter or less of it.
    Can't wait for the outfit posts!

    The Fashann Monster

  3. Such a great haul Izzi dear! Love the florals and the minty feel! Yay! :)

    How are you dear? Hope you're doing fine.
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  4. Woah!! You got HEAPS of cool stuff.
    I feel the same about H&M - sale is all good but you wouldn't pay full price :-D Thanks for sharing.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  5. Wow great haul, geez you get to go shopping lots! I love the Asos leggings the best xx

  6. Wow, lots of purchases! I really like that tie-dye tank, and the printed blazer. It's a shame the material isn't great, as the print is beautiful :)

    Away From Blue

  7. love the first shorts and the blazer! love <3

  8. Lots of lovely things...the phone case is so pretty xx

  9. Loving that coral trimmed tanktop :3

  10. You had a nice deal there! I love the orange top you have!

  11. Great post. You look great!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  12. Love your style!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  13. i love the blazer and iphone case! so artsy <33

  14. Always love your hauls, but Tobi price just doesn't seem attractive to me to purchase ><
    Love the sweater you wore with the asos legging!

  15. great blog!
    love your style too! :)
    following you now! :)

  16. What a great haul! So many pretty things! My favorite is blazer from!

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  18. So lovely stuff! I really love those clothes and shoes that she used. I will barely to have these stuffs. Thank you for sharing this one.

    If you have time, feel free to visit my site here:

  19. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I'm pleased I discovered it though, ill be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include. what to wear with oxfords


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