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Hop Shop Go haul: Forever 21, Love Culture order and reviews, Valleygirl, other purchases

This is another blog post featuring a collective haul I made recently! :) I made orders from Love Culture, Forever 21, Valleygirl, Glassons and Chicabooti.

I also made a Youtube video of this collective haul, where I talked about and modelled all the pieces from the haul as well. You can find screenshots down below.

Forever 21 and Love Culture
(via HopShopGo)

If you've read my blog posts on it before, I've regularly used HopShopGo to help me make purchases from US-based online stores that don't ship to/have very pricey shipping to Australia. HopShopGo is basically a mail forwarding service, that creates a US address for you so that you get things shipped within the US. Then, HopShopGo will arrange the international shipping from the US to Australia for you.

Even though you have to pay to HopShopGo various service fees (even fuel surcharge, and insurance), + international shipping from the US address to your home address, I've still found it cheaper than actually getting stuff shipped from particular online-based US stores directly. 

You can read a more detailed review of my HopShopGo experience here. All my previous orders are here, here, here.

Love Culture don't ship to Australia, and (as I've always blabbed on about) Forever 21 international shipping is really expensive, so I used HopShopGo for those two particular orders.

  1. My LoveCulture order was about $77 (free domestic shipping for orders over $50)
  2. Forever 21 order was about $68 (free domestic shipping for orders over $50)
  3. I also made a third order from Amazon.com for my little sister (about $30 for a stuffed cat!)
so it was about 3kgs altogether for those 3 packages.

HopShopGo charged me:
  • International shipping of $37.80
  • fuel surchage of $3.36
  • Mandatory insurance of $1.34
  • repackage fee of $3.00

This was the first time HopShopGo gave me a repackage option, which I was really pleased about. The repackage option can be really nifty, and only comes up if HopShopGo thinks that they can discard some unnecessary packaging in a way that helps you save on shipping fees in the end. It came up as an option for me this time, and it told me that choosing this repackaging option would help me save about $14.40. Of course I selected it! :) I still had to pay a repackage fee of $3.00 though which I think is a bit silly, because it's like you having to pay to save, but oh well...

I received everything about a week, from the date of shipment. Love the fast express shipping!

Love Culture
Total cost was about $77, for 3 pieces.

(colour shown in the picture above is more true to colour ie wine red/purple, I don't know why it's so orangey-red in my video!)
Wine blouse- $19.90
size: s

I'm absolutely in love with this blouse! I just fell in love with the really rich, fuchsia colour and for some reason it shows up as more of a warm red in the video, but it's actually more of a cool red/purple in real life. you can roll the sleeves up to wherever you want. It's unbelievable it was even less than 20, because the colour's just so amazing, material is so smooth and soft, and it looks much more expensive that this.

white bustier- $21.95
size: s
I've been looking all over for a really cute white or cream coloured bustier! I just keep finding ones that look too much like lingerie or they're more like bralets, so they're realllyyy short. This one is great because it's actually more mid-length for a bustier, and it's got adjustable straps so you can even pull it down a bit over your stomach. Such a great buy at only $22.

I'll be pairing this together with so many outfits, especially for the spring coming up! :)

high waisted denim shorts- $34.90
size: s
I really, really gravitate towards high-waisted denim shorts; I just think that they are an absolute summer staple. I love the distressed design on the front and the frayed hem on the bottom. The design is also pretty interesting with the blue splodges! Definitely a welcome addition to my denim cutoff collection :)

Forever 21

Total cost of my Forever 21 order= $67.60.
‘open front geo cardigan’- $29.80
Size: S

This was an impulse buy, because I'm all over Aztec printed anything these days, but everything I've seen is always in black and white! So when I saw this neon Aztec printed cardigan I thought it looked realy funky, so I got it. Totally adore the geometric shapes, kinda reminds me of a retro arcade game, or something (I don't know, I never played arcade games lol).

‘high-low open knit sweater’- $16.50
Size: S
Colours: black, mint

This is just a really cute, basic knit jumper. It's actually been quite the mission to find a simple sweater that is actually fitted, not too long and not too chunky! So I'm really happy I found these, at such a bargain and at exactly what I wanted. It's also cut longer at the back.

I got both black and mint, one for practicality and one for indulging my love for mint! :) 

‘Bicycle necklace’- $4.80

I got this because I thought it was just so cute and quirky! I thought 4.80 was such a good price for a cute necklace like this, but unfortunately as soon as I put it around my neck, it fell apart.

The links on the chain are really tiny so I simply couldn't reconnect it to the bicycle pendant. I will probably need to replace the chain which is quite annoying and silly...that will probably cost me almost as much as the necklace itself! Has anyone else had Forever 21 jewellery fall apart for them? I've bought heaps of cheap jewellery before in my lifetime but I think this is the worst quality of them all!

size: s

ombre denim shirt $30
I've tried denim shirts on instore before, but I just didn't like the way they looked on me...I can't quite pinpoint it but they never seem to suit me, I don't know if it's because I'm too feminine for them or what. This one is ombre though so that makes me want to get it, even if it doesn't look great on me haha :) I guess wearing fitted bottoms underneath is ok as it balances out the loose fit of the shirt on top. I like wearing the shirt open as well, with a cute fitted top inside.

floral jeans $25
Such a bargain at only $25! I only tried these on just for fun as I was never in the mindset to get floral jeans, but I actually loved them! The floral print is really fun and I love how tight-fitted and comfy these are. The material's thinner than regular jeans, which I prefer. I reckon these should've been more expensive than the denim shirt, but I'm not complaining! :)

Glassons: Brown knit cardigan $30ish?, Chicabooti: Mustard yellow knit cardigan $30
You can tell I'm really into knits these days, can't you? I really loved the coffee-ish colour on this knit, it's just such a pleasant and also versatile shade. There's buttons down the middle, you can wear it open or closed, and overall it's very warm and cosy. I think I got this reduced from 60 to about 30, I don't remember, but that's actually pretty cheap for clothes in Australia. This is so great for cold weather, I'd totally wear this with boots and a slouchy beanie or something.

Unfortunately I I have already got soo many holes in this, I just keep snagging it on everything! :(

 These are just some more pictures of my new mint green jumper from Forever 21, and the new floral jeans from Valleygirl :)
Once again, these screenshots come from this Video I uploaded, where I talked about and modelled the pieces from this collective haul.

Hope you guys found this haul post useful! Have you guys ever ordered from these stores before? It was my first time getting stuff from Love Culture and I was so impressed with everything, will definitely be ordering again! :)

And sorry guys that I haven't been replying to blogs or anything recently! I have been super busy but I'm expecting some downtime soon so I'll be more active :)


  1. Lovely new purchases, I really like the f21 knits :)

    Such a shame that the necklace broke as soon as you tried it on though, that's not good :(

    Away From Blue

  2. So much stuff again! Your closet must be overflowing! I'm so picky when it comes to buying stuff but you always choose awesome pieces.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. I've always wanted an ombre denim but still finding the perfect one since I'm really small. -__-
    I love the wine blouse so much! :) I love reading posts like this :)


  4. massive haul <3 love all the sweaters!

    Carla Cee

  5. Awww the bustier is soooo nice! Also the mint jumper! Want them!

    Nadia from The Life In A Year

  6. I want that ombre denim shirt :D

  7. That bustier is so cute and I love your sweaters and floral print jeans! I wish i could pull those jeans off because they are so pretty!!


  8. Great haul! I find most knits I have from Glassons seem to get caught on everything and snag! It's so annoying! Love the Forever21 purchases! Never thought to use HopShopGo for them as their shipping really is a killer!

  9. Very nice haul, we totally should shop
    together someday haha :P I've been
    looking for a obre denim jacket really!

  10. Oh that's a lot of stuffs! What a haul! :) Envy mode here. Haha

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  11. I love that white bustier!


  12. Love that white bustier you got, its super cute!
    Plus, the ending photos of your mint sweater and floral jeans are such a fab combo. Love your hauls :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. Very cute! I can't wait to see how you'll style all these pieces.

  14. Awesome post, love that green sweater!


  15. My friend actually has the Geo Cardigan! Looks great on the both of you!

  16. Aw man, I can't get enough of knits. I've actually go knits in my shopping bag right now haha the woes of online shopping. My paycheck is disappearing as we speak :(

  17. Ha! I've just rediscovered Glassons ah-mazing prices! Yes stuff for under $30! Granted it's not the best quality at times but I've found them to wear much better than some other more 'expensive' labels. Impressive haul BTW!


  18. I love the shorts from the first picture! <3 Lovely haul!

    Love from France <3



  19. I love your purchases! I remember Love Culture opened up at our mall last year... I can never go into the store without being blinding by how bright the store is though lol.

  20. Loveee everything you purchased! I always have a big issue with knitted jumpers and getting caught onto everything :(

  21. Catching up on your blog c: cute buys! love the wine colored blouse, that color always looks so good on you!

    à la foliee

  22. I'm totally in love with those floral jeans!!!



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