Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to wear: Crop Tops (and feel comfortable and confident about it!)

Hey guys! I'm back with another how-to blog post with video. This one is on Crop tops, and how you can wear them with comfort and confidence. I've seen crop tops pop up everywhere lately in the fashion scene, and they have been such a summer staple. However I know a lot of people have shyed away from it, including myself, finding crop tops too risque for my personal taste, or not being confident enough to show any amount of my midriff!

However I've made a video to show you guys that crop tops can be totally wearable for the modest girl, and they can actually be really flattering, sophisticated not trashy, and versatile.

You can check out the video on my channel here :)

Crop Top #1
Black cross-over back crop top from

This crop top is demure enough at the front with the round neckline and t-shirt sleeves, but the back is what makes it daring. The back is low-cut , and is mostly bare except for the criss-cross design.

Wearing a crop top with high-waisted bottoms= a flattering shape
Fear you can't wear crop tops due to the absence of a rock-hard six-pack? Don't fear, the top of your waist right underneath your ribcage tends to be the most flattering and slimmest part of your waist. If you flash only that part of your midriff, and cover up the rest by wearing a high-waisted pair of bottoms like these shorts, you actually get to create a flattering and slim silhouette.

Tight fit on top + Loose fit on the bottom = balance
My next tip is to pair the crop top with loose-fitted bottoms. The top is tight-fitted, so the bottom should be loose in order to balance the look out. This is especially the case when the back is quite revealing- to have a tight top, tight bottom, and lots of skin in between might be too much for daytime wear.

Crop top + high-waisted bottoms without having to show any midriff
If you would rather not flash any belly at all, it's also heaps easy to pair a cropped top with a bottom that is high-waisted enough to cover up the whole midriff area. This skirt has a thick elastic, which means that it can act as an extension of the top. As the top is cropped, this means you don't have to tuck it into the bottom and worry about any fabric bulges!
This skirt also has a very voluminous shape to balance out the tight top.

Crop Top #2
Denim bustier with spikes from

Combine edgy + sweet = chic (not OTT!)
At first glance this denim bustier seems very Madonna, 80s sexy- but you can totally create a more cute and demure look with it!
I've often found that when you pair an edgy item with a more sweet and innocent item, it creates a juxtaposition that very chic, trendy and it basically works! So the bustier is the edgy part, with the denim fabric and spikes around the neckline, and around the sides. This white eyelet skirt fulfills the sweet part. Paired together, the result is simply chic. Plus, white and denim has a very modern and trendy feel to it!

Chunky outerwear tones down a sexy look
If you are still tentative about showing this much skin, not a problem! A chunky cardigan thrown over is sooo handy, because the baggy shape is really good at masking part of your figure. The legs are still exposed, and the midriff still bare, so the overall look is more toned down but not in a frumpy way.

Crop Top #3
Black and white striped off-shoulder, long-sleeved crop top from Mink Pink

Crops tops can come in designs and cuts that work best for your body shape
Personally I'm not a huge fan of showing my arms, so I appreciate the fact that this top has long sleeves! I'm alright with showing a bit of shoulder and stomach though, as this top is still crop topped and has an off-the-shoulder neckline. If you are proud of your arms, but don't like your stomach so much for example, there are also plenty of options out there that are sleeveless and are a bit longer than this crop top (and you can wear a high-waisted pair of bottoms with). The variety in crop top designs allow you to freely pick and choose whatever you feel most comfortable with!

Choosing the right fabrics to help tone down your look
Once again I paired this top with a skater skirt, that has a flared shape to even out the tight fit of the crop top. You can further tone down a sexy look in your outfit, by choosing the appropriate fabrics. Because the top has a tight-fitted, bodycon kind of material, it's a great idea to pair it with something that is totally daytime material. This skirt for example is made out of corduroy, which is probably one of the unsexiest fabrics there ever lived! You find it on jackets, pants and even overalls. The corduroy material, green shape and skater shape all help turn this outfit away from sexy and revealing, to playful and fun.

Cropped jacket over cropped jacket + high-waisted bottoms : keeps your shape
If you still want to cover up, feel free to pop over a jacket! A cropped jacket is the most flattering thing to put over a high-waisted skirt, as it helps keep your shape. the crop top also helps create a cinched-in look, at the waist.

Crop Top #4
White floral bustier from Love Culture

Crop top + Pencil skirt = classy
You can totally transform a look from too sexy to sophisticated, when you wear a pencil skirt! i chose a skirt that was mid-length, so I wouldn't show too much leg, in order to balance out the top. This one can end just above the knees, but I wore it a bit higher to expose less midriff. The peplum flare on this skirt also adds extra volume and prevents the look from being skintight from head to toe.

Because of the length of the skirt I would prefer to add a pair of mid-length heels as well, to help keep the legs looking elongated.
(sorry! I know you can barely see the detail on the blazer!)
Blazer over Crop top = classy
Personally I'd prefer to cover my arms, and I'd wear a light blazer over this outfit, which gives it a more sophisticated look in an instant.

Crop Top #5
Black and white striped, loose-fitted crop top from Sportsgirl

Casual, baggy crop top = totally versatile!
Crop tops by themselves don't always have to be super skin-revealing or flashy. This one from Sportsgirl has such a baggy, loose fit and a simple striped design- that makes it sooo easy to wear anything with it!
You can wear it with high-waisted shorts, for a really casual look that I think would be perfect for the beach. You don't even have to show any part of your midriff in this look!

Bcause this crop top is so casual, this is one case where I think you can still actually wear low-rise bottoms with it and the overall look won't be too revealing. I wore this with my Onituska Tiger sneakers for a sporty casual look!

Hope you guys found this post useful, and came away with some handy tips on how you can wear crop tops with confidence :) If you want to see the post in video form, the link to my Youtube channel is here.

What is your favourite way to wear crop tops?

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  1. I loved watching your video! :) I've actually been looking into purchasing some crop tops for the upcoming season so this was perfect timing. Thanks Izzy :D

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  22. Hey! Just came across your blog by way of ifb. Great post! You have a really great eye for proportion and I love how you broke things back. I've always been team "anti-crop top" but I think I might have to give it a try now a la loose fitting high waisted shorts!


  23. Hi dear, you should be modeling professionally, if you aren't already. The cropped trend looks incredible on you! The styling of the different looks are superb. Happy Friday Doll!

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  28. You look so cute in crop tops! I especially like how you paired that green skirt with the striped top. It looks good on you!

  29. Hi beautiful Izzy. I love your new you tube channel and this video is amazing. You have some wonderful tips that I haven't thought of like your attention to the fabrics. I want to get a crop top for sure. I love your outfit with the pencil skirt. It is so classy and you look gorgeous.

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  31. Great article! I've been wearing a lot of crop tops this summer, I love them. I especially like the combi skaterskirt - tight crop top. You made some great outfits, good inspiration :)

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  39. Great collection of crop tops here! Love the one from Mink Pink especially. Super chic look! The crop top trend is definitely one of the fashion highlights this year. I recently wrote a post about it and would love to hear your comments! :D

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  41. Can I wear white singlet inside my black long sleeve crop top ? To cover my stomach. Cuz my parents not really allow me to show my belly and wear short skirt. So is it ok to wear a white singlet inside? :) and is impossible for me to throw away that black long sleeve crop top, cuz is one of my friend gave me as a birthday present :) what should i do? Any good suggestion ?

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