Sunday, September 29, 2013

New in: Fashion To Any, Koogal, Forever New, Lookbookstore, Lindor

 Pink romper: c/o Koogal (link here)
Sequin clutch:

I'm totally loving this gorgeous pink floral romper from! It's just so pretty especially when paired up with other candy pink accessories :) I never thought I'd wear anything with a plunging V-neckline, but pasties are your best friend in these situations ;) The fit is so airy and light, I'd definitely be wearing this out a lot!

Fashion to Any
'Twinkle pouch' c/o Fashion to Any (link here) (currently sold out!)

Cut-out Galaxy dress: Missguided
Necklace: Forever 21

Holographics are one of the hottest things at the moment, and when I received this holographic clutch from Fashion To Any I couldn't resist pairing it up with galaxy print, for that complete, futuristic and sci-fi effect! 

The clutch is the perfect size for carrying my iPad, I wish I had this clutch when I was back at uni and needed a cover for my ipad and keyboard...

Fashion To Any is a new up and coming online store selling super chic Korean fashion! I've always been a fan of Korean style clothing, and all the pieces from this store are just so trendy, unique and totally what I'd see on K-pop stars. 
If you love checking out Korean clothing online, make sure you visit Fashion to Any :) they offer free worldwide shipping over $150!
Daisy spiked bustier: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Daisy eyelet skirt: Sugarlips

I also received this new daisy spiked bustier from Lookbookstore! I'll be blogging about this again, because it's just so cute and perfect for this mega hot weather in Sydney at the moment. It's really easy to put on with the zipper down the middle, and because it's black and white it matches anything! Seriously, this piece is getting a lot of wear this spring and summer! :)

Pineapple tassel shorts: local boutique

Shorts with freakin pineapples all over them? How could I resist? Haha I absolutely adore these shorts, they are kind of ridiculous but somehow that just makes them even more the fun, tropical vibe of them!

Forever New
Forever New haul: ~ $75
yes yes I know what this looks like! Monochrome mania! Luckily I am absolutely loving monochrome at the moment, and thankfully it is just perfect for work- the minimalistic colour palette and bold prints give such a modern yet professional touch. These are new additions to my work wardrobe, and I was so ecstatic at finding everything cost only about $75 altogether.

Lindor Chocolates

These Lindor Bars are the perfect size to slip into my handbag and pull out whenever I need a chocolate fix. I think everyone already knows and loves the Lindt Balls with the amazing creamy smooth centre, and these Bars are just the same, just in more convenient packaging! 

 I'm the biggest chocoholic ever so I'm pretty sure I know what decent chocolate is haha, and these Lindor Bars definitely don't disappoint! Thanks heaps to Trish Nicol Agency and Lindt for providing me with these wonderful treats!

Also lots of love to Platinum Media and Communications for spoiling me with these skincare goodies! Can't wait to use them :) All those sunscreen and lotion products are going to come in so handy for the upcoming hot weather!

ahh! thanks so much for putting up with this long post! thanks for all the comments and love you guys have been leaving me, I really appreciate it! I try my best to reply back to blogs, emails, Instagram, Youtube, etc. but I have been so busy. Thanks everyone though, I really do appreciate everything :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Hi everyone, I've just put up a new video on my YouTube channel on how to transition your outfits from summer to fall! This is mainly for my readers/subscribers from the Northern Hemisphere, who are undergoing an exciting transition period from summer to fall! (or autumn, as we call it :)) If you guys would be interested in seeing a post/video for the Southern Hemisphere, namely from winter to spring, please let me know and I'll try to whip something up (if I have the time that is!)

In this video and post I'll show you guys how you don't need to tuck away all your favourite summer gear just yet! As the weather cools down, you can still get some wear out of your summer essentials- no need to buy a brand new fall wardrobe just yet! :)

(and I'm so sorry about the bad quality/lighting in some of the clips (and some of the audio too! :()! I am struggling in a major way to control the indoor lighting at my house....if anyone has any tips on resolving this please let me know!)

(watch the Video here!)

Tip #1: summer dresses + tights and earthy tones

Fall look:
Floral dress: local boutique
Cardigan: Glassons
Belt: Temt
Heart stockings: (so sad I ripped them when I pulled them on for this video!)
Boots: Nine West

Summer dresses were so easy and fun to slip on during hot days, but they don't need to be packed away just yet...for a summer dress to work for the cooler season, you can transform it into a fall appropriate in a heartbeat with the right accessories and layers!

I added layers to my floral purple sundress, with heart patterned stockings, a chunky knit cardigan, bucket bag, belt, and boots. The stockings, knit and boots keep me warm, and the colours I've chosen for those plus the other accessories are in fall colours such as brown and taupe. Adding all these elements together helps transition the outfit to a more fall-appropriate one, almost instantly!

Tip #2: summer pieces act as great layers

Fall look:
Floral bustier: Paradisco
Leather jacket: Gmarket
Red roses applique skirt: Ash Lapin
Heart stockings: ASOS
Booties: Pinet

Bustiers and crop tops were the summer staple of 2013, but how is it possible to wear them into fall? Amazingly, summer items can make the perfect layering piece! So in summer I'd wear them by themselves, baring my arms and legs with shorts. But for fall, I'd embrace the opportunity to wear them underneath several layers such as a cosy leather jacket, thick voluminous skirt, and tights. You can even feel free to add an extra beanie or scarf!

The light floral tones from the bustier, now make a great girly contrast when mixed with the edgy leather and black hues.

Tip #3: summer colours in fall styles

Fall look:

Parka: iAnywear
White singlet: ShopMarketHQ
Shorts: Missguided
Socks: ASOS
Wedges: Therapy

Tearing up at the thought of tucking away your fave summer pieces? Nooo problem, some of the hottest summer colours such as mint green, can totally be worn for colder weather, in fall rather than summer styles.
During summer, I wear pastels galore in shorts, skirts, dresses and flowy tops- but keeping the summer colours in a fall style such as a parka jacket, totally works!

A lot of people tend to think black when it comes to coordinating outfits for colder seasons, but I personally find black to be too harsh with pastels. Instead I paired the mint jacket with greys and brown, which are also fall tones that aren't necessarily black.

Because I wore shorts, I needed to keep my legs warm. I chose thick, cable knee-length grey socks but feel free to wear tights or stockings underneath as an alternative.

Tip #4: denim shirts from summer to fall

Fall look:

Dip dye denim shirt: Valleygirl
Red jeans: Zara Basic
Leopard print heels:

One of my favourite purchases recently been this new dip dye denim shirt, which I've already featured a couple of times. So far I've only worn it open and unbuttoned with a crop top underneath, and typically with shorts. That would be waaayy too cold during the fall season, but you can stay warmer and look more season-appropriate by buttoning it back up!

You can't tell but I'm also wearing a top underneath the denim shirt- which is great because the loose fit of the shirt means you can sneakily hide some layers underneath for extra warmth.

I wore the shirt over bright red jeans from Zara. I love the combination of denim, red and leopard print- it's so classic! :)

And of course this is another example where you don't need to dress in dark tones for the cooler weather- vibrant red is a great pop of colour that works well for any season! :)

hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! The video version is here on my Youtube Channel :)

thanks for watching!

PS: this post was also selected for IFB Weekly Round up! Thank you for selecting my post! :) here are the other great blog posts part of the round up:


Fab Fantasy

October, for some of you that means HALLOWEEN! Oh yes, the one holiday that used to be just for kids, now a major highlight for adults (my Halloween costumes are way more ornate/involved as an adult than as a kid!) Anywho... on the heels of Fashion Week, Halloween posts are starting to filter in. You know the ultimate mix of dreaming about fabulousness and making your most ridiculous fantasies come true for a night. What a wonderful month October is.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

  SPONSOR: Eastdane Hanwag, Rodebjer, Lanvin, Top Siders, A Gold E, AQ/AQ, Micah Cohen, Koolaburra, Sarah Chloe, Margaux Lonnberg, & Bespoken

Monday, September 23, 2013

Safe and Sound

Crochet top: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Mint lace shorts: Chicwish
Floral crown: Sportsgirl
Bag: Sportsgirl

Sometimes you capture moments in life where you feel completely at ease, safe and sound, and absolutely carefree. Those are the moments to treasure and remember always whenever you feel the world around you being thrown into turmoil. Merely reminding yourself of a pleasant memory, can be inspiring, relieving and motivational.

This beautiful crochet top from LookBookStore is just the perfect dose of bohemian girly that I love for summer. I popped on a nude top underneath to make this top more suitable for everyday wear, but on the beach this crochet top would look so cute over a bikini :) There's so much I love about this crochet top- the beautiful cutout design, asymmetrical cut, and batwing sleeves :) Definitely check it out, it's only $26 from Lookbookstore!

'Safe and Sound'- Capital Cities

Monday, September 16, 2013

aztec and crochet

Crochet top:
Aztec shorts:
All accessories: Low Luv
'Cielo' boots: Nasty Gal
Backpack: YesWalker

I swear I am not a walking advertisement for! I just freaking love all their clothes so much haha, I feel like I'm wearing at least one of their pieces in every post I make.

I have already worn this crochet top before in this post (here), but I just love it too much to make it an one-time affair! It's just such a great piece for the upcoming warm weather, because the material's so breathable and airy and the cropped hem allows for extra breeze, with the crochet design covering up the midriff in a perfectly balanced way.

I can't stop wearing these aztec printed shorts from either - such a versatile piece in black and white, and aztec print is my new favourite thing and is so good for transitioning between seasons as well.

The other thing I can't stop loving and wearing are these boots from NastyGal which I've featured before as well on the blog (here). It's a happy day when you're obsessed every single piece you're wearing, even better when they all look good together! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Latest Purchases with Low Luv from Brands Exclusive, Sportsgirl, my experience with Frank Coffee Scrub, Mootta

Brands Exclusive Haul: Low Luv by Erin Wasson jewellery

This is super late for me to be posting this haul! But three months ago I placed my first order on, which is an Australian online website with discounted clothing, homewares, cosmetics etc. of up to 70% off RRP. Sometimes they have well-known popular brands such as Lee, Guess, and Aussie labels such as Hunt No More, All About Eve, and sometimes they have a lot of random brands I've never heard of.

I always browse through the website just for fun, but nothing has ever really caught my eye. The great thing about Brands Exclusive is that when there is a 'sale', it's not really a 'sale on everything that doesn't fit you'. There's often stock on every clothing size and every shoe size even if it's low, which I really appreciate because I hate browsing through things and finding that my size is always blanked out from being out of stock!

Anyway I guess that doesn't really matter since this haul is on jewellery, but in terms of clothing and shoes they usually have all sizes :) I was super excited when I saw the listing for Low Luv on Brands Exclusive, because it's just one of my favourite jewellery lines ever and I love every single piece! A lot of the stock there was old stock that's sold out everywhere, but I don't care as I have been following the Low Luv collection for years and in my opinion they are all timeless.

Low Luv by Erin Wasson horse hoof and tail bangle
$100 -> $29.99
Low Luv by Erin Wasson horse leg pendant
$75 -> $19.99

Low Luv by Erin Wasson coin post ring
$65-> $19.99
Low Luv by Erin Wasson circle moonstone ring
$99 -> $29.99

In total, the order costed $109.86, inclusive of $9.90 shipping. If I had paid everything at its full price, not even considering shipping costs, then that would've been a saving of $339 - 99.96 = $239.04!

I was very pleased with the quality of all the products I got, although I find it weird that the coin post ring was so much tighter than the circle moonstone ring, when I got the same size (6/S). The coin post ring feels more like a 5 and the moonstone ring is kind of like a large 6. However I'm super pleased with the discounts I got on each item. Looking up all of these items I still find them being sold at full price at online boutiques here and there.

I placed my order back in late June, but Brands Exclusive only shipped my items out in mid-July. On the second of July they ordered from the supplier, on the 16th they received the goods, and on the 18th they shipped it out to me. I'm not sure if all orders from Brands Exclusive take as long as this, but I wasn't expecting to receive my items a month after placing my order. But I guess with these online shopping websites that need to wait for stock from various suppliers, you should always anticipate some delay.

 oil blotting paper, body sponge

Some purchases from Daiso! I always have to come out of the store with something! Since our spring this year is super hot for some reason, I definitely need to stock up on oil blotting paper. I use them on a daily basis now. This one has a lovely rose scent to it!

And how adorable is this body sponge?? my excuse is that I have short arms (for my height) and I have trouble getting to my back when in the shower, so I need a sponge with extensions like this one...but I got this mostly because of the cute face hehe.

Aztec fringe backpack ($30?), studded bucket bag $20

I had been eyeing the Aztec fringe backpack for a while but I can't really justify a $60 price tag! especially since I already have a bunch of backpacks. But whenever something I've liked for ages drops in price, I NEED to have it!

Also got this studded bucket bag on sale, for $20. I already have a similar studded bucket bag from Sportsgirl but it was in black, and the tan colour makes a huge difference 'kay.

peach silk blouse with leather collar: c/o Mootta (sold out now!)

Mootta also kindly sent me this gorgeous silk blouse with leather trim on the collar. It's like a divine mix of elegance and biker chic! Absolutely love how soft and beautiful the 100% silk material is on my skin, and how versatile the blouse is for work and also a night out. In this outfit I wore it for a night out occasion, with bronze sequin shorts and black pump heels :)

Mootta are a South Korean online clothing store, featuring South Korean fashion designers and brands, and also stocks Korean makeup brands such as Missha, Etude House and Tony Moly! :) they ship worldwide as well! Mootta offer free shipping on every order over $50!

Frank body coffee scrub

Frank Coffee Scrub $14.95 (link here)

I've heard so much hype over these scrubs! My Instagram has been full of people who look like they've had too much fun rolling around in the dirt, and something about it appealed to me- not sure why! Anyway I gave in and purchased a bag from the website.

Apparently the Frank coffee scrub is full of minerals and essential oils for smooth, supple skin, and antioxidants to treat stretch marks, scars, and acne. The roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans act as a natural exfoliant, and the caffeine content when massaged into the skin, actually stimulates blood flow and circulation.

Claims to:
- target cellulite
- improve stretch marks
- moisturise and smooth skin

You dampen your skin and use two handfuls of scrub to cover your body, and massage your body. I massage it especially harder on my butt and thighs for the cellulite-kicking properties to work more effectively. I then left it on for about 5 minutes (I could probably leave it on for longer but I get so bored and impatient lol!)
I dropped a fair bit by accident on the bathroom floor, and it looks like I just knocked over a plant with soil spilt on it!

After rinsing it off in the shower, there was an oily residue left but the instruction advise you to rinse off excess oil with a light body wash. So, I did that with my new super cute Daiso sponge lol.

Then I hopped out of the shower and my skin felt sooo smooth! My skin is always pretty rough and dry (I'm super lazy) so this was a very positive difference that Frank made. As for removing cellulite, I noticed a slight difference in appearance! I honestly have low hopes for any product that claims to remove cellulite, so I'm quite happy with the small difference it made!

smells amazing!! The smell of fresh coffee beans! LOVE
makes your skin smooth
slight difference to my cellulite!

can get messy in the bathroom
not everyone likes the smell of coffee

Overall I would recommend this scrub, but this is the first one I've tried so I have no idea if there's something better out there. For my first one, this was quite a positive experience though! The smell of the coffee beans is just so beautiful, and combined with the super smooth skin I get afterwards, makes a winning combination in my opinion :) (this is not a sponsored post!)

You can purchase the Frank coffee scrubs here.

 Bright Pink Lipstick Day

This is a heads up on Bright Pink Lipstick Day, happening on Fri 19th September! Pink Hope are an organisation that helps raise awareness of breast and ovarian cancer, and encourages us women to be proactive and vigilant about getting our checkups. Wear bright pink lipstick on Friday the 19th of September to show your support :)

this is a tropical bird print romper from Sabo Skirt! Bought this a while ago but never had the chance to take it out! As we're heading for a scorching spring in Sydney I think it's time to bring it out :)

sorry for the bad quality on some of these pictures! I have been finding so little time and opportunity to take photos these days. Even though work has quietened down and I have taken some days off, there's just so much for me to do still! And my eyebags have turned wild lol. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone! :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Play Ball

 leather baseball cap:
Crop top: Mink Pink
Skirt: local boutique
Metallic heel shoes: Missguided
Neon bag: Missguided

I don't dabble too much into competitive sports such as baseball, but I will wholeheartedly get into it if it's in fashion! I've seen baseball caps on bloggers and models everywhere these days, and I've been only too excited to try them out myself. I didn't particularly like the ones that were too sporty or street, because they weren't really me, but when I saw the leather cap I knew this was definitely something I could rock! It has that sporty luxe and chic style that's been making a comeback these days, and even though you might say it's just a fad, it was only a bit over $10 from - so well worth the spend for a trend item! 

I wanted to pair it with matching leather, so I wore it with this leather skirt and my long-sleeved striped crop top from Mink Pink. I think I took a bit of a risk by flashing midriff plus shoulder skin plus leather, but the fun and playful baseball cap should offset everything. My favourite neon bag from Missguided also makes another appearance- it's like a magic pill that brightens up an outfit instantly! :)

have you guys gotten in to the baseball cap trend? I certainly prefer wearing a cute hat on the streets rather than wearing one running around an actual sports field...



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