Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Hi everyone, I've just put up a new video on my YouTube channel on how to transition your outfits from summer to fall! This is mainly for my readers/subscribers from the Northern Hemisphere, who are undergoing an exciting transition period from summer to fall! (or autumn, as we call it :)) If you guys would be interested in seeing a post/video for the Southern Hemisphere, namely from winter to spring, please let me know and I'll try to whip something up (if I have the time that is!)

In this video and post I'll show you guys how you don't need to tuck away all your favourite summer gear just yet! As the weather cools down, you can still get some wear out of your summer essentials- no need to buy a brand new fall wardrobe just yet! :)

(and I'm so sorry about the bad quality/lighting in some of the clips (and some of the audio too! :()! I am struggling in a major way to control the indoor lighting at my house....if anyone has any tips on resolving this please let me know!)

(watch the Video here!)

Tip #1: summer dresses + tights and earthy tones

Fall look:
Floral dress: local boutique
Cardigan: Glassons
Belt: Temt
Heart stockings: (so sad I ripped them when I pulled them on for this video!)
Boots: Nine West

Summer dresses were so easy and fun to slip on during hot days, but they don't need to be packed away just yet...for a summer dress to work for the cooler season, you can transform it into a fall appropriate in a heartbeat with the right accessories and layers!

I added layers to my floral purple sundress, with heart patterned stockings, a chunky knit cardigan, bucket bag, belt, and boots. The stockings, knit and boots keep me warm, and the colours I've chosen for those plus the other accessories are in fall colours such as brown and taupe. Adding all these elements together helps transition the outfit to a more fall-appropriate one, almost instantly!

Tip #2: summer pieces act as great layers

Fall look:
Floral bustier: Paradisco
Leather jacket: Gmarket
Red roses applique skirt: Ash Lapin
Heart stockings: ASOS
Booties: Pinet

Bustiers and crop tops were the summer staple of 2013, but how is it possible to wear them into fall? Amazingly, summer items can make the perfect layering piece! So in summer I'd wear them by themselves, baring my arms and legs with shorts. But for fall, I'd embrace the opportunity to wear them underneath several layers such as a cosy leather jacket, thick voluminous skirt, and tights. You can even feel free to add an extra beanie or scarf!

The light floral tones from the bustier, now make a great girly contrast when mixed with the edgy leather and black hues.

Tip #3: summer colours in fall styles

Fall look:

Parka: iAnywear
White singlet: ShopMarketHQ
Shorts: Missguided
Socks: ASOS
Wedges: Therapy

Tearing up at the thought of tucking away your fave summer pieces? Nooo problem, some of the hottest summer colours such as mint green, can totally be worn for colder weather, in fall rather than summer styles.
During summer, I wear pastels galore in shorts, skirts, dresses and flowy tops- but keeping the summer colours in a fall style such as a parka jacket, totally works!

A lot of people tend to think black when it comes to coordinating outfits for colder seasons, but I personally find black to be too harsh with pastels. Instead I paired the mint jacket with greys and brown, which are also fall tones that aren't necessarily black.

Because I wore shorts, I needed to keep my legs warm. I chose thick, cable knee-length grey socks but feel free to wear tights or stockings underneath as an alternative.

Tip #4: denim shirts from summer to fall

Fall look:

Dip dye denim shirt: Valleygirl
Red jeans: Zara Basic
Leopard print heels:

One of my favourite purchases recently been this new dip dye denim shirt, which I've already featured a couple of times. So far I've only worn it open and unbuttoned with a crop top underneath, and typically with shorts. That would be waaayy too cold during the fall season, but you can stay warmer and look more season-appropriate by buttoning it back up!

You can't tell but I'm also wearing a top underneath the denim shirt- which is great because the loose fit of the shirt means you can sneakily hide some layers underneath for extra warmth.

I wore the shirt over bright red jeans from Zara. I love the combination of denim, red and leopard print- it's so classic! :)

And of course this is another example where you don't need to dress in dark tones for the cooler weather- vibrant red is a great pop of colour that works well for any season! :)

hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! The video version is here on my Youtube Channel :)

thanks for watching!

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  1. Such gorgeous inspiration! My favourite is definitely the first and second!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. Amazing outfits! The first is my favourite!

  3. Thanks a lot for the tips! I'm so glad that I didn't put all my summer clothes away.
    I especially like how you wore the summer dress but yet still fit for the autumn season.

  4. Beautiful outfits!
    Love your blog <3

  5. You have the most amazing style hun! Each of these outfits look really chic, so wonderfully styled, my fav is look 2

  6. You transitioned all these outfit perfectly! I love seeing versatile pieces so this post is great :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Fabulous ways to enliven the outfit and make it little bit more suitable for the coming colds. xx

  8. i <3 your style. 2nd and third are my fav. can never go wrong with a leather jacket


  9. Really like look 4! :)

    Spring has brought some oddly summer weather along with it here, so it's mostly too warm for any of these outfits. It's nice to get rid of the layers after a cold winter though! :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. Love it! All of them! You look great!!! :)

  11. Loved the video Izzy! Your accent is so not what I expected either, it's really cute! I've been considering starting a YouTube channel for a while now too, I want to do more DIYs/tutorials & it seems much more natural to film them than to explain through photos... But I'm terrified! It seems so weird & scary to film yourself for everyone to see! Hah! Maybe I need to take the plunge & just do it!
    Love all of these looks, that cardigan in the first set it beautiful! I don't really have seasonal pieces in my wardrobe, I wear my summer clothes all through winter, but just with additional layers like you've done here. With the annoying British weather you never know if it's going to be hot, cold, wet, windy, sunny .etc so layers you can take off or put on are essential! ;)

  12. I look forward to Autumn and your seasonal outfits ^^
    Your tights ----- LOVE <33

  13. Great looks,dear! The first one is my favorite!

  14. Great tips!! I love all your tights and those grey knee high socks. Love the tip of using bustiers and other summer tops as pieces to layer with. Such a great idea. Love the outfits you made : )


    love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)


  16. I love these tips, Izzy! I miss summer already. :)

    xo Jo

  17. LOVE this post, all your outfits are gorgeous! beautiful blog <3

  18. I love all these ideas. I will definitely be looking up this post for future inspiration!

  19. Loved your blog and will come back for sure! I find it very inspirational...

    Oh, I just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin by the way! Hope you come by my blog sometime too! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it? We can also follow each other everywhere else;)!

    These are my links hun <3:
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  20. OMG! So gorgeous! I love the transition outfits here Izzi!!!! I miss youuu!! :D

  21. I love all your transition outfits here!! You look good in everything you wear! I am so jealous!
    I really love that cardigan you have on in the first outfit and those thick knee socks must be so cozy to wear!

  22. Izzy I probably love the floral Dress with the Cardigan my favourite. Summer Dresses can be so easily tranformed with booties and Cardigan maybe a nice hat et voila :-)

    Great post dear :-)


    PS: If you would love to join our link up theme to "Macaroon shades" tomorrow, you are more then welcome :-)

  23. Your looks are all so gorgeous! I'm in love with the second look with the leather jacket ^^ These outfits are really creative and conventional too! It's always a shame to put away great summer pieces away when colder weather comes

  24. Love your tights in the first look!

    Xo, Hannah

  25. I love love love the cardigan & dress! That's totally my style!!

  26. Nice collection summer to fall. I like all. In summer I like blank t-shirts and in winter sweatshirts, coats and jackets. I use to buy blank t shirts from one reliable store:


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