Thursday, October 31, 2013

Perfect Posey

'Posey' dress: c/o Wish (link here)
Belt: Dotti
Box clutch: Choies
Heels: Novo
Elephant necklace: Forever 21
Lips: 'Rebel' by MAC

Very excited to be invited to participate in the S13 Wish Style Challenge! Myself and a handful of other beautiful and talented bloggers received a piece from Wish's lovely new collection to feature. I chose this dress, titled 'Posey' which features a gorgeous vibrant floral print. I can never get enough of florals, and I love how this dress has a darkly romantic edge to it with the black piping and fringed hemline- so I played to it with a corset-esque belt cinched around the waist. To accentuate the rich berry hues I wore these two-toned heels from Novo, and this purple/fuchsia lipstick shade called 'Rebel' from MAC! :) Purple has always been one of my favourite colours and I love the opportunity to wear it in pops here and there.

And happy Halloween to everyone! Whatever you are doing today have a great day! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Trends / Must Haves 2013: with Spicy Avenue and Romwe

Hello to all my wonderful readers! :D I've been at it again with another new video up on my YouTube channel, on my top Fall Favourites or Must-Haves or Trends (so many ways to describe it!) for 2013! The link to the video is here.

As always here is an accompanying blog post with clear pictures (because video quality is still lacking! I'm sorry :( ) and complementary text if you'd rather read than watch :)

Must Have #1: Fall hues

Mustard yellow blazer: c/o Spicy Avenue (link here)
leopard print shoes:
Burgundy high-waisted pants:
Clutch: Chicnova

You can totally stay colourful with rich, fall-appropriate shades such as mustard yellow and burgundy! One of my favourite colours to wear these days is yellow, and I'll make the transition from light pastels or bright vibrant yellows in summer, to more mustard tones for cooler weather. This blazer from Spicy Avenue is in the perfect mustard yellow colour that I was looking for.

I love the sophisticated structure of blazers, and they look so perfect with fitted pants! These burgundy high-waisted jeans from Gmarket are actually pretty thick in material, which is what you want during the colder seasons!

Other great fall colours you can indulge in include emerald green, wine red/purple/pink shades, and cobalt blue.

PS: you can get a special discount from Spicy Avenue by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013!

Must Have 2: Plaid
Plaid dress: c/o Fashion to any (link here) (now out of stock!)
lapel Jacket: c/o Spicy Avenue (link here)
boots: Therapy
black satchel bag: Chaceylove

There has been a huge 90s movement in fashion lately, and I'm so excited for it! Plaid is making the biggest comeback and is definitely one of my top trends/must-haves for Fall 2013.

This is actually sleeveless plaid dress that could be great during summer as well (I've featured it previously in this blog post!), but when it's cold that's when this jacket from Spicy Avenue comes in handy! It's super cosy and warm, and the material is so thick and comfortable. If bare legs are too cold where you are, you can definitely pop over leggings or tights.

This is pretty much the cosiest fall jacket ever! It's really super soft and comfortable inside, and I love the large lapels at the front. The zip design also gives it a trendy edge.

PS: you can get a special discount from Spicy Avenue by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013!
Must Have 3: Cosy sweaters
fox jumper: Jay Jays
denim shirt: Valleygirl
Polka dot leggings: Forever 21
oxford booties:

What does the fox say? Hahahah just kidding! Fall is totally sweater season, and I love graphic printed sweaters like this totally adorable fox one. it's black and burgundy which are also really appropriate fall colours. Layer up with a shirt inside (I love the look of a shirt collar peeking out!), and pants or leggings.

Polka dot pants add an interesting print to the whole look!

Must Have 4: Beanies
'Stay weird' beanie: Brandy Melville
skeleton hands top: c/o Romwe (link here)
denim wash circle skirt: c/o Romwe (link here)
boots: Nasty Gal

Beanies are so hot right now! They are so perfect for wrapping around your head and keeping it warm during cold weather. I'm actually not really a beanie-wearing person usually but I thought the message on this one was so cute! Love how the words are upside down too!

To complement the beanie I wore another fall trend I've been seeing a lot lately- the denim skater skirt! This one from Romwe is so cute and versatile, and matches anything really! The skeleton hands baggy tee is another item (like the beanie) that is a bit on the edgy side for my style, but that's why I have a cute circle skirt to balance it out haha! :)

^ Must Have 5: Boots

boots: Nasty Gal

I don't think you want to subject your poor little bare toes to the freezing cold! If you guys follow my blog regularly you'll know that I seriously can't get enough of these boots (called 'Cielo') from Nasty Gal- I wear them all the freaking time! They keep my feet warm of course, but I also really like the platform not because it adds height, but during wet weather it keeps you elevated above muddy ground.

So there you have it, my Fall Favourites/Must-Haves for 2013! Once again, if you want to check out the accompanying video, it's here on my YouTube channel Let me know what you guys think, in the comments below or in the comments on my video! :)

Did you like the pieces from Spicy Avenue? Don't forget you can also get a special discount by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013. They already offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $100! :)

and PS: I already have another Video + Blog Post in the works for the theme of Work Outfits- how to stay trendy and make them interesting whilst maintaining that professional, work code-compliant image. I can't wait to upload it! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Classic Daisy

'Julia cap sleeve dress in black daisy print': c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
Bag: Forever New
elephant necklace: Forever 21
Lips: 'Ruby Woo' by MAC

This dress from Motel Rocks is so perfect and typical from me - black-and-white combined with daisy print! Daisies seem to be the 'new floral', but the black and white make this dress so classic. For an even more classic look it was a no-brainer for me to pair the dress up with red lips. I wish I had gone for a complete retro look with some soft Elizabeth Taylor-esque locks, but I was in for such a long day that day, and really could not be bothered in the morning! We went to the city to check out the International Fleet Review, and the fireworks in the evening. Prince Harry was also within vicinity floating around somewhere, and I think we saw the car he was riding in...which is about as exciting as it gets for me, lol.

Have a great week everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New In: Brandy Melville, Love Culture, Forever 21 hauls via Hop Shop Go, and more

Hi everyone! This is sort of a belated post on another consolidated haul I made from HopShopGo! I made orders from Brandy Melville, Love Culture, and Forever 21.

HopShopGo is a mail forwarding service that I have used a number of times already, and it allows me to save on shipping & receive packages from sites that don't ship to Australia. You can find several blog posts documenting my experience with HopShopGo and my hauls here in order from oldest to newest: #1, #2, #3, #4.

I ordered 4 packages in total (2 separate orders with Brandy Melville). The total weight was 4kg. An option for repackaging was available so I selected it, and that brought the total charged weight to 3kg. International Shipping for these 4 packages to Sydney, Australia costed $54.29. I personally find that reasonable.

Brandy Melville
Top row: Stay weird beanie, Chiyo top, Aarika pants
Bottom row: Sadie horoscope tank, Sadie moon tank, Selda dress

V-Fringe Brown Purse $25, White Bullet Stone Necklace $9

I ordered from Brandy Melville in two separate orders. Is it just me or do items magically disappear and re-appear every now and then? I can understand that stuff could sell out quickly but it seems to re-appear just as have to keep a sharp eye out on all your favourite pieces! So that's why I had to do two orders, because stuff I wanted suddenly came back a week after my first order.

I was honestly really tentative to order from BM at first, because the first review I saw of them was this Youtube one. Basically this girl went through a lot of trouble with their online delivery service, with not getting any shipping or delivery email notifications and then having her stuff delivered to another girl in a different state!

I for some reason did not get any email notifications, when I placed my second order from Brandy Melville. Luckily, both packages arrived at the HopShopGo US address, and when I received them back home in Sydney it was all the right items. I paid everything with Paypal, just in case!

Aarika pants $?
(sold out on their website, and this is from that second order that didn't come with an electronic order confirmation or invoice, so I don't know how much this was.)

I'm wearing these pants with my new 'infinity and beyond' tee from Love Culture (see the haul below!)! These pants are soooo amazingly comfy! It's like you put them on and suddenly it is the most comfortable and relaxing day ever! I can't describe the feeling in words; but just trust me, they felt so good on and the fabric is so soft and wonderful. I don't know if I'm ever going to migrate them from 'lounge' to 'outerwear', because you really don't get to see many people where I am in floor-skimming, wide-legged hippie-style pants- but I'd love to. Because they are just that comfy!! The design is also really cute, as I'm so smitten with anything tribal or aztec printed.

Chiyo Top

This is a bralette I got so that I could wear it inside those tank tops with those gaping arm holes! The back detail is interesting and a good layer for open back dresses like these.

Sadie Horoscope Tank

I'm into my horoscopes (cue the eye-rolling haha!) so I thought this top was fitting. I love the design, and the top looks like it would go great with shorts for a casual look. I don't like high necklines though, but I just couldn't resist getting this top anyway!

I wore this with my new silver crescent moon necklace from Etsy.

Sadie Moon Tank

This is pretty much the same cut and shape as the tank top above, and I guess by now you can tell I like astrology, haha.

Selda dress

This is the ultimate summer dress- it is just soo lightweight and breezy! The back is also cut low so this is really good for the hottest of hot days. I wore the bralette inside for this picture but you don't have to. It is cut quite low, so girls with big busts should be wary.

I wore this with the Brandy Melville bullet necklace, and Chiyo top (the bralette inside).

So this was my first time ordering from Brandy Melville! Overall, a good experience! All the pieces were reasonably priced and this order has made me crave a local BM store in Sydney. Most of the clothes here are unjustifiably overpriced. The quality of everything I got from BM was really good too :) Would totally shop again!

Love Culture
L-R: polka dot headband $1.95, striped headband $1.95, Alexis wrap crop top, Infinity and beyond crop tank, Ponte knit skinny pants $17.95

I got the headbands essentially to fill the order up to the $50 minimum for free domestic shipping! Not sure how many wears I'll get out of these headbands, but they were cheap, retro and cute!

Infinity and beyond crop tank
(pic taken from my Instagram)

I'm loving this top! I've got to be honest I feel a bit like a Tumblr-obsessed hipster or something wearing this, but hey I do like the message on the tee! :) There is also some cute ruffle detail on the back, which I haven't pictured.

Alexis wrap crop top
size: S
(pic taken from my Instagram)

I already wore the crop top once here, with my pineapple shorts, a few posts ago! The crop top is so perfect for summer! :) Thick sturdy material, and a flattering design.

Forever 21
L-R: sweet polka dot cropped sweater, floral skater skirt, dreamy dolphin shorts

 Sweet Polka Dot Cropped Sweater
size: S
colour: black
price: $22.80

It was a combination of polka dots and the cropped design that made me add this to my cart straight away! It is so hot in Sydney right now...but I have so much love for this sweater. When winter/autumn comes again I'll be wearing it so much! :) It would look so cute with anything high-waisted!

Floral Skater Skirt
size: S
colour: black/cream
price: $17.80

more black-and-white goodness! This would be so versatile to pair with anything.

Cutout Elephant Necklace
price: $2.80

I love elephants! The last necklace I got from Forever 21 was an absolute disaster (broke as soon as I put it on!) but I thought since this one only set me back a couple of dollars, and I do love elephants, so why not :) and it hasn't broken! Yet!

Dreamy Dolphin Shorts
size: XS
colour: blue/black
price: $12.80

Luckily Forever 21 still had some summery items for me! Absolutely in love with these shorts- the colours are just perfect and remind me of the sunsets I've missed at the beach. Blue waters and pink skies...I don't think I could ever pull these shorts out and not think of summer.

Other goodies this month:

This is a collection of my newest necklaces- the elephant one is from the above Forever 21 haul, and the bullet one is from the Brandy Melville haul.

The moon crescent one is from Etsy. I've always been into astrology (yes I take my horoscopes seriously sometimes! Don't judge! haha) so this necklace really appealed to me. I wish it was bigger and heavier though. It's very lightweight and a bit fragile, and maybe I'll invest in another designer piece version of the crescent moon.

The triangle one from Valleygirl is chunky and heavy, and so mystic-looking with the mixed metals in it- I absolutely love it! It looks expensive as well (well to me) but it was only about $7. I totally love this, and I'll  be wearing it a lot as a huge statement jewellery piece! :)

'Miami Mint' bikini - c/o Triangl

I also received this gorgeous neon mint green bikini courtesy of the iconic Triangl Swimwear! I've already taken photos with it and can't wait to show you guys! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

dark in daisies

Daisy bustier: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Denim star studded shorts: Factorie
Fringed knit cardigan: ASOS
Boots: Nasty Gal

Teardrop embellished fringed arm cuff: c/o Crafturday (link here)

I totally fell in love with this fringed kimono cardigan when I saw it on the ASOS website! I had to buy it in black as well as white, which I might feature on my blog some time. I just love the baggy, relaxed fit of kimono cardigans and the crochet gives it such a heavy and interesting texture when you wear it. The holes make this so good for beach wear too! The other reason I like wearing this crochet cardigan is that the baggy shape balances out the skin-showing.

This bustier from LookbookStore is made of great, thick cotton/spandex material, and although it sounds like such a trivial perk- the zip down the front makes it so easy to slip the bustier on and off! Bustiers tend to be quite tight-fitted, so there's been plenty of times where I've had to hold tense positions just to put one on- and now being able to zip up and down makes it soo convenient :)

I already featured this spiked bustier on my blog before, here. This outfit version is edgier, and festival-appropriate!
And how cute is this embellished fringed armlet (or 'fringelet')? Check out Vanessa's Etsy shop 'Crafturday' here, I thought this was the perfect accessory to top off a festival-inspired, boho-esque look. There are so many different designs on her Etsy shop! I chose one with black fringe detail to match my cardigan, and the tear-shaped embellishments are soo pretty. especially with the way they reflect different colours in the light. Some of my other favourites from her shop are this ombre one, and white with silver chain.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! :)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

Hey everyone! So as requested, here is the Southern Hemisphere version of the Seasonal Transitional Outfits video & post.

I previously did one for Northern Hemisphere people, who are transitioning from the Summer season to Fall. The blog post for that is here, and the video for it is here.

I did the Northern Hemisphere one first because most of my readership does come from the USA, Canada, Europe etc and I get more requests for fall weather styling. But I haven't neglected my Southern Hemisphere (Australia, NZ, South Africa and others) people! We're the exact opposite in terms of seasons, so here's a video and blog post for transitional outfits, from Winter to Spring! :) I've got knit cardigans, shorts, jeans and light tees all in this video- this is because of how fickle Australian winters especially can be!

the video link is here!
Winter to Spring Transitional Outfits 2013 on

Outfit 1: Transitional dress

dress: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
satchel bag: Chaceylove
white shoes:
This is kind of like the beginner's or the tentative transitional outfit from Winter! if you're not ready to embrace light pastels and neons just yet- take a regular summer dress and rock it in dark or neutral tones! The material is actually quite airy, light and feels more like a spring/summer dress, but the colours are totally appropriate for cold weather too. Popping a jacket over the top also easily keeps you warm.

I wore white shoes, because the bright whites make for a great summery look, without having to wear bright colours just yet. If your feet are still cold you can of course wear boots instead.

Monochrome is a great transitional look between seasons, which is perfect because it's the latest trend at the moment as well.

Outfit 2: Graphic tees
LA bones tee: by All About Eve, bought from Birds Nest Online
yellow cardigan: Gmarket
daisy shorts: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
oxford shoes:
I don't know about you guys, but for me tops tend to be a bit problematic when I'm in between seasons- during winter a long-sleeved knit top would've done the job but when it comes to hot weather am I supposed to take out all my flowy and spaghetti strap camis? I need something in between, and that's when I rely on my favourite graphic tee shirts.

This graphic tee is grey and white which makes it very versatile for any season, and I have gone that extra step from my last outfit, by incorporating more spring-appropraite colours. Daisy print seems to be the hottest floral print at the moment, and I love the vibrant yellow pops of colour. I complemented them with a bright yellow knit cardigan as well, if it gets cold.

Outfit 3: 1-2 Bold spring pieces
Neon floral blazer: Sabo Skirt
Denim cut offs: vintage
Singlet: Shopmarkethq
Neon bag: Missguided

Sometimes it can actually be quite troublesome trying to find ways you can add a little colour and cheer when you're still trying to recover from winter, so it might be easier and more convenient to just focus on one or two bold, statement spring pieces, and then keep everything else neutral.
So what I did, is I took out this brightly coloured, neon and floral jacket from Sabo Skirt, and a neon yellow bag from Missguided, and worked everything else around it. By taking such a statement outer piece, all I need to do is find some basic neutral pieces to complete the outfit. A white tee, denim shorts, beige shoes and I'm set!

Outfit 4: Keeping warm in spring colours

Floral jeans: Valleygirl
Apple green silk tee: Staple the Label

Florals and pastels are two of my favourite things about spring- and I absolutely cannot wait to start wearing them! but there are bound to be days where the weather's actually still a bit chilly. If you are super keen like me, you can start wearing florals and spring colours now and still keep warm.

Floral jeans are perfect for this situation, because they keep your legs warm. Although I'm wearing a very airy, apple green silk top, I just have to add on a jacket, which can be easily removed if it gets warmer throughout the day!

I hope you guys liked this video! The video link is here. If you want to see more videos from me, don't forget to subscribe here to Izzi's Daydream! :) Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! :)



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