Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Trends / Must Haves 2013: with Spicy Avenue and Romwe

Hello to all my wonderful readers! :D I've been at it again with another new video up on my YouTube channel, on my top Fall Favourites or Must-Haves or Trends (so many ways to describe it!) for 2013! The link to the video is here.

As always here is an accompanying blog post with clear pictures (because video quality is still lacking! I'm sorry :( ) and complementary text if you'd rather read than watch :)

Must Have #1: Fall hues

Mustard yellow blazer: c/o Spicy Avenue (link here)
leopard print shoes: lovelyshoes.net
Burgundy high-waisted pants: Gmarket.co.kr
Clutch: Chicnova

You can totally stay colourful with rich, fall-appropriate shades such as mustard yellow and burgundy! One of my favourite colours to wear these days is yellow, and I'll make the transition from light pastels or bright vibrant yellows in summer, to more mustard tones for cooler weather. This blazer from Spicy Avenue is in the perfect mustard yellow colour that I was looking for.

I love the sophisticated structure of blazers, and they look so perfect with fitted pants! These burgundy high-waisted jeans from Gmarket are actually pretty thick in material, which is what you want during the colder seasons!

Other great fall colours you can indulge in include emerald green, wine red/purple/pink shades, and cobalt blue.

PS: you can get a special discount from Spicy Avenue by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013!

Must Have 2: Plaid
Plaid dress: c/o Fashion to any (link here) (now out of stock!)
lapel Jacket: c/o Spicy Avenue (link here)
boots: Therapy
black satchel bag: Chaceylove

There has been a huge 90s movement in fashion lately, and I'm so excited for it! Plaid is making the biggest comeback and is definitely one of my top trends/must-haves for Fall 2013.

This is actually sleeveless plaid dress that could be great during summer as well (I've featured it previously in this blog post!), but when it's cold that's when this jacket from Spicy Avenue comes in handy! It's super cosy and warm, and the material is so thick and comfortable. If bare legs are too cold where you are, you can definitely pop over leggings or tights.

This is pretty much the cosiest fall jacket ever! It's really super soft and comfortable inside, and I love the large lapels at the front. The zip design also gives it a trendy edge.

PS: you can get a special discount from Spicy Avenue by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013!
Must Have 3: Cosy sweaters
fox jumper: Jay Jays
denim shirt: Valleygirl
Polka dot leggings: Forever 21
oxford booties: Gmarket.co.kr

What does the fox say? Hahahah just kidding! Fall is totally sweater season, and I love graphic printed sweaters like this totally adorable fox one. it's black and burgundy which are also really appropriate fall colours. Layer up with a shirt inside (I love the look of a shirt collar peeking out!), and pants or leggings.

Polka dot pants add an interesting print to the whole look!

Must Have 4: Beanies
'Stay weird' beanie: Brandy Melville
skeleton hands top: c/o Romwe (link here)
denim wash circle skirt: c/o Romwe (link here)
boots: Nasty Gal

Beanies are so hot right now! They are so perfect for wrapping around your head and keeping it warm during cold weather. I'm actually not really a beanie-wearing person usually but I thought the message on this one was so cute! Love how the words are upside down too!

To complement the beanie I wore another fall trend I've been seeing a lot lately- the denim skater skirt! This one from Romwe is so cute and versatile, and matches anything really! The skeleton hands baggy tee is another item (like the beanie) that is a bit on the edgy side for my style, but that's why I have a cute circle skirt to balance it out haha! :)

^ Must Have 5: Boots

boots: Nasty Gal

I don't think you want to subject your poor little bare toes to the freezing cold! If you guys follow my blog regularly you'll know that I seriously can't get enough of these boots (called 'Cielo') from Nasty Gal- I wear them all the freaking time! They keep my feet warm of course, but I also really like the platform not because it adds height, but during wet weather it keeps you elevated above muddy ground.

So there you have it, my Fall Favourites/Must-Haves for 2013! Once again, if you want to check out the accompanying video, it's here on my YouTube channel http://youtube.com/IzzisDaydream. Let me know what you guys think, in the comments below or in the comments on my video! :)

Did you like the pieces from Spicy Avenue? Don't forget you can also get a special discount by using the code 'IZZY10' at Checkout for 10% off all orders. It expires November 22nd 2013. They already offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $100! :)

and PS: I already have another Video + Blog Post in the works for the theme of Work Outfits- how to stay trendy and make them interesting whilst maintaining that professional, work code-compliant image. I can't wait to upload it! :)


  1. These outfits are so cool I almost wish we were going into Autumn, especially since it's Halloween this week.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. love the last pict ! you look very pretty!


  3. I totally love those burgundy pants! The colour is awesome :) The rest is no my cup of tea, but on you it looks great :D


  4. I must say, the plaid dress and the beanie outfit were my favorites! Love this round up of fall trends and how you wore them <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I'm on the hunt for the perfect beanie for fall and winter!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. I swear by sweaters and beanies as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler!

    à la foliee

  7. You're so cute Izzy!! <3 I love the outfits especially the one with the beanie!! :>


  8. Love the colours in the first outfit! Although it's spring here it was cold enough to need a cardi today!

    Away From The Blue

  9. Super gorgeous doll, love those polka dot trousers x

  10. Watching your video at Youtube right now c: Xx

  11. I love those colored jeans and that fox sweater! That song what does the fox say is so funny!!!


  12. The lapel jacket is way too cute! I saw that Brandy beanie in store and was tempted because it's so cute too ;___; Looks great on you!

  13. Hey Izzy! Great outfits, I love the burgundy pants. Gotta do some shopping from gmarket sometime. And I love how you can rock the mustard! I love that colour- but I think you have to be quite pale to pull it off and I'm a tanned Asian haha.

    I recently saw a post by a Singaporean blogger Qiu Qiu http://bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/charity-flea.html and she was doing a flea market sale for charity. I thought that was such a great idea! I'm a normal girl who buys clothes every now and then, but even I have wardrobe space problems! I'm sure you guys as fashion bloggers have the same problem, but 10 fold. Why not sell some of your stuff for charity? As fashion bloggers with a big outreach, you have the ability to raise awareness and support a cause. And selling/buying old clothes is better for the environment as well :D

    And your readers will be able to get their hands on some of your awesome apparel :P

    1. thank you! :)

      and yes that's such an excellent idea! I've been wanting to do a flea market for all my clothes for ages but I don't know of any events in Sydney! I hope to come across one because I would love to sell off a lot of my wardrobe especially if it's for a good cause!


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