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New In: Brandy Melville, Love Culture, Forever 21 hauls via Hop Shop Go, and more

Hi everyone! This is sort of a belated post on another consolidated haul I made from HopShopGo! I made orders from Brandy Melville, Love Culture, and Forever 21.

HopShopGo is a mail forwarding service that I have used a number of times already, and it allows me to save on shipping & receive packages from sites that don't ship to Australia. You can find several blog posts documenting my experience with HopShopGo and my hauls here in order from oldest to newest: #1, #2, #3, #4.

I ordered 4 packages in total (2 separate orders with Brandy Melville). The total weight was 4kg. An option for repackaging was available so I selected it, and that brought the total charged weight to 3kg. International Shipping for these 4 packages to Sydney, Australia costed $54.29. I personally find that reasonable.

Brandy Melville
Top row: Stay weird beanie, Chiyo top, Aarika pants
Bottom row: Sadie horoscope tank, Sadie moon tank, Selda dress

V-Fringe Brown Purse $25, White Bullet Stone Necklace $9

I ordered from Brandy Melville in two separate orders. Is it just me or do items magically disappear and re-appear every now and then? I can understand that stuff could sell out quickly but it seems to re-appear just as have to keep a sharp eye out on all your favourite pieces! So that's why I had to do two orders, because stuff I wanted suddenly came back a week after my first order.

I was honestly really tentative to order from BM at first, because the first review I saw of them was this Youtube one. Basically this girl went through a lot of trouble with their online delivery service, with not getting any shipping or delivery email notifications and then having her stuff delivered to another girl in a different state!

I for some reason did not get any email notifications, when I placed my second order from Brandy Melville. Luckily, both packages arrived at the HopShopGo US address, and when I received them back home in Sydney it was all the right items. I paid everything with Paypal, just in case!

Aarika pants $?
(sold out on their website, and this is from that second order that didn't come with an electronic order confirmation or invoice, so I don't know how much this was.)

I'm wearing these pants with my new 'infinity and beyond' tee from Love Culture (see the haul below!)! These pants are soooo amazingly comfy! It's like you put them on and suddenly it is the most comfortable and relaxing day ever! I can't describe the feeling in words; but just trust me, they felt so good on and the fabric is so soft and wonderful. I don't know if I'm ever going to migrate them from 'lounge' to 'outerwear', because you really don't get to see many people where I am in floor-skimming, wide-legged hippie-style pants- but I'd love to. Because they are just that comfy!! The design is also really cute, as I'm so smitten with anything tribal or aztec printed.

Chiyo Top

This is a bralette I got so that I could wear it inside those tank tops with those gaping arm holes! The back detail is interesting and a good layer for open back dresses like these.

Sadie Horoscope Tank

I'm into my horoscopes (cue the eye-rolling haha!) so I thought this top was fitting. I love the design, and the top looks like it would go great with shorts for a casual look. I don't like high necklines though, but I just couldn't resist getting this top anyway!

I wore this with my new silver crescent moon necklace from Etsy.

Sadie Moon Tank

This is pretty much the same cut and shape as the tank top above, and I guess by now you can tell I like astrology, haha.

Selda dress

This is the ultimate summer dress- it is just soo lightweight and breezy! The back is also cut low so this is really good for the hottest of hot days. I wore the bralette inside for this picture but you don't have to. It is cut quite low, so girls with big busts should be wary.

I wore this with the Brandy Melville bullet necklace, and Chiyo top (the bralette inside).

So this was my first time ordering from Brandy Melville! Overall, a good experience! All the pieces were reasonably priced and this order has made me crave a local BM store in Sydney. Most of the clothes here are unjustifiably overpriced. The quality of everything I got from BM was really good too :) Would totally shop again!

Love Culture
L-R: polka dot headband $1.95, striped headband $1.95, Alexis wrap crop top, Infinity and beyond crop tank, Ponte knit skinny pants $17.95

I got the headbands essentially to fill the order up to the $50 minimum for free domestic shipping! Not sure how many wears I'll get out of these headbands, but they were cheap, retro and cute!

Infinity and beyond crop tank
(pic taken from my Instagram)

I'm loving this top! I've got to be honest I feel a bit like a Tumblr-obsessed hipster or something wearing this, but hey I do like the message on the tee! :) There is also some cute ruffle detail on the back, which I haven't pictured.

Alexis wrap crop top
size: S
(pic taken from my Instagram)

I already wore the crop top once here, with my pineapple shorts, a few posts ago! The crop top is so perfect for summer! :) Thick sturdy material, and a flattering design.

Forever 21
L-R: sweet polka dot cropped sweater, floral skater skirt, dreamy dolphin shorts

 Sweet Polka Dot Cropped Sweater
size: S
colour: black
price: $22.80

It was a combination of polka dots and the cropped design that made me add this to my cart straight away! It is so hot in Sydney right now...but I have so much love for this sweater. When winter/autumn comes again I'll be wearing it so much! :) It would look so cute with anything high-waisted!

Floral Skater Skirt
size: S
colour: black/cream
price: $17.80

more black-and-white goodness! This would be so versatile to pair with anything.

Cutout Elephant Necklace
price: $2.80

I love elephants! The last necklace I got from Forever 21 was an absolute disaster (broke as soon as I put it on!) but I thought since this one only set me back a couple of dollars, and I do love elephants, so why not :) and it hasn't broken! Yet!

Dreamy Dolphin Shorts
size: XS
colour: blue/black
price: $12.80

Luckily Forever 21 still had some summery items for me! Absolutely in love with these shorts- the colours are just perfect and remind me of the sunsets I've missed at the beach. Blue waters and pink skies...I don't think I could ever pull these shorts out and not think of summer.

Other goodies this month:

This is a collection of my newest necklaces- the elephant one is from the above Forever 21 haul, and the bullet one is from the Brandy Melville haul.

The moon crescent one is from Etsy. I've always been into astrology (yes I take my horoscopes seriously sometimes! Don't judge! haha) so this necklace really appealed to me. I wish it was bigger and heavier though. It's very lightweight and a bit fragile, and maybe I'll invest in another designer piece version of the crescent moon.

The triangle one from Valleygirl is chunky and heavy, and so mystic-looking with the mixed metals in it- I absolutely love it! It looks expensive as well (well to me) but it was only about $7. I totally love this, and I'll  be wearing it a lot as a huge statement jewellery piece! :)

'Miami Mint' bikini - c/o Triangl

I also received this gorgeous neon mint green bikini courtesy of the iconic Triangl Swimwear! I've already taken photos with it and can't wait to show you guys! :)


  1. You got some really wonderful pieces, love the dresses :)) Gorgeous on you xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. Nice items and sweet combination of looks!
    I adore that moon top by Brandy Meville alot!

  3. Lots of nice purchases! A lot of pretty prints too :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. I love the purchases you made from Brandy Melville! Their notification / shipping system doesn't sound very reliable though :/

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  5. you have very nice taste in fashion =) i love the assorted cropped tops and bralets. you have a great choice for the mint bikini too! perhaps we could follow each other back? would love to hear from you :)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Been following you on instagram and lookbook, but this is the first time I read your blog..
    And you inspired me even more.. following your blog now.. ;)
    stay gorgeous, Izzy.. <3


  8. I LOVE those pineapple shorts, they are too adorable!!!

    I've had a bad experience ordering from Brandy Melville before where my return was never credited (and attempts to reach customer service were ignored). So I'm a little wary of ordering from them, but their stuff is so cute and so festival perfect! I was eyeing that bullet necklace myself.

    xo freshfizzle

  9. I'm into astrology as well. What're your sun/moon/rising signs? :) I'm Cancer/Scorpio/Capricorn.

  10. This post reaaalllly made me want to go shopping!! Lovely buys, I absolutely adore that bikini and soo many lovely skirts!
    Sarah x

  11. Love all your recent buys! xxx

  12. SO wish we had these stores here!

  13. Everytime you do a haul I get jealous...haha, you pick the most amazing stuff!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. too many things to love! so jealous. That bikini is amazing .


  15. Love all your items especially the horoscope and the moon top it's like so pretty (: x

  16. Oooh what a great haul, I love the BRandy Melville tops!

  17. that pretty alexis wrap crop top fits you like a glove! SO CUTE
    and I love the polkadot sweater too! I have a soft spot for anything polkadot :)

    great haul, Izzie!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  18. your new stuff is gorgeous and that mail forwarding system sounds quite interesting :)
    following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

  19. Stunning outfits, these pieces are all so cute! I would love to order from BM but it's so pricey to ship all the way to Singapore!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  20. i really want stuffs from brandy melville! nice post btw :)

  21. Those are some amazing purchases, love it!

    OX Imke

  22. Wow, you got quite the haul! Everything you purchases seems so you, definitely matches your personal style : ) My favorites are the brown fringe purse and the white wrap crop top. I love how boho the purse is and the crop top is so pretty and has a subtle hint of sexiness. Love that swimsuit as well. Such a bright fun color. Everything was definitely worth the shipping costs!


  23. Everything is so cute! I love the Brandy Melville pieces!

    Xo, Hannah

  24. omg those pineapple shorts are so cute!! Where did you get that from??

  25. I love brandy melville clothing & everything I have ordered has come quickly with email confirmation & tracking! I have quite a collection too. I have the rare print maroon polkadot jada dress everyone is going crazy for on eBay & when it randomly appears I've seen it auction up to $160! Crazy!! I only wore mine once because I love my other Jada's more but honestly I love the Ingrid dress better. It's very similar to the jada but thinker shoulder straps & a little longer which at 5'6 is good cuz I can wear it as a dress unlike the Jada's. They're all too short on me. :( I love your pieces and think it's great u found a way to ship to Australia!! I wish I lived there! I love Australia!! Lucky girl!!


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