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Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

Hey everyone! So as requested, here is the Southern Hemisphere version of the Seasonal Transitional Outfits video & post.

I previously did one for Northern Hemisphere people, who are transitioning from the Summer season to Fall. The blog post for that is here, and the video for it is here.

I did the Northern Hemisphere one first because most of my readership does come from the USA, Canada, Europe etc and I get more requests for fall weather styling. But I haven't neglected my Southern Hemisphere (Australia, NZ, South Africa and others) people! We're the exact opposite in terms of seasons, so here's a video and blog post for transitional outfits, from Winter to Spring! :) I've got knit cardigans, shorts, jeans and light tees all in this video- this is because of how fickle Australian winters especially can be!

the video link is here!
Winter to Spring Transitional Outfits 2013 on

Outfit 1: Transitional dress

dress: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
satchel bag: Chaceylove
white shoes:
This is kind of like the beginner's or the tentative transitional outfit from Winter! if you're not ready to embrace light pastels and neons just yet- take a regular summer dress and rock it in dark or neutral tones! The material is actually quite airy, light and feels more like a spring/summer dress, but the colours are totally appropriate for cold weather too. Popping a jacket over the top also easily keeps you warm.

I wore white shoes, because the bright whites make for a great summery look, without having to wear bright colours just yet. If your feet are still cold you can of course wear boots instead.

Monochrome is a great transitional look between seasons, which is perfect because it's the latest trend at the moment as well.

Outfit 2: Graphic tees
LA bones tee: by All About Eve, bought from Birds Nest Online
yellow cardigan: Gmarket
daisy shorts: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
oxford shoes:
I don't know about you guys, but for me tops tend to be a bit problematic when I'm in between seasons- during winter a long-sleeved knit top would've done the job but when it comes to hot weather am I supposed to take out all my flowy and spaghetti strap camis? I need something in between, and that's when I rely on my favourite graphic tee shirts.

This graphic tee is grey and white which makes it very versatile for any season, and I have gone that extra step from my last outfit, by incorporating more spring-appropraite colours. Daisy print seems to be the hottest floral print at the moment, and I love the vibrant yellow pops of colour. I complemented them with a bright yellow knit cardigan as well, if it gets cold.

Outfit 3: 1-2 Bold spring pieces
Neon floral blazer: Sabo Skirt
Denim cut offs: vintage
Singlet: Shopmarkethq
Neon bag: Missguided

Sometimes it can actually be quite troublesome trying to find ways you can add a little colour and cheer when you're still trying to recover from winter, so it might be easier and more convenient to just focus on one or two bold, statement spring pieces, and then keep everything else neutral.
So what I did, is I took out this brightly coloured, neon and floral jacket from Sabo Skirt, and a neon yellow bag from Missguided, and worked everything else around it. By taking such a statement outer piece, all I need to do is find some basic neutral pieces to complete the outfit. A white tee, denim shorts, beige shoes and I'm set!

Outfit 4: Keeping warm in spring colours

Floral jeans: Valleygirl
Apple green silk tee: Staple the Label

Florals and pastels are two of my favourite things about spring- and I absolutely cannot wait to start wearing them! but there are bound to be days where the weather's actually still a bit chilly. If you are super keen like me, you can start wearing florals and spring colours now and still keep warm.

Floral jeans are perfect for this situation, because they keep your legs warm. Although I'm wearing a very airy, apple green silk top, I just have to add on a jacket, which can be easily removed if it gets warmer throughout the day!

I hope you guys liked this video! The video link is here. If you want to see more videos from me, don't forget to subscribe here to Izzi's Daydream! :) Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! :)


  1. Fab!! super fabulous... I've follow your instagram, and i think i like your blog too.. it will be nice if we can follow each other..

    with love,
    Bella Luna

  2. You look fantastic!
    I really like your look ;)
    Kisses from Poland sweety! ;*

    1. Its nice Warm, comfortable fabric outfit.... its fits great and hold up perfectly... This outfit has a nice weight fabric....

  3. Love love love the last look

  4. Love the mixture of florals and neon, very on trend! Those daisy shorts are uber cute too! Following you now!

  5. Leuk!!

    Ik volg je via Bloglovin. Misschien heb je tijd om naar mijn blog te kijken?
    en als je het leuk vind mij terug te volgen?


  6. I love your style! Nice outfits :)
    I love my shorts so I'm always wearing them even in Winter! haha

  7. Adore that floral blazer its gorgeous! xx

  8. Amazing post. Love your style!

    Followed :)


  9. Your outfits are great! I like the flower jacket the most. It makes much fun to go through your blog.

    World of Plastic

  10. I really like the second outfit idea! All of them are really nice actually, but unfortunately, here winter means two sweaters and a heavy woolen coat, and spring is probably a trench coat with just one sweater. =D But these (in my geographical setting) will be a great spring to summer transition inspiration :)

  11. Great looks! My favorite is the first one! You look amazing! :)

  12. These outfits are great! You look super cute in all of them. I love reading your blog, you never leave anything out :)

    XO Melissa
    Sale Rack!

  13. All very cute! Transitional dressing is the best cause you get a little bit of everything

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  14. Oh man, this isn't's making me think of spring outfits when its turning into winter here!
    Aha, great ideas though :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. All the outfits are so pretty! my favorite is the first one, such a pretty dress <3

  16. Very cute! I read your previous post on this and love how you also included the southern hemisphere! I typically don't wear graphic tees that often, but I love how you styled yours!!! I like how the tee is dressed up a little. My favorite is the last outfit. I love the floral pants and the color of the heels is so pretty! : )


  17. Amzing Izy. I truly love your videos. I am so in love with daisy print right now and yellow too.

  18. you look pretty as usual!
    my favorite is the one with daisy prints short ♥

  19. love all the outfits especially the one with the daisy shorts! :D

  20. I love the idea of this post! You are really good at rocking all these bold colours and prints. I think the green looks especially good on you.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  21. Great outfits! I've been looking for the perfect cut off distressed shorts so if anyone has some suggestions please tell me !!


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