Friday, November 8, 2013

New Wardrobe and Beauty Additions: AX Paris, The Scarlet Room, MGP Label, Jeffrey Campbell and more

AX Paris
Black tulle dress: c/o AX Paris (link here)
'AMOUR' belt: Sportsgirl

This is just the perfect super-girly little party dress! I have never really been the type to obsess over tulle personally as it's generally too girly for me, but I love it in dark tones like black and I have to admit I love the voluminous shape it gives! This dress from AX Paris has such a princess vibe to it but in a modern, chic elegant way rather than a childish way. I cinched it a little further at the waist with a bold gold lettered belt I got from Sportsgirl a while back- somehow the French language seemed to suit this dress!

AX Paris is full of gorgeous, glamorous dresses like this one. Definitely check it out for show-stoppers for your next special occasion! :)

The Scarlet Room
'Prints of the sea' blazer: c/o The Scarlet Room (link here) (currently sold out)
Mint green skater skirt: c/o The Scarlet Room (link here)
Necklace: c/o Prue Brulee
Heels: Bon Bon

I'm a huge fan of blazers (I have so many in my collection!) so I couldn't resist this gorgeous green and blue-toned one from The Scarlet Room. It's aptly titled 'Prints of the Sea' and is just such a pleasure to look at. I paired it with another item from The Scarlet Room- this lovely mint green flared skater skirt. Who said 'blue and green should never be seen' together?

White tee: ShopMarketHQ
Houndstooth print skirt: c/o The Scarlet Room (link here) (currently sold out)
Gold chunky necklace: Lovisa
Clutch: c/o Chicnova

Another item I got from The Scarlet Room is this lovely chic houndstooth printed skirt with the asymmetric cut. I've always found houndstooth to be such a classic print so I can get definitely get a lot of wears out of this skirt over many years. It matches practically anything as well, and here I'm choosing to wear it with a basic white tee and some black and gold accessories.

When ordering pieces from the Scarlet Room I recommend sizing up - I accidentally got these pieces in a size too small so I was not able to zip some of the things alll the way up- just something to keep in mind! :)

The Scarlet Room are a trendy online boutique from Singapore, selling all the latest fashions at super affordable prices! Plus they provide free normal air mail shipping worldwide! :)

click on the link below to see more new wardrobe and beauty additions!

MGP Label
Cut out dress: c/o MGP Label (link here)
Floral clutch: Dorothy Perkins

I love cut out dresses of all kind, and this criss cross cut out at the waist one was no exception! The peachy pink colour is really cute and would be soo good for our upcoming super hot summer in Australia.
The material is nice and thick so you can definitely wear it without worrying about underwear lines showing, yay!

Luxe Floral dress: c/o MGP Label (link here) (sold out unfortunately! :()
Lavender box clutch: Forever New

How elegant is this blue and lilac toned floral dress? I actually tend to stray away from things with high necklines and sleeves cut more inwards like this- but the overall result can be very flattering and sophisticated. I can see this dress being worn to the races, high tea, brunch and more!

The same dress also comes in a pink floral tone, and it was quite the task to choose between the two! Hoping these come back in stock because they are such classy dresses suitable for so many events!

white shoes- Ebay

I also decided to get some bright white chunky shoes from Ebay. Recently I've been seeing this kind of shoe design everywhere! So as usual, I decided to look for some cheap-as, no-brand versions. These ones were about $25 AUD including shipping which is not too bad in my books- I try to not spend too much on new trends or fads.

When I received these in the mail I actually really liked them! When you pick them up they are SO LIGHT which can be a good or bad thing. To some people it's bad because it just highlights how cheap the quality is, but to me that is a total PLUS because I have sensitive feet, and they especially hurt when shoes are heavy and also designed in a way that means you have to carry their weight everytime you walk (rather than automatically lifting up with your feet!). Not sure if that makes sense, but because these shoes are so light they are very comfortable when you walk.

The big downfall however IS that they are actually a bit too small! That was such a bummer because I always order size 37 and it always seems to fit perfectly, but in this case I should've went with a 38. I am not sure if I should just keep these or order ANOTHER one in a size 38!

Jeffrey Campbell- from Nasty Gal
'Clayton' booties from Jeffrey Campbell- from Nasty Gal (link here)

These shoes are massive! haha check out the platform & heel height- I absolutely love it! A lot of people who own JC's say that they are actually a lot more comfortable than they look, even including those 'heel-less' ones (Lady Gaga style)- and I have to agree! Despite the massive height of these Clayton booties, you'd be surprised at how comfy they are. The heel is thick and solid, and when you wear the shoes you don't feel any rocking or anything that would make you feel unbalanced or unstable. JC's aren't the cheapest shoes around but in this case I do think you are getting your money's worth with quality.

'Sheer Love' fragrance mist- from Victoria's Secret

I went to Sydney airport again recently for a work trip and was able to pop by the only Victoria's Secret physical store in Sydney! Everytime I go there I feel like I NEED to get something because I rarely get the opportunity to go to VS in real life! I love the store haha. So I bought one of the fragrance mists after testing out a number of them (and getting my nose all confused with so many scents) and settled on the Sheer Love one.
Sheer Love has white cotton and pink lily. To me it's very light, floral and fresh.

I want the whole range now! But everything in Aus is overpriced :( It's $17 when I bought it at the airport, whereas I believe it's $12 elsewhere in the States! Not worth it when I want to buy the whole range haha.

Honey Color

Top row: Geo- Princess Mimi - Almond, Geo-Princess Mimi - Sesame Gray
Middle row: Hyper- Natural Brown, Geo- Starmish brown
Bottom- Geo- Honey Wing

I also bought 5 pairs of new circle lenses from Honey Color, because one pair of mine (Princess Mimi in Almond ) got a tear in it, so I had to get a replacement and ending up getting 4 more pairs just so I could get over the threshold for free shipping worldwide haha. Total cost was $107.54.

Shipping was really fast (express shipping), I got the package in the exact same week (to Australia)! Upon opening the package I was pleasantly surprised to find some cute animal circle lens cases, as well as what I think is a travel circle lens kit :) The kit contains an extra circle lens case, a mirror, a tool to help you put on and take off circle lens, and a little bottle to keep contact solution in. So nifty! :)

I already had Princess Mimi in Almond, in Gray, and the Geo Honey Wing ones, and I was just replacing them. So I already knew those were great, and I'd give them 5/5! :) The only new ones were the Hyper- Natural brown and the Geo- Starmish Brown so I'll talk about them.

The Geo Starmish brown was my least favourite- it looks so good on some people but on me they looked terribly unnatural, too orange-y and cosplay-esque. I think it would be a lot more natural and suit people who have darker and more warm-toned skin than me, and also brown hair that complements the warm, orangey-brown tone of the lenses. It was a bummer that it looked so different on me but I should learn my lesson that light caramel browns have never really suited me because of my cool-toned pale skin and black hair haha!

And I haven't really worn the Hyper - Natural brown yet but I'm looking forward to it! will probably have them on in upcoming blog photos.


Also I wanted to mention sometimes I feel pretty bad/guilty about not replying to people's blogs as regularly as I used to, but ever since I started working I haven't really had the time to and also some personal commitments have cut my extra free time back.

Sooo I was thinking of, with nearly every blog post I make, that I also include a 'Reader Appreciation' segment (I haven't decided on the official name! but that's basically the concept :)) where I link back to one of you guys' blogs and give a little shout-out, plus add your social media links if you have any. What do you guys think of this idea? If you guys are interested in seeing a regular 'Reader Appreciation' segment in my blog posts, or you want to be featured yourself, please let me know! I would love to give back to my wonderful readers with some extra blog traffic or a special mention! 


  1. I'm In love with your 1st outfit :D


  2. hey Izzy! i was wondering whether you could do some work clothes combinations, stuff that's professional, not revealing, but still sexy and stylish!

    I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the criss-cross cut out dresses around the waist. i feel like it brings a lot of attention to the waist, with the crosses making an illusion the waist is wider than it actually is when you look at it from the front on angle.

    Lovely blazer :)

    1. hey there! :) you're in luck, I actually have a work clothes video & blog post in the works at the moment, I'll be uploading that soon! the theme is pretty much what you have described- professional yet still chic/not boring.

      hmm yeah I see what you mean there. I think you would have to have a very slim waist to be able to overcome that illusion. no matter what I still like my cutouts haha!

      and thank you! :)

  3. The first dress is so gorgeous! You look absolutely lovely in all these outfits though. I love both the white chunky shoes & the Jeffrey Campbell ones. I've been thinking of buying those shoes for the longest time, but I still haven't found a good excuse ;)

  4. I am convinced that you look beautiful in everything but I am dying for the checkered skirt and gold jewelry! That outfit looks awesome on you, I really love your blog. You always catch my attention on bloglovin :)

    XO Melissa

    Sale Rack!

  5. You look amazing in every outfit!
    So awesome<3

  6. Another nice haul, outfit and styling!
    I think blue and green can go together as well, I mean
    there's a color called 'seagreen' right c: I love that
    'Luxe floral dress', the white chunky shoes and of
    course the sea blazer! Xx

  7. i cant wait to see you style those white chucky heels (;

  8. You look amazing in each outfit! Love those heels. :)

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

  9. You are wonderful! The fist dress is my favorite!


  10. So many new dresses! I have to admit, that first one, the little black dress with the amour belt is my favorite!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. All of the looks are stunning, but my favorite is the last look. Love the colors.

  12. Yes reader appreciation is a great idea!
    I loovee the black tulle dress! You look stunning as always. Always admire your style!

  13. JC shoes are my absolute favourite and i can never go wrong with wearing them all day/on a night out because they're more comfortable than most of my other heels! Can't wait to see what you pair those and the white chunky heels with c:
    The reader appreciation idea is so cute and lovely! I'm always on the prowl for new reads ^^

    à la foliee

  14. So many new additions to your wardrobe!
    I especially love the 2nd and 3rd outfit!
    I think the reader appreciation time is a great idea =)

  15. Love how you paired that belt with that black dress in the first outfit! :)

  16. Lots of nice purchases and outfits! I really like the first lace dress, and that gorgeous lilac floral dress is perfect for spring! :)

    Away From The Blue

  17. Oh my everything just looks so gorgeous on you! Perfection in every style! I personally love the little black dress! You look radiant in every angle dear izzy <3

  18. Some really amazing purchases, I love the shoes, I hope the bigger size will be even better, but they look lovely on you & I like lighter shoes too, as shoes always hurt my feet when they are too heavy. x

  19. Love the dresses and skirts you have picked up! Great finds and love the pics!
    x Kirsty

  20. OMG you are looking prettier than's always a joy seeing you with these amazing outfits!


  21. Wow, I can't decide which outfit is my favorite, I love all of them! The tulle dress is so pretty and I love the amour belt with it! Then the turquoise outfit is gorgeous as well, especially the jacket, and the white and lavender dress has a wonderful cut.

  22. all these outfit are so sweet and feminine! I love the second one so much, you're lovely!
    Love from France <3

  23. Loving the ebay shoes! I'm always nervous about ordering slightly suss brandless stuff off ebay as I worry about the sizing being off, but there are some great bargains too!

  24. All these outfits are so sweet and they look great on you! I love the first dress the most and the ebay shoes are great!

  25. Gorgeous outfits!!! I seriously love all of them; I don't even think I can pick a favorite. That is the perfect little black dress. I love the lace detail at the top and the different layers. The colors in the second one are gorgeous. Love that blazer. I love the simplicity of the third outfit and how the black and white pattern of the skirt really stands out. Love the floral clutch in the fourth with the coral and the dress in your last one is so feminine and pretty. Like I said, they're all my favorite! : )


  26. Hi Izzy! :))

    Just found your blog through your instagram and I'm in love with it! <33 You're so pretty! Are you still studying in school now? Anyway, I am in love with all your outfits. I love how you styled that belt with the dress! It's lovely. Such chic and classy outfits! - You're such an inspiration! ^^ xx

    Take care,
    Bloglovin' | Facebook

    P.S. Ooh! I'm loving that reader appreciation idea! ^^ I'd love to have my blog featured if even possible.

  27. Awww you're still making use of the Lovisa necklace I gaveaway <3 <3 <3

    Awesome picks babe by the way!

    accidental encounters

  28. Loving the second outfit! You shop so much girl daym!lol jealous! xx

  29. Great outfits!! xx

  30. I love the AX Paris dress & the JC's! The outfit with the houndstooth skirt looks soo good on you too, I love the kind of dressy/casual vibe it has. I think a 'reader appreciation' segment is such a good idea, a few other bloggers I follow do similar & I've been considering it myself too, it's a really nice idea to show how much you appreciate readers visiting & especially when your strapped for time & can't leave loads of comments yourself.

  31. I'm loving all these looks. That dress in the first batch is just stunning and adorable. You look great as always.

  32. super love the blue outfit.. super nice!! Thanks for stopping by on my blog..

    with love:

  33. I like the mint green skirt!
    I almost got it but have no idea how to match it though.
    Maybe it's time for me to get it!!!

    I'm sure everyone will appreciate the reader appreciation time! xD
    Because i'm one of them!! xD

  34. so many awesome items, and i almost bought the same white boots.
    & my favorite item has to be the houndstooth skirt <3

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