Friday, January 17, 2014

Pastel Dream

'Northern Lights' Pastel dress: c/o Showpo (link here)
Floral crown: Urban Outfitters
Clutch: Forever New
I actually can't get enough of pastels, and this little treasure from Showpo doesn't help with my obsession at all! The swirly mix of blue, pink and yellow remind me of fairy floss clouds, which sounds like the ultimate dream for a super girly-girl and sweet tooth like me. The cut of the dress is also absolute genius- it's cute, elegant and even sexy at the same time. I'm in love with the unique wrap design! As the pastels fan I am, I of course found no trouble finding similar accessories in girly colours and I added a floral headband for a more ethereal look to complement this dreamy dress.
The dress is currently on sale at Showpo, an Aussie online boutique I've already featured a few times on my blog! They have an incredible range of party and going out dresses in the cutest and trendy styles. Even better is that all the gorgeous pieces turn up in your hands in an instant, with their free express shipping. Check them out here!
Hope everyone is having a great week so far, and hope all my Aussie readers are staying cool in this ridiculous heatwave! Adelaide was the hottest city on the planet yesterday :( and Sydney was pretty darn hot too! Luckily I've been enjoying my nights with a tub of peanut butter/chocolate ice-cream, air conditioning and binge watching of Orange Is the New Black :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Huge Haul: Sabo Skirt, Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Tobi, more

hey guys! I haven't done a haul post in ages and this is the result- a massive long collective haul post! In my defense this post rolls right off the silly season of shopping and sales, although I found the pre-Christmas sales much more worthwhile than the Boxing Day ones.

Sabo Skirt Haul

I think Sabo Skirt had a 25% off sale before Christmas, which I jumped on because I absolutely love their stuff! I don't think the quality of the stuff justifies the prices most of the time, so sales and discount coupons are definitely the way to go.

Laguna Shorts (pictured above)
$42 -> $31.50
size: S

This was a piece that had surprisingly good quality- it's a bit thicker and less wrinkly than some of the other garments I've had from SS. The shorts keep their shape and volume and don't crinkle when you sit down. I can never resist a pretty pastel design so I had to grab this while the sale was on :)

I'm also wearing a new crop top from my haul! You can read more about my Tobi haul in this haul post as well.

Wildcat shorts (out of stock)
$48-> $36
size: S

Also seems to be made of the same material as the Laguna shorts (above). Looks just like the pictures! I love the soft, cool watercolour take on the classic leopard print! PS. it has pockets!

the shorts are sold out, but the same print is available in a top version ( and skirt version (

Round Sunglasses (out of stock)

Just thought I'd pick up a cheap pair of light-framed sunnies! Giant sunglasses are great for hiding a tired, no-makeup face ;)

Forever 21 Haul

(haul made via mail forwarding service HopShopGo)

Abstract floral fit and flare dress
size small

I was actually really planning to take this dress to work and that's the reason I bought it, but it turns out it was too short! Shame on me for not checking measurements and believing I am significantly shorter than the model so that the dress would hit my knee instead. It's not too bad though as it's still a cute dress and was less than $20!

Fit and Flare floral dress (sold out)
size small

This dress has such a cute floral print on it, and works so well with red lipstick due to the red tones :) I've definitely been wearing this dress out a lot.

Southwestern-inspired Skinny jeans (sold out)
size 26

These jeans were on sale at $15 which I think is an amazing deal for a pair of even though I'm not really a jeans person I felt pressured to get these because they were so cheap! Also a huge fan of aztec print :)

Sizing wasn't perfect as the size 26 was a little loose on me...and might end up being un-wearable after a short amount of time.

Striped fit and flare dress with belt
size small

This was a more pricey dress, (by Forever 21 standards) but it was still pretty cheap at about $25. I love anything with stripes nowadays so this dress was a closet staple!

click on the link below for more!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

White Out

'Azelia' dress: c/o Minty Meets Munt (link here)
Bag: Gmarket
Cuff: Colette Jewellery
Necklace: House of Harlow

hey hey guys! firstly thank you so much for all the supportive feedback on my previous post! I saw that some of you guys have been in similar situations before or empathised in some way, and I'm really glad to have shared a little inspiration with everyone. Positive vibes all around! :) Here's to a wonderful, fulfilling and successful 2014!
Moving on to my outfit post for is the amazing 'Azelia' dress by Minty Meets Munt! This dress caught my eye immediately with the unique mesh panels and curved hem, and combined with the bright white creates a fresh, modern look. I really wanted to pair it with more all-white for a crisp, striking effect but I didn't have enough accessories, so I just paired the dress with gold and taupe.  Because of the white colour there are so many outfit possibilities with this dress!
This gorgeous design also comes in a skirt and crop top version, and in different colours such as black and minty blue. Minty Meets Munt are an Australian label and has an incredible range of fun, youthful and always a little eclectic pieces. Check them out here :)

In other news, who else has been giving their room or house a huge New Year spring clean? I certainly have, and it's been soo good getting rid of stuff that I have pretty much just been hoarding with no useful or aesthetic purpose whatsoever. The past few years I kept all my receipts in shoe boxes which took up a lot of cupboard space, and upon checking them out at the end of the year I found no point at all in their retention. I thought they'd have sentimental value (which there is a little, eg movies watched with good company, good dining experiences) but at the end of the day we don't need to keep everything that brings back a happy memory. Apart from opening up a little more empty space, it's also a good attitude to practice in life- to let go of the old and focus on the now and working towards the future. I think that will be one of my mottos this new year :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Happy new year everyone! So another year has passed, and inevitably the arrival of the new calendar year has prompted us to reflect and look back on how 2013 went for us. January the first of 2014 is really just another day of our lives, but it's always interesting to look at the year gone by, isn't it?
When I think about 2013, I have to say it was probably the best year of my life, but that makes it seem like I have a lot of incredible and spectacular memories and achievements to rattle off in this blog post. In actual fact I didn't go on any mind-blowing travels or perform amazing feats or even witness any, and my 2013 may seem ordinary or even boring to some. But for me the miracle of 2013 was all internal and personal, and it was the year of personal growth and emotional fulfilment. 2013 was the year I turned my mentality around, and it was the year I made my positivity defeat my negativity.
(pic source: Ingredients Inc)
In 2013 I let go of my weight loss obsession and started to focus on being fit and healthy! Besides the veggies, I put back meat and carbs on the plate and it was all about adding nutrition rather than subtracting calories. I discarded the scales which I used to step on every day and night, and I stopped looking at calorie counts of everything on the web. I started making my own lunch and dinner everyday which was always a nutritious mix of healthy and clean food. I stopped focusing on making bones visible and started to make muscles visible. I stopped trying to achieve weakness from starvation and focused on being energetic, active and strong.

In 2012 I was trying to improve myself in a similar manner, but I think in 2013 I really blossomed in successfully getting my mind and body immersed into a healthy lifestyle. It was a gradual process, and I'm very happy to have turned around my relationship with food and with my body, into one of love and moderation, rather than hatred, disgust and extremity. At the end of 2013 I joined the gym and the machines there have made it so much easier to help with my goals of upper body strength, which I have always struggled with!

Although I'm really pleased with my progress in healthy eating and active exercise in 2013, I'm even more proud of my ability to finally, finally achieve balance.

I found a sweet spot between being healthy and maintaining a good body, and enjoying naughty food and life in general. Previously I was always swinging between the two- restricting myself of the good stuff and being unhappy, or indulging in treats and feeling guilty. End result- unhappiness no matter what I did! My mental wellbeing improved dramatically when I found the balance. I didn't dread going out because I allowed myself to enjoy a good meal. I didn't break down when I ate a whole bag of chips in one sitting (which yes I did with this bag of salt and vinegar crisps! Salt and vinegar is my favourite flavour!) It's counteractive to utterly deprive yourself of the things you love. In 2013 I finally started to love my body.

2013 was also the year I left uni behind and embarked on my journey into the corporate world. I can't believe how much this simple transition changed my whole wellbeing! I spent my whole childhood, teenage and young adult years within high pressure and competitive environments always studying and it's sad to say I didn't do much else. Even as a kid I spent all my time outside of school hours, at multiple tutoring sessions and studying at home. My parents were always busy to spend time with the family so I grew up very lonely and feeling pointless. In uni being against a bunch of law students also made me really feel like the dumb one sometimes lol.

Starting work actually did wonders for my self-confidence! I made pretty good progress within less than a year when I started in February, as I started being the new kid with absolute jack-all to do. But I was able to prove myself and eventually took upon heavy responsiblities and roles very important for the team. Throughout school and uni there were many times where I saw myself as stupid and as a failure. But being a good student is only one facet of intelligence. My progression at work has definitely opened my eyes up to the other ways I can be smart, and skills I didn't even think I had. In 2013 I felt like I was a successful person, rather than a failed one.

(a picture from when I uploaded my first YouTube video)

In 2013 I started a YouTube channel! For some people that may not be a big deal, but for me it took a lot of confidence to start taking videos of my awkward self and posting them on a place which we know is full of trolls and negative people lol! I was able to hit 1000 subscribers in about half a year, which I'm pretty happy about. But more importantly than that: I forced myself to be confident, comfortable infront of a camera, and thick-skinned when it came to dislikes or not-nice comments. I am still very much attached to my shell, but I'm hoping this year I can continue to emerge from it and be more open to the world.

Apart from starting a YouTube, in 2013 I also continued to grow my blog and social media platforms, especially with Instagram. I tried to continue interacting with people on all these things which can actually be very time-consuming haha! I also worked with some wonderful sponsors, public relations agencies, and the like, which was all very fun and exciting.

With all these things combined, the most significant thing I can say about 2013 is that it was the year I felt thankful to be alive. And that is actually a lot more than I can say about previous years. I have done some dumb things and had a lot of dark thoughts in the past, but this year I have really grown in embracing positivity and loving life. In February next month, I will be turning 24 and for the first time in a while, I don't actually dread getting a year older!

In 2013 I really felt blessed to have come into this world, and I felt grateful to wake up every day. In 2013 I felt more confident rather than not, and the happy thoughts outweighed the bad. And this is why as boring and as mundane as my whole year may seem to some, it was actually the best year of my life. I look forward to 2014 which I know will be another great year. I hope that all of you guys have also had an amazing year, and that 2014 continues to be full of happiness, love and overall positivity. Happy new year again! :)



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