Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Huge Haul: Sabo Skirt, Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Tobi, more

hey guys! I haven't done a haul post in ages and this is the result- a massive long collective haul post! In my defense this post rolls right off the silly season of shopping and sales, although I found the pre-Christmas sales much more worthwhile than the Boxing Day ones.

Sabo Skirt Haul

I think Sabo Skirt had a 25% off sale before Christmas, which I jumped on because I absolutely love their stuff! I don't think the quality of the stuff justifies the prices most of the time, so sales and discount coupons are definitely the way to go.

Laguna Shorts (pictured above)
$42 -> $31.50
size: S

This was a piece that had surprisingly good quality- it's a bit thicker and less wrinkly than some of the other garments I've had from SS. The shorts keep their shape and volume and don't crinkle when you sit down. I can never resist a pretty pastel design so I had to grab this while the sale was on :)

I'm also wearing a new crop top from my Tobi.com haul! You can read more about my Tobi haul in this haul post as well.

Wildcat shorts (out of stock)
$48-> $36
size: S

Also seems to be made of the same material as the Laguna shorts (above). Looks just like the pictures! I love the soft, cool watercolour take on the classic leopard print! PS. it has pockets!

the shorts are sold out, but the same print is available in a top version (http://saboskirt.com/Home/ProductDetail/1665/Bam-Bam-Top) and skirt version (http://saboskirt.com/Home/ProductDetail/1432/Bam-Bam-Skirt).

Round Sunglasses (out of stock)

Just thought I'd pick up a cheap pair of light-framed sunnies! Giant sunglasses are great for hiding a tired, no-makeup face ;)

Forever 21 Haul

(haul made via mail forwarding service HopShopGo)

Abstract floral fit and flare dress
size small

I was actually really planning to take this dress to work and that's the reason I bought it, but it turns out it was too short! Shame on me for not checking measurements and believing I am significantly shorter than the model so that the dress would hit my knee instead. It's not too bad though as it's still a cute dress and was less than $20!

Fit and Flare floral dress (sold out)
size small

This dress has such a cute floral print on it, and works so well with red lipstick due to the red tones :) I've definitely been wearing this dress out a lot.

Southwestern-inspired Skinny jeans (sold out)
size 26

These jeans were on sale at $15 which I think is an amazing deal for a pair of jeans...so even though I'm not really a jeans person I felt pressured to get these because they were so cheap! Also a huge fan of aztec print :)

Sizing wasn't perfect as the size 26 was a little loose on me...and might end up being un-wearable after a short amount of time.

Striped fit and flare dress with belt
size small

This was a more pricey dress, (by Forever 21 standards) but it was still pretty cheap at about $25. I love anything with stripes nowadays so this dress was a closet staple!

click on the link below for more!

Chictopia Rewards

For those of you who post on or browse Chictopia (a fashion community like Lookbook.nu) you might be aware that you can buy clothes and accessories with accumulated points! You rack them up by posting your outfits, commenting, and having your outfits make it into the Style Gallery. I decided to use my points to 'purchase' two things- an orange dress and a Chictopia-designed phone case for my little sister.
Unfortunately the sellers of these items don't ship to Australia so I had to ship them over via HopShopGo. So it wasn't entirely free because of the international shipping I had to pay for, but at least the items were.

Chictopia x Vanessa Dotorre iphone 5 case (free via Chictopia chic points)
Got this design for my sister because the girl reminded me of Violet from American Horror Story (and we are both avid AHS fans!)

Haute Miss off-shoulder peach chiffon dress (free via Chictopia chic points)
this picture doesn't really do the dress justice, but I wore it in a previous post here so you can see what it's like modelled!

Cotton On Active Haul
This was part of a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I can never get enough cute exercise gear! All together the items costed about $100 AUD, which is a bargain in my books since I need to wear exercise gear all the time. I like to stock up so I can wear fresh exercise clothes while the others are in the wash.

I wore the blue-grey ombre sports top in a previous blog post here.

Tobi Haul

I bought 6 tops and 1 ring, and then I used a 40% off discount code, and the total came down to $107, which is pretty reasonable. However had I spent full price on everything, I don't think I would've been too happy as the quality of the stuff is not really worth the original prices!

White 'Caged sweetheart' crop top
size: small
I already wore this cut-out crop top with my new Sabo Skirt shorts (just scroll up in this blog post). It's really cute although quite revealing, so I'd save it for good stomach days only haha.

'Disobey' tank top (sold out)
size small

A very fun and cheeky top with 'Disobey' as opposed to popular street brand 'Obey'...I just don't particularly like the design, as the sides have great gaping holes with tie strings at the bottom. It's just unnecessary and cheapens the look, and you always have to make sure you're wearing a cute bralette for the exposed sides!

'Merced' crop top
size small

I love my striped tops, and I really wanted to add another one to my collection. I  can see myself wearing this a lot!

'Shooting star' ring

I thought this ring was sooo pretty! I love how the 'star' shape seems to wrap all the way around the finger. It was a bargain when I bought it, but the current price of $16 seems excessive to me.

Twisted crop top in black, ivory
size small
$14.50 ea

Nooo! Whatever you do don't pay the full price of $40 (as it currently is)! It's just not worth that much money. The criss-cross part moves every now and then and puts the top in an odd placement, so that the gaps in the criss cross expose other areas...if you know what I mean! Of course you would be wearing a bra underneath, but it still doesn't look too good to have a chunk of being exposed through the top. If you can figure out how to make the top stay in place, that would solve that problem. Also the material is kind of thin and would pill so easily after one wash.

'Zip me up zag' crop top
size small
This criss cross crop top, although similar in design to the previous one, is made of thicker material and is much better quality. I love the off-shoulder design too!

Baroque skirt: c/o Banggood.com
Khaki Station Necklace: House of Harlow (also part of my The Dark Horse haul! Just scroll down)

Nasty Gal Haul

I made two separate orders from Nasty Gal before the Christmas break! For the first haul (2x bustiers, hat) I had 40% off everything, and for the second haul I got some discount but I don't remember what it was. I didn't get a confirmation email or anything for some reason so I don't have the exact prices I paid at the time.

Nasty Gal order 1:
Erotica lace bustier (link here) in black, white
size 32B
$38 -> $22.8 each

Stevie wool hat
$30 -> $18
I've been wanting the Erotica bustier for quite a while, because they seem quite thin and tight-fitted which makes them look great under clothes. I couldn't justify spending almost $40 for one though, so having them go down to almost half price seemed too good to pass up!
Upon receiving them, the tag makes it seem more like some women's undergarment thing that you would get from some Chinese market and makes you feel like you shouldn't have paid so much...but at least I only had to pay half-price. I will probably take some pictures with the bustiers and post them up!

Nasty Gal order 2:
EVA NYC 'perfect chic' galaxy gift set (out of stock)
...why not buy a gift set for myself? I've never seen such a pretty hair dryer as this galaxy-printed one, so I had to have it (despite knowing I already have 2 hair dryers and most hotels already supply hair dryers). The gift box also comes with a paddle brush and Up All Night volumising spray. I haven't tried anything in the box yet but the volumising spray has pretty good reviews so far...it claims to protect hair from heat as well as provide texture. I can't wait to test it out!
Lime Crime Styletto black lipstick (out of stock)
The inner goth in me says I MUST buy an all-black lipstick if there is ever one available, so I did! I'm so excited to test it out! It seems to be sold out on the Nasty Gal website but still available on Lime Crime's website (http://limecrime.com/lips/opaque-lipstick-20.html). It comes in all sorts of quirky colours like mint green and yellow but black stood out to me the most!

The Dark Horse jewellery haul

House of Harlow Station necklace $90-> $40
Wildfox rose gold bones bracelet $70-> $20

The Dark Horse is a wonderful Australian-based online store stocking some of my favourite jewellery brands like House of Harlow and Wildfox, and I've already ordered from them a number of times! Compared to the other online jewellery stores selling the same brands they seem to be the cheapest, and the communication and fast delivery is top-notch. 

I've already worn the Station necklace a number of times and it goes well with anything gold, brown, or taupe...as well as other neutral shades. For some reason I haven't worn the Wildfox bones bracelet yet! It's such a delicate pretty piece, and adding more rose gold pieces to my collection means I can have more choices in pairing them together.

More Jewellery!
All of these were only $5 from Colette jewellery! The choker is a bit stiff and I do scratch my neck everytime I put it on and off, but the other bangles are great!

Two new necklaces from Dotti! Both around $7 each.
Forever New

One of my favourite Australian stores Forever New had a pre-Christmas sale as well, and I bought some quilted cases I had been eyeing.
Jet Setter large beauty case $50 -> $25, Tanika jewellery box $60 -> $30

The makeup case is actually very large and I can't actually imagine stuffing it full of makeup especially if I were to go on vacation...I think I'll leave it as a multi-purpose case and I'll figure out sometime what to store in it!

The jewellery box has a great selection of compartments, with the top row containing several ring holders and a middle box for your most precious jewels. You can put a range of knick-knacks in the bottom drawers as well. I already have a bunch of jewellery holders/stands/boxes so I haven't really sorted out how I will organise everything with this new one!

And that's it! There were some more things I bought but I forgot to take photos of them too. Sydney has been extremely hot the past few weeks and combined with some other current ailments I've been feeling really lethargic and disengaged lately. I have an outfit post coming up soon but apart from that I don't really have anything scheduled (I usually have a bunch of things lined up). I will hopefully get back into the swing of things! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! If only I could distribute some of this dizzying heatwave in Australia over to those freezing in the Northern hemisphere! :)


  1. Wow, lots of great purchases! You definitely took advantage of the sales :) The sabo skirt printed shorts are so cute, as is the forever 21 stripe dress, that will be such a practical piece!

    Really like your house of Harlow necklace from the dark horse too - I have one in black and silver and it goes with so much. Such a pretty line.

    Away From Blue

  2. Every time I see one of your outfit hauls all I can think of is "wow this girl has enough clothes to wear a completely different outfit every single day of the year & never repeat a single item!" Haha Love all the jewellery you got though! Going to check out some right now.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. what a purchase! That's a huge haul. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA
    Like me on FACEBOOK

  4. I'm loving everything esp the first look! such great finds.


  5. So many nice stuff!


  6. I LOVE all the exercise gear - the more active I become, the more exercise gear has started inching its way into my actual daily wear, too, so double purpose! And that shirt you're wearing in the first picture is amazing.

    belle + compass

  7. Love every single buy in this haul! The jewelry box is really nice and you got it at a really good price! I've been eyeing a few because I really need to organize my stuff haha Lovely outfits as always Izzy!

  8. Wow, it sure was quite a haul ! But it's fun to see all at once and not "new in" the other day ;) Now you can show off all the pretty looks wearing these <3 Aah, amazing finds. I'm still a bit stunned really. :)

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  9. Amazing stuff and purchases Izzy! I think the galaxy dryer stands
    out the most, because its so pretty! I think F21 USA has so much
    better stuff to offer than the ones we have in my country......

  10. That flowery dress is so pretty! And great picks with the rings!! I really like the shooting star one :P Xx

  11. Oh I love that hair dryer!

  12. So many great find, would you like to be my roommate ;))) XO


  13. Great haul! You make everything look so nice! I feel like these sites are way too pricey for me though xD Except for Forever21. If only we had it here!

  14. Holy moly, girl can shop haha! I'm trying to sell my stuff to fund my OE but I accidentally bought a few things from Boohoo on sale eeeek! I love the bustiers, look forward to seeing them in an outfit pic xx


  15. Ohmygawwwww!! Those Southewestern inspired print pants...I NEED <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. Holy cannoli, great haul! I love the outfits you styled with em :)


  17. Loving all your things <3


  18. These are gorgeous items and I love the Lime Crime lipstick too :) xx

  19. that's one rad hair dryer!


  20. thats a massive haul girl!! love all the items, my fave are the sabo shorts as i only just discovered the brand and cant wait for summer to buy stuff.

    carol x

  21. the first look is absolutely stunning! you made awesome stuffs on your massive haul!
    "The Halcyon Days 2013" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

    love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)
    anyway, would you like to follow each other?


  23. Great haul!
    I love the pastel shorts and that hairdryer is really pretty!
    I can totally relate to the crazy hot Sydney weather. I hope it cools down soon!

  24. All the pieces are really pretty! But haha, if I saw them on sale for this price, I would have passed - I would have expected them to go lower... Here in France, I'm hoping there will be one more round of sales when the things will get cheaper again. :)

  25. Good morning beautiful!! Thank you for your sweety coment!!
    Your look is ideal and fresh :)
    I've started with a new photographer "Ivan Montero"
    Come to enjoy our new creation :)

  26. Cute pickups :D I really love that dress you were planning to wear to work, even though it's probably not work appropriate. Oh well at least it can be styled differently!


  27. Now I want to go shopping! : ) You got a lot of amazing goodies. I love the the bright colored laguna shorts. I wish I could wear things like this right now. It's so cold in Seattle! I also really like the white and black striped forever 21 dress. It's so simple, but I think it looks really polished, especially with the red belt. And that hair dryer is amazing!!! I've had mine since high school... I think I might need to upgrade to something like yours! : )


  28. omg I adore saboskirt! So much so I drew it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ5QjQIVPH4 !

    Nice work! have a good day!

    -Nette or @Lynette_Enright on twitter

  29. You have brought a lot of wonderful things!



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