Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Styling Hats in Four Ways

Hey everyone! I'm currently sick at the moment and I should be resting, but couldn't help but churn out a new blog post in the meantime! You can't make me do nothing for the whole day *pouty face*. I've started really embracing hats in outfits, especially those of the wide-brimmed kind! I guess hats of different shapes and sorts have always been on trend for a long time, and there are many different styles you can incorporate them in. I've picked four hats from my little collection, and styled them up for a few different looks/occasions!

Look #1: Country Girl
Hat: 'Stevie Wool Hat' from Nasty Gal
Dress: Chaceylove
Boots: Nine West
Jacket: Jeanswest

Someone on Instagram asked me what style of hat this was, and truth be told I had no idea! It's different to my other wide-brimmed, floppy hats and I don't think it's quite a fedora...I am definitely no hat expert so please educate me if you have the correct term for it!

Haha in any case, I have definitely incorporated this hat in several different outfits, and for this one I have chosen a country-inspired look. I paired it with a black and white floral dress from Chacey Love, taupe ankle boots, and completed it with a loose side braid and a bunch of lavender flowers! I saw a similar look by Jenny from Neon Blush here so I added a denim jacket on the shoulder like she did. While she geared more towards a Coachella, bohemian look I put my own spin on it and the result was more country-inspired.

more under the link!

Look #2: Chic About Town
Hat: 'Stevie Wool Hat' from Nasty Gal
Lace two-piece: c/o Koogal (link here)
Bag: iAnyWear
Shoes: Novo

Using the same hat from Nasty Gal, this is more like the 'city' version! I'm seeing a lot of people wearing matching separates these days- where an outfit that looks like it could be a single dress, has been broken down into a top and skirt. I think it's a cute way to play with silhouettes, and this two-piece from Koogal was a great way to ease into the trend, with an elegant and flattering black lace design. They also stock this two-piece in white lace!

For a break from all the black pieces, I incorporated a pop of colour with the rich purple shoes and wine red lips!

Look #3: Vamp it up
Scallop trim floppy hat: ASOS
Lace bustier: Nasty Gal
Lace shorts: Forever 21
Fluffy cardigan: New Look

This look may not be for everyone and is a bit daring for me, but it was definitely fun to play around with! I went full vampy-style with purple lips and several black pieces of varying textures such as lace and the fluffy knit. There is something about pairing lace delicates (like this Nasty Gal bustier) with 'witchy' pieces (like the hat) that is so appealing to me!

This hat is a real statement piece because of the detailed scalloped trim, and you can play to it by pairing it with complementing cuts and patterns. See how I wore it with laser cuts and Aztec prints in my recent blog post here.

Look #4: Beach Style
Tan floppy hat: ebay
Sopellana fringe bandeau bikini in blue feather: c/o Cesa PH (link here)

I always find it a bit hard to put together an 'outfit' for the beach, which of course should make sense if you're heading into the water! However a big, floppy hat can do wonders for cinching a whole look together, when you're only resting on the sands or by the pool.

In this case, luckily I had two floppy hats in matching colours to the new bikinis kindly sent from Cesa PH, for which I'm one of the newest brand ambassadors! The first bikini has a lovely fringe design top, which I have found so flattering! If you have a small bust, it will hide it and emphasise a small waist. The fringe design also has a great Coachella vibe to it, and is definitely an eye-catcher :) Adding the floppy hat to the bikini was a final bohemian touch to a festival-inspired beach look.

Purple hat: Factorie
Zurriola bikini in Brasili print: c/o Cesa PH (link here)
Leopard bottom sunnies: c/o Sunglass Spot

This is another gorgeous bikini sent to me from Cesa PH, and I complemented the fuschia tones in the top piece with my purple floppy straw hat from Factorie! As with the previous look, you can add a big floppy hat to a swim suit for the perfect outfit to lay down by the beach in, or to relax and sip cocktails in :)

Again like the other fringe bikini, I've found the Zurriola bikini very flattering as well! If you're a little shy about revealing the chest, this is a great, subtle cover-up. The bottom piece is also really cute with the little side ribbon detail in the same gorgeous Brasili print!


  1. You have an amazing collection of long-brim hats and they look so good on you, too!

  2. Lovely outfits with hats! :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Away From Blue

  3. I actually like all look for different occasions ;)
    And that first fringe bikini is awesome!!! xo


  4. 2 and 3 are my fave looks when it comes to overall styling, especially the two piece dress is wonderful. And the very last hat has gorgeous colour!

  5. I am totally a hat person, I loooove hats c:
    I really love the first one ^_^ And get well
    soon and drink lots of tea with honey dear!

  6. Love your array of hat! I've been meaning to get some more cause at the moment, I only have two - I really want a bowler hat and a wide brimmed one!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  7. amazing styling!! the beach look looks nice
    Greets Jon

  8. you look lovely dear !! thanks for the follow :) i am following you back :) xx

  9. Yup, I've been loving hats a lot lately too! Your first hat is just so cute, (as well as the outfit), although I don't know what style it'd be called either...hmmm. Haha anyway, hope you get some rest and recover quickly!
    Ah, and yup, that's why all the waitresses get a bit nervous when someone from out of the country sits in our section. Haha, some don't realize tipping is a custom in America. I make $3.25/hour as a waitress, and while that seems unreasonable, I end up making a serious profit thanks to working hard for my tips. I usually end up making $20-$25/hour by the end of my shift!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. These are so beautiful doll, I love hats :) x

  11. I love all of the outfits! Great <3

  12. I love how you styled the wide-brimed hats! They are currently my favorite and I love how they jazz up an outfit :) xx


  13. Great post dear:)
    Love reading your blog!

  14. amazing look! love this cute dress!

  15. I love your post. Every thing you wear looks good on you !!


  16. Great looks! They are a big inspiration.
    I love the bikinis and country girl look =)


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