Monday, March 24, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 1

Hey everyone! I've decided to start a weekly "Happiness" blog post series, where I blog about the things I've been happy and grateful for throughout the week. The idea was sort of born from a number of different factors. One was that I've been seeing Rochelle Fox (an Australian blogger) do a similar Happiness series on her blog, and it sort of inspired me that someone so gorgeous, talented and powerful might possibly have struggled with finding or maintaining happiness before.

Another factor was my poor attitude and mindset these past few weeks, where it got to the point where I almost had a panic attack and found it hard to breathe, over a number of things that accumulated and made me feel so stressed, anxious and out of control. A lot of these things were trivial now in hindsight, but I completely lost the ability to see the bigger picture and muster the strength to face the challenges with confidence. So by doing a series of blog posts on a weekly basis, where I blog about the things I have felt happy about, could be a great personal exercise. It's important to never forget the things that bring joy to your life, no matter how silly or simple they are! I hope this series of posts can inspire you guys as well! :)

1. My new favourite colour: periwinkle.

Crochet top: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Periwinkle flutter shorts: c/o Steal her Look (link here currently sold out)
Scalloped satchel: ASOS
New nail polishes by Essie - currently obsessed with the periwinkle polish second from the left 'Bikini So Teeny'

So every weekly Happiness post will include something fashion-related, as this is a fashion blog and fashion genuinely does make me happy! Haha periwinkle is a colour that I have been obsessed with as of late, and it's proven to be a great topic of conversation when people observe my nails (in Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny') and are unsure of what shade you would call it.

This colour has been making me super happy this week and besides the periwinkle coat on my nails, I've acquired a number of periwinkle-coloured clothing items for my wardrobe.

One of them is these shorts gifted to me from Steal Her Look, aptly titled the 'flutter' shorts because of the cute ruffles at the hem, making it resemble more of a flirty mini skirt. The shade is so pretty and the shorts themselves are ultra comfy.

Periwinkle silk tee: Forever New

I also bought this 100% silk tee from Forever New, which is sort of two things to be happy about rolled in one- the luxuriously comfy feeling of silk against your skin and of course my new favourite colour! It was a bit pricey at $80 but I got a 20% discount making it $64...and to me it's a staple item that I can wear both on the weekends, and to work. I wore it over black jeggings to the doctor's, for a really, really comfy yet decent-looking ensemble.

2. My sickness.

Seems like a bizarre thing to be grateful for, doesn't it? I have spent most of the past week at home, trying to rest and get better. I hate being unwell, finding it hard to concentrate, and hence being completely unproductive. But it's actually wake-up calls like this that made me realise, it's ok to have days where I don't do anything but enjoy life. Being forced to stay at home and not feeling well enough to reasonably complete many tasks, made me appreciate the importance of rest, the fact I can even take sick days, and just being alive in general.

3. Comedy shows.
Because laughter is the best medicine! How many times have you been caught off-guard when you were in a down mood and something funny happens, and you just let out a little snort or guffaw out loud? When I was sick I spent a looot of time on the couch, watching shows like The Project and Modern Family and cracking up at all the silly humour. To have a smile break out on your face, is enough to distance yourself mentally from all the niggling little worries on your brain. Even if it's just for a moment- to feel happy for a brief second can remind yourself of all the positive things in life.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first post of my weekly Happiness blog series!


  1. Lovely outfit! And shades of nail polish! Thanks for passing by my blog xx

  2. This is seriously such an awesome idea. I think it's really helpful to jot down what makes me happy and grateful each day. Just so that I realise that even though maybe there was one negative event today, all this other good stuff happened!

    I'm loving all the Essie shades - they seriously have the prettiest colours! And very true - being sick is one of the best wake up calls to take a step back and to have a look at what we've got and to see what's ahead. Looking forward to more of your happiness posts!

  3. Great idea for a blog series! It's important to take time and reflect on what we are greatful for! :)

    Love the periwinkle blue shade on you - great that you have a matching polish too! And yes, comedy is definitely great medicine!

    Away From Blue

  4. such a cute outfit and you have gorgeous legs! the essie shades are so pretty!

  5. These are wonderful things to be grateful for...having a rest and doing the things you put off sometimes is a great way to have a different perspective!! Super list doll. Have a wonderful week xx

  6. I love periwinkle colour too! Love your outfit btw ;)

    Sweet Peppermint Girl

  7. Super cute outfit :) I'm absolutely in love with the periwinkle color as well lol


  8. Love this new segment in your blog, look forward to reading what makes you happy. Positivity is always gd right x

  9. Great idea hun, love it! I do a lot of other things in terms or being grateful and happy for what I love...I might share on my blog one day, who knows! Loving the lace top in the first pic by the way! xx

  10. Hi Izzy. I love this idea for a post and it is very relevant to me because I struggle a lot with finding happiness and being positive. It feels like depression and anxiety will always be a part of my life :(...Love your choices for this post. Periwinkle is such a unique colour and looks fabulous on you. Comedy shows most definitely work, I have been trying that lately too.

  11. You're right, it's really important to step back and realize that the small stressful things are really small. I really like this, especially because for me, clothes and make up make me just as happy as less materialstic things, too. :)


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