Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 5

The fifth installment of my Happiness series has come a day late! I've been too caught up in stuff over the Easter long weekend, but technically today (Tuesday) is the official start of the working week right? :) Anyway to read more about what this series means to me you can check out the first blog post here :) 

1. The power of illusion in fashion
Cat jumper: c/o Romwe
Striped leggings: c/o Romwe
Meow beanie: Boohoo.com

So how many of us would love to look like we have skinnier waists, slimmer thighs or longer legs through our clothes? Not that there's anything wrong with the way we look, but it's always fun to find clothes that help create an illusion of what we would love to have :)

When Romwe first sent me these leggings I could immediately tell that it ticked all the boxes to be a sneaky, ultra-flattering piece- it had vertical stripes, thick lines, and was made of stretchy, tight-fitting material to really cling to your legs. When you pair it with some tall platform boots, you can really create a long, streamlined effect from the hips down, and the vertical stripes help in elongating and pulling your eye up and down that whole section.

As a result I probably look like I have much longer legs in the photos than I actually do! In real life my torso is quite long compared to my legs haha....but in fashion if you pull the right tricks you can definitely create a different illusion :)

2. Your support!!

I did a giveaway with Blake & Co recently, and I'm also doing my own giveaway sometime soon! I recently hit over 11,000 followers on my Lookbook.nu account (http://lookbook.nu/drstrangelove) and I also hit over 34,000 followers on Instagram (http://instagram.com/_izzi) some time ago...I really never, never thought I could get such big numbers! I'm so super duper grateful haha. So for that reason, I've been thinking of setting up my own giveaway as a little thanks for everyone's support. It will go up either next week or the week after! :) Thanks so much to everyone again!

3. A turnaround in mindset
'Forever Mine Lacework dress": c/o St Frock (link here)
Photo credits: Bending Colours

I did a photoshoot with a friend over the weekend, and found this unexpectedly happy candid! Looking at it honestly makes me really proud of what I've achieved in my life, especially in terms of flipping my entire mental outlook around and making my best efforts to maintain it. I seriously went from a person who thought negative thoughts and about suicide every single day, to someone who can't wait to take onboard new opportunities, experiences and challenges. I went from dreading the next day, to being so super excited and hopeful for the future and all the plans and goals I've made for it.

I know a lot of people struggle so much to find happiness and keep a smile up. Being happy is not as easy as flipping a switch, and it takes soo much work and effort, on a constant basis. It could take years and years before a small change in attitude is made. But I promise that if you keep on persisting to embrace positivity, you will reach a point where you look back at all the mental strength you've developed and gained, and it will absolutely take your breath away :)


  1. nice outfit my dear..<3

  2. I'm so happy for you. Seriously how did you do it? I'm still that person you say you used to be and I've literally tried everything

  3. You know, reading all of your posts and seeing your huge success (congrats btw) makes me realize that you DESERVE it!
    I'm so happy and inspired by this Izzy and wish only the best for you :)
    Keep it up!
    Oh, and yes, the illusion of fashion is so amazing. Haha, I love it! Great leggings, they definitely give you model legs!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. oh the candid shot is just gorgeous
    I love your pretty lace dress

    and I can honestly say the same! six years ago I couldn't imagine myself being someone who give comfort and encouragement to others while I was myself being constantly depressed. But now, I appearently do.. And it gives even more excitement to my life. So happy that you are in a good place, Izzie :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. Lovely post as usual :) Love the candid shot! Go you with all your followers wow!! I don't even have 100 followers on Instagram haha xx


  6. Loove the outfit, this is such a cute idea <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. Congrats on achieving a more positive mindset! It sure takes some effort! And 34000 followers - wow!

  8. Oh I loved everything about this post, its hard to imagine that other people is unhappy, specially in these kind of blogs where all the pictures are so happy and beautiful! and that lace dress is almost as cute as the candid expression :)


  9. I am so in love the lace dress, dear:)

    You look great in it:)

    Daisy/// www.fashionmemos.blogspot.com

  10. These posts are really inspiring.
    Congrats on reaching those numbers on Lookbook.nu and Instagram!
    The candid shot is beautiful =)


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