Monday, April 28, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 6

 Morning guys! Here's Week 6 of my Happiness series. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! To read more about what this series means to me you can check out the first blog post here :)

1. Collared blouses

Collar blouse: c/o Awwdore (link here)
Blue flare skirt: c/o Banggood (link here)
Bag: The Little Black Bag
How good are collared blouses? You can get so many different styles of collars, from Peter Pan styles, ruffles, sequins, studded ones, lacy, and unique cut-out ones like this one I'm wearing here! You can create a preppy, edgy or feminine look, depending on the style of collar you wear. I love how the collar alone can be such a stand-out and intricate piece, that pulls together your outfit without the need for a necklace or other accessories. Annnd even better is that you can wear a sweater on top, and pull out just the collar!
My collared blouse here is from one of my favourite online boutique stores for cute and feminine fashion-! The collar has a sort of girly, yet gothic vibe to it- the intricate amd delicate cut outs remind me of spider webs but in the most feminine and pretty way haha. The sleeves are also sheer, which provides another cute point of contrast on this blouse. This is such a perfect pretty little piece for the autumn (fall) and winter seasons, and you can pair it with so many things! Here I've worn it with a flared skirt from Banggood in a bright, electric blue shade for a pop of colour that totally suits the cooler weather.
2. New camera gear
So as you guys know I've been taking my own photos lately infront of my house and with my trusty old remote and tripod...but I've still been borrowing my boyfriend's camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) as my current gear doesn't take such nice photos outdoors. So last week I bought a Canon EOS 6D which happened to go on sale as soon as I wanted to get it...I love how things work out like that! I managed to get the body only for $1615. I also bought a new lens (Sigma 35mm 1.4) which I got a really discount for as well! I haven't taken a pic of it yet as I haven't received it, but it's definitely on its way. Camera gear can be a bit of a hefty investment but if the output is fulfilling enough (for me it's for the continuation of my fashion blogging) then it's definitely all worth it!

3. Good noms
This week (and last week...who can forget the damage done over the long Easter weekend??) I have been doing a lot of feasting! I have been eating out every. Single. Day. And not on rabbit food- but I feasted on all my favourites like lamb chops, steak, chips, Turkish food and Mexican food....I was happy enough to visit my favourite two restaurants recently, Margaritaville ( and Chef's Gallery (
I have never liked Chinese food but I just keep coming back and back to Chef's Gallery....! When I went on the weekend and ordered my food, the waitresss actually told me that maybe I should stop there and order the rest of the food later....I have never been told that by the restaurant that I'm ordering too much before! Haha that was a pig-like moment right there.
Pictured here is one of my favourite dishes there, the salt and pepper handmade egg and spinach tofu. There is the most amazing contrast between the crunchy skin and the soft tofu texture inside! It was the first time my boyfriend said that he actually enjoyed tofu...just like how it was the first time I liked eating at a Chinese restaurant haha!

Pictured here is one of the best steaks I've ever had in my life! It was so tender and soft and perfect! I got them with mushroom sauce which went perfectly together with it, and also these beer-battered chips were some of the most amazing chips I've ever had.


  1. That is interesting, for a restaurant to tell you to stop ordering but I guess it's to prevent wasted food? I would do the same thing you're doing and just take the rest of it home with me XD can't say no to good food.

    Grats on getting the camera! I wish I could invest in camera equipment as well but you're right, they are super expensive. I'm sure your investment is worth it and I look forward to seeing more photos from you in the future.

  2. You look so good in blouses and skirts! Congrats on getting a new camera! that's exciting :) I should really use my tripod more and try to take outfit pictures on my own but I get too lazy sometimes.. haha. And the food looks so good! happy belated easter!

  3. I love collared blouses as well, they're super adorable! The one you're wearing is so gorgeous ^o^
    And I've always wondered what camera you use for those amazing pictures, thanks for sharing with us and congrats on getting your own new camera hehe~
    I'm really like these Happiness series :)


  4. Mmmm, yes, good noms make for a very happy Linda ^^ Hehe, looks delish!
    And oooh, that collared blouse is just adorable <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Those fries look so good! I've been wanting that camera for ages, the pictures come out so nicely. It'll be great to see how your photos now when you get your camera xx

    onacruz blog

  6. Love collared dresses and things too, so much fun and very cute :) This food looks amazing...Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a great week :) xx

  7. that salt & pepper tofu looks amazingly delicious! well i like almost anything that is salt & peppered so i'm quite bias here :P

  8. Yum that food looks so good! Easter is definitely a time for indulging - it's great to share a good meal with family and friends :)

    Away From Blue

  9. How come you always look so adorable! Love that blue color on you. x

  10. You look so gorgeous! That top + skirt + shoes combo is so nice.

    and can I just add, those foods are <3333


  11. pretty look :)


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