Saturday, May 31, 2014

Made in the 90s

'Made in the 90s' tee: c/o Lex Mila (currently sold out)
Plaid shirt around waist: c/o Light in the Box (heaps of similar here)
Denim shorts: Love Culture
Boots: Lovely
XO Necklace: c/o Rings and Tings

With the 90s revival in full swing in street fashion at the moment, how appropriate is this 'Made in the 90s' tee from Lex Mila? I'm a 1990 baby and although I never really immersed myself in pop culture during that decade, I definitely developed a fond appreciation of boy bands and 90's R&B when I got older! This is probably my new favourite statement tee- not just because of the words and how but it's actually a very soft and comfy top that would look amazing with any pair of denim cutoffs or jeans. This tee is currently sold out, but there are heaps of other cute statement tees and crop tops here.

And as if the 90's reference wasn't blatant enough, I wore my new plaid shirt from Light in the Box tied around my waist for a grunge throwback. This is the first time I'm trying the plaid around waist trend- I'm a little late to the scene, but what a fun way to add volume and layers to your outfit!

What do you guys think is the best thing about the 90s? My favourite things were stick-on earrings and Lip Smackers!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blissful Greys

(I had some text here that got completely wiped out for some reason!)
'erotica' bustier: Nasty Gal
'Stevie' hat: Nasty Gal
'blogger' skirt: c/o Shuku New York (link here)
Cardigan: Forever 21

Yay for winter allowing us to layer and mix up different textures! I mixed up crochet, leather and faux fur in a previous blog post here, and in this outfit I've combined lace, leather and a ribbed cardigan. The trick to layering different textures in warmer days or autumn is to keep the pieces lightweight and non-bulky. I always find myself reaching for this lacy bustier from Nasty Gal, as it creates a non-bulky shape and adds an interesting pop of white lace underneath outifts.

I've been loving leather for winter as well, and I love how this skirt from Shuku New York also takes on board the asymmetric trend which I've never seen before done with leather. I hope everyone has had a great week! I've been so tired this week, and I can foresee a long stay in bed on the upcoming weekend....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 9

Here's this week's post in my Happiness series! Sorry last week didn't have one and I had a lot of things scheduled on during the time. Nonetheless here's the next post in the series, and to read the first post of the series and find out what it means, click here.
1. Tobi Haul

wearing 'Wonder floral crop bustier' from Tobi, and Pom pom ball fringe shorts c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
I was obviously still in summer mode when I made my orders! I bought two new white crop tops because I find them more versatile than black, and a bralette with a V-shaped cut out in the middle. The bralette is not to be worn on its own outside lol but instead underneath a low-cut tank top for a cute additional detail. The kimono is perfect, and is just so comfy and breezy to wear, with fringe detail at the end for an extra boho vibe. I'm super happy with the actual quality, fit and design of all the pieces I received, although there was a stuff-up in the whole process!

A few weeks ago I received a Tobi package but it contained someone else's order! She was from  Melbourne (another state in Aus) and I used the contact number on her order invoice to text her, hoping she had received my package. However she actually received her correct order, and Tobi had for some reason sent out her package twice and I had no idea if mine was even despatched at all.

I emailed them straight away (and their customer service is actually surprisingly good, they responded instantly) and they apologised and everything, and gave 3 options- refund my original order, 2. ship out my order again, 3. forget about the original order and just get 50% off storewide. Also, I had to return the other person's package to them.

I emailed back because I wasn't really happy with that response- to compensate for the extra delays and the trouble of having to return someone else's package, those options offered didn't seem to add anything extra on top of what they had to do anyway, to show some level of sincerity or apology. They responded and said I could have my order re-shipped out and get a 50% off promo code, so combining options 2 and 3 together.

I wasn't ecstatic about this response either- anyone can get 50% off if they make a new account, for the 50% for new members. But I couldn't be bothered pursuing it further, for a few reasons- whether they decide to appease me with higher discounts or extra clothes, it didn't really matter because I know I already have so many clothes as it is, and secondly because I actually have a lot of respect for businesses especially small ones. My parents own a business and I definitely understand how hard they work and how frustrating it is when things beyond your control stuff up your reputation or service, so I know what it's like being on the business owner side and dealing with unreasonable customers who always think they're right.

So anyway I waited for my original package to be re-shipped and about a week after this I got it, along with another Tobi package containing that old order. So I think they accidentally shipped twice that Melbourne girl's order and accidentally shipped twice my order too! So I'll be sending one of those packages along with the other girl's order back to them. With my re-shipped order they included a 'free gift' that they mentioned they would pop in, which is meant to be a necklace but looks pretty tacky haha and looks a bit like a random chain from a hardware shop or something.

'free gift' to compensate for the mix-up
Nonetheless despite the stuff-up I have to say Tobi's response was actually pretty good and could've been a lot worse. It might've taken forever to re-ship the original package instead of the 1 week extra it took, or their customer service could've been a lot slower and more unhelpful. And as mentioned I have grown up seeing things from the business' point of view so I know what's a reasonable customer demand and what's not.
2. Charcoal chicken

Charcoal chicken is my latest obsession! This place called Hawa was one of the best charcoal chicken places I've been to, and had the crispiest and yummiest skin and super delish garlic sauce! I definitely want to go back every single week lol...I can eat more than half a chicken in one sitting!

3. My sister opening up
On the weekend my little sister opened up to me about some incidents she had with cyber-bullying in the past, for the first time since it occurred 2 years ago. It's really heartbreaking hearing about a loved one being in such a situation including being on the receiving end of death threats, knowing that she would never do the same to others. However I'm glad she told me because opening up about such issues can feel like a huge weight being lifted off your chest, and it also helps me to understand her mental disorder better and why she acts the way she does.

I've never understood how people can write such nasty comments freely on the web, yet in real life would never say anything to that person's face. In my opinion if you want to convey a message to someone, you should think about whether you would be able to say it verbally to them or only be able to type it out in text. Otherwise it's an admission of cowardice to yourself if you can only say something because you're hiding behind a computer screen. I hope none of my readers have ever had to have the unpleasant experience of cyber-bullying, and if so, have found ways to block out these gutless people from affecting your wellbeing.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Gallery Dress + St Frock Giveaway

'Gallery' dress in black: c/o St. Frock (link here)
Shoes: Lovely
'Love' bangle: c/o Rings and Tings (link here)
Key necklace: c/o Rings and Tings (link here)

Morning everyone! I've been privileged enough to have this Monday morning off from work :) I'll be doing some filming in the afternoon for my long-neglected YouTube channel and then spending the rest of the day with my sisters! 

One of the prettiest dresses I've worn arrived in the mail for me last week from St. Frock! It's more stunning in real life, with a kaleidoscope of colours in an amazing abstract print, that sort of reminds me of a kooky stained glass art piece. It's just so intriguing to look at and I can just imagine the print hanging on the walls of an art gallery....hence the dress being titled the 'Gallery' dress!

The back has an interesting cut-out, low back design as well...and I complemented it with a tied ribbon from my thin gold metallic belt. I think I could wear this dress for casual daytime looks and going out at night...for any season! With the vivid print I think the dress would make a statement whatever the occasion. This dress also comes in a white version here.

I also wore some new accessories kindly gifted to me from Rings and Tings. I'm wearing a bangle that has 'LOVE' letters all around the wrist, but it's kind of difficult to make out the letters. I'm also wearing a dainty key necklace from them :)

St. Frock Giveaway
I'm still hosting the St. Frock giveaway I put up last Monday! (link to it is here). Here are the giveaway rules again for your convenience:

For a chance to win a $150 gift card to anything on the St. Frock website, there are only 3 simple rules to follow:

1. Subscribe to the Frock Club (St. Frock newsletter), click here
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3. and 'Like' Metallic Paws on Facebook

The Giveaway is still on until Monday 2nd June 12am EST, and is open worldwide! :) I'll be announcing the winner on Metallic Paws Facebook page. Good luck all! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Playful Chevron

'Devil's cake playsuit': c/o Rosy Ruby (link here)
Bull necklace: Dotti
Satchel bag: Chacey Love
Boots: Verali

So I'm obviously a little insane for chevron currently, with my blog being dominated by this fun zig zaggy print lately! To me chevron is a fun and quirky variation of stripes, which to me is a wardrobe staple and an ultimate classic. In the last few posts I've featured chevron in a more sophisticated and toned-down way (see my posts featuring a pencil chevron skirt here and chevron skirt + top set here). However the thicker the lines and larger the print like on this romper from Rosy Ruby, the more fun and playful it can be!

I love how the romper is even more cute and fun with the pom pom trim! There's also something about a contrast of shapes between the chevron and the little pom pom balls that I really like. This romper is perfect for summer but as we're heading into the cooler months I topped it off with more cooler-weather accessories like a black hat and black ankle boots :)

Check out Rosy Ruby boutique for more really cute pieces like this romper! They're Australian-based and ship worldwide.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Winter Wish

'Departed vest': c/o Wish (currently sold out)
faux leather pants: Bardot
Lace top: Lookbookstore
Hat: Dotti
Horn necklace: c/o Persunmall
Wedges: Therapy
Hey guys, this is an entry I'm submitting for the Wish x Honda Australia challenge, called 'Winter in the City'! There's nothing cosier than (faux) fur to keep you warm during winter, and that's why I chose this shaggy vest to style up. It's just sooo soft and comfy to wear! Vests are also a really great layering piece, and I love how you can still show off the detail on the sleeves of the top inside. So for this look I wore my long-sleeved crochet top from Lookbookstore to reveal the intricate floral crochet detail.
I wore the vest over my new faux leather jeans from Bardot, which I have been loving so much! They're just the perfect staple piece for winter and I had been hunting for a pair that specifically had diagonal ribbed around the knees, ever since I saw a similar pair on Aimee of Song of Style. I ended up mixing a number of textures together in this outfit with fur, leather and crochet which seems like a very seasonally-confused combo haha, but I love how it turned out together!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dinner Date with St. Frock

'Date with the devil' bustier top: c/o St. Frock here
'Off duty' skirt in Chevron: c/o St. Frock (link here)
Wishbone necklace:
Shoes: SammyDress
Contrast patent clutch: Zu

Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway that I put up yesterday! (Link is here.) The giveaway still going on until Monday 2nd June (12am EST), so check it out if you haven't already :) The prize is a $150 gift card to anything on the St. Frock online store, and it's open worldwide!

In the last post I featured a two-piece set of a matching skirt and top in white and black chevron print, and here I've taken just the skirt piece and paired it with other items to show how versatile these two-piece sets are! I've paired it with a strapless bustier, which has a peplum shape to break up the silhouette for a fun and flirty touch. I always love how peplum really cinches the waist and gives the illusion of a slimmer and proportionate figure with a slim waist and wider hips. 
I love a pop of colour through a bold lipstick, to top off any black and white outfit :) The colour I'm wearing here is called 'Ruby Woo' by MAC, a perfect matte bright red. This look is perfect for a classy dinner date with your significant other! :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Style a Two Piece Set + St. Frock giveaway

'Off duty' top in Chevron: c/o St. Frock (link here)
'Off duty' skirt in Chevron: c/o St. Frock (link here)
'Montana silver haze' Fedora: Lack of Color
Shoes: Missguided
Two-piece sets are the current trend, and the most popular type I've seen around involve a fitted top and a mini to midi pencil skirt. This creates an elegant silhouette from top to bottom, with a bit of skin peeking through at the midriff. It's basically a sexy bodycon dress, sliced in half around the waist!

The one I received from St Frock has a cute chevron print on a matching top and bottom, and keeps it classy with three-quarter sleeves and a skirt not too high above the knees. I prefer these sets in black and white like this one, because it's more versatile and even more so when you take the pieces separately and pair it with the rest of your wardrobe. So in this blog post I've shown some ideas on how to wear it as a combined set, and with just either the top or just the bottom piece. Also keep scrolling down to a $150 gift card Giveaway with St. Frock! :)

Styling a Two Piece Set separately
1. Bottom Piece + Fitted top for an elegant going out look
'Off duty' skirt in Chevron from St. Frock here
'Maxine' top from in black St Frock available in white, pink, navy

I've worn the bottom pencil skirt with two different tops. The first has an elegant high neckline cut, and I've paired with straight black hair and a simple necklace for an sophisticated going out look. This top from St. Frock is so versatile- you can pair it with anything! :)

2. Bottom Piece + Bustier for a sexy going out look
'Off duty' skirt in Chevron from St. Frock here
'Date with the devil' bustier top from St Frock here

The next top I've worn the 'Off Duty' skirt with, is a sexy peplum bustier aptly called 'Date with the devil'! It's more low cut and is strapless, and I've paired it with soft curls and a bright red lippie. This outfit is another going out look with more of a glamorous, party vibe.

3. Top Piece + Jeans
'Off duty' top in Chevron from St. Frock here
RES Denim 'Gettin Hi' jeans from St Frock similar here
The two piece sets I've been seeing a lot around lately, tend to have a cropped length top, to show off the waist. So with the top piece from the set it's best to wear it with long pants or shorts or skirts that are mid to high rise, as opposed to low. Here I've worn it with these black jeans from St. Frock, which have a cool shiny coating. Throw over a cropped jacket or a sweater and you have the perfect casual dinner look during cooler nights.

St. Frock Giveaway

Did you like any of these pieces from St. Frock? Luckily I've teamed up with them to organise a giveaway for a $150 gift card to anything on the St. Frock website!

To enter, there are only 3 simple rules to follow:
1. Subscribe to the Frock Club (St. Frock newsletter), click here
2. and Follow Metallic Paws on Instagram
3. and 'Like' Metallic Paws on Facebook

The giveaway is open worldwide :) I'll be announcing the winner on Metallic Paws Facebook page. Giveaway ends Monday 2nd June (12am EST). Good luck everyone!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blue Heat


'Blue heat' skirt: c/o (link here)
'Crochet scallop bodice' top: c/o Style Addict (link here)
White shoes:
Black clutch: Choies
Heart necklace: Rings and Tings

Crop tops are always a must for summer and I love the scalloped hem of this one from Style Addict! And 'Blue heat' is such an appropriate name for this skirt! It's made of such a soft, comfy fabric that feels great for those super warm days, and the cool white and blue tones are so refreshing. Check out Blushop here, they're an Aussie based online boutique with super cute trendy pieces.

My upcoming giveaway goes up this coming Monday (in two days' time)! I'm so excited! So sorry for the super short blog post, today's a busy day and I had to get this post out :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Earthy Tones

Boho paisley print romper: c/o Romwe (link here)
Hat: Dotti
Boots: Nine West
I've been really loving earthy tones lately- from rustic reds and browns to pale neutrals. This colour scheme seems to complement cooler weather so well, against an overcast sky and the red and orange leaves during autumn-time. These colours also tend to be more classic and mature, so the more you invest in earthy hues and neutrals the more clothes you'll have for the next decade or so! :)

This romper from Romwe has a beautiful mix of these earthy colours, and the paisley pattern is actually really pretty and intricate close up! :) The romper is so light and airy- the material just falls right off your skin and the stretchy waist band could fit a variety of sizes. I can definitely picture myself reaching for this romper for something like a long road trip!

These are the results of photos I took on the weekend, when I was better able to use my new camera set-up than the photos I took earlier. I think I'm still experimenting with the controls and settings, but now I know that lighting plays a huuuuuge factor....depending on the time of day your photos can turn out horribly with mega harsh backlighting or they can turn out just right. Getting timing right can be pretty annoying as you don't always have the capacity to be at home all day waiting for the right hour to take photos. But it's so good when your schedule works out and you get to take photos at the right time! I also have a giveaway coming up on this Monday (sorry for the delay), so stay tuned :)



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