Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Introducing eBay Collections

this is a sponsored post brought to you by Nuffnang and eBay

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week so far. Today I'm introducing to you guys eBay Collections! How many of you go straight to eBay for the latest fashions and all sorts of random knick-knacks at the lowest prices? Sometimes I just open up eBay without actually knowing what I want to browse...I just know I want to buy stuff haha! So I was actually really excited when eBay came out with these new eBay Collections....they're kind of like mood boards when you can add different products together into organised themes, but everything is actually 100% shoppable! To me these eBay Collections are a completely new and innovative way of using eBay's like Pinterest but now I can actually buy every 'pin' I like haha!

So I was only too eager to start browsing and adding stuff to my Collections for you guys to check out and hopefully draw some inspiration from! One of the Collections I created was Street Style where I added various fast trends right now like lettered beanies, monochrome, statement arm candy accessories and more. I loved putting together my Festival Fun Collection especially- full of floral headgear, pastels, and flowy crochet pieces that make it such a pleasure to scroll through and takes you back to Coachella. Here are some screenshots from my Festival Fun collection:

Basically all you have to do is find something you like, go to its page and click on the "add to collection" button, and then you can check out the Collections you've created here (you just need to add your own user ID at the end of the URL). You can write a bit about the particular Collection and what it’s all about, and you can also write a little description about each item. You can check out my example here:

I can't wait to check out the Collections everyone else creates and follow them! You can have a look at some of eBay's Featured Collections here for some ideas ( You can check out the campaign microsite here to find out more information here

Not only are these Collections super fun to build, but there’s even an opportunity to be paid to build them- just sign up here.

Have you guys tried out eBay Collections yet? You can check out my Collections here:


  1. I noticed these Ebay collections the other day, it's a big help as I found some things through them without even having to look hard. Super cool xx

  2. This could be dangerous for me! The picks from your collection are amazing!

  3. I've seen the ebay collections and it certainly does remind me of pin interest ^^
    It's great that they created this new widget since I'm a heavy ebay browser
    Very convenient. I like your own collections btw.

  4. Oh my gossh, I love Ebay collections so much! Like honestly, I can just sit and go through them for hours and hours. They are such a good idea xoxo

    Other Infinities

  5. I always look for latest trends on e bay, he he, and this is actually a great idea! Thanks for sharing, xo

  6. This was a really helpful post.
    Love your blog btw.


  7. These picks are so beautiful and boho chic, love them! I enjoyed reading your views on my last post. Have a Fantastic Friday!

  8. ohh these picks are so beautiful and chic!! I actually did not know that ebay had this option to make collections!
    It's interesting!! I'll check it out haha.. it might make me buy more than I should!


  9. I trialled this function for eBay too and was really impressed with the idea. I love what you've put together, they look great.

    Krissie x -


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