Monday, May 5, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 7

Morning guys! I can't believe it's already Week 7 of this Happiness series - it doesn't feel so long ago when I started writing it! Anyway feel free to check out the first post of the series where you can see what the series means to me, here.

1. Being tropical in winter
'Tropicana knit': c/o Beginning Boutique (link here)
Tropical shorts: local boutique
Wishbone necklace: Boohoo
White flatform shoes: eBay
Backpack: Forever New

 As the weather cools down in Sydney and we start heading into winter, the atmosphere outside is anything but tropical! But this super cute pineapple cropped sweater by Beginning Boutique takes the best parts of summer into winter, allowing to you wear fun yellow pineapple prints whilst keeping your arms warm.
I did cheat a little and wear it over summery drawstring shorts, but you can easily wear this sweater for winter outfits as well. The sweater is actually perfect for popping over a pair of high-waisted leggings or jeans, as a cropped torso combined with high-waisted bottoms creates the illusion of ultra long legs! Do you guys also like to wear summery prints and pieces in winter?
I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard of Beginning Boutique already- but if not, they stock an amazing range of fun, trendy pieces and they're all over their Instagram with their super popular page ( They're Brisbane-based and offer free express shipping Aus-wide, and ship internationally as well.

2. Local boutique bargains
Rompers: local boutique $20-$25 each
Yes shopping makes me super happy so it's on the list for this week! I haven't bought anything from local shops a while (I live and breathe online shopping) but the other day I was shopping with my little sister and came across some super cheap rompers/playsuits. Yes they're all realllly summery and I don't think I'll be able to get much wear out of them for months, but how good is this deal? I got them for $20-$25 each. At full price they were about double the amounts. I don't think I really need any more rompers, but when I see cute prints and designs not already in my wardrobe, I need to own them! It was super typical of me to grab the two rompers on the left with the light pastel shades and florals, but I thought the orange/brown chevron one was so unique and cute that I had to get it as well.

3. Finding the confidence to take photos outside

Recently I've been asked, how do I manage to get so many photos taken in public without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed? Fashion blogging, as prevalent as it seems on the internet and on social media, is actually not so well-known or understood in the grand scheme of things and you don't often see people just posing in the middle of the street with an expensive camera or lens, or tripod set-up infront of them. I actually used to feel reallllly shy and self-aware, and in some pics for certain locations you could see it on my face as well. There were some shoots we did in Hyde Park (a really busy park in Sydney's central) and some beach shoots with heaps people around, where I really clammed up (especially wearing bikinis lol!) Nowadays I also take a lot of photos by myself infront of my house, with neighbours roaming down the street and cars passing by all the time.

To get past this issue, I looked at what was really causing me to feel self-conscious about all the photo-taking out in public and strangers passing by eyeballing my outfits. For myself, and I think for a lot of fashion bloggers out there, it comes down to a lack of self-confidence and getting yourself to believe you are worthy of having your photos taken. When people stared, I always thought that they were thinking why is this person who doesn't even look like a model or celebrity, getting a professional photo shoot taken? And I just wanted to explain to them that I'm actually a fashion blogger taking photos for my blog and that no, I don't think I'm some kind of star.

But honestly, you don't need to explain yourself to ANYONE who stares at you or wonders what the heck you're doing. They could be admiring your outfit, and even if they're thinking negative judgmental thoughts, who really cares about people looking down on something you're doing towards your passions and your hobbies? Random strangers can burst your bubble and ruin your whole day, only if you let them. And the same goes with your own internal thought process as to how you perceive yourself and how worthy you are to have photos taken of- this can kill your fashion blog and all progress and success you make of it, only if you let it. I hope that has inspired some of you guys who have felt self-conscious when taking outfit photos!


  1. I just your photo on instagram! I love how you paired fruits and flowers in this outfit :) the floral onepieces are really cute, too!

  2. Loving the clash of prints! That sweater is so adorable. Simply perfect for summer! xx

  3. Haha fun post! I actually have people come up to my photographer (usually my sister) and tell her/us how to take our photos. Whether it be we should face this way, or that - put it on this setting or that.... etc. And I'm like, STOP IT!!!! They have no idea what they're talking about and it drives me crazy!


  4. Totally agree pn the photos thing, good on you for not caring what people think and doing your thing! xx

  5. lovely purchases! I always feel silly taking my photos as it does look odd standing there with a tripod and remote, haha. Much less silly when someone else is taking photos for you :)

    Away From Blue

  6. You look wonderful doll and I liked your answers about taking pictures outside as well :) I hope you have a great week xx

  7. cute look, the prints are very pretty <3 love em

  8. Oh wow those rompers are cute, I bet they all look amazing on you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  9. It's great that you don't care what people think...Love your look, that sweater is so adorable! Also, those rompers, so pretty! Can't wait to see how you'll style them!

  10. Je n'aurais jamais pensé à coordonner ces deux imprimés mais c'est top !!!!

  11. I'm with you in this, about taking photos in public! But as long as you're really loving what you do, then you can build that self-confidence <3

  12. Confidence or rather lack of it was always my downfall. Now I'm too old to do what you do but I'm also old enough to realize what you're saying is true. How many years did I give away to strangers who never gave a second thought about me once that moment was gone. Good for you. Enjoy yourself and your beauty. Have fun & live life to its fullest!! Hugs...


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