Monday, May 12, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 8

Hi guys, I hope everyone had or is currently having a spectacular Mother's Day! I had lunch with my mum and some other relatives yesterday. Here's this week's post in my Happiness series, and to read the first post of the series and find out what it means, click here.

1. Happy in Pink
Pink scoop back dress: c/o The Design Closets (link here)
Pink heels: c/o Ami Club Wear (link here)
I'm sure everyone has a favourite LBD already...but what about a LPD (little pink dress)? Haha I know the colour pink isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of those colours that make me feel happy and calm. It's always been one of my favourite colours ever since I was little, so it's no surprise that I had to have a staple pink dress in my wardrobe that I can wear for a variety of occasions. This one from The Design Closets has an elegant cutting at the shoulders and flared design, making it perfect for high tea or corporate events, but the bright pop of colour also makes it a fun party or going out piece.

2. Pretty decor

Flower pens: Typo
Love bunny ring holder: c/o Wonderelle
The other day I came across these really pretty flower pens from Typo! They look like lovely little bunches of lavender flowers, and they even have the stem and ribbon detailing around them. But they're actually fully-functional pens as well! Haha although I have to admit I was much more drawn to the aesthetics over the practicalities when I bought these. They just look so pretty all together, sitting in a thin vase or a glass jar like I've put mine in.
The other pretty things I have sitting with my new lavender pens, are some mini Dior perfume bottles from my mum, my Wonderelle bunny ring holder (here), and my new Victoria's Secret fragrance (called 'Fabulous') from my boyfriend.
I know some of these things don't really serve any practical purpose, but collecting pretty little knick-knacks and arranging them together nicely can make your room so pleasant to be in. It's amazing what being surrounded in pretty decor can do for your mood!
3. Boxing
This past week I also had the pleasure of doing boxing for the first time! Not really proper boxing, but more like 'boxercise' at the gym. And it was amazing! I hardly ever get angry, which is quite unhealthy- but being forced to deliver punches repeatedly helps relieve some tension and stress even if I normally bottle it inside, or don't know how to relieve it. It's incredible how empowering the whole boxing experience is- as soon as you put on the gloves and start, it creates an immense boost to how you perceive yourself and your own strength. I did hurt my nails, fingers, knees, and back, but I'm definitely returning to boxing and hoping to make it a regular thing :)


  1. In love with your LPD!

  2. I used to do kickfit classes at the gym (quit to save $ for my OE) and I LOVED it, its so much fun kicking and punching the air haha xx

  3. Such a lovely shade of pink and the dress' cutting really works for you! I like collecting little unique items and placing them around my work area. Way more refreshing than piles of books and paperwork!

  4. Love the color pink on you bb! Looking so cute and elegant :D

  5. You look wonderful in the top picture, gorgeous look. The boxing sounds interesting, great way to keep fit and let off some steam too!! Hope you continue to enjoy it!! xx

  6. That is such a cute pink dress! :) It's so good to have a bright cheerful dress to wear now and then :)

    Away From Blue

  7. You look so pretty in that dress :) the dress is adorable! I also really like the decor, it's so simple yet pretty!


  8. Your dress is so lovely. That color suits you best! xx

  9. I like both BLD and LPD, so currently looking for a perfect LPD actually! you look gorgeous as always in pink, too! xx

    New post is up on my blog, would be happy if you could stop by! ;)

  10. I really want to try boxing now. Your post has inspired me. I'm sure it will be good for my health.


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