Saturday, June 28, 2014

Replay in Lace

Wild flowers playsuit: c/o Pop Cherry Fashion
(navy blue sold out- pink, white, baby blue all available!)
Clutch: Chicnova
Shoes: Lipstik
'Silver nuggets' Necklace: c/o Little Doux Jewels (link here)

I can never get enough of playsuits! These days with the weather cooling down I thought I needed one with long sleeves this time, and this one from Pop Cherry Fashion was perfect! The navy blue one is a perfect fit for gloomier days as well. I expressed my love for contrast sleeves in the last blog post, and here they pop up again in crochet! The playsuit has a deep V-neck cut so I wore my new Tobi bralette just for something a bit different.

The navy blue is currently sold out, but all the other colours are still available! I kinda want to collect them all as the pastel pink, blue and white are all absolutely perfect for a spring day. With this outfit I wanted to keep the jewellery simple and minimal, as opposed to chunky statement pieces I usually love. This dainty natural gemstone necklace from Little Doux Jewels was exactly what I had in mind, and is just so beautiful to see up close. It's 24k gold vermeil (a combination of sterling silver and gold), and the individual nuggets are so amazing and precious in the light.

Check out Pop Cherry Fashion for more chic and affordable clothes! I always like to represent Aussie online boutiques and this one is another I definitely recommend! They offer free express shipping within Aus and free worldwide ship over $50. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All About Stevie

'Stevie waterfall jacket' in light tweed: c/o St. Frock (link here)
'Stevie' hat: Nasty Gal (link here)
Duchesse Paris top: c/o Duchesse Paris
Burgundy high-waisted jeans: Gmarket
By coincidence I'm wearing two pieces titled 'Stevie' in this outfit, which is of course a tribute to Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac! Besides her amazing, soothing drawl-like voice her style was also an incredible mix of witchy and bohemian with velvet, hats, draped jackets, platforms and bell-bottoms! Although I haven't really dressed up in her style, I've definitely been inspired by some pieces which have been named after her like this waterfall jacket from St. Frock and black panama hat from Nasty Gal.
I love anything with a good contrast sleeve and it definitely didn't hurt to add this one from St. Frock to my collection! My favourite part is probably the gold zips on the sleeves and pockets. Since it's long and asymmetric down the front I like pairing these waterfall cardigans with tight-fitted long pants for balance of shape. These are the pants I've kept in my closet since about 2011 or 2012, when I bought them online and found that no matter what I could not squeeze into them! There was only a period in 2013 and recently where I was able to get into them...that should be some extra fitness motivation for me as I love these burgundy red jeans!
I hope everyone has had a good week! :) I just came back from a super long flight from the opposite side of Australia for work, now feeling a bit jet-lagged!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flying High

Coco lace dress: c/o Vellea (link here)
Aviator jacket: c/o St Frock (link here)
Heels: Lipstik
Clutch bag: Zu
I'm obsessed with my new Aviator jacket from St. Frock! It's fleece-lined so it's reeaallly soft inside...and the jacket is actually more lightweight than expected so it keeps you warm without looking bulky. I've been taking out this jacket a lot during this winter, both at work on and on the weekends as well. It just has such a flattering shape with tight long sleeves and big lapels on the front. I wore it more as a cape in these photos just because I wanted to show the dress inside!
This lace dress is from Vellea and it's such a beautiful piece! Lace is always a winner in my opinion and this black lace dress manages to be both sexy and elegant. The mesh sweetheart neckline is bold but the lace detail (especially at the hem!) gives it a sophisticated touch!

I have been having such a busy week at work and I bought three new pairs of shoes from Lipstik during my break! I'm wearing one of those shoes in these photos. There must be something terribly satisfying about buying high heels when your mood is on a low- physical elevation and seeing a pair of shoes lengthen your legs in the mirror definitely leads to an instant mood lift. And then just like that we're handing over hundreds of dollars on shoes because we thought they were responsible for the confidence and happiness boost....haha the perils of predictable consumer behaviour!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Outfits Lookbook 2014- featuring White

So I've had a lot of people requesting a new YouTube video from me...I admit it's been forever! I got pretty demotivated with making videos since it's pretty time-consuming, but I think I'll make a new video every now and then although on a more spread-out schedule. I did a new Lookbook video for Summer 2014 for those in the Northern hemisphere soaking up the warm summer rays...featuring the colour white in particular!
White is one of my favourite neutral colours to wear for hot weather , because it's so fresh and absorbs less heat, keeping you cool! There are many ways to incorporate white into your summer wardrobe.You can check out the video for this blog post on my YouTube channel here:

1. White crop top
Crop top with floral straps:
Blue lace shorts: c/o Purbelle (link here-currently sold out)
Cardigan: Cotton On
Heels: goJane
Clutch bag: New Look
Key necklace: c/o Rings and Tings (link here)

I'm fanatic about crop tops, in case it wasn't obvious enough haha! Crop tops are a summer staple in my opinion, and they look especially cute with high-waisted bottoms like shorts or skirts. I've always found that a cropped top together with flared shorts (like the ones I'm wearing) will help create a really flattering illusion of a small, cinched in waist with lovely wide hips.

 I've been amassing a bit of a collection of crop tops especially in white, because it's just such a versatile colour that will pair well with anything. I seem to have bought most of my crop tops from, which always has really affordable ones in a huge range of cute designs.

I also got these high-waisted electric blue shorts from, a Singapore-based online boutique. I love the cute detailing on the side with the lace. The shorts are such a bright and fun pop of colour, so I kept the rest of the outfit and accessories in simple neutral tones.

I usually prefer to balance out looks including cropped tops and shorts with some baggy form of outerwear, to tone it down and make it look more casual. I'm wearing a knit cardigan from Cotton On with batwing sleeves here, but for more hot days a chiffon lightweight kimono will do the trick.

2. White bag
White quilted clutch bag: Forever New
Heart back dress: c/o Ami ClubWear (link here-currently out of stock)
Dip dye blazer: Mink Pink
Mint heels: Lulu's
You can also incorporate white in a bag, for a fresh-looking accessory! I bought this one recently on sale from Forever New, and the quilted design always gives outfits a touch of class. To complement the fresh summer vibe, I wore aquamarine and apple green shades in my outfit. This dip dye blazer is from Mink Pink and I love the fresh feel of the minty gradient.

The dress is from Ami Club Wear, and has a really simple design so you can easily pair it with different types of outerwear or accessorise it up. It also has this adorable heart cut-out back detail, which you can check out in the video! It also came with a thin white bow belt you can detach....or even add it to your other outfits!

Since mint green is one of my favourite shades and features a lot in my wardrobe...I thought I was in dire need of mint green heels as well to complement my clothes! I bought these mint green strappy heels from Lulus around the beginning of this year, and this is the first time I'm taking them out. They're really comfortable and they look cuter up close.
3. White dress
White dress with asymmetric cut: c/o The Design Closets (link here)
Earrings: c/o Persunmall (link here)
Starfish necklace: c/o Light in the Box (link here)
White heels: GoJane
Envelope clutch: Dorothy Perkins

Another great way to wear white in the summer, is on a tight-fitted sexy white dress! This dress is from the Design Closets, and the double strap design and asymmetric cut creates a really crisp and modern look. Since it's white, you can easily pull this dress out for a classy daytime function as well as going out to a party at night.

 I wore a pair of strappy heels again from GoJane, this time in white to match the dress. I also paired the outfit with silver accessories, because there's always something about the combination of silver and white that has a really cool and fresh look. The envelope glitter clutch is from Dorothy Perkins, and I also wore this really simple but dainty starfish necklace from Light in the Box (at the total steal of only $2!)

4. White lace top
Crochet off-shoulder top: c/o Light in the Box (link here)
Crochet shorts: c/o The Stage Walk
Fringe bag: Brandy Melville
Boots: Nine West

Another white favourite for summer, is definitely crochet/lace! Crochet has such a hot beachy summer vibe to it, and in this outfit I'm wearing both an off-shoulder crochet top, as well as these denim shorts with a floral crochet overlay. One of the best things about crochet is that although there's a lot of intricate detail, it's kind of subtle enough to allow you to wear even double crochet, like how I'm doing here!

To me crochet always has a bit of a boho chic look to it, so I like to pair with complementing accessories like this tan fringe bag from Brandy Melville, and these taupe-coloured ankle boots from Nine West. The combination is kind of festival-inspired, but a more casual and wearable one.

I hope you guys liked this video on Summer Outfits featuring the colour white! Is there anything else you guys want me to do a blog post or video on? Although as I mentioned in the beginning I won't really have time to shoot out constant videos, but I'll try my best! :) The link to this video on my Youtube channel is here:

Monday, June 16, 2014

The pigment tee

'Pigment tee': c/o Elliatt (from the Transseason 2014 collection)
Faux leather pants: Bardot
Box clutch: Choies

Cuff, bracelet, necklace: c/o Vant Jag (from the Electric rainbow kitty collection)

I remember the phase where I was obsessed with sequins and wearing them...I was just awestruck by the way they caught the light like glitter. Getting myself back into sequins is easy with these amazing colours in this top by Elliatt! I'm a huge fan of mermaid colours like teal, aquamarine and mint and the sequins make them even prettier :) The longer-hem sheer back is like a breath of fresh air from all the glitz and glamour at the front!

The top comes in a dress version as well, both as pretty as each other. I personally love a sequinned top because it's more versatile! You can wear it with black skinny pants for an edgy going out look or even a flowy maxi skirt for a really cute contrast.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend! I looked after my sisters yesterday at Supanova, Australia's version of Comic-Con. My feet are exhausted from all the walking and waiting in line haha!

Friday, June 13, 2014

MUMA Raw Core Love review

Black skinny jeans with rip at knee:
'Raw Core Love' health product: c/o MUMA
Hey everyone! Today I'm introducing a new health product kindly gifted to me from MUMA, called 'Raw Core Love'. I receive a lot of emails regarding sponsorships with 'health products', but this is one of the few things that I would genuinely endorse. Raw Core Love is a health product that actually aims to add nutrients, as opposed to taking them away under the guise of helping you to lose weight! With all the trending 'teatoxes' and expensive juice programs floating around on social media like Instagram, it was really refreshing to discover an affordable and actually healthy product like Raw Core Love.
So what is it? It's basically a superfood sprinkle of grain and seed blend that you can add to pretty much anything.
What are the ingredients?
150g of blended superfoods, including: chia seeds, quinoa flakes, sunflower meal, psyllium husk, linseed meal, millet meal, poppy seed. It's also gluten-free.
What are the benefits?
These superfoods themselves are packed with benefits, such as increased energy, improved heart and digestive health and fighting belly fat.
My verdict
So far I've tested the product onto my usual bowl of porridge for breakfast in the morning, and I now make it a regular thing. I've also added it to my sandwich everyday with avocado and rye bread, and I'll be adding to my dinner tonight as well of vegetables, eggs and lamb chops.
And it tastes really lovely as well! It adds a great texture to food, and it's thin and palatable enough to not feel like you're just munching on seeds. It has this neutral flavour which makes it really versatile for sprinkling on both savoury and sweet meal types.
I would definitely recommend this, because it's a really affordable way to power charge any meal with a little sprinkling of superfoods. It's like making everything healthier instantly with a barely noticeable change in taste!
For more ideas on how incorporate MUMA Raw Core Love into your meals or drinks, check out their website here and Instagram page here It costs $14.95 for 150g. Shipping is free within Australia. Stay tuned for more exciting products from MUMA coming out as well! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This dizzy life

Stolen Heart lace cami: c/o St. Frock (link here- currently on sale!)
Floral fringe kimono:
Horse hoof necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson

Blue bezel bracelet: c/o Little Doux Jewels (link here)

Once again I'm feeling mighty overwhelmed by all the things going on my life and working towards some big goals...and spending a bit of time on the weekend on this beautiful little sandy patch just before sunset was a welcome way to force myself to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

We live pretty far from the beach, so it was really cool finding this little sandy spot alongside water, as if we were lucky enough to be one of those people who could simply step outside of their homes and be by the ocean. It was pretty cold to be honest, being winter now and having to step barefoot on the cool sand and have water lapping beside you, but I didn't mind. Looking at the beautiful pink and blue sky and seeing the same reflection on the water is honestly an amazing and breath-taking view.

I wore this new cami from St. Frock with laser cut hem detail, as if I don't already have enough summer crop tops and camisoles! Haha even if you already have plenty, this one is on sale at only $29 (link here) so it definitely doesn't hurt to add it to your wardrobe. I paired it with my two new pieces from my haul- the long floral fringe kimono and denim cut-offs, for a really comfy and free look. And being barefoot on the soft sand of course- nothing else could be more comfortable! :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Apricot and Berries

Peplum cami top in magenta: c/o Carrislabelle (link here)
Apricot draped label blazer: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
White jeans: AX Paris
Clutch: Forever New

"Love" cuff: c/o Rings and Tings (link here)
Dainty moon crescent necklace: c/o Infinitine (link here)

Here's how to wear bright pink (or fuchshia, magenta and the like) for a more toned down look! See how I wore a neon pink lace romper in my previous blog post here. This ruffled peplum top from Carrislabelle stood out to me immediately with its vibrant colour! It's so lightweight and has spaghetti straps, and you can wear it inside any kind of jacket for a cute pop of colour peeking through. I have a pretty long torso so the top actually becomes more of a crop top on me haha, but you can tone it down with long pants or high-waisted bottoms.

This light apricot draped jacket from Lookbookstore just seemed like the perfect halfway mark between the strong pink and white! I love playing around with pretty colour combinations, and that's the great thing about neutral shades like the jacket and pants- you can combine them with the strongest of all shades, and it will just work! Haha this jacket is so airy and thin so not quite winter-appropriate, but it adds such a lovely and sophisticated layer perfect for spring or autumn.

I also received the most adorable dainty little moon crescent necklace from Infinitine! I often admire tiny little details and especially so on pretty jewellery pieces. I layered it with my personalised name necklace I got from Onecklace a while back. I think I need to get a dainty little star necklace to layer alongside my moon one...that would be so cute haha!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pink High Tea

Love fluorescent pink lace plunge neck playsuit: c/o In Love with Fashion (link here)
Heels: c/o Ami Club Wear
Clutch: Forever New
White zip jacket: Portmans
Photo credits: Bending Colours

Bright pink, white and lace, could I get any more girlier? Despite the sugary sweet combo this romper from In Love with Fashion is short and simple enough to take it out to a more mature occasion, such as a high tea outing with girlfriends and for romantic dates as well. I sometimes find that the colours I like in clothes reflect the huge sweet tooth in me- so why not take a sugary bubblegum coloured outfit to a dessert place?

I love to add little touches of the dominant outfit colour and dashes of gold here and there, in my jewellery and shoes. I miss this white jacket that I have draped around my shoulders- I got some discolouration on it which I'm still trying to remove! I think a white blazer is honestly a staple piece for any female. It adds so much fresh sophistication to any outfit and you can easily take it from work to play, and to many years ahead as well.

I'm so glad we got to catch the sunset behind us for some of these you can probably tell we're all the way up on a hill. This particular hill doesn't have a direct flight of stairs upwards, instead it has a very windy set of stairs all the way around and around! Despite the dizziness, huffing and puffing, I'm glad we got to capture these photos in the remaining moments of sun for the day!



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