Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This dizzy life

Stolen Heart lace cami: c/o St. Frock (link here- currently on sale!)
Floral fringe kimono:
Horse hoof necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson

Blue bezel bracelet: c/o Little Doux Jewels (link here)

Once again I'm feeling mighty overwhelmed by all the things going on my life and working towards some big goals...and spending a bit of time on the weekend on this beautiful little sandy patch just before sunset was a welcome way to force myself to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

We live pretty far from the beach, so it was really cool finding this little sandy spot alongside water, as if we were lucky enough to be one of those people who could simply step outside of their homes and be by the ocean. It was pretty cold to be honest, being winter now and having to step barefoot on the cool sand and have water lapping beside you, but I didn't mind. Looking at the beautiful pink and blue sky and seeing the same reflection on the water is honestly an amazing and breath-taking view.

I wore this new cami from St. Frock with laser cut hem detail, as if I don't already have enough summer crop tops and camisoles! Haha even if you already have plenty, this one is on sale at only $29 (link here) so it definitely doesn't hurt to add it to your wardrobe. I paired it with my two new pieces from my haul- the long floral fringe kimono and denim cut-offs, for a really comfy and free look. And being barefoot on the soft sand of course- nothing else could be more comfortable! :)


  1. Beautiful pictures and stunning outfit! Love the crop top and the lovely kimono. :)

  2. i love your kimono! and that place is such a beauty <3

  3. Your pictures are always so gorgeous! Absolutely love this outfit too!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  4. Gorgeous doll, love the look and the location, very relaxing xx

  5. Mesmerizing!

    Love, Ana

  6. Love the cami! I'm feeling so overwhelmed at the moment too, still working a job I hate while trying to organise my entire life to move overseas....ugh! Just gotta remember that this too shall pass ;) xx

  7. really pretty top! love the details...looks nice with the denim cutoffs and kimono.

  8. Lovely kimono and location! I used to live a short drive away from the beach but have been living in the Midlands of the UK for uni so I really missed it. I'm moving back home for a bit now that I've finished my course so I'm looking forward to being near the sea again :)

  9. stunning pics Izzy, makes me want to be on holiday. I love the Kimono x


  10. I would have no idea that it's winter by your outfit! It looks like the perfect festival outfit. I really need to get myself a kimono!

  11. Your out and thr scenery is lovely.

  12. gorgeous scenery and shots here. I like that kimono cardigan too! Being on the lookout for some :)

  13. I love the location and you look so beautiful. I like just by the beach, its not the best beach, but I still don't appreciate it enough. You should do all of your outfit photos out like this it's just stunning <3

    The Quirky Queer

  14. Such a lovely location for photos, and that kimono is really cute :)

    Away From The Blue

  15. Such a beautiful kimono! lovely photos~



  16. your whole outfit is on point and your hair is gorgeous and youre so pretty youre so perfect aah im jelly :( <3

  17. Your outfit is so ethereal and flowy!!! I love your photography as well!

  18. suuper:)) xx

  19. Love the kimono!
    The beach is really nice!!!

    -Gwen (:

  20. I really love the kimono with the outfit, it looks really pretty! The view must have been really amazing too. :)


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