Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver Sun

Black maxi split dress: c/o Style Moi (link here)
Silver 'Montana haze' hat: c/o Lack of Colour (link here)
Silver necklace: eBay
'Adele' Lace up heels: c/o Shop Calico (link here)

I haven't worn a maxi dress in a while! I've forgotten how comfortable they are. I think some people are a bit wary of wearing something covered-up and potentially shapeless and unflattering, but the low back cut and thigh-high split makes the dress look a bit more sexy without being over the top. Being black, this maxi from Style Moi can take me from the current spring season to cooler days as well.
You definitely get what you pay for with this necklace! Although it looked pretty cool with dangly silver coins and engraved ancient writing and only set me back $3, it actually leaves yucky iron marks on my chest! It's nothing a bit of soap and scrubbing won't fix, but still a nasty shock haha. I've seen this exact same necklace in other stores being sold for up to $30...when you can get the exact same thing pretty much straight from the manufacturer off eBay for a few dollars!
Pretty much every shooting experience I've done has offered new challenges haha. I might be in the exact same spot as last week, but a different hour or different weather can lead to significant discrepancies in the photos. It's kinda stressful but you just have to keep experimenting. I moved my tripod around a fair bit before settling on a location, and I'm quite happy with the warm morning sun glow I ended up capturing :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Citrus Night

Top: c/o Two White Tees (link here)
Wrap skirt: Forever 21
Platform shoes: c/o Daily Look (link here)
Black box clutch: Forever New
Photo cr: myself

You probably can't tell in these photos, but I was stressing hard when I took these pics because it was the first time I went out to shoot during sundown. I usually do it in the morning so I have a sense of how the lighting works in my usual spot, but it ended up looking terrible during late afternoon!
So I tried looking for another spot even though it was getting dark...and found this place and then ended up actually being really happy with this photo set! :D I'm so glad I didn't give up haha. It was getting late and the sun was disappearing already, but thankfully the 6D camera does really well with high ISO settings, with minimal noise. I did get bitten by a gazillion mosquitoes as soon as the last rays of sun win some you lose some haha!
I received this gorgeous citrus coloured peplum top from Two White Tees, a new online boutique based in Sydney! Everything about this top is so flattering- the high neckline brings out the collarbones and the dramatic peplum helps emphasise a small waist and wide hips shape. Because the peplum is so wide it's best to wear the top with a fitted skirt or pants so it doesn't disrupt your silhouette and make it look messy. I love the hourglass shape a peplum top and fitted skirt creates!
PS: You can use the discount code PAWS20 to receive 20% off on all new arrivals at Two White Tees! (Expires 10PM 10 October) :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunset Breeze

Kimono: c/o Style Moi (link here)
Bustier top: c/o Style Addict
Shorts: c/o iCy Boutique (link here)
Boots: Nasty Gal
elephant necklace: Forever 21
photo cr: Evoque by Neil Guasch

It's been a while since I caught a sunset for a shoot! The days are getting shorter over here so it's our chance to capture it before grabbing dinner. I hate when you're taking photos and the wind gods decide it's a good time to unleash a full force gale...and I end up only liking photos of me looking down lol. It's like you're allowed to either look bald or have a face full of hair. Needless to say there was a lot of 'delete' clicking before posting these pics up!

I couldn't resist another kimono to accompany the hundred others in my wardrobe (great thing about them, they're ultralight and take up zilch space! All the reason to get more!) and it made me realise I'm running out of ideas on how to style them. They look best with crop tops and denim cut-offs for a festival vibe, or anything else that's form-fitted so you create balance with outerwear that's quite flowy and shapeless. These shorts from iCy Boutique are a really cute colour (my first pair of pink shorts!) but are quite short at the back, so the long kimono back covers it perfectly.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Berry Fever

'Berry Bliss' Dress: c/o Quirky Circus (only shorts version avail. here)
Denim crop jacket: Forever 21
Heart necklace: c/o Rings and Tings
Photo cr: myself

I wore this outfit to my little sisters' birthday party on the weekend! Both my sisters' friends and my family and extended family came along, so I wanted to wear something that was modest but still bright and trendy. Luckily I received a package from Quirky Circus the day before, as if it had read my mind :) I'm so obsessed with rich berry shades like this- the colour reminds me of raspberries and my favourite lip tint from Tony Moly. One of the best things to wear with a cute sundress is a cropped jacket, because it complements your shape and helps cinch in your waist!

Lately I've been realising that a curse can often be a blessing in disguise. I don't know about anyone else, but I believe there is always a reason for everything. I believe the universe gives us signs and I often listen to them to steer myself on a different path, to make certain decisions, or to see things in a different light. I strongly acknowledge gut instincts and I don't act on anything I have a bad feeling about.

In the past week, I realised something I was upset or frustrated about was actually something the universe gave me to make my life for the better. It was the impetus to break out of a period of stagnation and to set myself up for a brighter future and a stronger me, and it was from one perspective, a blessing. There will be countless curveballs thrown at you throughout your whole lifetime, but some of them do make sense- if you stop to think and acknowledge what you have learnt from it, or some time in the future when you've been shaped into the a much stronger, smarter person than you ever thought you'd be.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Sheer

Sheer button down blouse: c/o Hot Miami Styles (link here)
'Hot rod' bustier:
Denim cut-offs: Love Culture
Heels: Lulus
Clutch: New Look
Bullet necklace: Brandy Melville

I was gifted this gorgeous blouse from my friend Lynn (check out her IG here) the other weekend, and she actually surprise hand-picked a bunch of stuff from Hot Miami Styles and handed me a bag full of gorgeous things. So sweet of her!

The first thing I noticed was that the blouse was really sheer, but luckily an unbuttoned blouse can often make a really cute outerwear piece over a crop top or bustier. The dotted pattern gives it an extra subtle edge that looks really lovely against your skin.

When summer really rolls around and it's time to bust out the crop tops and short shorts on a more regular basis, this blouse would be a really good thing to throw over because it's so lightweight and also makes you feel a bit more comfortable wearing less and less clothing :)

These photos were taken with my older lens and I made a few mistakes with this set, so I didn't want to post them up at first haha. I just came back from my sisters' 21st birthday celebrations, which I had to organise and I'm feeling a bit stressed out and tired from it lol. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dream a Little

'Love is a dream' lace Blazer: c/o St. Frock (link here)
Wrap dress: Forever 21
Statement necklace: Forever 21
'Montana silver haze' Hat: c/o Lack of Colour (link here)
Platform boots: Nasty Gal

photo cr: myself
I bought a new 50mm lens last Friday, and was so excited to test it out! I'm definitely happier with the bokeh than my Sigma lens, and it was relatively cheap too (~$400 for an investment into the blog). Thankfully this was a foggy morning as I'm so sick of dealing with harsh light contrast especially with all the shadows in this area lol, which made photo-taking a breeze.
This outfit was a bit of a mish mash of a bunch of layers I put together, and then just decided it worked lol! I recently received my latest haul from Forever 21 in the mail, and it's another biggie! I got this bodycon grey wrap dress and necklace both from the haul, along with many other goodies.
I was hoping to take the dress out to work, but unfortunately it keeps riding up at the front when I walk so it's a little impractical :(
Since the dress is so body-hugging I thought I would balance out the look with a loose-fitted blazer. There's so much beautiful intricate lace detail on this blazer from St. Frock- and wearing it over a dark-coloured inner layer makes the pattern shine, especially from the back. And how perfect is this wide-brimmed grey hat by Lack of Color? It's such a cool statement piece that's just the thing to give an outfit a boho edge.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Aurora Dress

Aurora dress: c/o VGY Label (link here)
Shoes: Sammydress
Necklace: Colette Accessories
Glitter box clutch: Forever New
'Classic bristol' watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (link here)
Blogger ring set: c/o Curated Label (link here)
Blue bangle: c/o Little Doux Jewels
Photo cr: Evoque
Today I'm featuring another lovely piece by Vain Glorious You! In the last post I featured this beautiful trumpet skirt here This dress is another one of my favourite pieces from the store. It's made of the same comfortable, and flattering neoprene material that is so soft to touch. I think the dress is absolutely perfect for the upcoming spring in Australia, for both weekends and work :) I have an affinity for floral designs in blue and white- it always reminds me of fine porcelain.
Some of you guys may have noticed that I re-designed my blog! It was a long time coming haha. I think it was just a case of stubbornness - I didn't really want to pay $100+ for some html code and Photoshop magic that could possibly only take an hour to do. However I found a beautiful preset theme for only the same price as my taxi ride home (which I always justify to myself!), and after about half an hour of Google and html tweaking I made it fit my blog. I'm so excited about the new look, hope you guys like it too! :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Minty Sparkles + How to wear Statement Necklaces

Long sleeve mint blouse: c/o Lulus
'Audrina necklace': c/o Misabelle Sparkle (link here)
Ivory trumpet skirt: c/o VGY Store (link here)
Mint shoes: Lulus
Glitter envelope clutch: Dorothy Perkins
 Blogger ring set: c/o Curated Label (link here)

photo cr: myself

More adventures between myself and my tripod & remote controller set-up! I'm still trying to get the hang of taking photos by myself, especially with full-length shots! Unlike close-ups, there's not as much bokeh in the background, and getting the lighting right is difficult. I think I might switch to a different lens to achieve creamier, bigger bokeh but the harsh contrast of sunlight is still my biggest enemy in my experience so far!
This is the first time I've worn a trumpet skirt, and it's quite possibly the flirtiest and cutest piece a girl could have in her wardrobe! The beauty of it is that it's fitted at the top but the hemline is flared for a good mix of sexy and flirty. VGY Store is a Singapore-based online boutique and their lookbooks are amazing! So many beautiful pieces and beautiful photography. This trumpet skirt is from the latest Spring Mediterranean Collection, and comes in other colours.
I was also gifted this lovely 'Audrina' necklace from a Melbourne-based online jewellery boutique called Misabelle Sparkle. The brand name is only as pretty as the product! I don't really own too many statement necklaces as I've always found them to be quite hard to pair with outfits. But here are some tricks I've discovered that make it work! :)

How to Wear Statement Necklaces:

  • Tip 1: keep the rest of the outfit simple and treat the necklace as if it were an extra layer.
  • Tip 2: It's also best to stay away from prints and patterns and stick to block colours, and let the statement jewellery piece shine without too much clashing going on.
  • Tip 3: keep the neckline of your top/dress simple. An open collar or other types of cuts that interfere with the space of your necklace, can look messy.
  • Tip 4: keep the rest of your jewellery minimal so there's not too much sparkle going on!



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