Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Lesson Learnt

'Bella' blouse: c/o Junk Clothing (here)
Sunflower shorts: c/o Motel Rocks
Oxfords: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (similar style here)
Classic Bristol Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (here)

So these photos were taken in quite possibly the worst conditions possible...I got up early to take pics in my usual spot, and I was greeted by the craziest mosquito attack! They were actually humungous and there were multiple ones on my arm/leg at once. I stubbornly kept going with my photos because I wanted to get at least a few decent shots, and when I rushed home I saw that the bites had developed into huge boil-like things on my skin :( It was pretty terrifying seeing myself in the mirror lol. I took some pills for it and thankfully they lessened the swelling because I was having a major allergic reaction. I had to edit all the mozzies out on Photoshop in my pics because just looking at them made me feel itchy all over again lol.

Kind of annoyed at my own ridiculous stubbornness- I woke up at 5am to take photos, did my makeup, travelled all the way to the park with my camera gear, and I just saw the crazy swarm of mosquitoes and just had the obstinate mentality that "I came all the way here to do something, and I'm going to get it done at all costs" lol.

Moving on to the actual reason for why I endured a crazy mozzie attack- the outfit! Spring is coming to a close over in Australia with a scorching hot summer on the way- which means neon florals and bright colours! Junk Clothing gifted me this lovely, flowy off-shoulder blouse perfect for a sunny and relaxed stroll in the garden (never mind that's not actually what went down when I took these pics lol!)

I got these adorable sheer floral overlay oxford flats from Le Bunny Bleu again- as I mentioned in my last post featuring the brand, they have a small curated collection in the store 'Drama' on 16 Goulburn St in Chinatown, Sydney CBD :) and they have a new store called 'Pretty Pumpkin' in Eastwood on 51 Rowe Street. It's a great way to get a feel for their shoes in real life, if you're planning to buy them online on their US site! :)
I'm also wearing this lovely Daniel Wellington watch called 'Classic Bristol', with a beautiful rich brown-red strap and rose gold face :) These watches are the perfect stocking stuffers! They're a timeless accessory (no pun intended) and are so versatile to pair with outfits.
Use this exclusive Holiday promotion code 'holidaymetallicpaws' to get 15% discount on ALL Daniel Wellington products at www.danielwellington.com! :) They offer free worldwide shipping as well!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Class in Classics


Crop top: Tobi.com
Lace midi skirt: c/o AX Paris (here)
Crown pendant necklace: c/o Katie Mullally (here)
Platform shoes: Lipstik

What's more classically classy than a black and white colour scheme, red lipstick and a bit of lace? When I'm pressed for time for choosing a going-out outfit, I always naturally gravitate towards a classic black dress, and then red lips because in my opinion they have as much impact and wow factor as a stunning outfit.

I was also gifted this lovely crown pendant and chain by Katie Mullally, a jewellery designer all the way from the UK. It features 22.5 carat gold plated sterling silver and looks so regal and perfect up close! Check out Katie Mullally's designs for more quirky and vintage charms.

Sorry I had to take my photos indoors for this shoot- the past few weeks have had crazy weather; it's either been too unbearably hot or thunderstorms outside. So I thought I would test out the space besides my bed at my apartment with the natural light coming through from the right. Luckily the Canon 6D has amazing ISO and is a dream to work with indoors. What do you guys think of indoor shoots to showcase outfits?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Youthful Days

Striped crop top: Tobi.com
Satchel bag: Lulus
skirt: Nasty Gal
flats: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (in mint and pink)
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

photos by myself

 This outfit makes me feel ultra young! There's something about a pleated flare skirt, straight hair and a cute pair of flats that takes a decade off my age. Satchel bags are definitely a flashback for me since I used to carry them around in school and uni, but their preppy shape and structure are too stylish to resist even for everyday street wear.

I can't express enough love for this Nasty Gal skirt I've had for about a year now! I think I got it on sale for only $30 and it's made of the softest and comfiest neoprene material, and in the cutest coral pink colour!

Le Bunny Bleu also kindly gifted me these adorable mint and white flat shoes. I've featured this lovely little brand before in the past on my blog, and they have the cutest range of quirky and vintage-inspired designs in really adorable colours and styles. The Aussie website isn't up yet (Instagram page is here), but you can check out the US website for Le Bunny Bleu here for their cute range.

And PS. Sydney-siders are in luck! Le Bunny Bleu actually have a small curated collection in the Sydney CBD, in a store called 'Drama' on 16 Goulburn Street in Chinatown. I'll be featuring another pair of flats I got from there in an upcoming blog post as well. Check out Drama if you'd like to check out Le Bunny Bleu shoes in real life. The store also has a range of other really cute and girly clothes (perfect for creating a complete outfit with the shoes :)) Other retailers will soon be stocking Le Bunny Bleu shoes in Sydney as well!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Using ghd Bird of Paradise Styler for Everyday Loose Waves Tutorial

Hi lovely readers! Today I'm showing an exciting new collab I have with ghd, who have recently released a limited edition Bird of Paradise collection! This one I've got is the 'Lagoon' styler, and as you can see it features a beautiful rich turquoise and shimmering green gradient, which was actually inspired by all the tropical trends on the runway. Also in their Bird of Paradise collection is their 'Sunset' styler, which is equally as stunning with vibrant purple and fuchsia tones! (Both are currently sold out on ghd website but you can find the Lagoon on RY here)

I thought I would also show a tutorial on how I get my everyday waves with the styler as well. I personally have been using the original ghd styler (IV styler here) since I saved up for it as a poor high school student in 2007 lol, and to this date I still think it was a great investment! For a hair styler I use almost every day for seven years, it was worth it, no? :)

The great thing about the ghd styler is that you can use it to both straighten and create waves, of which I'll be doing a tutorial for.

'Lagoon' styler: c/o ghd
Tropical bikini: c/o Jets Swimwear

The 'Lagoon' styler comes in a beautiful turquoise and green box with a tropical print that reminds me of a deep sea holiday...this funky tropical printed bikini by Jets that I wore last summer definitely seemed to complement it!

The box contains the ghd hair styler as well as a heat resistant mat, for you to leave your styler on after use. It has a handy ribbon around it which is useful for traveling!

Click on the link below to see the tutorial!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Back Alleys- Collab with Carousel of Colour

Crop top: Dolly Girl Fashion
Shorts: Sabo Skirt
"Pixel jacket": c/o Elliatt (here)
Fringe bag: c/o Lookbookstore (in tan colour here)
Boots: Verali
Arrow necklace: Forever 21

On the weekend I met up with these blogging cuties, Michelle and Brigette from Carousel of Colour! We had brunch at a lovely little place right outside Newtown station called Cuckoo Callay, and then found these awesome back alleys with funky graffiti walls that complemented the bright pops of colour and bold prints in our outfits.

We had so much fun during the shoot and I didn't realise how tough it was shooting with different heights! Haha I'm quite tall so we had to position ourselves strategically so I didn't look ridiculously towering over the other girls. We eventually discovered that half-body shots and sitting down shots were good at disguising the height difference haha.

I wore another wonderful piece gifted by Elliatt called the "Pixel jacket" from their High Exposure collection. It's so versatile and I wear it to work as well, now that the days are getting so hot and I only need a lightweight jacket in a fresh, summery colour like white. I realised I didn't get any closeups of the jacket to show off the texture, so I got my little sis to take a close up picture when I got home haha. Thanks Jess! :)

Overall it was a fun day and I really like these girls' styles- they mixed prints and textures in a way that was trendy, classy with a touch of kooky! :) Check them out at their blog on Carousel of Colour .

Monday, November 3, 2014

Make a Grand Entrance

Grand entrance skirt: c/o Elliatt (you can get it from the Iconic currently)
Crop top: Tobi.com
Personalised Name necklace: c/o ONecklace
Clear perspex clutch: c/o Choies
Photo credits: Bending Colours

I think Elliatt have got to be the queen of gorgeous and classy statement skirts, because here I am featuring one of their beautiful designs! See my last post featuring their 'Portrait' skirt here. This one is called the Grand Entrance skirt, and it's a floral pencil skirt featuring these super unique and cool sheer embroidered layers at the waist and hem.

I love the look of a sleek pencil skirt balanced out with a midriff-bearing crop top. A while ago I did a blog post on how to wear crop tops (seeing as they're all the rage now!), and having it paired with a formfitted knee-length skirt is one of my favourite combinations.

The sun was very bright in these pics as it was just setting. I usually prefer to have my back to it for that warm glow behind me, but being positioned facing the sun can have a different effect I like as well. Unfortunately that also meant I didn't have a consistent way of editing the colours and everything on these pictures because they're all so different from each other...oh well! It was fun to experiment with what I got, and thanks to my friend Bending Colours for taking the pics too!



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