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Ardell Fake Lash Review and Holly's Natural Body Scrub Review

So today's post is kind of two posts in one! Today I'm introducing to you guys Ardell fake lashes, and a new body scrub called Holly's Natural all the way from Germany!

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Ardell fake Eyelashes and Brow kit
From L to R:
Ardell Individual lashes, Ardell 108 Black fake lashes from the Natural range, Ardell Brow Defining Kit, Ardell 101 Demi fake lashes from the Glamour range

Ardell were kind enough to gift me all these gorgeous goodies. I took photos and wore all the different types of lashes, although I didn't try the brow defining kit yet because I'm still trying to make the grey pigment blend nicely with my lashes (I use black and grey). But for someone with brown eyebrows this would be a fantastic kit as there's already 2 different brown shades, and the top left one is a highlighter for your brow bone! :)

Here's what the lashes look like out of the box! If you look closely, you can see that the Ardell lashes are cleverly designed with a subtle increase in length and thickness on the ends, so that you can wear them with the shorter end towards your inner eye and the longer end towards the outside of your eye for a more natural and seamless look. It also enhances a cat-eye winged look, which I'm always a fan of! :)

As you can probably guess the bottom pair (101) leads to a more dramatic and striking look, whereas the top (108) is more for everyday use.

How to Apply Ardell fake lashes:
It's really, really simple! :)

Step 1:
take some eyelash adhesive (I'm using 'Duo' here) and squeeze a thin line across the palm of your hand (or on the back of your hand, or foil, it doesn't matter). Wait about 10-20 seconds for the glue to dry. You can hurry up the process by blowing on it. In my experience it's better to be patient and wait a little before sticking the lash to the glue. If you don't wait long enough the glue is still runny and makes the lash slide off your eye, and it's best to wait until it becomes sticky.

Step 2;
Once it's sticky, dip the false eyelashes all along the band (make sure you get the ends as well!), and then stick them on right above your natural eyelashes! You can use a pair of tweezers to pick up and stick the eyelashes if it helps. 

Before and After with Ardell 101 Black:
This is the more dramatic pair out of the two...and probably my favourite! I kept my eye makeup very simple so when I wear these ones it's actually not too overpowering and can be worn everyday as well. I really like the thickness of these lashes (as in they're not too sparse along the band) and I find the thick ones really flattering for my eyes.

I don't think I applied the falsies properly on the first eye in the picture, but you can see the lovely dramatic winged-out effect it creates on the eye on the right.

Before and After with Ardell 108 Demi Black:
 Although I prefer the dramatic effect of the thicker 101 Black lashes, the 108 Demi blacks are so ridiculously comfy! The band and lashes are so thin and lightweight, that although it means you need to take extra care when taking them out, when I put them on I really felt like there was nothing on. I almost rubbed my makeup removing wipe roughly all over my eyes because I forgot I had falsies on!

As you can see you can hardly tell I've stuck falsies on as they blend in so nicely with my natural eyelashes. It felt so natural, that now I'm just realising how short and sparse my natural lashes are...

What I really love about the Ardell lashes is that the band curves so nicely around my eyes. If you check them out on their website here you can see that they are specifically for 'small eyes', 'round eyes', and 'almond shaped eyes'- which means these are fantastic for Asian eyes. The banding is not too long so it curves around small eyes easily, and it's so thin and lightweight so it's very flexible for any eye shape anyway! :)

Before and After with Ardell Individuals: (in this pic I'm wearing the long flares only on the ends)
The After picture looks a bit weird because I only stuck individual lashes on the ends lol! This is just to highlight the contrast between my natural lashes and the individual flares I stuck on the outer ends.

Each individual flare is very delicate and the individual eyelashes package comes with the handy tweezer I've been using for all of these lashes. Dare I say that they feel even MORE natural than the previous 108 Demi Blacks! This is because with individual lashes you can spread them out however you want, and there is no actual long band curving around your eye so it really does feel like you're not wearing anything.

In conclusion, I'm very pleased with all the lashes I received! For ladies who want a very subtle look and/or want to control exactly the lash enhancement, the Individuals would be a perfect choice. Personally I can't resist the drama and intensity of the 101 Blacks as it just makes my eyes pop so much more! And then there's the 108 Demi blacks which are so ridiculously comfortable and seamless. I can definitely see myself alternating between the 101 and 108s for everyday use! 

Ardell lashes are so comfortable and easy to apply, and you can grab them for only $9.99 at Priceline, so why not? :)

I also received a package of some delish body scrub all the way from Germany from Holly's Natural! It comes in two scents - the Classic (currently sold out!) and the Coconut Crush which I've featured here. Can I just say this one smells absolutely divineee!! It contains organic Arabica Coffee, organic Coconut Oil, organic Almond Oil, organic Cane Sugar, natural finished Sea Salt and Coconut scent- with that concoction of beautiful scents no wonder it smells amazing! :)

It smells so amazing I just want to eat it!

So what does the scrub do? Holly's Natural Body Scrub is meant to tighten and smooth your skin, as the coffee inside promotes blood circulation when you massage it all over your skin. I have terrible blood circulation so I was very excited to try this out! I'll need to use it a few more times to see a tightening effect, but after washing it off my skin was definitely very smooth and soft.

The coconut oil also reduces redness, and the almond oil rejuvenates your skin with vitamins, and the sugar and sea salt are there to act as natural exfoliants :)

Holly's Natural ship worldwide and the Coconut scrub is only around 18 Euro (around 26 AUD or 20 USD). It's a great pick-me-up when you notice your skin's getting a little dull or rough. And plus the coconut and coffee scent is so beautiful that there's no way you won't feel better afterwards :)


  1. Great reviews on both products! I'm quite interested on that body scrub! Sounds good! :)

    Lime & Life

  2. All of those lash options look great on you! Like you said, you can use them for very different looks and just mix and match as needed :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Thank you for the review! I've always wanted to try Ardell lashes :)


  4. You are so pretty! Cool reviews this scrub looks great!
    Maybe you would like to follow each other? Let me know, you have a lovely blog <3
    xoxo, Mai ♥

  5. I wanna try those ardell lashes really soon!
    I've tried a similar scrub from australia and i love it, but now I wanna try holly's too!!
    I followed.

    Lu | loulou

  6. Thank you for the review:-) i want to try that body scrub!

    xo, Lulu

  7. Haha I love your photos for the review, kudos for risking messing your living room(?) up! The scrub sounds nice, I usually don't buy body scrubs and just use a loofah or something similar, but I might give it a try once I move to Germany!


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