Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sierra Lace

'Sierra' top: c/o Hot Pink Avenue (here, comes in black here)
Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique (here)
Clutch: New Look
White heels: Go Jane
'Togetherness' Cuff: c/o Her Fashion Box

You can tell it's starting to get colder again when the jeans start coming out! I'm not usually a fan of pants but a light baby blue wash on jeans goes perfectly well with my new lace white top from Hot Pink Avenue! I couldn't stop staring at all the pretty intricate lace detail on this top, it's such a unique and stunning piece. I wore it with a nude bra underneath but you can opt for a black one for an edgier look. The 'Sierra' top also comes in black!

Check out Hot Pink Avenue for more gorgeous trendy pieces like this top, including their Under $29 Sale section...soo much good stuff at a bargain.

I was also gifted a very lovely necklace from Happiness Boutique! I dig pastels more than I should, and it occurred to me that I didn't really have any pastel jewellery to complement my outfits! I wear this necklace a lot at work too (it works well with light pink and white) :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Romantics

Choc flake top: c/o Stelly Clothing (here)
Choc flake shorts: c/o Stelly Clothing (here)
Fringe bag: Brandy Melville
Boots: Nine West
Cuff: c/o Her Fashion Box

Ok I promise there aren't tooo many of these two-piece sets left to post on my blog...they're just my latest addiction at the moment! The weather's getting so cold all of a sudden so there's no point in me amassing any more teeny crops and shorts anyway :)
I've been eyeing this set for a while and I finally saw it on the Stelly Clothing website. I think I already mentioned it in the last post featuring two-pieces, but the best thing about them is that I can take them separately and pair them with other things. So even though we're heading towards autumn (fall), I can wear these shorts with a long-sleeved top, or cropped sweater for the perfect transitional season look. There probably won't be much crop top-wearing or skin-bearing in general though for the upcoming colder seasons, so hopefully I'll be self-motivated enough to stay in shape lol.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Never Go Out of Style


Asymmetrical wrap skirt: c/o Celebrity Fashion Lookbook (here)
Black lace bustier top: Dolly Girl Fashion
Shoes: Lipstik
Clutch: c/o Choies

I'm so late to the game but I am so obsessed with Taylor Swift lately! How awesome is her album 1989?! I'm finding myself relating to so many of her song lyrics recently, way more than other artists. I actually feel like the biggest high school girl right now but I'm not ashamed lol.

I can't get enough of these asymmetrical wrap skirts and dresses! They're just way too flattering and versatile to miss out on getting the same thing in every. Single. Colour.  I'm so glad I have a red one now because it goes so well with black and white pairings at the top. This skirt is from Celebrity Fashion Lookbook and also comes in Black, Grey and Khaki green. The skirt I have is more of a bright red, than wine red/purple as in the it matches perfectly with my 'Ruby Woo' lippie from Mac :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Style Jury

'Tori' dress: c/o Style Jury (here)
Crochet cardigan: c/o Awwdore (here)
Shoes: Lulus
Rings: c/o Vant Jag (not yet available)

Slooooowlyyy getting back into the swing of things! I've been trying to go out with friends, surround myself with positive people and laughter, spending time with family and even when I don't feel like it going to the gym. I'm so glad I've been forcing myself to exercise even when I'm not mentally committed, because I've noticed some definition forming on my legs recently! I think one of the best ways to get out of a breakup or any period of sadness or stress is to get fit and make yourself look even better than before!

This dress from Style Jury caught my eye with the vibrant colours- never did I think orange and blue would look so good together! There's so much amazing detail in the pattern that I feel like I want this print made in a scarf, cushion, duvet cover, etc lol. The dress is so light and flowy and would be perfect to take to the beach. Now that it's getting colder over here though I layered it with a lightweight crochet cardigan to take the dress from summer to autumn! :)

I also got another care package from the lovely Kat at Vant Jag! I couldn't wait to start featuring them, and here I'm wearing a ring pack that's not yet available...but here are some more amazing accessories from the latest Winter 2015 collection.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mono with Missguided

'Bardot' crop top: c/o Missguided (here)
'Isobella' monochrome tartan A-line skirt: c/o Missguided (here)
Denim crop jacket: Forever 21
Backpack: c/o YesStyle
Shoes: LovelyShoes

Thank you for all the lovely messages left on my blog, Instagram etc. lately. Breakups indeed suck and I hate the emotional rollercoaster it sends you on, especially when it's unexpected. But I'm happy to say I'm starting to feel a lot better now. I've spent the past week or so honing in on my flaws and inadequacies, to justify everything and in general just being extraordinarily and unusually mentally weak.

But I'm pulling myself out of this ditch, and I've come the conclusion...that you know what, the world is my oyster right now. I have so many strengths and great qualities about me and I shouldn't let one person make me doubt all of my positive points. There are so many exciting opportunities and experiences that await me right now. What is this one small loss compared to all the beautiful things and people that are still all around me?

Anyway...this outfit is thanks to Missguided, who have kindly sent me this crop top and super cute tartan skirt. I'm still not over the preppy, schoolgirl trend just yet and I'm not going to stop adding tartan skirts to my wardrobe! The greatest thing about monochrome pieces like these is that you can pair them with anything. You can never get enough of greys, blacks and whites in your life- they'll look good on any skin colour and for any season :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Make Mistakes

'Aloha' dress: c/o Her Fashion Box (here)
'Togetherness' cuff: c/o Her Fashion Box (here)
'Trapeze' necklace: c/o Her Fashion Box (here)
'Arty' ring: YSL
Clutch: c/o River Island
Heels: Lulus (I think?)

Hi all! I'm a poor mood and really didn't want to blog today but I had this beautiful dress that I wanted to post. Yesterday I went through a breakup and I've been feeling very upset about it these past few days :( I had fears it would be a mistake but I took the risk anyway, and ultimately I realised it was a mistake. But to be honest I think we all need to take chances and make wrong decisions- it's the only way you learn right? Some people are always going to hurt you one way or another but you just don't know who they are. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and get hurt so you realise it!

Onto the gorgeous 'Aloha' dress from Her Fashion Box! I couldn't resist the beautiful blue and white print- it's Hawaiian and tropical but at the same time kind of oriental and refined. These high necklines are becoming really trendy now and they're actually very flattering. The back detail is also really interesting! My only gripe is that the dress is pretty short so I don't really recommend getting size 8 if you're around my height  (about 5'7 or 170cm). Size up! :)

Her Fashion Box also kindly gifted me this funky cuff and necklace, which I've been adding to my outfits left, right and centre as they're such versatile and stylish pieces.

(rings are my own)

Her Fashion Box is basically a monthly delivery box that features on-trend fashion accessories tailored to your style profile, and selected beauty products and deluxe samples. And everything comes beautifully wrapped in this lovely sleek black and white box :) 

Additionally you can shop items here for the latest style pieces, which also comes beautifully wrapped with an additional gift and magazine with every order.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Festival Fever with Chevron

'Zig Zag two piece set': c/o Celebrity Fashion Lookbook (here)
'Stevie' Hat: Nasty Gal

It's festival season right now! What better way to get prepped for it than new festival wear :) Two piece sets are so in trend at the moment and you definitely expect to see heaps of them at music festivals this year. A no-fuss halter neck crop top with lightweight, breezy shorts makes them the perfect outfit to take to Coachella :)

This two-piece from Celebrity Fashion Lookbook is one of the cutest I've come across so far- there's something about chevron print that's so bold and retro, and you can make a statement without even trying. Check out Celebrity Fashion Lookbook for more celebrity and runway-inspired trendy looks at a very affordable price :)

Also with regards to sizing- I got a set that was tagged Size Small, but this was actually too big for me. It probably fits more like an AU size 10? I know this was a bit sneaky, but in these photos I've had to use a clip at the back of the shorts, to make them sit higher on my waist as they were too low. Just a tip so you guys know you should probably size down with this set :)



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