Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NuMe 32mm Hair Curling Wand Review

NuMe have kindly sent me their very popular 32mm curling wand recently! I was so excited since I've never actually used a wand like this before (been strictly using a GHD straightener for curls since 2007! see my GHD tutorial here) so I couldn't wait to see the results I would get from this tool.

In this packaged tube, I received a heat-resistant glove, NuMe argan oil, and the NuMe 32mm magic curling wand.

Make sure you prep your hair by spraying with a heat protectant (I used mine from Big Sexy Hair). Then put on your heat resistant glove, and wear it on the hand that is twisting the hair onto the wand. You don't have to put it on, but I recommend putting it on because it's easy to accidentally touch the hot tip of the wand.

Turn the wand on by pressing down on the 'on' button for a few seconds. When it's off, the wand will flash 'off' so you can easily tell when it's not heating up.

 Simply twist a section of hair around the wand, and let go after 15-20 seconds. The longer you leave it on, the tighter the curl will be. I left the first curl on for a bit longer and you can see the length difference with the rest of my hair.

I'm pretty lazy/impatient and luckily this means my curls tend to end up being more loose and wavy which I prefer, so it works out for me! On the right picture you can see how I achieved loose, carefree curls on one side of my hair. You can play around with how long you leave the hot wand in your hair,  and the results you achieve afterwards.

After doing both sides and being satisfied with my curls, I applied the NuMe argan oil that came in the kit. As with all argan oils, I just put a little bit on my palms and applied it all throughout my hair (especially the top, my hair is so prone to frizz!)

Overall, it was very interesting using a curling wand for the first time in my life, and I'm really happy with the results I got from it! With this wand, I found that I had more flexibility in the shape and direction of the curls and they end up being more free-falling, as opposed to when I use my straightener and the curls always fall in a more structured, defined shape (see my GHD straightener tutorial for reference). With the NuMe I can achieve a more natural and loose look. I do love both styles though, so I'm very happy to have both tools on hand!

I used the 32mm magic wand from NuMe which comes in black, pink and turquoise. NuMe also offer a variety of other hair styling tools such as the 25mm magic wand option here.

What are your experiences with hair wands?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Street Slip Ons

'Lounge' long-sleeve top: Sabo Skirt
Faux leather Backpack: Yes Style
Faux leather cap: ASOS
'Oliver' sunnies: c/o Miss Hamptons (here)
Slip on sneakers: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (Similar shoes here)
Photography credits: Thomas Su FacebookThomas Su blog

It's been a while since I paid a visit to my local stores stocking Le Bunny Bleu shoes! You may have heard of Le Bunny Bleu's online store here, but recently they've been hand-picking some of their cutest shoes to stock locally in selected Sydney clothing stores! The last pair I featured was in this blog post back in November 2014 here, from the store 'Drama' on 16 Goulburn Street in Chinatown, Sydney CBD.

Since then they've stocked themselves in a few other stores around Sydney! I got this pair from 'Pretty Pumpkin' on 106 Rowe Street in Eastwood. These edgy, sporty-chic sneakers are a bit different to the pretty and girly flats Le Bunny Bleu usually stock, but black and white slip on shoes are pretty much the biggest staple shoes right now! They're so versatile, comfy and they add this minimalistic casual-chic edge to any outfit.

My hair is driving me nuts with major out-of-control frizziness for some reason lately, especially as it's gotten so long so I feel like I have a real lion's mane (with very poor humidity control). These pictures are making me wishful that I were back in the salon chair at Evoke Hair and Makeup where the team pampered me with hair and makeup for a good portion of that morning. Too bad it went back to normal after I washed my hair; I need this frizz-free sleek goodness back on my head! :(

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Raise your Standards, and the Universe Will Meet You There

Knit: Forever 21
Crystal drop Necklace: c/o Arva (here)
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
Boots: Verali

I don't think I can ever go past mixing rich berry hues and black for winter weather. I rarely wear long socks anymore (I think at 25 I've outgrown the school girl look lol) but they are a decent temporary replacement for black over-the-knee boots (which I'm still hunting for).

I've really been stocking up on knits this year, and this one from Forever 21 is one of those lightweight and thin pieces you can layer underneath thick coats when it gets really cold, but are warmer than a normal top by themselves. Speaking of Forever 21, I'm so disappointed at how overpriced the Australian stores are! I normally use a mail forwarding service to set up a US address to have my parcels delivered from the US Forever 21 online store, and it still works out to be cheaper than buying the clothes plus the insane markups in the Australian stores. I found a dress I bought through my mail forwarding service that was $25 and I saw it in store for over $50 AUD.

The title of this post is a quote I've been loving for a while! I think people often settle too much simply to stay within their comfort zone or hold onto a sense of familiarity. Sometimes we lose patience for everything we wait and work hard for and we settle for whatever's just around the corner or already infront of us. I'd like to think that the universe has a plan for me and the right opportunities, combined with the right timing, are not too far off in the future. Things happen for a reason, and sometimes you make mistakes, take risks, do different things so that when the right time comes along you'll be well-equipped to face that challenge. Who else agrees? :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Her Fashion Box

I've featured Her Fashion Box on my blog before, but only items from their shop here.  This is the first time I've received one of their monthly subscription boxes, which contained all these wonderful new and surprising goodies :)

Like with every traditional subscription box, you pay a set amount ($39.95 per month in this case) and you get a bunch of lovely fashion, beauty and lifestyle-themed items in a box delivered to you monthly.

Top: Oasap
Striped skirt: c/o Showpo
'Caught up' Clutch: c/o Her Fashion Box (here)

These are the items that came inside my box this month. When you sign up for a subscription box at Her Fashion Box, you can choose what style you want and all the items will be tailored to that theme. There's 'Classic', 'Feminine', and 'Trendy'. I chose 'Feminine' of course (no surprises there!) 

In the 'Feminine' box, I received:
  • (this grey fedora hat I forgot to photograph!)
  • 'Onyx' ring set (here)
  • Zuii Organic sheer lips lipstick sample with 3 shades (bottom left corner)
  • 'Naked Harry' body scrub sample
  • pink notebook
  • Ribbon tie bracelets
  • 'Cotton candy' pink scarf (here)
  • Nivea anti-perspirant sample spray
  • fashion magazine
See how you can even shop for some of these individual items separately if you don't want to have to pay for an entire box, and I've provided the links above.

I think my favourite part of the box is probably the ring set! A girl can never have enough accessories especially rings in my opinion, as they always fall off, get misplaced, break etc. so I'm always happy to have another set of rings :)

Have you guys tried Her Fashion Box before? What do you think of subscription boxes in general?

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Runaway Cape

'Rise of Dawn' the Runaway drape cape: c/o Tiger Mist (here)
Grey crop top: Kookai
'Iris' boots: Witchery
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
Photography credits: Thomas Su Facebook, Thomas Su blog
Makeup: c/o Evoke Hair and Makeup (ask for Luke)

I love the idea of a cape jacket! With so many people wearing their coats and jacket over their shoulders (as opposed to putting your arms through the sleeves) a cape jacket seems like the logical thing to invest in ;) Get the structured, no-fuss look of a cape without having to worry about it falling off your shoulders! Even better is that you can show off your top inside, whether it be a pop of colour, striking print or pattern for a bit of contrast. This one from Tiger Mist comes in both black and white; I feel like both colours are a necessity haha.

I also got my hair and makeup done courtesy of Evoke Hair and Makeup  (Market St. salon in Sydney CBD)! I love getting my hair and makeup done professionally as it's always interesting to see how someone else would style my face. The naked face is like a blank canvas in my opinion and I'm always curious to know how someone else would interpret it. Luke from Evoke Hair went for more arched and shorter eyebrows, more naked eyes, fuller lips Kylie Jenner style, and stronger contouring on the face Kim K style (which means hello cheekbones)!

Thomas has also been doing a lot of photography for me lately, so special mention to him and his patience! :) We travelled to a quite a few places around Sydney for some great locations. You can check out his blog here: http://www.suphotography.com.au/blog/

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Black and Taupe

Black turtleneck cropped knit: Witchery (now on sale! here)
Faux leather skirt: c/o River Island
Bag: Kookai
Coat: Gmarket.co.kr
Boots: Boohoo
Photography: Thomas Su
What a beautiful winter's day in Sydney it was where the sun was shining soooo bright that I even had to squint into the camera :) We took these photos in a gorgeous gardening store which happened to be just around the corner. It even had a little homewares store inside with so many beautifully scented creams, candles, oils etc. I snapped up a hand cream and body wash in one of my favourite scents- blood orange! I've bene trying to make a more conscious decision to relax more every single day which has led me to really appreciate fragrances for the home, and I've been lighting candles every night.
I feel like even though my wardrobe is brimming with clothes constantly, I often go back and wear the exact same outfit over and over again lol. Is anyone else the same? These days I fall back to a lot of turtlenecks, comfy knit fabrics and this warm black peacoat simply out of practicality!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pastel Perfection

'Almaty knit' in baby blue: c/o Tweet Tweet Fashion (here)
Fringe bag: c/o Lookbookstore
Hat: Nasty Gal
Shoes: LovelyShoes.net
White pants: c/o AX Paris

As I watch my outfits getting progressively darker and gloomier to match the weather we're having in Sydney here...I found this gorgeous baby blue knit from Tweet Tweet Fashion and on a whim I decided to pair it with white jeans for a fresh winter look. I have a trip to the snow planned for the upcoming month and I think all the images of the snow-capped mountains and beautiful clear skies have got me dressing like where I want to be lol!

This knit from Tweet Tweet Fashion is absolutely divine with the perfect shade of baby blue, large loose cowl neck (no itchiness or feeling like you're being choked!) and the cotton/poly blend is soo soft and comfy to wear! It's currently on sale as well so don't miss out.

White pants are probably one of the hardest things to rock with self-confidence- white is that colour that pretty much highlights the whole width of your thighs and calves and is no way forgiving to your lumps and bumps. Can you believe the last time I wore these white pants, I got a few comments on social media saying that I looked fat? As much as I love social media and all the benefits and fun I've had from it- it brings out the worst in people that they wouldn't dare show you in real life. In my opinion- wear whatever you like and don't let others bring you down :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

90s Feel

Purple knit cardigan: Boohoo
'life in progress' Shorts: c/o Tobi.com (here)
'Made in the 90s tee': c/o Lex Milia
'Celestial iridescence' Necklace: c/o Vant Jag (here)
Accessories: c/o Vant Jag

Time to bust out the thick, cable knit cardis! It's officially the first day of winter and we are really, really feeling it. We get a few sunny days here and there but once that wind sets in...I might as well be wearing my new ski gear for my trip to Queenstown (New Zealand) in July already. I'm really digging wine and deep jewel shades this season and I couldn't go past adding this gorgeous aubergine knit to my collection from Boohoo! 

For this outfit I decided to bring back a little nostalgia. The 90s are continuing to come back in fashion in a big way, and what better way to celebrate than with an acid wash crop top and a chunky choker necklace? Plus a big, not-so-subtle reference in big letters to this great era.

I've been feeling like such a pampered princess lately. Complimentary hair and makeup, spray tans, hair products and tools, beauty tools, free accommodation etc...I'm definitely feeling blessed and grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life. Not just things but also people (new and old) and the intangible blessings all around me that money can't buy. How easy it is to smile and feel happy when you stop focusing on what you don't have but all the precious things you do have :)



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