Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NuMe 32mm Hair Curling Wand Review

NuMe have kindly sent me their very popular 32mm curling wand recently! I was so excited since I've never actually used a wand like this before (been strictly using a GHD straightener for curls since 2007! see my GHD tutorial here) so I couldn't wait to see the results I would get from this tool.

In this packaged tube, I received a heat-resistant glove, NuMe argan oil, and the NuMe 32mm magic curling wand.

Make sure you prep your hair by spraying with a heat protectant (I used mine from Big Sexy Hair). Then put on your heat resistant glove, and wear it on the hand that is twisting the hair onto the wand. You don't have to put it on, but I recommend putting it on because it's easy to accidentally touch the hot tip of the wand.

Turn the wand on by pressing down on the 'on' button for a few seconds. When it's off, the wand will flash 'off' so you can easily tell when it's not heating up.

 Simply twist a section of hair around the wand, and let go after 15-20 seconds. The longer you leave it on, the tighter the curl will be. I left the first curl on for a bit longer and you can see the length difference with the rest of my hair.

I'm pretty lazy/impatient and luckily this means my curls tend to end up being more loose and wavy which I prefer, so it works out for me! On the right picture you can see how I achieved loose, carefree curls on one side of my hair. You can play around with how long you leave the hot wand in your hair,  and the results you achieve afterwards.

After doing both sides and being satisfied with my curls, I applied the NuMe argan oil that came in the kit. As with all argan oils, I just put a little bit on my palms and applied it all throughout my hair (especially the top, my hair is so prone to frizz!)

Overall, it was very interesting using a curling wand for the first time in my life, and I'm really happy with the results I got from it! With this wand, I found that I had more flexibility in the shape and direction of the curls and they end up being more free-falling, as opposed to when I use my straightener and the curls always fall in a more structured, defined shape (see my GHD straightener tutorial for reference). With the NuMe I can achieve a more natural and loose look. I do love both styles though, so I'm very happy to have both tools on hand!

I used the 32mm magic wand from NuMe which comes in black, pink and turquoise. NuMe also offer a variety of other hair styling tools such as the 25mm magic wand option here.

What are your experiences with hair wands?


  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!! I've never wanted long hair so bad. Seeing loose waves with long flowy hair is one of the most delicate and beautiful looks. xo

  2. Wow, your hair looks beautiful! I've never been able to master the curling wand! I wish I could, I'd love locks like yours.

    Tara x

  3. Your hair looks so amazing! Can't wait to see my hair grows longer so I can curl it :)

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    Thank you :)

  4. Great post! :)


  5. Your hair looks really pretty with loose curls :) xx

  6. What a great review!! I love your hair!! It's gorgeous!

    xx Olivia


  7. I've been eyeing the wand for a while now, and I've been contemplating whether or not I should get it. My go-to method for curling my hair is to go heatless because it's not damaging at all (extremely important for someone who cannot for the sake of their life take care of hair properly) but when I'm in a rush and need a quick little toss, curling wands would be so much better. The curls turned out really well on you!

    May x • THE MAYDEN

  8. You always look soo gorgeous! I've always wanted to try a more thicker wand for some nice loose curls!

    I followed you on Bloglovin + GFC!
    Let me know if you'd like to follow back?
    thank you<3
    Lauren xx | http://laurlauu.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous and your top is so pretty!


  10. I really like these curls,they are really undone and beachy. You look stunning :)

    Rachel xx

  11. Oooh natural wave is my favourite! And you look very pretty :)

  12. This is such a perfect post lovely, I've genuinely been trying to find a review on tong for a while and this is such a fab one. I definitely need to check this out, stunning :)


  13. This curling wand looks amazing! I have been needing to get a new one, as my old one is kind of dying out a bit. Love how your hair looks, so gorgeous!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  14. Seems like a really amazing product! Your hair look so beautiful!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  15. your hair looks perfect


  16. Izzy! You still look as stunning as hell! Those curls suit you well

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