Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All About Rust

'Valerie' dress in Rust: c/o Fashion Nova
Leopard print sunnies: c/o Oscar Wylee
'Bethany' handheld Bag in Matte Stone: c/o Paul's Boutique
I've already expressed my love for rust colours before (see my blog post wearing a rust coat), and I still can't get enough of it! Rust, amber, and burnt orange have all been big for autumn, but I've found the colour translates so well into the warmer months as well.
Sometimes I find some of the simplest outfits make the biggest impact! This plain midi dress from Fashion Nova has a simple design, but the rust shade, high neckline and bodycon fit all make it such a statement piece that needs only minimal accessorising to make it a complete outfit. Even better is I find that dress is soo comfortable! It fits like a glove and is such a bargain at only $27.99.
I also received this gorgeous new bag from Paul's Boutiquea premium brand founded from London and has now expanded worldwide. I had been searching for a nude or light beige coloured bag for easy accessorising during summer months with lighter outfits, and this one was perfect! I love the simple structured shape and the matte finish is so soft and smooth.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunrises and Lace

'Lace affair' set: c/o Stunner Boutique
Lace up heels: c/o Boohoo
Clutch bag: Forever New
Hat: Glassons

photography credits: Steve Savage Instagram

I think I was able to push my blogging dedication to new heights when I woke up at 4am for this shoot with Steve! We wanted to do a sunrise shoot so I forced myself out of bed in the dark (whilst constantly reevaluating what I was doing) and did a shoot amongst the tall grass in a park in the city.

I was freezing cold in the early morning mist and felt very stiff, but I was very pleased with how the photos turned out! I think Steve captured the warm golden glow of the sunrise perfectly and I'll kick myself later for saying this, but I actually would not mind waking up at 4am for another sunrise shoot again :)

I'm a real sucker for lace, I can't get over how pretty the intricate detailing of this top and skirt set is! I love beautiful little romantic pieces like this, and the uneven finish on the skirt hem reminds me of pretty white cobwebs. Stunner Boutique is another local Aussie online boutique I've discovered recently, and they ship worldwide. They also offer free express shipping on Australian orders over $100 :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Summer Ready with RY Australia

Hi everyone! I'm quite excited for today's blog post as I've made a huugee haul from Ry.com.au recently which has contained so many impressive goodies! Ry.com.au is Australia's largest online hair care and beauty retailer, so I knew I was going to have access to a wide range of brands at my fingertips. 

I also find with beauty and hair products in general, it's cheaper online than buying locally in Australia. Ry.com.au even have a price guarantee that they'll match any price in Australia, so you can always make sure you're getting the deals possible at Ry. They even had 120 days free returns which I thought was pretty generous and impressive!

I was able to try some brands I've always heard rave reviews about, especially Anastasia Beverly Hills and skincare brands such as Asap and Dermalogica, and was so thoroughly pleased with the results! I picked a wide range of summer essentials in beauty and hair care and you can check out what I got below. All the products were sent to me for free from Ry.com.au but as always the reviews are 100% my own opinion.

L-R: Babyliss Pro Classic 19mm Ceramic Hot Air BrushGHD Curl and Hold SprayTigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer

Frizzy hair is something I've been trying to tame since birth and especially during every summer! I've tried many, many products that claim to eliminate frizz but mostly they just weigh my hair down with product and those crazy flyaways are still sitting at the crown of my head.

I read many great reviews for Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusteriser so I decided to try it out myeslf. Apparently you can use it on wet or dry hair, and my hair was about 60% dry when I put this in. The product itself is a lotion-like cream that actually has tiny specks of shimmer in it which transfer into your hair. It can leave a bit of shimmer in your hands but it was easy to wash off.

My verdict- it tamed quite a lot of my frizz down, although there were still some flyaways at the top. The product itself smells amazing, like that strawberry Colgate toothpaste some of you may have had as a kid. I'm a huge sweet tooth so I definitely didn't mind applying this through my hair! :) I only used about a 50-cent piece amount (keeping in mind I do have a lot of hair) and I noticed slight sheen in my hair. It also definitely made it feel softer!

Babyliss Pro Classic 19mm Ceramic Hot Air Brush

I don't know how many of you girls have tried the whole blowdrying wet hair whilst brushing at the same time like they do at the hairdressers, but I have the worst body coordination as well as having thick, knotty hair so I've never been able to manage this myself. So I was really excited to try out a hot air brush from Babyliss, where you can actually dry and style your hair at the same time when you run the brush through your hair.

I've used this about 3 times now and I can't get enough of it! I have such long hair that takes forever to dry so it was a dream to be able to cut down heaps of time, and not get that crazy frizzy knotty mess I usually get from normal blowdryers. I was able to concentrate the brush at the very roots of my hair and work my way down, which helped avoid that flat hair look and add a bit of volume.

The second picture shows the results of my hair after running the hot brush through completely, and it already looks good enough to be able to go out like this. It left my hair looking neat, minimal frizz, and thoroughly dry. There are 2 heat settings so you can switch it up depending on the thickness of your hair or the wetness of it.

After having used the hot air brush, my hair was already tangle-free and dry enough for creating curls. I used my GHD Bird of Paradise hair styler which I've reviewed previously on my blog, and then ran the GHD Curl and hold spray through my hair. It was light, non-sticky and didn't weigh my hair down. I was very pleased to wake up the morning after and find that my curls were still as strong as ever, and I didn't have to re-curl a few sections like I usually have to on Curl Day #2.

L-R: Fake Bake Mistifier (I didn't review this one because the spray nozzle didn't work! :( I will be returning this one), Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in 'Ebony'Asap Daily Face CleanserDermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

I've read so many rave reviews about Anastasia's brow products, so I decided to try the brow powder out. I usually use brow powder from NYX and a pencil from a Korean brand. I got the brow powder duo in Ebony which I felt matched my natural brow hair and black hair the best.

The pot contains two shades so you can use both on your eyebrows for a more natural look. I like to use the lighter shade on the inner areas of my brows where the hairs are sparser, and the darker shade for the middle and the tail. The shades were quite pigmented which made it easy to work with! I was quite happy with the results I got from the duo but I think I still prefer having that super neat, streamlined look on my brows. I think I might try out the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade which is also available on Ry, for a more defined and precise look.

I was also on the hunt for a new face cleanser as I've been using the same one for a few years and I'm not sure if it's even good for me. Asap is another one of those brands I've been meaning to try out so I was happy to give this one a go.

As you can see the product has a milky consistency, and felt super gentle on my face. I applied this to wet skin and rubbed it in for 30 seconds, as per the instructions. Apparently it also helps remove traces of makeup, which is so nifty as having bits of makeup left on your face is pretty bad for your skin!

I was really pleasantly surprised to find after just 1 night of use some of the redness on my face had toned down. I generally don't get acne anymore but I do have spots of slight redness on my face. I was really happy to find that the redness had reduced and my skin's pigmentation more even. I think with my previous cleanser it was a bit too harsh with the microbeads, but the Asap daily face cleanser was very gentle on my face and left it feeling hydrated and looking more radiant.

(The other amazing thing I noticed was that although I have pimple-free skin, during that time of month there's always 1-2 that pop up in some inconvenient spot on my face. I used this in the week before it was due, and surprise! Not a pimple in sight!) 

This was another product I've heard great things about! I felt it was very moisturising on my face but not in a heavy, oily way. It also absorbed quickly into the skin and felt light which is perfect for summer, to avoid that feeling of moisturiser and foundation sliding around all over your face.

I'll need to keep using this regularly for the results to shine properly, as I have switched to a new face cleanser at the same time (the Asap facial daily cleanser above!) so I can't yet separate the improvements in my skin between the two products. 

In addition to beauty and hair products, Ry.com.au also stocks a range of beautiful and popular branded candles! I've been under quite a bit of stress this year and have found that having a several candles all around my room with the lights turned off, has been quite soothing and I've really appreciated all the beautiful scents.

Copper is the biggest trend in homewares nowadays it seems, and I fell in love with the beautiful copper vessel on Cocolux's candles which you can even reuse. The frangipani scent is simply divine, and uses coconut wax which burns cleanly (great for the environment!)

Hope you guys have enjoyed my review! Do you prefer to shop online for beauty and hair products? Have you used Ry.com.au before?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Loving Him Was Red

Racket dress (two piece): c/o Kooding
Bag: Equip
Boots: Freelance Shoes

Photography credits: Thomas Su FacebookThomas Su blog

I'm so in love with these photos Thomas and I took recently! We're both Taylor Swift fans and when I saw the pics taken with the two red doors I was instantly reminded of Taylor's song 'Red'. As embarrassing as it sounds, Taylor Swift's songs helped get me through a few rough patches this year so I have immense love for her! :)

I absolutely adore the backdrop of this photoshoot and they've given me new life goals for my future family home! :) It definitely needs a huge garden with lots of beautiful roses and flowers. I would love for my future kids to be able to play in a big magical garden full of vibrance, colour and life.

How cute is this striped two piece from Kooding? I've expressed my love for two pieces in the past, as you can wear it as a dress or separately to pair with different items. The brown and blue stripes are so on point for the 70's trend right now too! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hold Back the River

'Lychee margarita playsuit': c/o Stelly
Heart Bracelet: c/o Curated Label
Fringe bag: c/o Lookbookstore
Hat: H&M
Boots: Nine West
Knit cardigan: Boohoo

photo credits: Johanes Darius (Facebook, Instagram)
The warm weather is making me so excited to embrace colours and prints again! I can never get enough of busy and intricate boho prints especially on pretty little playsuits like these. The floaty shorts and sleeves are so comfy which is definitely a big plus for a long day out. This playsuit from Stelly has a cute little tie-up design at the top to show off some skin, but I added a black lace bone bustier from Nasty Gal underneath for a bit of texture contrast.
Once again Jo did a fantastic job with the photography on this bright day! I love the effect reflectors have on evenly distributing the light in photos, but unfortunately it always means you need to find an extra person to hang around and hold and adjust the reflector during the shoots...which is not the most exciting job in the world :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You're a Sky Full of Stars

'Constellation pocket skater' dress: c/o Living Dead 
Baby blue satchel backpack: c/o J Runway (restock soon)
Point quartz necklace in 'sandstone': c/o Day and Night
Chunky flatform shoes: eBay

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving this gorgeous constellation printed dress from Living Dead! They had so many cute printed dresses geared towards every aspect of the geek in me. It was so hard to pick one theme. Which one do I pick between Astronomy or Chocolate? Sailor Moon or Harry Potter? Harry Potter or cats- oh wait HOLD ON there's a pair of spandex stretchy goodness in Harry Potter-themed cats in legging version and way adorable skater dress version here. With a name like 'Harry Pawter' it was so hard to resist these!

I went with my love of astronomy and all things celestial and picked this amazing constellation dress. The other thing I love about Living Dead is they have a 'We Love Every Body Mantra' and you can see it in the way the sizes run up to XL, and the site features the most gorgeous models modelling the bigger sizes! :)

Since a lot of you guys up in the Northern Hemisphere have just started heading back to school, I added a back pack for a back to school look. This backpack from J Runway comes in pastel blue and black and is the perfect size for fitting in a tablet, water bottle and the other key essentials like your phone, wallet etc. I wore the outfit with a pair of chunky flatforms as well because blisters are the last thing you need at a long day at school.

You can get 20% off your order with the code Metallicpaws from J Runway, valid until 8 Oct! :) Also when you purchase $50 and over you get free delivery to Aus, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore...as well as free accessories worth $50 (only for items sent from Singapore).

Flash tattoos: c/o Risque Tattoos

The gold/black band around my wrist is actually a tattoo! I love how it looks like a pretty dainty black and gold bracelet from afar. Not sure how clear it is but the other gold one of my hand is a butterfly :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

70s Style Icons with ASOS

A-line chevron dress: c/o ASOS (more dresses from ASOS here!)
Classic mac coat: c/o ASOS (similar here)
Over the knee boots: c/o ASOS (in brown here)

photo credits: Johanes Darius (FacebookInstagram)

I'm so excited to be teaming up with ASOS for this post! ASOS have recently asked a group of (blogger) sisters to pick a 70's icon to recreate their style from! I chose Brigitte Bardot because her style is the epitome of sexy-sophisticated with a Parisian influence. I look absolutely nothing like the blonde bombshell but her style aesthetic definitely speaks to me. Racy short hemlines and over the knee boots were balanced out with a long classic mac coat:

I did my own take on her style, with bold chevron prints instead of classic stripes. Jo and I took so many cool shots together in this outfit. I love the fact it was an outfit inspired by a look from the 70s but it blends perfectly into modern day fashion as well. You can find more cute mini dresses on ASOS here.

I can't express how much love I have for these ASOS boots! I've been on the hunt since the beginning of the season for the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots (with a suede look, tight fitted style, and a bit of heel) and these ones from ASOS are literally everything I wanted. Plus with the platform heel they're also really comfy so they're not just for show :) 



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