Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Spring Affair

'Sweet Summer' dress by Cooper St: c/o THE ICONIC (currently sold out, maxi version available here)
Clutch: Forever New
Shoes: Korean boutique

Photography credits: my boyfriend :)

So excited to see pastels and spring colours coming alive already this spring! This dress by Cooper St called 'Sweet Summer' was love at first sight, with a swirl of pretty coral, purple and blue shades complemented by minimalistic thin black straps. Cooper St is one of my fave Australian designers and I can never go past all their trendy unique prints and vibrant colours! Unfortunately this same exact dress is sold out on The Iconic currently, but the maxi length version is still available here.

I've always loved admiring spring racing outfits as they're so full of colour, intriguing and individual fascinators and often quirky elements. I think whatever your take on the perfect spring racing look is, whether it be classic, or kind of crazy- the most important thing is elegance and femininity! So nothing short of knee-length finishes, flattering feminine silhouettes and pretty accessories. You can find more spring racing inspiration and key pieces from The Iconic's spring racing selection here.

These photos were taken yesterday on a lovely warm day spent with my boyfriend on his rare day off. This was also his first time at taking photos for me for my blog. He did a fantastic job don't you think? :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Casual Edge

Leather jacket: Forever New
'Nolita' watch: c/o Wanderlust
Knit top: Glassons
Superstar Up sneakers: Adidas

I am not normally a sneakers girl...but having seen the Adidas Superstars absolutely everywhere paired with every kind of outfit, has made me want to get my hands on them ASAP with the knowledge they can actually work with jeans, dresses, girly and dressed up looks and not just casual. Plus you know they're going to be mega comfy so I definitely felt this was going to be a good investment.

I'm wearing the ones with in-built wedges with this outfit, but I also bought the low Superstars (which I haven't even worn yet but I felt like I had to purchase them straight away). Also I didn't lace it up properly to the top so that the flap bit is all crooked and funny; how typical of someone not used to wearing sneakers! 

These are another pair of jeans kindly sent to me from Oasis (see my super comfy black skinnies from Oasis in my blog post here), and these are called the Lily high-waisted jeans in grey. They're constructed of a bit thicker material than my black skinnies, but are still really comfy and feel super soft. I always find comfort in wearing anything that's high-waisted because they make your legs look longer! These also have pretty buttons and zip in rose gold, which is my favourite gold and also matches my new watch from Wanderlust :)

You can get the same look here:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wildest Dreams

'Jessica lace up skater dress': c/o Wearall
Boots: ASOS
Scalloped hat: ASOS

Jumping on the corset lace-up style bandwagon just a little bit too late...this criss cross design has been everywhere lately and only now have I decided to get the dress everyone has these days! I think I try too hard to resist caving into fast trends that come and go, and by the time they're on the way out I decide to finally get them haha.

Over the knee boots are hopefully a piece that will always stay classic. These ones from ASOS wrap around my legs perfectly, being form-fitting as well as a little scrunched up for a more relaxed feel. 

Here's how you can get the same look:

I also received a lovely pack from Aesthetic Communications recently, which contains so many awesome goodies I can't wait to try out. I've been using a lot of fake tan recently (I've been a bit sick and pale these days) and it's amazing how much healthier a lovely radiant tanned glow can make you look.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Over the Bridge

Wego military shirt: c/o J Runway
'Jade stretch skinny black jeans': c/o Oasis
Rust top: Dotti
Bag: Equip
Boots: Boohoo

Photography credits: Thomas Su FacebookThomas Su blog

I think I finally found my holy grail pair of black skinny jeans...they are pretty much the most basic layering essential for dressing during cool weather because you can wear them with various tops, sweaters and coats PLUS they are slimming! I literally buy about 3 new black skinnies every winter and they either over-stretch, are really uncomfortable or finish off awkwardly around the ankles. HOWEVER, I received this pair from Oasis recently and I have to honestly say that they may just be the one.

Oasis have re-designed the Jade skinnies with a new lightweight fabric that is so comfortable to slip into and move around in. I feel like I'm wearing leggings, but they still have the button closure and stitching detailing of jeans :)

I feel quite boyish wearing a khaki military shirt, and if you know my style you'll know it's anything but unfeminine! It was nice trying something different though, and I prefer to balance out the boyish fit with a fitted top and fitted pants or a skirt. This one is from J Runway and has cute little applique details on the sleeves, and also comes in white and camouflage print (if you wanted to take the military look up a notch!) :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Races Ready

Dress, bag, shoes c/o: Boohoo (see below for product links)
'Nolita' watch: c/o Wanderlust

It's races season again! I was fortunate enough to work with Boohoo again and the action plan was to create a spring racing outfit on a budget. Boohoo is one of my favourite go-to places to find affordable fashion, and it was incredibly easy to whip up a whole outfit for under only $120!

Not only did the dress and accessories fall within budget but I was even able to pop in a full eyeshadow palette in there (yes Boohoo does makeup too!) Have a look at how the bargains add up:

Total= $114

I then added a few of my own accessories on top of that (such as the hat and white watch) to complete the look. Check out some of the other super affordable and stylish picks for spring racing season from Boohoo here.
My eye makeup is looking a little smokier than usual, which is thanks to the Boohoo mega nude eyeshadows palette, which ranges from light nude shades to dark browns and black and silver pigments.

It's seriously getting hot over here in Sydney! The heatwave came all of a sudden and I was completely unprepared. I was finding myself wading through a sea of sweaters and pants in my wardrobe to locate my summer gear, and my long hair has been irritating me immensely and I got a cut a few days ago. I still have a backlog of photos to upload first so you won't see my current hair status just yet...but I do miss my long hair! :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shopping with Etsy

'Wonderland' playsuit: c/o St. Frock
Cardigan: Boohoo
Shoes: Boohoo

I can never get enough of playsuits! Another spring has come around again which means time to stock up on even more cute rompers/playsuits/whatever you like to call them. Two-piece sets are really popular right now and I love how this one from St Frock kind of has a 'faux' two-piece look (which is also reallly good at hiding those big lunch bulges). I can't believe I'm wearing these shoes from Boohoo again - I'm just so obsessed with them! The nude colour goes perfectly with anything I'm wearing and the lace-up detail is so on trend at the moment.

Also thanks SO much for all your lovely comments and liking my blog photos! I'm really flattered because I want to keep taking photos by myself with a tripod and remote, as I'm a pretty independent person and don't want to rely too heavily on someone else to take photos for me. My mentality is that if someone else can do it, then I want to learn how to do it myself! Of course I still love taking photos with other photographers as it's so fun combining creative powers together, and plus you can only lug around all your heavy camera gear to a limited extent!

Zodiac disc necklace: c/o 'JENNY and JUDE' shop from Etsy (in rose gold)

I also received this gorgeous unique necklace from Etsy! One of the main reasons I like to hop onto Etsy sometimes is for the unique, quirky and customised items I can find for practically any category! I already have a lot of jewellery but there's something so great about wearing something meaningful and unique to your personality.

I do share a lot of the typical Aquarius traits and when I found this adorable little store called JENNY and JUDE that sold custom zodiac sign jewellery, I had to get an Aquarius disc necklace for myself. I was even able to select the length, star sign (obviously!) and material, whether it be rose gold fill, gold fill or sterling silver. I chose 18 inch length and rose gold which is my favourite! :)

As I was browsing, I found so many other cute stores on Etsy that sold zodiac-themed accessories:

  1. 'Zodiac disc necklace' from 'JENNY and JUDE' (the necklace I got!)
  2. 'Zodiac constellation dip dye drawstring bag' from HONEYTRAPSTORE
  3. 'Zodiac constellation silk scarf' from Andrea Silk
  4. 'Zodiac sign phone case' from Case Cavern

It was so fun browsing all the different selections and I couldn't believe all the variety and handmade talent and creativity on Etsy, that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. I love to support little independent businesses and I have watched Etsy being used a platform for exactly that and flourish immensely over the years.

Have you guys ever shopped on Etsy before? What kind of unique items do you like to get?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mint To Be

 Crepe crop skater dress in Mint: c/o ASOS 
3D panelled chain bag: c/o ASOS
Heels: Lulus (similar here)
'Intersteller charm & chain set': c/o BaubleBar

I'm always struggling to make my photos look more interesting, as I take most of the ones on my blog myself with a tripod and not really anywhere in a fancy location. However one night I decided to trial out a sunrise shoot the next morning, and took these pics at around 6am to see how they would turn out. I love to capture the warm, dreamy glow of a sunrise or sunset, and especially the backlighting on hair when the sun is behind a subject! I think this is turning into a surprising habit (see my last post here featuring a sunrise shoot)...and I’m quite happy with how the photos turned out :)
I'm also wearing this lovely necklace from BaubleBar! It’s called the ‘Intersteller charm and chain set’ and features four beautiful charms: a key, moonbeam, a pyramid spike and tassle. They all come in 14k golden plated metal so they’ll stay shiny and pristine for a long time. 
All the charms even came individually wrapped in their own little bags with bubble wrap sheets for everything! I love little touches like that because it ensure the metal pieces don’t rub against each other during shipping and handling (as well as avoiding the dreaded necklace tangling!)
You can even build your own charm pendant at BaubleBar! There are so many pretty little charms to put together or you can choose from a prestyled set. I was already taken away by the gorgeous four-piece arrangement in the ‘Intersteller charm and chain set’ so I chose this one! :) 



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