Monday, November 30, 2015

London Calling

'Blackberry' Dress: c/o Boden
Printed Scarf: c/o Boden
'Bloomsbury' Bag: c/o Boden
Denim jacket: Forever 21
This dress from Boden has got to be the comfiest thing ever! It's got an elastic waistband and a loose flowy fit, and hits mid-length as well so is appropriate for work. To give it a bit more shape and style I added a crop dark denim biker jacket from Forever 21.

How cute is the print on this scarf? It features a whole bunch of notable London icons, such as the Big Ben, red telephone box and even the palace guards with their tall black hats!

Classic oxford lady watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

I also was fortunate enough to add another beautiful Daniel Wellington watch to my expanding collection (how fast is the watch industry growing right now?!) I stuck to a rose gold face as I am not a huge fan of silver, but with a striped blue and red strap this time. The strong colours pop out so much especially with blues in my outfit and bold red lips.

To celebrate the holiday season and with these watches being the perfect gift for your loved ones (both male or female!) I have a discount code "IZZI" to give 15% off of all products at until the 15th of January! Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feeling British in Boden

Bloomsbury bag: c/o Boden
Short Sleeve Breton tee: c/o Boden
Emilia biker jacket: c/o Boden
 Suede skirt: Chicabooti
Boots: Boohoo

Photography: my boyfriend

I feel like my wardrobe is so full of British brands (Missguided, Boohoo, ASOS and now Boden) that I might as well dress like a Brit! I find that often a British girl's fashion style is full of mixing prints, patterns and fun colours, yet still completely comfy and practical to accommodate for impending rain! This means chunky comfy Chelsea boots (which also originated from the 60s in Britain!), and I added slightly higher socks for added warmth. Little touches like contrasting suede and leather fabrics in this bag and skirt mean a simply put outfit can still be interesting and unique. Pops of bold primary colours and stripes were fun to mix together, and I definitely felt like it had some effect on brightening up a dull day!

This was my first time discovering Boden, an established British retailer that's been around since the 90s. They launched an Australian presence about a year ago and it's so exciting to add them to my list of regular haunts of British stores available to Australia. I was able to pick up some style basics (a striped tee, biker jacket, satchel bag) but they also offer a wide range of eclectic pieces and prints, staying true to that slightly quirky British element.

Kavi bracelet: c/o Chandrah

Recently I also received this lovely 'Kavi' bracelet from Chandrah, which was my first time wearing healing gemstones. It was so hard to pick just one bracelet from all their amazing collections, especially when all of them have beautiful different stones with different healing properties. I was however drawn to the 'Kavi' not just because of the gorgeous marble-like look of the howlite stones, but also the description on the website that howlite "is a stone of awareness. It can prepare the user or wearer to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. It is a wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion. Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation."

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I do consider myself quite a spiritual person (at least in development) so I don't take these things lightly, and on this particular day that I wore the bracelet for the first time I felt I was able to really maintain my calm and rational state of mind in certain situations. I'm not sure if that sounds ridiculous or fanciful, but I do feel like I believe in the power of healing stones :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Custom Made in Chartreuse

Top: Glassons
White ripped jeans: c/o Boohoo
Customised yellow envelope clutch: c/o Mon Purse
Crystal drop Necklace: c/o Arva
Lace up heels: Freelance Shoes
White 'Nolita' watch: c/o Wanderlust

photography: my boyfriend

I'm really feeling fresh bright yellows and white these warm days, and I wore this outfit for lunch with my boyfriend and my mum. My mum said my top looked like pyjamas though :( Luckily she hadn't noticed the rips in my jeans otherwise she would've made the same comment she makes on all my ripped jeans- which is can I not afford new clothes?!

I've seen Mon Purse around for a while with their cute little customised wallets and coin purses, but this was my first time seeing larger bags! I was so excited when they contacted me for a collab, and I chose this gorgeous summer-ready yellow for the colour, and a classic envelope clutch for the design. For the customised text, I decided to go with my full first name as it looks prettier than simply my initials, in my opinion.

It was so exciting adding my own unique touch of personalisation onto something without knowing how it was going to turn out exactly! The clutch ended up being gorgeous when I received it, with the letters embossed in gold hot stamp. Alternatively you can choose silver or rose gold stamp, or the bag itself in black, tan, blue and light pink! Have you guys ever personalised an item before?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Boohoo Fit

'Natalie sports zip through hoodie': c/o Boohoo FIT
Shorts: c/o Boohoo FIT (currently sold out)
Sports bra: Nike
Sneakers: Nike

Not sure if you knew this...but Boohoo also do fitness wear! True to the style of the rest of Boohoo's clothing brand, the fitness range is trendy as well as affordable. You could stock up on so many of their bras, leggings, jackets, and tank tops and make sure no workout is every boring. This hoodie is only $20 (and Boohoo currently have a 20% off sale on top of that!)

The shorts are a fun vibrant little number to take to yoga classes, and the hoodie is the best comfy little thing to throw on after a workout while you're heading out for some food. I keep on forgetting (or being lazy?) that summer bodies are made in the winter, and now it looks like Sydney has bypassed spring completely and I've landed in summer completely unprepared lol. Looks like it's time to hit the gym!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sporty Houndstooth

'Pandora' playsuit: c/o Paint it Red (available at Market HQ)
Denim jacket: Sportsgirl
'Superstar Up W' sneakers: Adidas
Bag: Prada

photography: my boyfriend

Once again I'm super happy with the photos my boyfriend took, as we went out for brunch again on the weekend. I had the most amazing mocha and chorizo breakfast hotpot! I seem to be obsessed with this combo nowadays although it's such a heavy and flavoursome way to start the day!

Lucky this playsuit is a bit of a large fit so you can't quite tell how big my breakfast was :P This Paint It Red playsuit is the perfect thing to take out on a relaxing Sunday for plenty of food and no regrets, as it's so comfy, loose but still shapely. Plus it does so well with a fresh white pair of kicks, and you have your whole outfit set for a casual outing.

I actually bought both the Adidas Superstars in flat heel and with wedge heels, but I can't stop wearing the wedge heels whilst my poor flat ones are collecting dust! I can never say no to a boost of extra height, plus it's so sneakily disguised with the concealed wedge :)

You can shop the look with similar items here:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Contrived Perfection

Blue and white two piece set: c/o ZNU
White cape blazer: Cue
White clutch: River Island
White lace-up shoes: Freelance Shoes
Claw bracelet: c/o Mejuri
Very sorry for the long overdue blog post! With the rain and long work hours getting in the way, I haven't exactly had a myriad of opportunities to take photos nor blog :( Happily I did have a chance to do a bit of retail therapy in the past month or so, with this cape blazer being one of my most impulsive splurges of late. It retails at Cue for about $379, but I'm always happy to splurge a little on a staple piece if it provides top quality material as well as plenty of wear.
I also received this really adorable two-piece printed set from ZNU, which I've seen so many bloggers sporting recently! I think there is a big variation in the sizing different people get, as the top is much more cropped than I expected (but I do have a long torso!) For reference I got a size Small. So I added my Cue blazer on top so the outfit doesn't make me feel so self-conscious! :)
Have people seen Essena O'Neill's mega powerful and brutally honest posts about her experience with being a celebrity on social media? Despite all the backlash she received afterwards about this being a stunt and garnering further publicity/followers, the core message remains that a huge portion of social media is fake and a hotbed of contrived perfection. Also the sad truth still exists in that she transitioned as a young teen into adulthood with growing 'Insta-fame', which fostered a mentality of depending on likes, followers and social media for validation and self-identity. This spoke to myself so powerfully because having being blogging/social media since 2010, I've also shared similar insecurities, loss of confidence and and loss of self to the dangerous trap of comparing yourself to others more popular, prettier, more fit than you are and feeling depresseed over numbers.

I will still keep fashion blogging as it has always been my passion and I enjoy interacting with a global community with shared interests, but it is critical for people to note not everything is perfect. For example did you know I had to take these photos from various angles, to finally get a background that wasn't cluttered and conflicted with my outfit? I mean, that alone took about an hour. Or the intrusive parked car I had to use the Photoshop 'healing tool' to edit out of my pics? Or the fake tan I apply weekly to make me look just a little bit more toned in pictures? And of course a lot of my items that I feature I get for free or am paid to promote (although I always disclose with a 'c/o' ie 'courtesy of'). Ultimately, I felt Essena's now-viral message took a huge burden off my shoulders as I realised I'm not the only one developing and having social media perpetuate insecurities about my own self-worth. I hope other fashion bloggers and users of social media can also take away the positive messages of Essena's movement, to keep your core passions alive but also stay conscious of your sense of self and remember that your value does not depend on social media numbers.



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