Thursday, November 5, 2015

Contrived Perfection

Blue and white two piece set: c/o ZNU
White cape blazer: Cue
White clutch: River Island
White lace-up shoes: Freelance Shoes
Claw bracelet: c/o Mejuri
Very sorry for the long overdue blog post! With the rain and long work hours getting in the way, I haven't exactly had a myriad of opportunities to take photos nor blog :( Happily I did have a chance to do a bit of retail therapy in the past month or so, with this cape blazer being one of my most impulsive splurges of late. It retails at Cue for about $379, but I'm always happy to splurge a little on a staple piece if it provides top quality material as well as plenty of wear.
I also received this really adorable two-piece printed set from ZNU, which I've seen so many bloggers sporting recently! I think there is a big variation in the sizing different people get, as the top is much more cropped than I expected (but I do have a long torso!) For reference I got a size Small. So I added my Cue blazer on top so the outfit doesn't make me feel so self-conscious! :)
Have people seen Essena O'Neill's mega powerful and brutally honest posts about her experience with being a celebrity on social media? Despite all the backlash she received afterwards about this being a stunt and garnering further publicity/followers, the core message remains that a huge portion of social media is fake and a hotbed of contrived perfection. Also the sad truth still exists in that she transitioned as a young teen into adulthood with growing 'Insta-fame', which fostered a mentality of depending on likes, followers and social media for validation and self-identity. This spoke to myself so powerfully because having being blogging/social media since 2010, I've also shared similar insecurities, loss of confidence and and loss of self to the dangerous trap of comparing yourself to others more popular, prettier, more fit than you are and feeling depresseed over numbers.

I will still keep fashion blogging as it has always been my passion and I enjoy interacting with a global community with shared interests, but it is critical for people to note not everything is perfect. For example did you know I had to take these photos from various angles, to finally get a background that wasn't cluttered and conflicted with my outfit? I mean, that alone took about an hour. Or the intrusive parked car I had to use the Photoshop 'healing tool' to edit out of my pics? Or the fake tan I apply weekly to make me look just a little bit more toned in pictures? And of course a lot of my items that I feature I get for free or am paid to promote (although I always disclose with a 'c/o' ie 'courtesy of'). Ultimately, I felt Essena's now-viral message took a huge burden off my shoulders as I realised I'm not the only one developing and having social media perpetuate insecurities about my own self-worth. I hope other fashion bloggers and users of social media can also take away the positive messages of Essena's movement, to keep your core passions alive but also stay conscious of your sense of self and remember that your value does not depend on social media numbers.


  1. That is such a nice tile print on your set, and you're sure to get lots of wear from that cape, it will go with so much! :)

    I wrote a post about comparing ourselves on social media recently, it's definitely a trap I find myself falling into now and then. Cutting down on my social media usage has helped :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Love this look! But can't believe it's raining like crazy right now in Sydney!
    I can definitely relate about how social media can be a trap. I also spend hours taking photos just to get the right shot but as long as we know that the amount of "likes" on our photos doesn't define our worth, we can avoid falling into what Essena went through!

  3. Love the whole look! Blazer is great!

  4. such a lovely set! and i love the gold accessories as well <3

  5. The white cape is perfection! It completes the whole look <3 Simply gorgeous! xoxo

    Much love,

    Sugary Fancies, Life and Style Blog| Instagram | Bloglovin' |

  6. Looking gorgeous as always! Adore this look, Izzy! That two piece set is adorable!

  7. This outfit is pure perfection! The cape blazer looks so chic and the two piece set is beyond cute!

  8. what a clean and chic way to wear this set up! love the lace up sandals!

  9. Love that cape blazer!
    Couldn't agree more with you. Social media is like a trap indeed.

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  10. I definitely agree with what you're saying about social media. It can be such a powerful and motivating tool to connect with people you normally wouldn't be able to meet or talk to but it absolutely has its downsides. People don't realize that only a tiny fraction of our lives are being put out there for people to see but they assume that it's everything.

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

  11. This outfit makes me miss the sun and hot weather so bad! The two-piece looks amazing on you and the blazer is gorgeous! I totally agree with what you wrote about social media. It's always important to remember to stay true to yourself. I loved reading Essena's re-edited Instagram captions where she explained the story behind each picture and how getting many likes was the highlight of her day. Such an eye-opener!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  12. You look gorgeous, just adore this outfit and your make-up <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  13. Amazing outfit, that set is so cute! X Minale

  14. This outfit is so perfect! I adore two pieces, I love that you wore this one in a more structural fashion than boho - the contrast is stunning!

    xx, Ashleigh |

  15. I love the two-piece set with the other pieces being kept crisp white! It really suits you.

    I marginally noticed the "socal media is not real" video after it has been reposted on some sites I read, but I cannot really express my opinion on it since I just cannot relate to the message or its form at all, it's a different universe for me.

  16. LOVE this blue set!! you look so so chic!!

    xx Olivia

  17. What a great two piece set!

    Love that you shared the realness of blogging. There's so much that goes behind each blog post! All your work is so worth it!

    be the plebeian

  18. You look so beautiful here, I love this outfit. I'm glad she spoke out, we all know the real deal but sometimes it's needs to be made a bit more obvious. I take hundreds of pictures just to get 3 or 4 because I don't like how I look most of the time!

    T xx


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