Friday, January 22, 2016

Checker this Out

 Checkered and leather coat: Kookai
Over the knee boots: c/o ASOS
Skirt: c/o Stelly
Bag: Prada

Photography credit: my boyfriend
My outfits have been all over the place in terms of seasons, but I can promise you Sydney's weather has indeed been coat season one day, beach weather the next followed by thunderstorms and flooding by evening on the same day. I gave up on the idea of freeing up closet space by tucking away last season's items years ago, as the temperatures these days are so up and down!

I came to the realisation I'm definitely not a pants person and thanks to the comeback of over-the-knee boots, this has saved my winter outfit dilemmas as I can still pair them with skirts and dresses. It also means you have more freedom and versatility with textures and cuts, as I get to complement suede boots and suede skirt with leather sleeves, and a bold checkered print on the coat with a scalloped hemline on the skirt.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Jetsetter Skirt

Crop top: Kookai
'Jetsetter' skirt: c/o Review
Lace up shoes: Freelance Shoes
Clutch bag: c/o River Island
Belt: Forever New

'Cupidon pendant': Swarovski (worn backwards)
'Kavi' bracelet with howlite healing stones: c/o Chandrah
Marc Bale Rose gold mesh watch: c/o The Peach Box
Photo credits: All Glammed Up

Blue and white stripes nautical-style is one of those wardrobe essentials that not only remains timeless, for all ages, but also for both men and women! My boyfriend and I love this combo soo much that one of us always needs to go back and redo their outfit because the other one is already wearing blue and white stripes!
This was my first time however adding a midi-length A-line skirt to my wardrobe! Since I wore it with a crop top, I decided to lift the skirt a bit higher on my waist using a belt for support. This means I can play with lengths a little, as without a belt the skirt would be sitting lower around my knees.
I found the 'Jetsetter' skirt so comfy and flattering, as the fit and flare shape helps make your waist look smaller and hips wider. The style in my opinion is very quintessentially Review, as their aesthetic seems to be very feminine, demure and vintage-inspired. The fabric of the skirt is a high-shine jacquard and feels like it will last for ages, which is handy as I can see this skirt being incorporated in my wardrobe even when I hit my 30's and 40's. The skirt design also comes in a dress version here.
Do you also agree, that blue and white stripes are a style essential? :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Coffee is always a good idea

'Afternoon sun' dress: c/o Dissh
Khaki jacket: Lookbookstore
Backpack: Glassons
bicycle necklace: boutique store
watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

photography credit: my boyfriend

It was such a nice sunny day when we took these photos, and I feel like this trench coat (which I have in khaki and light blue in my previous post here) is the only outerwear I can wear these days! I need to invest in more lightweight layers, because you can feel like you're in a bit of a style rut during hot weather when it's all about keeping things as minimal and practical as possible.

There is always a soft spot in my heart for anything floral, and this dress from Dissh was too cute to pass up! It's lightweight and airy enough for warm weather but the earthy brick tones make it suitable for autumn and cooler days as well.

We took these photos back in late December, in that weird time frame between Christmas and New Year's and you're not quite sure what you're doing with your life nor what day it is. It all just seemed like one big continous buffet that went on for a week, and you know the mirror is going to judge you heavily for it when it's all over. It was really nice however to just relax and take each day as it came. My boyfriend and I had a casual day of getting coffee and going grocery shopping to cook a bunch of meals together. I felt like I really got a chance to amp up my cooking prowess these holidays, cooking everything from chorizo hotpots to chicken gnocchi to what seemed like a thousand batch of brownies. I felt like this holiday gone past was a perfect balance of relaxing, as well as being productive and progressive, just how it should be! :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Ice Ice...

Crop top: Kookai
Blue jacket: Shein
Shorts: Tobi
Lace up shoes: c/o Shop Calico
Bag: Prada

'Classic Glasgow lady' watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
White beads: c/o Chandrah
Ring: YSL

Photography credits: my boyfriend

I think it's confirmed, this is officially my favourite shade of blue. I absolutely love pastels and blue in general, and this shade is what my dreams are made of. I already have a few trench coats in this style, long and lightweight with large lapels down the side, in different colours and now I have the perfect one to throw on summer outfits. It goes on perfectly over super short denim cutoffs, to cover any styling mishaps at the rear end!

Has anyone started work again today? I went back to my first day of work and it has been so busy! I was thinking about it all of the end of last year because I knew the workload that would be waiting for me on my first day back.  At this stage I'm surviving by simply counting down the days until I go on my trip to Japan in March :)



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