Friday, February 26, 2016

The Belle Dress

Love Honor 'Belle off-shoulder dress' : c/o White Runway
Lace-up shoes: c/o Boohoo
Clutch: River Island
Photography credits: my boyfriend

It's been a while since I've slipped into something dreamy, lacy and ultra-feminine- but this dress by Love Honor certainly made me feel like a princess again! The white lace overlay on nude is a classically graceful combination, but the delicate off-shoulder and scalloped hem keeps the dress on trend. It's such a pretty unique dress that will definitely set you apart from all the other traditional cocktail and bridesmaid ones!

It was hard picking my fave piece from White Runway as everything was so gorgeous and dreamy. Check out White Runway as they specialise in ready to wear and custom-made gowns for weddings, formals and all other fancy events!

In other news, my trip to Japan is approaching soo fast that I've barely had time to plan for it! Lucky we're going on a guided tour for most of it as I don't think I would have the brain capacity or time to plan and organise a detailed itinerary. I definitely have been brushing up on my Japanese (especially the reading part!) as I love not only exercising my brain with learning another language but it would help a lot with not getting lost, as I'm not the best with directions! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

You Are Enough

Red floral romper: c/o Paint it Red
Shoes: Freelance Shoes
Bag: Equip

photography: my bf

Today I turn 26! I finally tick over to the age where I can no longer call myself in my mid-twenties, I am now officially over the side of late 20s. Growing older has always been a really daunting thought for me- in fact I think I live in fear of it! As someone who constantly feels like they haven't achieved enough, time is my worst enemy, as time is the one thing you can never get back. In one sense it motivates to be productive and efficient, but at the same time it often stresses me out and gives me tunnel vision to see only the things I'm not and haven't done, not the things I am and what I have achieved.

I'm super grateful for the creative projects I have such as my fashion blogging and my interior design course, as they allow my soul to flourish and thrive. (Truthfully, its being creative that keeps me sane and prevents me from feeling like a decaying corpse!) 

I'm still learning how to be satisfied with myself, stop comparing myself with others, and feel worthy. It probably won't happen straight away, maybe not even when I'm 30, maybe not even for years afterwards. But one thing I can bet on is that no matter how much I hate it, the older I get the wiser I become with the more I learn and experience :)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Basics

Tim wears: Mens stripe pocket T-shirt c/o Ropa
I'm wearing: Womens Essential Stripe Singlet c/o Ropa
Essential carry bag: c/o Ropa
Denim cutoffs: Tobi
Wedge sneakers: Adidas
Have you guys ever felt that even with an increasing paycheck and an expanding wardrobe you still struggle to find something to wear day-to-day? I get that sometimes and only recently I realised maybe it's because I'm spending too much money on unique garments, and not enough of an investment into basic pieces! It's the basic tees and singlets in versatile, simple colours, that form the basis of layering with other pieces to create a no-brainer outfit you can take anywhere.
Ropa are an Australian-based brand all about providing affordable wardrobe essentials, and living life less complicated. Due to Ropa's unique minimal overheads, unlike other stores the pricing is close to wholesale prices. With this striped singlet I found it so easy to pair it with denim shorts, comfy sneakers and a leather white cap to bat off the hot sun. Plus even during the cooler season I can wear it underneath layers of knits and jackets.
You can never have enough basics especially in different colours and styles and cuts. With Valentine's Day approaching fast, these basics from Ropa would make perfect gifts that are practical, comfy and versatile so you'll have plenty of opportunity to see your loved ones wearing your presents on a regular basis :)



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