Monday, February 15, 2016

You Are Enough

Red floral romper: c/o Paint it Red
Shoes: Freelance Shoes
Bag: Equip

photography: my bf

Today I turn 26! I finally tick over to the age where I can no longer call myself in my mid-twenties, I am now officially over the side of late 20s. Growing older has always been a really daunting thought for me- in fact I think I live in fear of it! As someone who constantly feels like they haven't achieved enough, time is my worst enemy, as time is the one thing you can never get back. In one sense it motivates to be productive and efficient, but at the same time it often stresses me out and gives me tunnel vision to see only the things I'm not and haven't done, not the things I am and what I have achieved.

I'm super grateful for the creative projects I have such as my fashion blogging and my interior design course, as they allow my soul to flourish and thrive. (Truthfully, its being creative that keeps me sane and prevents me from feeling like a decaying corpse!) 

I'm still learning how to be satisfied with myself, stop comparing myself with others, and feel worthy. It probably won't happen straight away, maybe not even when I'm 30, maybe not even for years afterwards. But one thing I can bet on is that no matter how much I hate it, the older I get the wiser I become with the more I learn and experience :)


  1. Happy birthday Izzi! That little red romper is so cute on you, I like the print! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. So petite ! Love this playsuit !

  3. Happy birthday Izzy! Have a blessed year ahead :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. You are beautiful.,
    red dress that makes you more beautiful, and very sexy.
    asian girl is so beautiful.
    and the body you truly seamless


  5. Great post and great message. I had trouble turning 26 too, but I can say I am much more comfortable with myself now than I was then. You're right, it is always a struggle not to compare. You look beautiful and you are enough!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. You are enough doll...gorgeous you...just keep loving what makes you unique and special because that's what the world needs and that's what you need!! We weren't meant to be like others...our differences help us to learn and others to learn and to grow otherwise, we'd have all been made exactly the same!! xx

  7. Cute romper! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! Also loving the sexy shoes!


  8. Happy birthday! Come on, I will be turning 26 in a couple of months too - I don't think it makes us THAT old! I like the nude-ish accessories you chose with the romper, it really makes the whole look not too much over the top.

  9. Happy birthday! :) I'm 26 right now and it's such a great time in our lives! I think the journey of self-acceptance is a journey that we'll always be on :) Cheers to you!

    be the plebeian

  10. Happy birthday to you lovely. I put those kind of pressures on myself too, especially since I turned 3-0 a few weeks back. Time is something I am always very much aware of. But in being aware at least you have the chance to make the most of every moment and ambition.


  11. Happy Birthday girly!! Hope your day was great!

    xx Olivia

  12. such a cute romper!

  13. Happy belated birthday, you look so beautiful here! I'm 30 and nothing really changes, I do feel a bit wiser though. ;)

    T xx

  14. I can definitely relate and how I fear getting older and thinking I haven't achieved enough. I think we all do this one way or another. The only thing we can do is just stay positive and work on the things that make us happy. Happy belated b-day! U look beautiful and I adore your romper.

  15. Hope the new month is as bright and cheerful as your romper!! Happy Wednesday Izzi x

    Real Life Nerd

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