Friday, April 29, 2016

The Emmett Coat

'Emmett' coat in Wedgewood: c/o Review 
'Queen of hearts' dress in Midnight: c/o Review
Shoes: Boohoo
Bag: c/o Her Fashion Box

photography: my boyfriend

One of my favourite colours in the world is blue, and I have clothes in all hues ranging from pastel baby blues to turquoise, to cobalt and midnight blue! I'm especially drawn to periwinkle, which is this particular shade in between purple and blue (this coat from Review is actually a little more purple than in the photos!) I love to collect coats in all sorts of pretty pastel shades, as they help you stand out amongst all the dreary blacks and dark tones when winter comes along.

One piece of great news this week is that my boyfriend and I got a car together a few days ago! It was such a spontaneous decision where we saw one we liked, went for a test drive, and that was it! We now have a Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance so it's sporty enough but also has all the great safety features (to appease me). Personally this year has been full of big expenses with travel and now with the car, which have been draining my savings but I'm happy and excited to be taking more risks, as well as learning to enjoy life in the present rather than constantly worrying about the future.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Be My Lover

'Oasis halter dress' by Lover: c/o Her Wardrobe
Heels: c/o Boohoo
Box clutch: c/o Choies

Photography: my boyfriend

I've always wanted to wear a piece by Lover, especially after stepping into their store at the Strand in Sydney and seeing the magic of their gorgeous AW16 collection 'Journey' in real life. I don't think I've seen any other fashion label do lace as well as Lover do, and not in so many elegant and feminine cuts and colours. Lover are at the higher end of the price scale so they haven't exactly been within my grasp, but thanks to Her Wardrobe I've been able to get my hands on one to wear!

Her Wardrobe offers a large range of beautiful designer dresses for rent (you can choose a 4 day or 8 day time frame, ie. enough for the two weekends) which I think is a great idea, because frankly, can you really justify forking out up to $1000 on a single dress you wear for one event? And even if you keep it, you don't really want to wear the same thing again to another event. It just makes so much sense to wear a range of beautiful designer pieces to different occasions, take loads of photos on the night to show it off, and then return it (saving lots of money and wardrobe space in the process).

I'm so glad to be on the road to recovery after my bronchitis, thanks so much for the well wishes everyone! It's been great to hit the gym for the first time in ages yesterday and start feeling healthy again.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Stripes and Sandals

'Simon Says' playsuit: c/o Showpo (here)
Backpack: Glassons
Hat: Boohoo
Shoes: Siren Shoes

photography: my boyfriend

Taking a little detour from my Japan diaries, to show my new favourite playsuit from Showpo! I never say no to stripes, especially not to such a versatile piece you can dress up or down. The asymmetric cut below the waist also breaks the playsuit up and adds a bit of drama! It's still pretty warm in Sydney so I'm going to make the most of this lightweight summery playsuit before it's back to thick heavy layers.

I'm currently still sick with bronchitis (it's been more than 2 weeks now) and the symptoms are doing their rounds between a runny nose, persistent cough, headaches and soreness. Sometimes I can't wait to wake up the next morning and see which fun symptom it will be the next day...:) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Japan Diary #2

Hiroshima happened to be one of Tim and I's favourite cities that we visited in Japan. Visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was a really humbling and educational experience, and the entry fee was only 50 yen (about 60 cents), as their primary aim is one of world education rather than profit-making.

Most people acknowledge Hiroshima for being the target of the first atomic bomb dropped in WWII; a place of ultimate and immediate destruction. To be honest that was all I associated Hiroshima with as well, but the overall impression it left us with was one of peacefulness and friendliness. The city was picturesque (Hiroshima has six rivers flowing through the city centre), and the people warm and welcoming, and there was a real sense of tranquility we didn't find quite so much in the other cities we visited.

Our first stop was Miyajima, a little island close to Hiroshima. The large red Torii (gate) is one of the most known attractions at Miyajima Island, which appears to be floating on the water during times of high tide.

 On the island sits the other most notable attraction, Itsukushima Shrine. We explored the rest of the island and found these quirky little 'jizo' statues in red and white hats lined along the moss-covered stairs! These statues represent children, and although my eyes weren't keen enough to recognise it at first, apparently they all have their own unique expressions and faces!

Deer freely roam around the island, and they're especially attracted to you if you're holding paper (which they will surreptitiously start nibbling on!) They weren't timid nor aggressive in any way; just mild-mannered, free spirits that were completely accustomed to humans and looking for a bite :)

If you are ever travelling around Japan looking for dinner options around your hotel, keep in mind that there could be a whole world of eating discreetly nested within unassuming office buildings. Our host pointed out one across the JR Hiroshima station, where we rose up to the 6th floor, and stepped into a mecca of okonomiyaki stalls! Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese pancake/pizza, typically with noodles, bean sprouts, meat, cabbage etc. They make it directly on a teppan (iron griddle) infront of you, and you then eat it off the teppan.

Tim and I had one of our best Japanese feeds there, plus the eating experience was so much more enhanced by the friendly staff! Japanese hospitality is truly unrivalled (I have to admit it was a bit of a culture shock to come back to Australian customer service) and they all welcome guests with open arms. The guy at our stall was talking to us in English and even offered some savoury rice biscuits to us as gifts when we left. This mere experience here left us with a highly positive note of Hiroshima and marked it as a place for us to visit again.

'Alisanne' coat: c/o Honey & Beau (similar here)
Boots: Boohoo
Scarf: c/o Her Fashion Box
Bag: Forever New

I picked up this coat from Honey & Beau right before I left, and it was a welcome addition to my luggage! I actually packed really light with my clothes (although any man would still disagree) by selecting pieces I could mix and match with. A black coat goes with anything and you only need to add a pop of colour with a scarf, pants, skirt, shoes etc. for a complete, no-fuss outfit. I highly recommend bringing a black coat if you're travelling and need to pack a practical, winter wardrobe.

I love how this coat adds instant shape and definition to your silhouette, with the light shoulder pads and fitted waist and flare structure. Topped with faux leather trim, it adds a little edge to a basic black coat which goes a long way.

'Can't compete' sweater: c/o Tobi

Another fantastic layering option for cold weather are sweaters, underneath big coats or jackets! Make sure they're not too thick so they don't look bulky, but enough to add some warmth! I can't go past a navy and white colour combination for a preppy, nautical feel.

Hope you enjoyed #2 of my Japan diaries! Many more are on their way! :)



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