Friday, April 29, 2016

The Emmett Coat

'Emmett' coat in Wedgewood: c/o Review 
'Queen of hearts' dress in Midnight: c/o Review
Shoes: Boohoo
Bag: c/o Her Fashion Box

photography: my boyfriend

One of my favourite colours in the world is blue, and I have clothes in all hues ranging from pastel baby blues to turquoise, to cobalt and midnight blue! I'm especially drawn to periwinkle, which is this particular shade in between purple and blue (this coat from Review is actually a little more purple than in the photos!) I love to collect coats in all sorts of pretty pastel shades, as they help you stand out amongst all the dreary blacks and dark tones when winter comes along.

One piece of great news this week is that my boyfriend and I got a car together a few days ago! It was such a spontaneous decision where we saw one we liked, went for a test drive, and that was it! We now have a Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance so it's sporty enough but also has all the great safety features (to appease me). Personally this year has been full of big expenses with travel and now with the car, which have been draining my savings but I'm happy and excited to be taking more risks, as well as learning to enjoy life in the present rather than constantly worrying about the future.


  1. gorgeous! love the pretty silhouette of the coat!

  2. Amazing your look!

  3. Ahhh love this look!!! It's so elevated and gorgeous!!

    x Olivia

  4. Jewel tones look really beautiful on you! That coat is perfect!

    Katie | Katie Like Me

  5. Oh that's the car I have! I have it in blue too actually, haha!

    Love your pastel blue coat, so nice with the little black dress :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. This outfits so chic and I adore the heels they go great with the dress x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  7. Haha I also like pastel-colored coats, you are so right that they stand out among all the blacks, greys and browns. Congrats on getting the car! Me & my boyfriend don't have any and sometimes I really wish we had one - but then again my driving skills are a bit rusty and my boyfriend's international license is expired. TT__TT

  8. OH WOW IZZY! I almost bought that coat last week. I was deciding between that coat and the dark green one in Review and went for the green. Congrats on the new car! I bought my first car a few weeks ago so definitely understand the excitement (& the year of big expenses).

  9. Congratulations on the car. The coat is beautiful, you look great xx

  10. Love the spontaneity in your car purchase. Sometimes I just want to drain my entire savings because it’s nice to have things you really love or need. But I can’t do that haha Love the outfit on you. Blue suits you!


  11. Awww, you look like such a lady! I love that it's called wedgewood. :) Congrats on the car! Whoop!

    T xo

  12. Love this coat on you, the colour suits you beautifully! ;)


  13. I love this outfit! So pretty and elegant :) xx

  14. Thanks for the comment <3
    so cute!

  15. That coat is everything!!
    Love that shade of blue

  16. I want to comment the latest post but I don´t know here :( I leave here my opinion! Love to see you in blue and is one of my favorites colors too.
    Don´t worry too much about the future , we only have the present moment! xo

  17. i love this coat !! its stunning !!

  18. The colours are matched very well even though you mentioned the coat is more purple. The combination is perfectly chic xx

  19. Your coat is absolutely stunning Izzy!!:) X

  20. What a beautiful outfit! x
    Louise |


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