Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fifty Shades

'crew neck boyfriend jumper': c/o Glassons
'Alyssa' heels: c/o Linzi Shoes
Skirt: Boohoo
Coat: Forever New
Hat: H&M
photos: my boyfriend

I've seen a lot of grey being used lately, whether it's in fashion or in interiors. Interior-wise I really enjoy grey because of how modern and sleek it looks. In clothes, it's the perfect neutral I can layer up and embrace different textures with! I've always found greys to be better for my complexion as I have cool undertones rather than beiges and tans which suit warmer skin tones, anyway.

I even got my first pair ofr gey heels- these lace-up babies from Linzi Shoes. They're made out of a soft faux suede material and you can lace them up however you want. If the top part of my outfit was more simple I could probably get away with putting the criss-cross all the way up my shins to let the shoes be the standout piece.

You can see with how bare the trees are, how cold it's getting- it's truly time to layer tops under knits under coats. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Geelong at the moment for work, and I'm feeling inadequate being equipped with only a coat and thick scarf against the freezing wind here. Also I got a hair cut! It's shorter and a lot more professional and I've really been enjoying styling it with the inward flicks at the bottom. I kind of miss having long, lush curls but at the same time I don't really miss how much time it took to achieve it!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shoes of Prey

coat: Boohoo
jewellery: c/o Pandora
customised shoes: c/o Shoes of Prey

There is something so inherently exciting about designing your own garments or accessories whether it's by hand or computer-generated, and then seeing the product in real life! This is exactly what Shoes of Prey do for you- simply select a shape (eg mid-heel, high block sandals, flat oxfords etc) and then get to work customising the shoes completely! You can control so many aspects, such as the colour,  fabric (eg satin, patent, faux hair even), strap widths and heel height. Plus Shoes of Prey allows you to get into such detail to modify- like the toe strap, sole and back cap so you pretty much have complete control over the entire design.

I took advantage of Shoes of Prey's collab with Carla Zampatti,  to design a special range of shoes that featured detachable large bows on the back. After making a few changes to the heel height, heel shape (stilettos not so practical for me!) and colours (I made everything silk navy except for the insole which I made bright magenta for a pop of colour) I created these beauties! In the end I was even offered the option to add a personal inscription on the soles. If you're gifting someone a pair of shoes this would be a great spot to add in a cute thoughtful message.

What do you guys think of creating customised shoes? :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keeping Cosy

high neck cold shoulder dress: c/o Glassons
open front pocket cardi: c/o Glassons
Over the knee boots: c/o ASOS
photography: my boyfriend

WOW how cold has it been in Sydney this past weekend? We were hit with flash flooding in various parts of the state, with even bodies being swept away, but luckily no major impacts around my area except for some power outages and uprooted trees! I also made it to the airport without a problem the next morning to fly to another state for work.

Let's talk about how incredibly cosy and warm this cardigan is! I love how it looks like a warm grey coat but it's not- it's actually a cardigan made from the softest kind of feels like you're wearing a blanket around you the whole time! With the large pockets on the sides as well, this cardigan from Glassons definitely wins points for practicality.

My boyfriend also really likes this black bodycon dress from fun are the shoulder cut outs? I admit I always think twice about cut outs because I might just freeze in those particular spots, but I think if I'm going to be wearing a dress with over the knee boots without tights, it's not going to be for a particularly cold day anyway and I can wear it for autumn-ish kind of weather.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Box Betty Review

It's been a while since I've reviewed a gift box, and I've forgotten how fun they are to receive! Normally I like the surprise element of getting a prepackaged box and not knowing whether you'll love or hate the goodies inside- but at the same time sometimes it's really nice and reassuring to be able to pick your own items and have it all packaged up prettily. 

That's where Box Betty steps in- you can design your own pamper or goodies box to deliver to yourself, a friend or anyone you want to spoil or celebrate a special occasion with. You can choose up to 5 items from a range of items like hair and beauty products, bath accessories, stationery and even chocolate....which is an item I'll never say no to if it ever arrived in a gift box!

I chose 4 items in my box (which came in this lovely pink box which I'll reuse for storage) for Box Betty to kindly allow me to review. From left to right I received:

'The Laundress' Sport Spray  (individually $16.95)
'The Laundress' Crease Release  (individually $12.95)

This smells so divine- this tablet is studded with dried roses, star anise and hawthorn, and keeps your clothes smelling lovely. Because of the tie you can easily hang it on your wardrobe rack and keep away moths with it too! It's so pretty as well, so it will look well-placed wherever you decide to put it.

Props to Salus for combining two of my favourites scents together- lavender, and basically anything citrus! It's getting so cold and dry in Sydney these days and I can feel it on my hands especially- this would be perfect for popping in my everyday handbag. The product contains a divine blend of shea butter, calendula, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, aloe, wheat germ, lavender, mandarin, patchouli, orange, ylang ylang, and chamomile.

'The Laundress' Sport Spray  (individually $16.95)

I haven't tested out the sports spray yet, but basically it contains a nontoxic formula with antibacterial properties, so that it adds scent whilst also removing odor. I'm starting to go to the gym on an almost-daily basis now, so this would be perfect for spraying in my gym bag as well as other stuff that can a bit sweaty and smelly over time...especially something like my ski boots which I'll throttle in one day but never pick up again until a year later! The Laundress Sport scent is a fresh, crisp blend of leafy greens, orange, rose, eucalyptus, and jasmine with undertones of musk.

'The Laundress' Crease Release  (individually $12.95)

I was really looking forward to trying out this item, because ever since I got a really good steamer (that was really good only for the first 5 or so uses and now spits up chalky white residue) I was a little obsessed with steaming all my clothes and ensuring not a single crease was in sight. Now that I don't have such a great steamer anymore, the Crease Release looked like a really promising product as it claims to be a quick fix to easily remove moderate wrinkles from clothing and fabrics. You can pop it in your bag, and simply spray it on a creased area.

I tested it out on this blue top I have from Forever New, on the bottom arm sleeve as you can see circled in the picture. After maybe around 4-5 sprays this is the result:

( I sprayed the area 4-5 times, left it, and then took another photo but I accidentally placed the Sports Spray there! I definitely used the Crease Release instead)

So as you can see those the majority of those creases in that circled area are gone. The ones closer to the edge of the sleeve are still there but those would be more difficult, harder creases whereas the Crease Release is only for small to moderate creases. I think this product would be really handy to keep in your bag to use on a business shirt where you have to look completely professional- and it's so easy to inadvertently wrinkle a shirt throughout the day by doing nothing more than simply sitting down! 

Has anyone else tried Box Betty? What do you think of a gift box where you can choose all your items in it?



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