Thursday, October 13, 2016

About Fulfilment

White jumpsuit: c/o Glassons
Bag: Colette by Colette Hayman
Metallic slide shoes:  c/o Glassons

Recently I've been coming to terms with the concept of personal fulfilment, and what you need to do to achieve it. Have you ever thought that you were going down the right path, but upon reaching the end you don't get the satisfaction, sense of relief or high that you were expecting? I've come to realise that by being driven by someone else's ambitions, definition of success and goals, you can still feel deeply uncomfortable, anxious and unsettled- even when you've achieved everything you thought you wanted to achieve, and even when you've passed and surpassed the standards you thought you wanted to meet.

It's through deep self-reflection when you figure out what actually gives you joy, comfort and purpose in your life. It's through listening to and understanding your intuition and values that you may suddenly realise you're on a course of path that doesn't align with them at all.

So, I've been cutting back on a few things that I've been doing that are more damaging than constructive, and focusing more on things that are positive influences. For example cutting back on social media and cutting back on pitting myself endlessly against unattainable beauty standards, steering away from toxic people, and chasing passions and wisdom instead of chasing money. At the same time I've been trying really hard to step back a bit, minimise the clutter in my brain and life, calm my mind and all the stressful and chaotic thoughts- and as a result I've been finding my thoughts are clearer, I have more focus, I'm more relaxed and I can sleep better!

Moving on to the outfit, I tried to do a new look with something flowy, loose-fitting and kind of dramatic (normally I prefer tighter fitted styles). This white jumpsuit from Glassons caught my eye because it was a look I've never done before- and plus doesn't it just look like the comfiest thing ever? True to appearances, it was a dream to walk around in and I'm now an avid fan of wide-legged white pants. The tie at the waist was a lifesaver to prevent myself looking like a shapeless white bag. Paired with the metallic slides also from Glassons, I felt summer-ready instantly!

Here are some more outfit ideas to rock an all-white look:

I love the look of a white dress with white sneakers for a fresh and girly feel. Choosing the right kind of dress to pair with sneakers can be tricky- my tip is to go with something that has a casual vibe, for example by having tee sleeves, or a flared skirt for a feminine girly look. You can check out more casual dresses here that would be perfect to pair with sneakers as well.

A backpack can always tone a look down- I love this gorgeous tan leather one called 'Rhea' from Michael Kors. Michael Kors have a beautiful range of stylish but practical backpacks!

This is another favourite white combo as well- structured pieces such as a fitted blazer and culottes say business-savvy like no other! This lace up top by Rime Arodaky paired with matching lace up heels by Aquazzura add just that extra touch of flirtiness.

Kate Spade also have some beautiful accessories to complete the look. I particularly love this 'Kiernan' tote bag which perfectly fits a laptop or iPad, so you can get study or work done on the go! And how pretty is this 'Holland' watch- the white and gold finish complement this look superbly.

Another tip for rocking a monochrome look without looking bland or overwhelming, is to wear items that have a point of difference- whether it be a dramatically different shape, texture, or tonal changes. Pairing an off-shoulder top with a looser fit than the skinny jeans as well as the crochet detailing, helps create a point of difference that avoids the whole outfit blending together into one homogenous image. Off shoulder tops are all the rage at the moment so why not take the chance to try out this look? :)


  1. Wonderful photos! White looks amazing on you.

    Anika |

  2. You look so pretty <3

  3. You look amazing! I love your outfit! :) xx

  4. Great post Izzy. It’s so important to cut out toxic people & focus on yourself instead of what everyone else is doing. That can really mess with your happiness & social media is largely to blame. I’m also doing something similar. I’ve been trying to not even scroll through my IG feed but I can’t help it haha. Love the outfit btw, it’s so flowy & perfect for spring!


  5. What a gorgeous post, both you and your words. It's almost liberating to come to that understanding of yourself and takes much courage to act upon the change needed too. It's a shame because most people continue to live life in that way. Keep doing what you gotta do, and keep being amazingly you (which you've always been in my eyes!)


  6. I love this post. It's kind of hard to figure out what you want from life sometimes because there are so many things you feel you should want but you're not sure if they're central to your happiness. I guess you just have to keep checking in with yourself. I really like your idea of chasing passion and wisdom instead of money, although it would be nice if I could find a paying job soon...

    Belle in Black and White

  7. This is a refreshing post, I like the loose white outfit on you. Thanks for all the summer-ready inspo, they will come in handy soon.

  8. I really love today's post! Not only because your outfit is perfect, but I love the writing! Thank you so much for opening up! It definitely feels pretty good when you read that someone else is feeling somewhat the same that you are! I've been feeling like social media has been taking over my life lately as well, and have decided to cut back! It's pretty hard when you have a blog, but I'm really ready to make that change as well! Thanks so much for opening up and sharing your feelings! <3

    xo Olivia

  9. Amazing outfit... Love your jumper!!!

  10. You look so gorgeous

  11. I love your mindset. It is so important to cut out the distractions in life sometimes to focus on what's really important!

    Fizz and Frosting

  12. What a beautiful jumpsuit!! You are gorgeous in these photos. I have gone through similar thought processes about what is joyful, why, and how to have that in my life. Sounds like you are doing great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. so true.. I think the world would be a much friendlier place if people start chasing wisdom instead of just money
    I'm sure you'll find peace if you keep up this mindset :)
    love this flow look and it does look so breezy and comfy

    The Sweetest Escape

  14. We love an all white look - so stylish!!

    We have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:


  15. This is such a beautiful blog post, both with regard to the ethereal photos of you in this white jumpsuit, as well as the writing. Understanding ourselves and identifying our motives/drives and what makes us truly, truly happy can only be a good thing :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  16. I´m in love for your look!!

    xx LL

  17. such amazing look! love love love all of your outfits <3


  18. Gorgeous all white look! I love the wide leg and also how it's balanced out by the low neckline.
    And I love your words about fulfillment, thanks for sharing.

    xo Charlotte


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