Do you want to increase the length of your penis? A few months back, in a survey about 45% males responded this question with a “Yes”. And you can buy a whole lot of medical treatments with guarantee and claim to get a larger penis. But has that been scientifically approved? Some of the things we have read in magazines, articles, news paper and social media include;

  • Penis weights
  • Vacuum penis pumps
  • Creams
  • Supplements
  • Penis stretching exercises
  • Surgery

The fact is that these treatments have more bragging than results. Most of them do nothing for penis enlargement. But some techniques can improve your penis size, girth and appearance with your confidence in bed.

Here are the top 3 penis extenders available on the market!

  1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick extender pro is top choice by men in 2021. This extender lets the wearer to increase the size of his penis by stretching it out. And a man can get 1 inch gain per month with this device, which is quicker than many penile traction devices available. This device is medically graded and it was specifically designed as a safe substitute to penile enhancement surgery. This penile extender works on the principle of applying a slight stretch to your penis as you can wear the extender discreetly under your clothes. The constant stretching to the penis is gentle and painless and men can wear it without any discomfort. Here are some best things about the Quick extender pro;

  1. It works great to improve the penile curvatures.
  2. It features a DSS (double strap system) for proper tension and maximum comfort to the penis.
  3. Non-invasive gains in penis length.
  4. Durable, lightweight and needs no maintenance.
  5. Device is built from hypoallergic medical grade stuff.

The gains you get from Quick Extender Pro rely on how much tension do you prefer to apply on your penis and for how long do you wear this device. This extender comes with various suggested programs that you can follow. This traction device provides you an effective and safe method to increase the size of your penis without using pills.

  1. Phallosan Forte

This penis stretcher is preferred over others for being the most convenient and safest. It works on the principle of vacuum-adhesion technology which is applied to hold the cap of the penis in a bell (a kind of vacuum chamber) without direct exposure or harm to vacuum. The extender has a base ring for penis which is just like condom, so that the presence of this stretcher on penis can be hardly felt. The design of this extender includes a miniature spare vacuum pump that sets off the vacuum with few clicks.

Phallosan forte is an ideal choice for noticeable results within few months after starting to wear the device. It keeps your penis easy even with high tension/ traction levels. It applies the tension smoothly and never changes it place. It’s a high-quality medical device and is highly-recommended by doctors. Some men has claimed that they have gained 1.5 inches after its regular use in 6 months.

Size Genetics

Size Genetics is an FDA approved penis enlargement device that promises to improve your penis size and sexual performance. The device is a modified form of rod extender. The technique it uses is very simple but effective. The only rule the wearer should follow to get best results is to use all of the accessories included in the box like 3M comfort plaster, no-slip protect and traction talcum powder which assists in preventing penis from slipping away of the support base.

The device comes with a manual consisting of a broad list of tips on how to wear the device and how to put it on and take it off easily and quickly. You must understand that there is a limit to increasing the size of your penis. You can grow 0.5 inches per month if you wear this device for 6-7 hours a day. Your just have to adjust the length of barbells and set the traction level. This penis extender is an ideal device for both experienced and beginner penis extender users.

Lastly, penis extenders don’t have serious side effects like pills or vacuum pipes. The results by these extenders are based on a variety of factors like the brand, the amount of tension and the current penile length. Most users notice visible results in the first month of use. Expect one-inch increase in your penis’s length after purchasing a penis extender.

If you are searching for ways to increase the size of your penis naturally without pills, supplements or expensive surgery, you probably have heard about traction devices or penis extenders. They are also called “penile traction devices” and provide men a permanent solution for correcting their penile curvatures and increasing their penises lengths. Extra benefits include boosted confidence, better sexual performance and harder erections.

Still, not all extenders are built equally. Some extenders are too heavy to wear under your clothes while others are not at all comfortable to be worn for hours. But don’t panic, we’ve got your back!