Friday, July 3, 2015

Street Beatnik + Irresistible Me Hair Extensions review

Hat: Nasty Gal
Striped crop top: Boohoo
Grey coat: Marcs
Boots: Boohoo
Faux leather burgundy zip skirt: c/o Walk Trendy (here)

photo credits: Johanes Darius (Facebook, Instagram)

On the weekend I did a photoshoot in the city with Jo! He used a reflector which made such an amazing difference to the photos, by brightening them up with the light bouncing off it, but without that artificial flat look from an artificial flash. I was so pleased with the results! :) Plus he was so good at directing me with my poses!

What I thought was really cool about the photos is that even though they're in Sydney, they sort of had a London vibe to them (until you can see the Harbour Bridge in the background!)

Irresistible Me also sent me these amazingly generous and voluminous hair extensions! I took some photos of the packaging and the 'before' and 'after' of putting them on, which you can see below. I'm also wearing them in these pics from the photoshoot. I only used a two-clip hair piece on the left side of my hair, to add a little bit of volume and bounce.

Irresistible Me Hair extensions
Range: Royal Remy
Length and weight: 22 inch 200 g
Colour: Natural black
With Irresistible Me you can customise the weight and length of your hair extensions you purchase.

I chose 200g, which comes with:
  • 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5 in)
  • 2 pcs of 3 clips (6 in)
  • 5 pcs of 2 clips (4 in)
  • 2 pics of 1 clip (1.2 in)
The Irresistible Me box came with two hair 'bundles' wrapped up in fishnets.

What I was amazed to discover, was that after untying the rubber bands, there were sooo many hair pieces that were actually wrapped up in them! So could you believe that bundle 2. actually unravels itself to all of these nine hair pieces below?

There were so many hair pieces to choose from, and I felt spoilt for choice! As you can see, the Irresistible Me 'Royal Remy' set comes with hair pieces with 1 clip, 2 clips, 3 clips, even 4 clips! The more clips the wider the hair piece and more dramatic the effect it will have on your hair.

Personally, as my hair is already quite long and thick, I used a 3-clip in the back, and two 1-clips on either side of my head. Putting a 3-clip hair piece around the back of your head really helps in lifting up the volume of your crown. Here is a before and after:
So the added volume on the top of my head (the crown) is thanks to the 3-clip that I inserted around the back. I created extra volume on the sides with the 1-clip that I placed on both the left and right sides of my head, which created a subtle but noticeable difference.

Overall, I was really, really pleased with the results I got from the Irresistible Me hair extensions!

They looked natural:
The colour and texture of the hair looked really seamless when mixed in with my natural hair. They're made from 100% human remy hair and you can really feel the authenticity from the very first touch. They have a really decent bounce and weight to them and it was really easy to curl them as well.

The extensions are also designed to be thick from the top to the end, but slightly thinner at the bottom as with your natural hair. They also add an extra treatment to the extensions to give them a really silky feel, as if you've already put on your smoothing serum and hair treatment as you normally do.

They offer a lot of flexibility:
I received so many different hair pieces so I have a lot of flexibility in shaping and styling my hair. If I cut my hair or thin it out I know I have a lot of different hair pieces I can play with to fill out the volume.

It was very easy to choose the right colour:
At first I actually requested the 'chocolate brown' because my natural hair colour is quite light in the sun. But I watched this video on choosing the right hair colour which shows the colour options more clearly in video, and even compares the different shades side by side. I was then able to switch to 'natural black' instead!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NuMe 32mm Hair Curling Wand Review

NuMe have kindly sent me their very popular 32mm curling wand recently! I was so excited since I've never actually used a wand like this before (been strictly using a GHD straightener for curls since 2007! see my GHD tutorial here) so I couldn't wait to see the results I would get from this tool.

In this packaged tube, I received a heat-resistant glove, NuMe argan oil, and the NuMe 32mm magic curling wand.

Make sure you prep your hair by spraying with a heat protectant (I used mine from Big Sexy Hair). Then put on your heat resistant glove, and wear it on the hand that is twisting the hair onto the wand. You don't have to put it on, but I recommend putting it on because it's easy to accidentally touch the hot tip of the wand.

Turn the wand on by pressing down on the 'on' button for a few seconds. When it's off, the wand will flash 'off' so you can easily tell when it's not heating up.

 Simply twist a section of hair around the wand, and let go after 15-20 seconds. The longer you leave it on, the tighter the curl will be. I left the first curl on for a bit longer and you can see the length difference with the rest of my hair.

I'm pretty lazy/impatient and luckily this means my curls tend to end up being more loose and wavy which I prefer, so it works out for me! On the right picture you can see how I achieved loose, carefree curls on one side of my hair. You can play around with how long you leave the hot wand in your hair,  and the results you achieve afterwards.

After doing both sides and being satisfied with my curls, I applied the NuMe argan oil that came in the kit. As with all argan oils, I just put a little bit on my palms and applied it all throughout my hair (especially the top, my hair is so prone to frizz!)

Overall, it was very interesting using a curling wand for the first time in my life, and I'm really happy with the results I got from it! With this wand, I found that I had more flexibility in the shape and direction of the curls and they end up being more free-falling, as opposed to when I use my straightener and the curls always fall in a more structured, defined shape (see my GHD straightener tutorial for reference). With the NuMe I can achieve a more natural and loose look. I do love both styles though, so I'm very happy to have both tools on hand!

I used the 32mm magic wand from NuMe which comes in black, pink and turquoise. NuMe also offer a variety of other hair styling tools such as the 25mm magic wand option here.

What are your experiences with hair wands?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Street Slip Ons

'Lounge' long-sleeve top: Sabo Skirt
Faux leather Backpack: Yes Style
Faux leather cap: ASOS
'Oliver' sunnies: c/o Miss Hamptons (here)
Slip on sneakers: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (Similar shoes here)
Photography credits: Thomas Su FacebookThomas Su blog

It's been a while since I paid a visit to my local stores stocking Le Bunny Bleu shoes! You may have heard of Le Bunny Bleu's online store here, but recently they've been hand-picking some of their cutest shoes to stock locally in selected Sydney clothing stores! The last pair I featured was in this blog post back in November 2014 here, from the store 'Drama' on 16 Goulburn Street in Chinatown, Sydney CBD.

Since then they've stocked themselves in a few other stores around Sydney! I got this pair from 'Pretty Pumpkin' on 106 Rowe Street in Eastwood. These edgy, sporty-chic sneakers are a bit different to the pretty and girly flats Le Bunny Bleu usually stock, but black and white slip on shoes are pretty much the biggest staple shoes right now! They're so versatile, comfy and they add this minimalistic casual-chic edge to any outfit.

My hair is driving me nuts with major out-of-control frizziness for some reason lately, especially as it's gotten so long so I feel like I have a real lion's mane (with very poor humidity control). These pictures are making me wishful that I were back in the salon chair at Evoke Hair and Makeup where the team pampered me with hair and makeup for a good portion of that morning. Too bad it went back to normal after I washed my hair; I need this frizz-free sleek goodness back on my head! :(



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