Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bend the Rules with HP Australia

(This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and HP Australia)

Have you ever felt like there were rules in fashion that could be broken every now and then? I've paired up with HP Australia who have a really cool competition at the moment - where you can submit text, images, and/or videos via social media using #BendTheRulesAustralia, showing how you bend the rules! The comp has weekly spot prizes plus a grand prize up for grabs of $10,000, which is massively generous in my opinion :)

You can check out some of the entries already up on HP Australia Youtube. Terms and conditions of the comp can be found here (also avail. on the YouTube page).

Here are a few examples from myself of how I would bend the rules in fashion:

1. Rocking out-of-fashion trends

Galaxy skirt: c/o WMYU (here)
Engraved messages ring set: c/o Style Moi (here, currently sold out)
3 ring pack: c/o Style Moi (here)
Glitz collar Necklace: c/o Vant Jag (here)

Sometimes a trend comes along that you really, really like... and you amass a dozen pieces with it and in a couple of month's time, it fades completely! That's how I felt with the galaxy trend (you have to admit, everyone was obsessed with it at some point!) My stance is that you can always bend the rules when it comes to the fast-paced nature of fashion- if something looks good and you can rock it, then flaunt it regardless of whether it’s in season or not!

Another fashion rule is to never mix metals- but how awesome is this ring set? I think they look even better with a mixed blend of copper, bronze and silver. Combining metals can look messy at times but if you keep it minimal it won't look tacky and actually look pretty cool!

2. Wearing summer in winter

Floral dress: c/o Ami Club Wear (here, currently sold out)
Yellow knit: Chicabooti
Satchel bag: Forever New

During cool weather don't feel the need to tuck away all your summer gear just yet! You can definitely bend the rules with wearing season-specific clothing. Summer dresses look really cute with a cropped jacket and stockings/tights, and crop tops can be a great layering piece with high-waisted bottoms. Here I'm wearing a chunky cardigan over a summery floral dress with boots, and you can add stockings/leggings to keep warm.

3. Wearing active wear outside
Leather cap: ASOS
Striped long sleeve top: Lululemon
Zip up jacket: Lululemon
This is a really cool trend I've been embracing lately! A few years back I would never have thought of wearing sports gear from the gym or yoga class, to coffee or dinner. Thanks to the growing fusion of fashion and sportswear in recent times there's so many cute sports clothes on the market that look great outside as well.

I walked into Lululemon for the first time the other day and picked up these great basics. A tight-fitted long sleeved striped top and fitted black zip-up jacket are not only wardrobe staples, but I wore them hiking as well on the weekend! I easily transitioned from a day of exercise to dinner at a steakhouse that night, bending the rules that gymwear should stay in the gym.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver Sun

Black maxi split dress: c/o Style Moi (link here)
Silver 'Montana haze' hat: c/o Lack of Colour (link here)
Silver necklace: eBay
'Adele' Lace up heels: c/o Shop Calico (link here)

I haven't worn a maxi dress in a while! I've forgotten how comfortable they are. I think some people are a bit wary of wearing something covered-up and potentially shapeless and unflattering, but the low back cut and thigh-high split makes the dress look a bit more sexy without being over the top. Being black, this maxi from Style Moi can take me from the current spring season to cooler days as well.
You definitely get what you pay for with this necklace! Although it looked pretty cool with dangly silver coins and engraved ancient writing and only set me back $3, it actually leaves yucky iron marks on my chest! It's nothing a bit of soap and scrubbing won't fix, but still a nasty shock haha. I've seen this exact same necklace in other stores being sold for up to $30...when you can get the exact same thing pretty much straight from the manufacturer off eBay for a few dollars!
Pretty much every shooting experience I've done has offered new challenges haha. I might be in the exact same spot as last week, but a different hour or different weather can lead to significant discrepancies in the photos. It's kinda stressful but you just have to keep experimenting. I moved my tripod around a fair bit before settling on a location, and I'm quite happy with the warm morning sun glow I ended up capturing :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Citrus Night

Top: c/o Two White Tees (link here)
Wrap skirt: Forever 21
Platform shoes: c/o Daily Look (link here)
Black box clutch: Forever New
Photo cr: myself

You probably can't tell in these photos, but I was stressing hard when I took these pics because it was the first time I went out to shoot during sundown. I usually do it in the morning so I have a sense of how the lighting works in my usual spot, but it ended up looking terrible during late afternoon!
So I tried looking for another spot even though it was getting dark...and found this place and then ended up actually being really happy with this photo set! :D I'm so glad I didn't give up haha. It was getting late and the sun was disappearing already, but thankfully the 6D camera does really well with high ISO settings, with minimal noise. I did get bitten by a gazillion mosquitoes as soon as the last rays of sun win some you lose some haha!
I received this gorgeous citrus coloured peplum top from Two White Tees, a new online boutique based in Sydney! Everything about this top is so flattering- the high neckline brings out the collarbones and the dramatic peplum helps emphasise a small waist and wide hips shape. Because the peplum is so wide it's best to wear the top with a fitted skirt or pants so it doesn't disrupt your silhouette and make it look messy. I love the hourglass shape a peplum top and fitted skirt creates!
PS: You can use the discount code PAWS20 to receive 20% off on all new arrivals at Two White Tees! (Expires 10PM 10 October) :)



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