Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Revolve 3 Day Sale

Today I'm featuring an exclusive, 3-day sale for Australia that started yesterday (24th of May!) from Revolve! Just use the promo 'TAKE20' at checkout. You can also get free express shipping as well for the 3 days.

I didn't realise how many awesome brands Revolve stocks- they stock Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, which are US brands hard to get hold of in Australia, as well as local favourites such as Bec & Bridge, Nookie and C/MEO. I'm on a bit of a lace-up heel high at the moment, so I picked up a new pair of wrap up block heels by Raye from Revolve- called 'Layla' in black.

I love the versatility lace up heels provide- you can wear them criss-crossed high up your shins like I've done here (looks great with skirts and dresses) or if you're wearing pants you can simply push the straps down.

See more of my other favourite shoes styles by Raye (The 'Layla' is the first one!)

Here are some more of my favourite best sellers from Revolve-

Happy shopping!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Celina Trench

'Celina trench coat': c/o Godwin Charli
Dress: Kookai
Clutch bag: c/o The Daily Edited

photography: my boyfriend

Just in time for the wild wet season, Godwin Charli have kindly gifted me a gorgeous stylish trench coat designed by the Melbourne-based designer. I already have a few trench coats in the classic beige/stone colour, but this deep navy blue was so irresistibly sleek and classy that I knew it would become my new favourite trench!

The first thing that really impressed me about the coat was the quality and weight of it. A lot of my trench coats aren't really suited for winter as they're quite lightweight and only look warm. The 'Celina' trench however was made of a beautifully thick, warm and practical material, and when I checked on the website it was no surprise to see it was made out of 100% Japanese garbadine cotton. Garbadine is actually a tough, tightly woven fabric that was invented to withstand all kinds of notorious conditions, worn by the first explorers and pioneers across the world! I haven't experienced any crazy cyclones or sandstorms or anything of the like since I've been wearing this coat, but it's nice to know I'll be in good hands haha.

Jewellery: c/o Pandora

I also received the loveliest pieces from Pandora, which I'll be featuring on my Instagram soon so keep an eye out for it! Props to my boyfriend for doing such a great job featuring every jewellery piece so well. I didn't realise how hard it was to capture the tiniest jewellery details all in one frame. You can't tell, but there were a lot of deleted shots, hand cramps and popping veins from trying to hold the pose haha!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Winter's Not Coming

off-shoulder blouse: c/o Light in the Box
shorts: c/o Light in the Box
shoes: Siren Shoes

photos: my boyfriend

Winter definitely doesn't seem like it's only next month, considering my ability to get away with bare shoulders, legs and feet! Although to be fair there are some really cold days where I have to start taking out my thick woollen coats and pants, but does anyone in Sydney really know which season to dress for each day.

There was a time in precisely mid-2013 to early 2014 where I was utterly obsessed with off-shoulder cuts, bell sleeves, and crochet trim- and I made loads of online orders to sate myself. Then 2016 rolled around and off shoulder once again became a 'new' trend. Aren't I glad I haven't thrown away all of my off shoulder tops just yet! See this is why I can't seem to part with the older, outdated part of my wardrobe just yet. Fashion is constantly recycling itself and you never know when they become the latest fad again!

I've recently begun the soul-sucking, nerve-racking process of job hunting again. I'm the kind of person who's constantly looking for new challenges and new things to learn and enrich my brain with. I haven't been getting that lately, but I haven't been able to chance upon anything that truly sparks my interest either. I wish I could do a trial run or 'sample' of all kinds of jobs, for the mere purpose of discovering what I want to do!



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