Monday, August 22, 2016

You're the Bomb(er)

black silky cami: c/o Glassons
silk look bomber jacket:  c/o Glassons (currently sold out)
suede look cap: Boohoo
pleated white skirt: Gmarket
Shoes: Adidas Superstars

The layering of silk upon silk just feels way too luxurious, to actually wear the garments properly! The fabric glides off the skin so easily and I love how cool and smooth it is to touch. Both my black bomber jacket and silk cami top are from Glassons, and they are so lightweight, comfy and are basically a dream to wear. When it starts getting hot in Australia these would be the perfect light and airy layers to get you through from stinking hot afternoons to summer nights.

I went for a sporty look (once again proving sneakers can be paired with anything!) but you can definitely dress up the pieces for a fancier date night! That's the beauty of black silk- there's something about it that instantly evokes luxury, mystery and effortless glam. The cami is only $30 as well so it's definitely a steal :) 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For the Love of Suede

suede 'Zarina' shirt: c/o Honey and Beau
suede Boots: Boohoo

How luxurious and soft is suede? Ever since the 70s started coming back I've been really embracing this gorgeous fabric. The rich emerald green shade on this Honey and Beau shirt makes it feel even more decadent, and is a classic jewel colour perfect for injecting a pop of colour during winter time. It also makes it unique amongst all the tans and greys suede normally comes in!

Suede jackets with a kick
Cupcakes and Cashmere Lesya faux suede jacket Veda Jayne blue suede jacket /  One by Lamarque Bailey black suede fringe poncho

Here are some other suede jackets to set you apart from the rest- go for a bold electric blue colour (this one from Veda come in different colours as well!), or dramatic fringe detail from the waist down. See more fringed goodies like this black one on the right, here.

Go bold and eclectic with suede
Free People retro love suede dress / Dolce Vita Hazeley blue suede sandals / M.i.h jeans Damas suede skirt / Isa Tapia Walska black suede lace up pumps

Madewell red mini suede tote / Vanessa Mooney suede cutout choker necklace / Marc Jacobs blue suede saddle bag / Alice and Olivia Giselle studded suede skirt

There's something about electric blue heels (like this Dolce Vita one) that make such a dramatic statement! Check out more blue suede heels here.  Or go for these black suede heels by Isa Tapia featuring a captivating mix stars and studs for a unique playful touch! (PS. these are on sale!)

Try something different as well as combine two favourite trends in one with this gorgeous suede choker necklace, by Vanessa Mooney- the tiny laser cut detailing is just so perfect and dainty :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

About Self Confidence

'Talisman' playsuit: Bec and Bridge
Heels: c/o Lost Ink
Leather jacket: Forever New
Clutch: c/o Target x Jean Paul Gaultier

There's something about wearing a leather jacket and a pair of killer heels to inject a good dose of self-confidence in yourself! Transform your thoughts from "I can't do it" and "I'm not enough" to "I got this". I did a photoshoot recently for a pretty exciting campaign (all shall be revealed in due time!) and it was a little nerve-racking. Not so much because I didn't know what to do, but when you start comparing yourself to other people, you start doubting your abilities and appearance and eventually start wondering why the heck you even got picked to be there. A distressed inner voice starts piping up and asks questions like "Was it a mistake?" and "Don't people realise I'm not actually that great compared to all these amazing people"? I'm sure we've been on that mental journey before! 

The thing is we are often so much better than we think- what we see inside could be a completely different picture to how others view us. Instead of thinking everyone is looking at you with eyes of disdain or disappointment, in reality they could be having thoughts of envy, respect or even reverence. Cut through all the insults or failures you may have experienced over the years and start remembering all the compliments and times you felt good about yourself. When I think about the fact that people could potentially be looking up to me, I immediately hold myself better just in the hope to inspire them to be the best they can possibly be. Everyone has their own talents and abilities other people could be wishing they possessed- so everyone has a reason to feel proud about themselves :)



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