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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Double Grid

Dotted top: c/o DRMERS (sold out currently)
Plaid skort: Colors of Aurora
XO Necklace: c/o Rings and Tings (link here)
PU leather white cap: Soles
Chunky flatforms: eBay
I feel like my style must look like it's all over the place haha....I have a tendency to drift towards all things girly, floral with a bit of boho, but at the same time I'm so keen to try different looks and play with different ways of wearing things. In today's look I'm experimenting with a sporty, fresh image with a double grid pattern on the dotted top and plaid skort. I don't usually mix prints but I think as long as you keep the colour palette understated and the prints don't clash too much with each other, you can totally pull it off! I tried to go for a sporty, clean look with bright white accessories and the casual, boxy cut of the top.
This top is from Drmers, a Singapore-based online boutique selling a great collection of cute, on-trend pieces in unique and modern designs. This exact grid top is currently sold out on the website, but there's a similar sweater in black-and-white houndstooth print in a matching sweater/skirt set here. Check out Drmers' Facebook and Instagram here! :)
Here I'm wearing another cute jewellery piece from Rings and Tings again! This time it's a necklace with an 'XO' pendant, with a chunky chain to complement the grid print of the clothes. I usually prefer dainty, pretty jewellery items with thin chains, but the thick shape seemed to suit the outfit so well, and there's a certain elegance about the 'XO' pendant that tones down the 90's hip-hop throwback of the chunky chains :)
Thanks for everyone's lovely comments on my previous blog post too. I really adore the blogging community, and all the sweet people in it! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I'm Happy About Week 5

The fifth installment of my Happiness series has come a day late! I've been too caught up in stuff over the Easter long weekend, but technically today (Tuesday) is the official start of the working week right? :) Anyway to read more about what this series means to me you can check out the first blog post here :) 

1. The power of illusion in fashion
Cat jumper: c/o Romwe
Striped leggings: c/o Romwe
Meow beanie:

So how many of us would love to look like we have skinnier waists, slimmer thighs or longer legs through our clothes? Not that there's anything wrong with the way we look, but it's always fun to find clothes that help create an illusion of what we would love to have :)

When Romwe first sent me these leggings I could immediately tell that it ticked all the boxes to be a sneaky, ultra-flattering piece- it had vertical stripes, thick lines, and was made of stretchy, tight-fitting material to really cling to your legs. When you pair it with some tall platform boots, you can really create a long, streamlined effect from the hips down, and the vertical stripes help in elongating and pulling your eye up and down that whole section.

As a result I probably look like I have much longer legs in the photos than I actually do! In real life my torso is quite long compared to my legs haha....but in fashion if you pull the right tricks you can definitely create a different illusion :)

2. Your support!!

I did a giveaway with Blake & Co recently, and I'm also doing my own giveaway sometime soon! I recently hit over 11,000 followers on my account ( and I also hit over 34,000 followers on Instagram ( some time ago...I really never, never thought I could get such big numbers! I'm so super duper grateful haha. So for that reason, I've been thinking of setting up my own giveaway as a little thanks for everyone's support. It will go up either next week or the week after! :) Thanks so much to everyone again!

3. A turnaround in mindset
'Forever Mine Lacework dress": c/o St Frock (link here)
Photo credits: Bending Colours

I did a photoshoot with a friend over the weekend, and found this unexpectedly happy candid! Looking at it honestly makes me really proud of what I've achieved in my life, especially in terms of flipping my entire mental outlook around and making my best efforts to maintain it. I seriously went from a person who thought negative thoughts and about suicide every single day, to someone who can't wait to take onboard new opportunities, experiences and challenges. I went from dreading the next day, to being so super excited and hopeful for the future and all the plans and goals I've made for it.

I know a lot of people struggle so much to find happiness and keep a smile up. Being happy is not as easy as flipping a switch, and it takes soo much work and effort, on a constant basis. It could take years and years before a small change in attitude is made. But I promise that if you keep on persisting to embrace positivity, you will reach a point where you look back at all the mental strength you've developed and gained, and it will absolutely take your breath away :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Berry Tropical

'Montana Silver Haze' hat: c/o Lack of Color (link here)
Tropical printed top: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
Eyelet shorts: Dolly Girl Fashion
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Sunglasses: c/o Sunglass Spot (link here)

The other day I received this amazing, wide-brim fedora hat from the lovely people at Lack of Color! I've always been a big fan of hats because they can really pull an outfit together and give it that extra edge. I was really drawn to Lack of Color's collections, because of the lovely range of unique colours, and the beautiful structure and shape of their fedoras. Combined with the fact they're made from premium Australian wool, these hats are genuinely high quality and look like it.

The one I'm wearing here is my favourite from Lack of Color, and it's called the 'Montana Silver Haze'! It's an absolutely stunning piece, with the silver metallic bow ribbon and refreshing pastel grey shade. Make sure you check out Lack of Color - they're Aussie-based and even stock some of their amazing stuff in David Jones :)

To add some fun into the outfit, I paired the hat with this raspberry-red cami from Motel Rocks! The fern print gives it such a happy vibe and I love the relaxed look of the spaghetti straps and straight cut. I also love these sunnies from Sunglass Spot- the sides are so quirky and fun!

I have to say I've been really, really enjoying taking my blog post pictures all by myself! I can get so much more done now, as I have sooo many outfits and looks to show you guys and I love being able to keep pumping out more and more. Before I would have to go maybe 2 weeks without a post, which was really frustrating as I like to keep things moving quickly and being as productive as I possibly can. It may seem so silly, but being overwhelmed with photos to take and stuff to post, makes me ridiculously excited!

Also don't forget to check out my Giveaway post with Blake & Co to win a $100 gift card from them (open to everyone internationally!) The contest ends on Tuesday GMT +8, and the winner will be announced on Blake & Co's Facebook page on Wednesday.


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