Saturday, April 25, 2015

Khaki Season

'Never too late' Skirt: Style Keepers Boutique (here)
Ribbed crop top: c/o Oasap
'Celestial Star midi ring' set: c/o Vant Jag (here)
Clutch bag: Equip
Shoes: Go Jane
Silver necklace: Forever 21
photography credits: myself

The hottest colour that appears to be around is khaki, and I can't seem to get enough of it! I did a few sponsored posts for Style Keepers in the past and ever since then they've been on my radar. Recently I've been eyeing all their new khaki-coloured pieces in preparation for autumn, and I just had to buy this skirt for myself along with a few other goodies! 

The other thing I'm obsessed with lately is pencil skirts. Pencil skirts as I've discovered recently are the epitome of understated sexy and absolute class. You can get them in knee-length or midi lengths so they don't reveal a lot of skin. But they're figure-hugging and accentuate all your curves even if you have a non-curvy figure like me. This past month has been a bit crazy for me mentally, so I've done a few naughty spending sprees and I'm pretty sure I now have a collection of pencil skirts in every single colour under the sun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boho and Berry

'Patrice' coat: c/o St Frock (here)
Paisley print romper: c/o Lookbookstore (here)
Bag: c/o Oasap
Boots: Freelance Shoes

Wow Sydney is experiencing some crazy flooding and storms right now! As a result I actually got let off work early (which makes me secretly excited because I was able to get all this housework done and it's not even dinner time lol...a bit sad I know!)

As it's getting colder and colder I find myself reaching not so much for the blacks and greys...but rather all the berry and wine shades instead! There's something about a deep jewel shade like maroon and purple that's so rich and vibrant and makes the gloomy weather bearable. I'm also buying a lot of emerald greens for my autumn wardrobe and embracing khaki- which I'll feature in my next outfit post!  

The 'Patrice' coat is the perfect bright berry coat to make an impact amongst all the blacks and muted shades in this cold weather. At the time I took these photos it was still a little warm so I could get away with wearing only a romper underneath and bare legs with ankle boots. These boots are a recent purchase as well from Freelance Shoes...I reckon shoes that almost match your leg colour deserve a special shoutout for making your legs look way longer than they really are ;) 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Staple the Label

"Illusion" top: c/o Staple the Label
Purple reflection sunnies: c/o Miss Hamptons
Shorts: c/o Awwdore
Bag: c/o River Island
Peach cardigan: c/o Lookbookstore
cross necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson
Shoes: Lulus

Photography credits: Michelle Xu

I had the pleasure of working with Staple the Label recently! This "Illusion" crop top is from their latest collection, and I was invited to participate in the Staple Style Challenge to put together a transeasonal look featuring one of their items.

It's a bit too cold now for itsy bitsy crop tops, so I pulled over a long flowy cardigan from Lookbookstore. I love how it gives that bit of extra warmth without being heavy and overbearing, whilst we're still being eased into cooler weather. Peach is one of my favourite

Thanks to Staple the Label, The Minimalist, Naked Vice and QT Gold Coast for inviting me to take part in the competition! Also this photoshoot was a great change of scenery from my usual spot for taking photos outside my house- thanks Michelle for taking photos for me!  



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