Monday, October 20, 2014

Garden Envy

'Portrait' Skirt from the High Exposure collection: c/o Elliatt (here)
Crop top: Dolly Girl Fashion
Shoes: Go Jane
Clutch: Equip
Photo credits: Evoque Photography
I love beautiful gardens, and even though the garden I usually take photos in is pretty close to my apartment, I wish I had one like this right infront of my house like these lucky residents!

I took out this beautiful 'Portrait' skirt by Elliatt from their 'High exposure' collection for this shoot. It's such a versatile piece as you can team it with a crop top for going out, or a flowy silk blouse for work. I wore it on Friday and received so many compliments on it! The cute scallop trim and white detailing makes it a perfect piece for spring/summer, and it's in my favourite colour, ie mint green hehe.

I haven't been able to stop wearing this crop top I got in a Dolly Girl Fashion haul a while back- it's just so flattering! I had to get it in both a white and black colour. The high neckline does wonders for my rounded, untoned shoulders and the curved cut out focuses attention on the upper abs rather than the lower abs...which is often so much more undefined lol!

Please check out Evoque Photography for more pretty pics- yes we have parted ways but we are still good friends and he is still a wonderful photographer :) If you are Sydney-based and are looking for a wedding or fashion photographer, do hit him up! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock and Leather

'Cosmo' blazer in 'bedrock' by Runaway: c/o St. Frock (here)
PU shorts: c/o Fashion Bloggerrr (here)
Round Sunglasses: c/o Zero UV (here)
Snakeskin clutch: Equip
Shoes: Missguided

I feel like I haven't worn an edgy outfit in a while! It's always girly, girly and girly...but I was in a 'daring' mood when I picked this piece from St. Frock's newest selections, and when I put it on I realised why I had to deviate from my usual style and get it! The bold monochrome rock print just has that rockstar feel to it, but in a tailored and sophisticated way. Oh and of course the power shoulders! 

It's hard not to instantly love the blazer as soon as you wear it. My mum actually put it on and I commented on how good it looked on her...and she looked in the mirror and was like "Wow I do look good!" Haha which is really saying something because we are miiilees away in fashion preferences.

This my first time in a pair of leather shorts! They just have this effortless laidback and cool vibe to them, and so versatile too. You can pair them with any kind of top and wear it high-waisted or low on the hips. They're from Fashion Bloggerrr who ship worldwide! :)

Arghhh bikini season has sprung onto me so suddenly and so unwelcomingly! I've been eating my feelings this past week (hello chocolate croissant and Guylian box?) which needs to change. I'm actually happy when it rains and gets really cold because it means I can push back bikini time for a bit longer. I downloaded Kayla Itsines' Bikini body guide and I'm into about Week 2 now so I'm yet to see results. This girl is the biggest inspiration to me with the success she's created over Instagram for her ebooks (she has 1.5 million followers!!) People like her really inspire me to work hard to be better at what I do! I could start with putting down this Cadbury block of chocolate though :D

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bringing Back Neon

Neon pink top: c/o Shop Fashion Avenue (here)
Tropical punch shorts: c/o Shop Fashion Avenue (here)
Cat bag: c/o Banggood
Elephant necklace: Forever 21
White platform heels: Lipstik
Sunglasses: Sabo Skirt

Yay after being so busy lately I finally got the chance to take photos this morning! Although it's been so hot lately in Sydney there have been a lot of cloudy and rainy mornings, and this ultra bright and colourful outfit from Shop Fashion Avenue definitely required lots of warm sunshine in my pics!

Wearing this pink piece of fluorescent goodness was refreshing- I don't think I've worn neon for almost a year! Pink may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely my happy colour (I've pink everything from my bedsheets to my yoga mat to my tupperware!) and wearing a burst of bright pink is a mood-booster like none other. Also I could not turn away from these pretty pastel shorts with cute tropical fruit prints...they're definitely going in my spring wardrobe.

As some of you are aware from my post on Instagram, I've just come out of an almost 5 yr relationship! It's quite devastating and hard to not be sad about it, but I strongly believe that everything does happen for a reason. We still remain good friends which is a big plus. Thanks to everyone who wished me well, I appreciate all the sincere comments! <3 



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